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Goodbye in a sentence

I said goodbye to Mrs.
It was a goodbye kiss.
Goodbye: God be with you.
And never said a goodbye.
Goodbye son, I love you.
She waved goodbye and left.
It was time to say goodbye.

Peter had bided me goodbye.
She isn't worth my goodbye.
I guess this is goodbye.
He was still waving goodbye.
We never got to say goodbye.
She sighed and waved goodbye.
Sarah told me to say goodbye.
He had said his final goodbye.
We now say goodbye to you all.
The last goodbye was so close.
Goodbye, my dear sweet Abigail.
Grey – goodbye and thank you.
I guess this is goodbye then.
So this could be a goodbye then.
Then, I guess this is goodbye.
I should send a goodbye message.
She muttered a goodbye and left.
Say goodbye to someone he loved.
That, was not a goodbye kiss.
Saying goodbye was harder for her.
Goodbye Ireland I'm going to Gort.
But I can wave goodbye to him.
Blackie and I said goodbye to him.
He’d moved after saying goodbye.
I called to say goodbye to Oscar.
The call ended without a goodbye.
She heard him say goodbye in the.
It’s almost time to say goodbye.
We said goodbye and headed westward.
He knew she was telling him goodbye.
He said goodbye and kissed her hand.
When I said goodbye to mum and dad.
After the week we said goodbye and I.

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adieu adios bye cheerio goodby goodbye sayonara

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