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    1. Here in Canada, despite complex safety-nets, we not only have sexy feet hiding under the occasional long tablecloth, but more, we have the dangerous female coif exposed everywhere to greedy male eyes

    2. If Lani was being coif with her approach, the possibility of getting back at

    3. Barrad’s sword lashed out with a vicious riposte that hit the giant’s coif, bruising his neck and causing him to fight for air from the blow

    4. He lifted off his basinet and laid it on the table, and drew back his coif, letting the mail folds fall upon his massive shoulders

    5. A great patch covered one eye, and his leather coif, drawn low over his brows, shadowed his features

    6. On the other side of the altar stood a man in a black hooded robe, whose coif shadowed pale delicate features and dark eyes calm and meditative

    7. While he was taken up with these vagaries, then, the time and the hour--an unlucky one for him--arrived for the Asturian to come, who in her smock, with bare feet and her hair gathered into a fustian coif, with noiseless and cautious steps entered the chamber where the three were quartered, in quest of the carrier; but scarcely had she gained the door when Don Quixote perceived her, and sitting up in his bed in spite of his plasters and the pain of his ribs, he stretched out his arms to receive his beauteous damsel

    8. The table of my toil faced a tall white door, which was kept closed; now and then it would come ajar and a nun in a white coif would squeeze herself through the crack, glide across the room, and disappear

    9. THE NYMPH: (Eyeless, in nun's white habit, coif and hugewinged wimple, softly, with remote eyes) Tranquilla convent

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    Synonyms for "coif"

    coif coiffure hair style hairdo hairstyle arrange coiffe do dress set

    "coif" definitions

    the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair)

    a skullcap worn by nuns under a veil or by soldiers under a hood of mail or formerly by British sergeants-at-law

    cover with a coif

    arrange attractively