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    1. to impress others with their status, hairstyle, new dresses

    2. Depending on the state of their dress, their general fashion sense, their hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate their “Naughty” ratio

    3. It was amusing to see that even his hairstyle

    4. hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate

    5. “Now,” she said, “You need a new hairstyle, something

    6. Tired of dealing with your bangs? One mini makeover that takes care of the same old hairstyle is to style your tresses as usual and keep your bangs off your face by pushing it aside of pinning them up

    7. Each contestant had to create an original hairstyle using whatever products and accessories they wished and they had one hour in which to complete the styling

    8. I pull pins from Susan’s hair—the hairstyle is too severe for Amity

    9. ” Yazadril said as he emerged from his bedroom, looking much the same as he had before the fireball, but with a much shorter hairstyle

    10. She might question her job, her clothes and her hairstyle

    11. makeup, and a more sophisticated hairstyle could do for a woman!

    12. adolescent, her mother was constantly commenting on her weight and her hairstyle

    13. On another occasion when he was expected to tell Wendy that her hairstyle was out of fashion, he fooled us all by saying he really liked her look

    14. No male would wear this hairstyle and frilly shirt for a picture in such wide circulation

    15. I thought the hairstyle was cute, thought it would be

    16. In the past she would have adorned Aazuria’s braid with strings of pearls, or ribbons, but she could intuitively tell that this was meant to be a practical hairstyle, not a decorative one

    17. Blunt cuts style the hair so that it is all the same length at any particular point of the hairstyle

    18. He wore thick spectacles and had a crew cut hairstyle that was greying above the ears and at the base of his skull

    19. Her hair was dyed blonde and in this short hairstyle and she was wayy bigger back then, then she is now but I can still tell it's her

    20. He spoke to two possible barbers before the third impressed him as being willing to enter the spirit of the thing: a temporary hairstyle

    21. Again, huge platters of meat and all the breads lain out on the table, and in walked Essylt Fynwen with Arna at her side, both of them with exactly the same hairstyle

    22. His faultless hairstyle! One side of his face was smashed up and his neck did not seem to be well positioned with the rest of his body

    23. “Very pretty, very young and the hairstyle suits you

    24. Her new hairstyle suited her

    25. She kept her short, tousled hairstyle and I noticed she was wearing flat shoes with her white trousers and light red cotton jacket

    26. Got rid of that elaborate, elderly hairdo and cut it all short in a waif-like hairstyle and her looks improved one hundred percent

    27. A flat face, not unpleasant to look at, expressionless eyes, a mouth dominated by a long, straight mustache extending slightly, left and right, beyond the skin of his face and a strange Afro hairstyle of curly hair, well before the Afro fashion had become familiar

    28. The new hairstyle suited her

    29. “Because I think the hairstyle you have does not suit you

    30. The new hairstyle did suit her and we became the best of friends

    31. Big-boned and with the rather old-fashioned bun hairstyle and practical short nails, she reminded Rafferty of one of his former school teachers, a Miss Robinson, who had fallen in love late in life, with the new French master

    32. of choices for the nose and ears; the hairstyle and color, including a beard and mustache;

    33. Maybe this government agent with the annoying crew cut hairstyle was not so bad after all

    34. “I think we can accessories your prom hairstyle with Deep’s vintage hair combs

    35. Eric was singed - his face charred and his hairstyle peculiar

    36. The press called their appearance at the 1976 Republican National Convention the “battle of the queens” and wrote extensively on their choices of dress and hairstyle

    37. Her fashionably piled hairstyle was slightly awry, with stray locks of hair escaping from her headdress, adding to her air of glamorous distraction

    38. The woman behind the counter looked like she had been here from day one and had forgotten to change her clothes and hairstyle during that time

    39. The wind had ruined her neat hairstyle and there was something that looked like a graze on her right cheek, which had not been there that morning

    40. The kid was skinny and anaemic-looking with a hairstyle from hell, and had strangely rounded shoulders which shook with some sort of spasm

    41. It must have taken a second to correct for the suit-jacket and the hairstyle, to recognize the other woman as the sister he hadn’t seen in a decade and a half, but the instant he did, his face shut down

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    Synonyms for "hairstyle"

    coif coiffure hair style hairdo hairstyle braid plait plat twist

    "hairstyle" definitions

    the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair)