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Dress in a sentence

It was time to dress.
Her dress was very old.
If her dress was any.
So he lifts her dress.
He hurried to dress it.
Amy stares at the dress.
The dress was too long.

It is a pretty dress.
The dress was sea blue.
I was in my night dress.
Wear this dress, and I.
Her dress was in tatters.
The posse began to dress.
It goes with your dress.
The dress is so becoming.
Their dress too had the.
The second dress is better.
She had removed her dress.
She was changing her dress.
They dress in a way that.
Diaper and dress the baby.
Put on your white dress.
Can I zip up your dress?
The dress is safe with me.
In the dress is a pocket.
To the shoulder of my dress.
I would dress in business.
But dress yourself; see, M.
I hold the dress to my nose.
Thomas wore a dress shirt.
And you can burn that dress.
She felt a tug at her dress.
Now lie still while I dress.
You can't have Josie's dress.
He held a dress in his hands.
Why, dress her with an orchid.
She was wearing a blue dress.
He bought her a dress and a.
Reall formal dress suits also.
Inez give you the dress?
But that is window dressing.
John was in his dressing room.
She was always dressing too.
Could be a dressing down, but.
Much like a king dressing as a.
Is she in the dressing room?
Maybe a dressing with some gauze.
Toss with about half the dressing.
He cared not for dressing of power.
Top dressing: 3 to 6 times a year.
She was wearing his dressing gown.
It would have been like dressing.
What kind of dressing is this?
Drizzle with the remaining dressing.
Add the chicken strips and dressing.
She was a natural at dressing a house.
I have made the following dressing on.
The secret is in the dressing, a thin.
In the dressing room, Emily and I argue.
Anything more would be window dressing.
Natalie had a dressing room of her own.
Dressing quickly, she stood by the door.
Apply without touching the dressing pad.
After dressing and heading out the door.
Rory went to the dressing shed, washed.
Limit your salad dressing and eat more.
All that changes is the window dressing.
He had considered dressing as a tourist.
Dressing up for the occasion called life.
As I was finishing dressing, Roy woke up.
Casear dressing and garnish with croutons.
She changed the dressing on her shoulder.
Ah, there they are, on the dressing table.
He should leave dressing a lady to me.
He ordered a salad, no dressing and water.
Dressing Santa Claus this way may not work.
Place a sterile dressing over the cut end.
Massie paused in front of the dressing room.
I had missed a leaf with the salad dressing.
Toss the salad with the dressing and serve.
I sat up and dressed.
He was dressed in a.
He was dressed as a.
She was dressed in a.
I got dressed in six.
He had to get dressed.
She was dressed in an.
Each was dressed in a.
He too was dressed in.
She was dressed in the.
You need to get dressed.
I dressed in a pair of.
All are dressed in the.
She was dressed and ready.
One man dressed in fine.
He got dressed in a flash.
He was still dressed in.
He’s dressed in a robe.
He still was dressed in.
We also dressed in full.
H unit, dressed for the O.
That dressed up her new.
He dressed in his finery.
He was well dressed, but.
Research dressed as a woman.
He was so well dressed too.
I dressed up like this to.
Tony was fully dressed now.
Jessie was dressed in the.
He was dressed in a white.
They were death dressed up.
Sue and I then got dressed.
Stil dressed in his black.
As soon as he was dressed.
They were dressed like you.
He was dressed in my blue.
Dressed much the same but.
He was dressed for the part.
When I saw you, dressed in.
Well to do, dresses well.
My wife dresses to kill.
But at least she wore dresses.
The box is filled with dresses.
I already have a lot of dresses.
I say nothing about the dresses.
She dresses as her mother dressed.
They had tried on countless dresses.
His face and dresses were all sand.
Shirts, pants, shoes, dresses and.
Suits, dresses, shoes? Small change.
Her dresses were simple, worn only.
Naomi was cutting paper-doll dresses.
Dresses shall not have metal buttons.
He is overweight and dresses sloppily.
The woman never wore skirts or dresses.
They wore noisy dresses and many wraps.
Balldresses, by God, and court dresses.
R U coming 2 try on dresses tomorrow?
He dresses himself in the French fashion.
The boys wore dresses and had long hair.
I don't think I want any of these dresses.
She looked over at him, All dresses?
Both Sue and Bev’s dresses and vales had.
She’s tall and pretty and dresses trendily.
Her dresses were always of the latest fashion.
Emily was surprised because her dresses were.
And she dresses as well as any woman in London.
Most of them wear black dresses, as they would.
They all looked beautiful in their long dresses.
Sofya Semyonovna trying them on mourning dresses.
Most of my dresses were from my old collections.
Little black dolls in white dresses and red bows.
She tried different dresses with the same result.
Above, women's dresses flowered in a cold breeze.
I see you have one of your favorite dresses on.
They praised her taste and dresses, they settled.
He patiently dresses me as if I’m a small child.
It appeared that two dresses had not been done at.
All this requires more dresses, hats, shoes, etc.

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