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  1. It is translated "made him governor" (Acts 7:10) and "ordain elders" (Titus 1:s).
  2. And they said, Our Lord, why did You ordain fighting for us? If only You would postpone it for us for a short while.
  3. But it’s naïve to think it’s the God’s Will for He didn’t ordain veiling of the Jewish and the Christian women.
  4. The Tea Parties remind the nation that it was We the People who did ordain and establish a Constitution to replace the face of tyranny.
  5. The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.

  6. At this time only the Sanhedrin could ordain an elder or teacher, and such a ceremony had to take place in the presence of at least three persons who had previously been so ordained.
  7. Ordain: This word relates to a variety of ideas such as God's work and providence; the appointment to an office or a task; and the establishment of laws, principles, places, or observances.
  8. In the 3d article it is said, the judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.
  9. We certainly know that at least many of the bible characters were ordain, if you will, by God to live a specific life in a specific way, such as John the Baptist, Joseph, Judas, Abraham, Moses, even Jesus, and many, many more.
  10. We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity; do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.
  11. We will remain here by the sea two weeks and fish or do whatever our hands find to do; and in the meantime, under the guidance of Andrew, the first chosen apostle, you shall so organize yourselves as to provide for everything needful in your future work, both for the present personal ministry and also when I shall subsequently ordain you to preach the gospel and instruct believers.
  12. And it was then that Christ preached His doctrine, which not only embodied the principle of non-resistance, but which revealed a new conception of life, of which the application to social life would lead to the suppression of strife among men, not by obliging one class to yield to whatsoever authority shall ordain, but by forbidding all men, and especially those in power, to employ violence against others.
  13. Don Quixote held his peace and said no more, calmly awaiting the reply of the beauteous princess, who, with commanding dignity and in a style adapted to Don Quixote's own, replied to him in these words, I give you thanks, sir knight, for the eagerness you, like a good knight to whom it is a natural obligation to succour the orphan and the needy, display to afford me aid in my sore trouble; and heaven grant that your wishes and mine may be realised, so that you may see that there are women in this world capable of gratitude; as to my departure, let it be forthwith, for I have no will but yours; dispose of me entirely in accordance with your good pleasure; for she who has once entrusted to you the defence of her person, and placed in your hands the recovery of her dominions, must not think of offering opposition to that which your wisdom may ordain.
  1. Upon occasion of the ordaining of ministers.
  2. In this sense, you are able to attain the aim of ordaining prayer.
  3. In the matter of appointing or ordaining those men who are found qualified.
  4. The verdict associates it self with how accumulated knowledge can be deceiving or ordaining.
  5. There was already talk of easing the requirements for priests, and ordaining under-twenty-fives and even illegitimate men.
  6. Torture was then so rooted in the practice of justice that the beneficial ukase[51] ordaining its abolition remained a long time of none effect.
  7. I contend that the laity ought to have a part, and voice, and hand, and vote, in everything that the Church says and does, except ordaining and ministering in the congregation.
  8. Do not doubt the love of the Father just because some just and wise law of his ordaining chances to afflict you because you have innocently or deliberately transgressed such a divine ordinance.
