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Goodbye in a sentence

1. I said goodbye to Mrs.
2. It was a goodbye kiss.
3. And never said a goodbye.
4. Goodbye son, I love you.
5. Goodbye: God be with you.
6. She waved goodbye and left.
7. I guess this is goodbye.

8. She isn't worth my goodbye.
9. Peter had bided me goodbye.
10. It was time to say goodbye.
11. We never got to say goodbye.
12. He was still waving goodbye.
13. Sarah told me to say goodbye.
14. She sighed and waved goodbye.
15. He had said his final goodbye.
16. The last goodbye was so close.
17. We now say goodbye to you all.
18. Grey – goodbye and thank you.
19. Goodbye, my dear sweet Abigail.
20. I should send a goodbye message.
21. Then, I guess this is goodbye.
22. She muttered a goodbye and left.
23. I guess this is goodbye then.
24. Say goodbye to someone he loved.
25. So this could be a goodbye then.
26. That, was not a goodbye kiss.
27. Goodbye Ireland I'm going to Gort.
28. The call ended without a goodbye.
29. Saying goodbye was harder for her.
30. But I can wave goodbye to him.
31. Blackie and I said goodbye to him.
32. He’d moved after saying goodbye.
33. I called to say goodbye to Oscar.
34. It’s almost time to say goodbye.
35. She heard him say goodbye in the.
36. We said goodbye and headed westward.
37. He knew she was telling him goodbye.
38. When I said goodbye to mum and dad.
39. He said goodbye and kissed her hand.
40. We waved goodbye as we watched them go.
41. I mean, he never even said goodbye.
42. No, really, let me say goodbye here.
43. I got out of the car and said goodbye.
44. Loy: Saying Goodbye, July 2002, pp.
45. As we drove off they waved us goodbye.
46. He hung up without even saying goodbye.
47. After the week we said goodbye and I.
48. The two men said goodbye and hung up.
49. I called another friend to say goodbye.
50. We knew that it was time to say goodbye.
51. Mike waved goodbye and then walked away.
52. Then, I guess this is goodbye Midgar.
53. Manda thanked her and kissed her goodbye.
54. I barely had time to say goodbye to him.
55. It was not that easy to say final goodbye.
56. It went by me and I waved a last goodbye.
57. It wasn’t a dramatic goodbye: I would.
58. He called me on the phone to say goodbye.
59. Nelson said goodbye and went to the place.
60. Laura said goodbye, and then walked away.
61. As soon as she bid her goodbye and Senada.
62. Goodbye Charlie and thanks for helping us.
63. I guess you’d better go and say goodbye.
64. With a bowing of his head, he said goodbye.
65. Glenys Hastings said hello, and goodbye.
66. I know he would have wanted to say goodbye.
67. A bittersweet goodbye captured by the wing.
68. They said goodbye and neither had a dry eye.
69. I hugged Mom goodbye, telling her I loved her.
70. He said goodbye and went out onto the street.
71. Let’s go say goodbye to Kate and Elliot.
72. Goodbye, said Gwenda, and she walked out.
73. I managed to catch a hand and kiss it goodbye.
74. Kirstin helped Elsie into it and said goodbye.
75. It was like a goodbye to the only things she.
76. Chan stands and helps me up as he says goodbye.
77. I call this kissing the trend line goodbye.
78. Shaking each other’s hands, they said goodbye.
79. We couldn’t bid each other goodbye in the end.
80. Her eyes misted at the finality of this goodbye.
81. Goodbye, my dearest Lucy, and blessings on you.
82. You wave goodbye to the cameras above the gates.
83. She waved goodbye and Jimmie pushed the raft off.
84. The magician said goodbye and I entered the room.
85. I said thanks three times and waved him goodbye.
86. She said goodbye, got in her car, and drove off.
87. I will return in the morning to bid you goodbye.
88. We said goodbye to the fat old guy and.
89. Corey said goodbye and then zoomed to my location.
90. It was time to leave; he came to tell me goodbye.
91. I left out the part where Jacob had said goodbye.
92. This doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to the.
93. I guess this means goodbye, Elizabeth said.
94. They waved goodbye to Rodney and mounted the steps.
95. Ignacia buried Hilario and said her final goodbye.
96. How about a goodbye hug instead, she countered.
97. I said goodbye to everyone in the building (Well.
98. She waves goodbye to them all and starts to leave.
99. Rex watched him leave without so much as a goodbye.
100. I said goodbye to Abby; glad the grilling was over.

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adieu adios bye cheerio goodby goodbye sayonara

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