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Constrict in a sentence | constrict example sentences

  1. Maria felt her chest constrict.
  2. Gerrid felt his throat constrict.
  3. It started to constrict itself around Blorf.
  4. It made his fists clench and his throat constrict.
  5. My jaws would clench, my throat constrict and would literally.

  6. Support with a bandage—crepe if possible (it should not constrict).
  7. Adrenaline inhibits digestion and excretion and constrict blood vessels.
  8. Tertiary syphilis is associated with pupils being able to constrict to light.
  9. Because of this, the serpent inside you will constrict and cause you great pain.
  10. Eva felt her chest constrict at the thought of that brave, innocent man being used as bait.
  11. Argyll Robertson Pupil → eyes will be able to constrict when the patient focuses on a near.
  12. We confine them, we constrict them… they could have been so much that we will never know.
  13. Choice C is saying that it is able to constrict to light in tertiary syphilis which is the wrong answer.
  14. What was happening? Had she been drugged? Her chest began to constrict painfully and she clutched at it.
  15. Massie followed the girl's index finger to where it was pointing and she felt her chest constrict and her scalp prickle.

  16. At twilight they stepped out, all smiles, having found new ways to constrict, imprison, or entangle lives in fees and licenses.
  17. When challenges arise, the parents will not constrict or become rigid with the demands but patiently analyze the weak points and the strong points.
  1. A wire had tightened across my chest, constricting my breath.
  2. I’d rather Oh! thought Scarlett, her throat constricting.
  3. She said it was not constricting and Michael said it worked very well.
  4. This curious sensation in his stomach and a constricting of the throat.
  5. On the floor he placed his shin on the back of her neck constricting her.
  6. His mouth dry, throat constricting, and his stomach – amongst other things.
  7. With constricting heart, I entered school to start a life sentence as a teacher.
  8. He worked desperately for several minutes, a growing fear constricting his chest.
  9. The aura of the air piled in on itself, constricting all of its contents, and the.
  10. You can feel the pressure constricting around you, thirty seconds on your internal clock.
  11. We entered my flat, my heart was pounding wildly, constricting my breathing and my nerves.
  12. John Sampson pulled at the constricting knot around his neck and ripped the damn thing off.
  13. Deanna felt her stomach and throat constricting, wishing she’d drunk more of that water.
  14. And now his arms are around her and instead of feeling nice, it feels constricting and suffocating.
  15. Even with the woman’s weight constricting her lungs, Laura breathed faster, trying to inhale more air.
  16. My heart slams against my chest, and the butterflies escape from my stomach into my constricting throat.
  17. His arm half around me wasn’t constricting me in any way other than the weight of his hand on my rear.
  18. Be ready? For what? She shook her head, frustrated that Jo had talked her into wearing this constricting dress.
  19. Those three words, uttered like an accusation, sent fear pounding, constricting Bart’s throat and drying his mouth.
  20. They locked eyes, and the shape of the goblin's ugly grimace mirrored into Eric's stomach; constricting it and making it nauseous.
  21. She kneads the muscles of his chest, and his breathing speeds up, growing deeper yet more constricting with each beat of his heart.
  22. She was relieved that the neck was high enough it completely covered her neck and chest, and the body was loose and not constricting.
  23. Remove the victim’s smouldering clothing and any constricting garments, jewellery, etc, which may become tighter if swelling occurs.
  24. He smokes a pipe and doesn’t inhale: he says it’s for constricting his blood vessels: that is how he manages his psychobiological pain.
  25. You said that you have lived under constricting circumstances—would you have chosen to continue living that way if it meant you would be protected?
  26. Perhaps the minds of those who enable these programs are themselves so desiccated from constricting the minds of others they don’t notice what is happening.
  27. Elmer opened the split end and forced the top cord into the gap, tying the opened end with hay twine and constricting the vascular cord to render the testicle bloodless.
  28. A peculiar churning began to writhe in Raven’s stomach, a tight, constricting pressure rising up to his throat, a sensation of weight bearing down upon his shoulders.
  29. What my sensations were no language can describe; but just as they all rose, stifling my breath and constricting my throat, a girl came up and passed me: in passing, she lifted her eyes.
  30. The same relationship continued without relief, and it became more and more evident that the only answer was to leave for another company as the constricting nature of my job continued to grow.
