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    1. Olivia quickly removed the shawl she was wearing on her shoulders and tossed it to her daughter, then let her hair down so that it fell to her shoulders in the fashion of Chloe's coiffure

    2. layered and man-made coiffure of Melanie who now belatedly

    3. When did hair, its length, fullness, visibility, join the pelvis in loss of innocence? The mesmeric power of an anointed vagina I can understand, but coiffure??

    4. Her coiffure imitated that of the queen's, on her feet were gilded sandals such as Taramis wore in her boudoir

    5. Her tall coiffure was that of a Shemitish woman, and jade pendants hung from gold hoops in her ears, flashing and sparkling with each impatient movement of her haughty head

    6. This barbaric coiffure had given the head its misshapen appearance in the starlight

    7. feud over who will tend the prospectors’ coiffure, until they have to join forces to avoid losing their

    8. #tocado# coiffure, arrangement of the hair

    9. Then, quite suddenly, he was there, standing at the desk, looking down on the receptionist's immaculate coiffure

    10. She listened to college stories with deep interest, caressed pointers and poodles without a murmur, agreed heartily that "Tom Brown was a brick," regardless of the improper form of praise, and when one lad proposed a visit to his turtle tank, she went with an alacrity which caused Mamma to smile upon her, as that motherly lady settled the cap which was left in a ruinous condition by filial hugs, bear-like but affectionate, and dearer to her than the most faultless coiffure from the hands of an inspired Frenchwoman

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    coif coiffure hair style hairdo hairstyle arrange coiffe do dress set

    "coiffure" definitions

    the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair)

    arrange attractively