  1. In 1614 he was ordained.
  2. God has ordained it in us.
  3. The Lord has ordained –.
  4. The Ordained Gate Keepers I.
  5. The Lord has ordained here to.
  6. Still, he longed to be ordained.
  7. Everything is ordained by God.
  8. Krishn told him to do the ordained.
  9. You’re ordained by the Holy Church.
  10. Since the ordained task is an internal.
  11. A subject was I born; it seemed ordained.
  12. The mind is ordained to stand and witness.
  13. This one action-the ordained action-is YAGYA.
  14. Perhaps, but God has ordained it otherwise.
  15. If purification is ordained, purify you must.
  16. First, it was ordained for the procreation of.
  17. Absorption in the ordained deed, while leading.
  18. Roberto was an ordained priest in The Brotherhood.
  19. It was ordained before the foundation of the world.
  20. The ordained action is on the other hand something.
  21. He has granted me the Book and ordained me a prophet.
  22. Powers-That-Ski and what Gary calls Ordained Ski In-.
  23. The ordained action will then commence spontaneously.
  24. Whenever a Priest who has been duly ordained in that.
  25. Why was the sacrament of the Lord's Supper ordained?
  26. He Who ordained the Quran for you will return you Home.
  27. They have been ordained to atone for one month if any.
  28. Do you believe homosexuals should be ordained to the.
  29. To them, and not to us, perhaps, is the future ordained.
  30. A woman had been ordained as a priest in a borrowed Unity.
  31. Most religions espouse purposes ordained by a Higher Power.
  32. Surely you know that he is ordained into the priesthood.
  33. He later studied theology and was ordained as a priest in.
  34. However, one should never abandon the conduct ordained by.
  35. Krishn has said categorically that the ordained action is.
  36. The action is only one, the ordained action-meditation, It.
  37. Besides stressing the ordained action, he has also pointed.
  38. Jesus Christ, as God incarnate, was ordained to be born as a.
  39. Mongolia, ordained thousands of Mongolians and brought an end.
  40. Mona swore Thomas was ordained to be the replacement for the.
  41. From this we say the fruit of the ordained prayers is achieved.
  42. Buddhist ordained community), have removed thousands of monks.
  43. Ordained before the eternities? God’s wisdom, which had been.
  44. VARN? … The four stages into which action-the ordained mode of.
  45. God has ordained it that this would be the crux of the true faith.
  46. Chaplain: ordained member of the clergy commissioned as an officer.
  47. Paul, we are told, "ordained elders in every Church" (Acts 14:23).
  48. There are some people who even believe that every thing is ordained.
  49. That action is said to be immaculate which is ordained and em-.
  50. The ordained action is none other than worship and meditation that.
  51. The 12 apostles were called and ordained by Jesus to be part of the.
  52. Installed Master or an ordained Chaplain who pronounces the words of.
  53. As we have seen, this ordained action is the process called yagya, in.
  54. Arjun is prompted to do the prescribed action-the ordained task-which.
  55. The impetus for the ordained action arises from the confluence of an.
  56. Krishn calls the ordained action in order that we may know and be in-.
  57. It is owing to this that performance of the ordained worship, benevol-.
  58. It is not an ordained class, neither is it in ordinances and sacraments.
  59. However, the question of what this ordained action is still remains un-.
  60. Unlike the mass celebrated by ordained priest, it was not a formal mass.
  61. This seeker also performs the ordained action, but what a great differ-.
  62. In fact, I have the paperwork right here, and I’m an ordained minister.
  63. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
  64. But before this completion of the ordained task, action does not end and.
  65. According to Krishn the ordained, essential action is only one- the per-.
  66. Yagya is the special ordained mode that helps the worshipper to traverse.
  67. He became an ordained priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and served.
  68. There is no blame on the Prophet regarding what God has ordained for him.
  69. I have a strange feeling that this has all been ordained, Taran said.
  70. And the commandment, which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death.
  71. Perhaps it was history that ordained that it be here, at the Cape of Good.
  72. He set up a time, that in a couple weeks I was to be ordained as a minister.
  73. Moreover they ordained to keep yearly this day, being the thirteenth of Adar.
  74. Simply explained, life is a gift ordained by the Gods, a toy given to a child.
  75. Chance ordained that the heads of their beds should rest against the chimney.
  76. I have chosen you and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit.
  77. God has ordained to have immortality (2 Timothy 1:10, Romans 2:7), the rest are.
  78. Though we are one with God but God has also ordained sense of separateness in us.
  79. The notable point here is that the Lord has ordained to meditate on His own Being.
  80. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this.
  81. These meats are the ceremonial foods that were ordained under the First Covenant.
  82. Say, Nothing will happen to us except what God has ordained for us; He is our Protector.
  83. God continues to use leaders He recognizes, calls and has ordained to help His body grow.
  84. Luke tells us, And when they had ordained them elders in every church, and had prayed.
  85. Let us respect the authority of God's Word! Let us respect the roles God has ordained for.
  86. He will judge the world by righteousness by that man whom he has ordained, whereof he has.
  87. Following this line of thought, if God ordained that you would be born during our current.
  88. It is now more than forty years since I was ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.
  89. The importance of conducting yagya is repeatedly stressed, for this is the ordained action.
  90. Worship the God of light by joyfully walking in the paths ordained by his revealed religion.
  91. So much the worse, or rather, so much the better; it has been so ordained that he may have.
  92. But they were persons ordained by God to keep some outward order in this sin-burdened world.
  93. Then she was gone; a Hutton-DuPont, her future as ordained as that of a Mayan high priestess.
  94. Nature in one of her beneficient moods has ordained that even death has some antidote to its.
  95. In fact, if she is who we think she is, she is already an ordained saint of the Catholic Church.
  96. Somewhere, somehow, a sliver of his ordained destiny threaded its nasty hook into him and tugged.
  97. The world that they knew it was in turmoil, and in the middle of it God said, I have ordained you.
  98. But in the mysteries of Her understanding, and in Her glorious wisdom, God has ordained an end for.
  99. And what did she mean by just one of those things? Something inevitable? Chemical? Ordained?
  100. Of course, now would be the perfect time for evil to strike such discourse—before he was ordained.
  1. Q: Is it destiny that ordains?
  2. For this reason the Jaintheology ordains not to torture anybody.
  3. It’s true that the Quran ordains that man should treat his wives equally.
  4. There is, however, another side of this, that of which Mary considers while walking—that this place, this land called Wraethworld, may not necessarily have a Man in the Sky, a Something or Other that Ordains and Defines it All.
  5. But I agree, he replied; for I suppose that you mean to exclude mere uninstructed courage, such as that of a wild beast or of a slave--this, in your opinion, is not the courage which the law ordains, and ought to have another name.
  6. It therefore ordains, that all servants and labourers should, for the future, be contented with the same wages and liveries (liveries in those times signified not only clothes, but provisions) which they had been accustomed to receive in the 20th year of the king, and the four preceding years; that, upon this account, their livery-wheat should nowhere be estimated higher than tenpence a-bushel, and that it should always be in the option of the master to deliver them either the wheat or the money.
  7. And ironically, it is his dual attitude towards women that denies the fair sex of Islam the feel-good that a normal socializing would have afforded them! Though the medieval man’s attitude towards women was no different from that of Muhammad, the burkha that Islam ordains them, deprives them whatever little freedom their sisters of other faiths have! Thus, if the globe were to become an umma as Muhammad had dreamed, and should its mullahs come to reign, as they would in such an eventuality, half of it would be reduced to walking tents for all that.
  8. I am, therefore, in a measure constrained to follow that road, and by it I must travel in spite of all the world, and it will be labour in vain for you to urge me to resist what heaven wills, fate ordains, reason requires, and, above all, my own inclination favours; for knowing as I do the countless toils that are the accompaniments of knight-errantry, I know, too, the infinite blessings that are attained by it; I know that the path of virtue is very narrow, and the road of vice broad and spacious; I know their ends and goals are different, for the broad and easy road of vice ends in death, and the narrow and toilsome one of virtue in life, and not transitory life, but in that which has no end; I know, as our great Castilian poet says, that--.

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