  31. Some of the long-time professionals had tight bronze waistbands on them that were rolled into position, little by little over a period of months, constricting their waists and exaggerating their hips.
  32. According to their study, wild blueberry consumption (2 cups per day) for eight weeks was shown to regulate and improve the balance between relaxing and constricting factors in the vascular wall in obese rats.
  33. The company was developing a treatment for angina (the painful heart condition caused by constricting or clogging of heart arteries), when the users of this drug began to report that it improved their ability to have erections.
  34. Once the words were spoken, I felt a strange constricting force on my Power as if the curse were trying to grab onto something and not be ripped off but with a surge of light and Power, it gave way, and my energy field began to expand with an incredible rate.
  35. The reason we have hearts that beat regularly is because before our 3-dimensional Universe emerged, the 2-dimensional Universe was originally a single infinite heart, beating regularly… constricting and expanding an infinite number of times… which collided and split and became two beating hearts.
  36. For a long time, it was assumed that the wrinkles were simply the result of the skin swelling in water, but recent investigations have actually shown the furrows to be caused by the blood vessels constricting in reaction to the water, which in turn is a response controlled by the body’s sympathetic nervous system.
  1. Yes, but you are constricted.
  2. His throat was constricted with.
  3. Her chest constricted with grief.
  4. My heart constricted in my chest.
  5. Carrie nodded, her throat suddenly constricted.
  6. Her throat constricted around four years of pain.
  7. Mr Dark's hand, holding the tickets, constricted.
  8. Her throat constricted as she couldn’t find it.
  9. My chest constricted and my breath came in wheezy.
  10. Alric listened carefully as his heart constricted.
  11. And your view is constricted because thoughts are.
  12. Her chest suddenly constricted and she wondered if.
  13. She looked up at Reese, and her chest constricted in agony.
  14. Jonathan tried to speak but his throat was too constricted.
  15. The Rumford said Don Hendricks has constricted the state of.
  16. Then after—the thought stopped short as her throat constricted.
  17. Touching it! He heard Lyte whimpering in her constricted throat.
  18. Because the central channel at the heart is constricted by this.
  19. The man’s hand whitened as it constricted on the sword handle.
  20. A band constricted my chest and I could only take shallow breaths.
  21. We feel expansive, not constricted, and open to creative expression.
  22. Alric sat bolt upright in bed when his heart constricted in his chest.
  23. Clayton pulled open one of its doors and Ellie’s chest constricted.
  24. I understand your constricted condition, but there's no help for it.
  25. Kay’s throat constricted, and she staggered back against Em’s couch.
  26. A cold feeling constricted her throat and she convulsed in a dry heave.
  27. Stratos wondered, with a constricted heart, if Lea and Panos were lovers.
  28. It felt as if his throat had constricted and his heart beat in his ears.
  29. Ellie forced oxygen into her constricted lungs and the blackness receded.
  30. Chevalier rounded the corner first and his heart constricted in his chest.
  31. Brian’s eyes had grown wet and he found that his throat was constricted.
  32. This traps many managers into a constricted way of thinking about the business.
  33. I see that reaction isn’t just constricted to members of the opposite sex.
  34. Nick’s hair stood on end, and he felt like he was being constricted by his collar.
  35. She had been feeling constricted by Natasha, and Lee was trying to loosen her up.
  36. Thanks, I said, so buoyed by his words that my throat constricted with emotion.
  37. As we continued south, the plateau constricted into parallel gorges of varying breadth.
  38. Her throat constricted and she could not find her voice to scream out a warning to Olin.
  39. The constricted blood flow caused his head to pound with each beat of his labouring heart.
  40. He wanted to call out, but his throat was constricted by some force he could not surmount.
  41. His throat constricted and his skin felt cold, colder even than this winter night warranted.
  42. As Carl watched the short video in front of him, his pupils widened and his throat constricted.
  43. A scarlet light could scant be seen through the layers of waveglass that constricted the hydra.
  44. A band constricted her heart, and she had to take in a breath before she asked her next question.
  45. Those men…they… I stammered, my voice barely snaking its way out of my constricted throat.
  46. The policemen glanced beyond to the Erector-set-papier mâché relic constricted in the Electric Chair.
  47. My stomach constricted sharply in pain as my body screamed out its need for nourishment loud and clear.
  48. In that time, Simon knows his throat is too constricted to scream again and his limbs too feeble to run.
  49. He gasped and tried to cry out, but his throat was constricted and he could form no words, not even a scream.
  50. If your mind is in survival mode, searching frantically for solutions in fear, you will feel constricted and tense.
  51. His head blazed, his breath jerked in and out of a constricted chest, his teeth raged with pain, but he knew one small victory.
