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Frasi con claim (in inglese)

They claim I am a.
They wish to claim it.
The claim is put aside.
Claim her as your slave.
Suppose the claim of Mr.
Every child has a claim.
After all she did claim.

For years this claim was.
Not claim her for wife.
Jabar lays claim on the bid.
M: I claim nothing as my own.
They claim that the spirit.
She will claim to be in love.
Thus the Muslims claim they.
The insurance claim was paid.
All he had to do was claim it.
Not many of us can claim that.
I don’t claim to have the.
Here are a few that I claim:.
All we have to do is claim it.
He was off to stake his claim.
They claim to be the Edward R.
Once we’re willing to claim.
It should be higher they claim.
Shattuck, Jared, his claim, 352.
The chef’s claim was approved.
But I can’t claim much credit.
How can you deny his claim?
This is what the diviners claim.
Here is the proof of my claim:.
You cannot claim financial loss.
But, our lease and legal claim.
In Mark the claim is as follows;.
They claim, that was the reason.
The landlord has the prior claim.
This life is not yours to claim.
Mohammed was trying to claim that.
He could always claim self-defence.
You have no claim here, vampire.
And having indeed the better claim.
I’m not claiming that the.
In my name, claiming they were.
Then you admit to claiming to be a.
The other side claiming his innocence.
She’s claiming she never did that.
That’s what they’re both claiming.
Though claiming to be ancient wisdom, the.
Government, claiming that the five years he.
Each of them claiming god was on their side.
Claiming, that Jesus was not the son of God.
Claiming sufficiency is happiness and peace.
And you weren't claiming any benefits anyway.
We are not claiming that things have natural.
Claiming the spirit of prophecy (Truth, Life):.
I can understand you not claiming him as father.
It would corroborate everything he was claiming.
Suppliers claiming they are almost out of stock.
In fact, it has gone as far as claiming that the.
No ones claiming they’ve found the Fountain of.
Yes that’s exactly what she’s claiming!.
Claiming that it was no trick but provable by the.
I am, by no means, claiming complete victory over.
He claims I beat him up, I’m claiming I didn’t.
There are two methods of claiming expenses: You can.
Is what’s Phillip's claiming actually true?
She chose to learn Egyptian, claiming that she was a.
But Clemenceau rejected the bust, claiming it looked.
Then Arthur, claiming he could smell breakfast cooking.
I visited both places claiming to be the tomb in which.
He will then lay claim to Divinity (claiming that he is.
Did I hear that well? Is he claiming to know my parents?
I’m not claiming that this completely settles the issue.
MacArthur refused to comply, claiming executive privilege.
She made up lies about other neighbors, claiming that she.
They were virtually identical, claiming he was a relative.
Other than ostracizing my mom and claiming that they have.
A few idly owning, and they the wheat continually claiming.
He claimed an MA from.
He claimed it was for.
She now claimed she was.
I never claimed I was.
He claimed to love me.
It just has to be claimed.
You claimed he had a new.
They have claimed that St.
Some claimed she was crazy.
He claimed to have urgent.
It was perfect, as claimed.
The leaflet claimed that Mr.
Jimmy later claimed it was.
He claimed it was all there.
Death has claimed this place.
He had claimed it as his own.
But one morning she claimed.
These men of God claimed to.
Or so the government claimed.
He has claimed I run my own.
You could have claimed your.
He claimed to not have them.
She claimed everything, when S.
How is the tax credit claimed?
They claimed the exciting game.
Cindy never claimed to be born.
He claimed he was a true Viking.
Dryva claimed at the time that.
Not sixteen, as you have claimed.
Even those claimed virtually by.
She claimed that every language.
Burman claimed he sold a lot of.
She claimed that she was off in.
He always claimed you as His own.
Some men claimed killing was easy.
The oblivion of sleep claimed her.
She’s in here, he claimed.
The blurb claimed amazing benefits.
Claimed he wanted you to call him.
From what he claimed, it had not.
Claims his name is Travis.
But are the claims true?
He claims he is saving up.
Each pundit claims to have.
She claims the deceased was.
Not all those claims stand up.
He had plenty of claims to it.
One of the suits claims that.
He did not believe your claims.
This, he claims, was a mistake.
No I didn’t, she claims.
He claims his brother sent him.
Rulers all claims proved a hoax.
But such claims are unconvincing.
Is he as good as he claims?
He claims it was his wife, though.
The Claims of Jesus about Himself.
This stat claims that half of all.
Jill claims to have been sexually.
No account claims that he was dead.
And, as China always claims, ours.
Their claims and explanations shout.
He claims our Book is mere fantasy.
The work, needs and claims of the A.
Anyone who claims they can is lying.
No one who claims to have received.
One claims the living babe is hers;.
A lot of prospectors did buy claims.
Ottawa claims it cannot happen today.
I have a brother everyone claims is.
It doesn’t pay to make wild claims.
This group claims that the children.
He, ah, claims to be the father of a.
These claims, these social claims--.
Limitation of Claims on the Government.
She claims she didn’t do that either.
We’ll investigate it and your claims.
We have a student who claims that Mr.
Both sides are adamant in their claims.
He claims to be Muhammad alMahdi, and.

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