  52. If you are tense and constricted, with energy stagnating within you, you will be more likely to have survival/fear based thoughts.
  53. Thank you for your time and candor, I said, and hoped Chofsky’s constricted sphincter speech patterns hadn’t rubbed off on me.
  54. Cottage walls bulge into the constricted lanes, and he eases the car round each corner, expecting to meet a four-by-four at every blind spot.
  55. Her hand threw up and James gasped, dropping to his knees and clawing at his constricted chest, unable to breath, his heart struggling to beat.
  56. His stomach and chest were painfully constricted and his fingers and toes didn’t quite reach the ends of gloves and boots – but he was ready.
  57. Rita leaned on me as her arms constricted around my neck as if threatening to crust my windpipe but her doting eyes were brimming with boundless joy.
  58. From that glass door the pale-faced man went to the count's bedroom and raised with a constricted hand the curtain of a window overlooking the court-yard.
  59. Going in the constricted space between the foot of the ladder and the watertight bulkhead behind it, he fixed the camera dome in an upper corner that was in a zone of shadow.
  60. From a chronic feeling of anxiety to a palpable fear in the pit of the stomach, which is probably already tightly constricted in order to appear flat when evaluated, women live.
  61. Gertrude however had the net impression right away that the airfield in Neubiberg was too constricted, with a single main runway whose extremities were close to a number of villages.
  62. This poisonous food constricted their blood vessels so drastically that most of them later died of cold and overexposure to the elements they had so effortlessly withstood for centuries.
  63. What did it mean? Admiration? Loneliness? Loss? Her chest constricted as she tried to explain the connection—the man’s contemplation hit her like a tidal wave and nearly knocked her off balance.
  64. Perhaps it was a man who had suffered more than once from the persecutions of fate, and had more than once been in a tight place; but Ivan Andreyitch was a novice and could not breathe in his constricted position.
  65. She did not like the fact that the fighters of this wing were parked in line like this, something that made them vulnerable to a surprise attack, but she had been able to see from the air how constricted Neubiberg was.
  66. Yet strange to say Boris’ presence in his wife’s drawing room (and he was almost always there) had a physical effect upon Pierre; it constricted his limbs and destroyed the unconsciousness and freedom of his movements.
  67. Yet strange to say Borís’ presence in his wife’s drawing room (and he was almost always there) had a physical effect upon Pierre; it constricted his limbs and destroyed the unconsciousness and freedom of his movements.
  68. Those who knew the opera quickly identified the constricted lives of the Catfish Row tenants with their own existence; others were reminded of past summers of pleasure and languorous activity, family gatherings and barbecues.
  69. The source of magic in this world is more mysterious than all the explanations that sorcerers and wizards have given for it, and it is more prevalent than can be understood by those who live according to the constricted form of reason so prevalent in our time.
  70. As love would have it, she had taken to a man who was not of her ilk and as his parents were not so helpless or as progressive as these days, their inter-caste affair was a non-starter in every way; the social space too was constricted for them to find a place for indulging in premarital sex; if only Cupid had reckoned with that when he kindled love in their hearts; whatever, they remained lovelorn till she prevailed upon him to marry a girl from his caste.
  71. Why should any girl, privy to his past, ever consent to marry him? What if some parents with an eye on his wealth were to brainwash their daughter into marrying him? Won’t that lead to an uneasy embrace to her and a cold kind of nuptial for him? How constricted could be life inhibited by his past? Would he ever come across a dame who would accept him for what he was? Oh, how his life seemed to hinge upon this chance occurrence! What else could he do than daydream of his dame! Of what avail would his freedom be without a loving wife in life? But would he be able to engage a woman with his benumbed mind? Oh, why didn’t he think about it before?
  72. Their dwelling space should not be constricted,.
  1. Is this which now constricts my breath? What means.
  2. His gray eyes remind me of Pearl’s, and my throat constricts in a flash of pain.
  3. Every time the center of the 2-dimensional Universe constricts, it flashes a signal, a 1-2-3 punch of Dimensions.
  4. The main problem with blindfolds in the shape of a bag is that it constricts air to your lungs which can lead to panic attacks.

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