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    1. Ruminate this argument in your mind over and over again and it will

    2. When you ruminate on thoughts of disapproval, there are emotions associated with those thoughts

    3. I can"t help wondering whether they ruminate

    4. Ol’ Dalbo here will close his eyes for a while and ruminate on these grave matters

    5. I ruminate on the events of the day, before saying, "Well, it looks like the Occidental Union Administrators are a new breed—a new caste—of humans

    6. We ruminate and obsess about it

    7. Would I feel wrath or laugh again, applaud past efforts with more cheers or ruminate on things not done and mourn with tears each time I died? Nay! Choices I did not repeat yet sensed their value in this Truth: my past hath made me what I am, the destined one to meet the Queen

    8. A complementary method is to concentrate on the moment, not ruminate about

    9. There was thirty years of life left on this heart, easily, but there was no time to ruminate on all of this any longer

    10. And she settled back down to ruminate upon wizards, Amazons and the

    11. ” He bowed his head slightly to let this last piece of information ruminate

    12. And ruminate upon what might have been,

    13. There was another pause, during which Herr Dremmel, with his eyes on hers, appeared to ruminate

    14. I was afraid I'd deliberate, ruminate, agonize, rationalize, and talk myself into not going

    15. She would constantly ruminate over her sad childhood, her troubled relationship with Gladys, her arranged marriage to Jim Dougherty, the nightmare of Joe DiMaggio, and anything else that could be dredged up from her past

    16. Again he faced the notice and read it through, and doubtless would have turned off again to ruminate upon it had not the sailor grasped him roughly by the collar and howled into his ear

    17. —The group of quadrupeds which ruminate or chew the cud, such as oxen, sheep, and deer

    18. But your request that I should give you my opinion on that ' idea' I must res )lutely refuse : to begin with, it would be out of place in a letter, and secondly, I am not prepared to give an answer cfE-hand ; I must ruminate upon it further

    1. Sitting on the verandah chair, he recalled the information and ruminated on what to do next

    2. It was a miserable thing to have done, but where would we be if I hadn’t? he ruminated

    3. “We have come here, many times,” Moshe ruminated as he rode the last distance into the encampment

    4. Not natural! Moshe silently ruminated, as a small shiver played around along

    5. “There's only one thing certain here,” he ruminated aloud

    6. “We have come here, many times,” Moshe ruminated as he rode the last distance into the

    7. I ruminated on the passage of time

    8. ‘Yes,’ ruminated Moose; ‘I’m sure that it must have come as a considerable shock to all his friends and associates

    9. The computer ruminated this for a while

    10. He could do this in his sleep, he ruminated

    11. I ruminated, “O my

    12. Ben ruminated for a moment, then scowled and looked around to see if the cat was talking to someone else

    13. " Juez ruminated for a moment and then continued

    14. poem ruminated in his head

    15. Outside, in his automobile, he ruminated on how, once again, Hamilton had gotten the best of him

    16. Credit ruminated as he eased past his son

    17. While Jack was debriefing his people, Gerry ruminated on the whole plan, from beginning to end, to ensure nothing was left out of their summation

    18. Now he seemed to hardly notice her presence as he ruminated

    19. While I ruminated on that and watched the sprawling shopping centers with their chain stores and restaurants pass by, I only felt my irritation increase

    20. It wasn’t the horrible event in the library he ruminated about; it was her

    21. Having smoked his pipe out, and ruminated a little longer, he turned himself about, that he might appear, before the hour of closing, on his station at Tellson's

    22. The scout ruminated, like a man digesting his newly-acquired knowledge, and once more stole a glance at the horses

    23. He ruminated his discontent for a while, then began afresh with a sidelong

    24. ‘Who is to blame for it? Who has let things come to such a pass?’ he ruminated

    25. ‘Still,’ he ruminated, ‘it might happen

    26. Kirk took another bite and ruminated, his eyes on the windshield, where bugs had struck and died

    27. Unconsciously clapping the vinegar-cruet to one side of her nose, she ruminated for an instant; then exclaimed—"No! I haven't seen it since I put it there

    28. Can it be, though, that they anoint it with a view of making its interior run well, as they anoint machinery? Much might be ruminated here, concerning the essential dignity of this regal process, because in common life we esteem but meanly and contemptibly a fellow who anoints his hair, and palpably smells of that anointing

    29. “Who is to blame for it? Who has let things come to such a pass?” he ruminated

    1. She obsessively ruminates about what she has not done or been

    2. " She ruminates incessantly about her disappointment, wondering, ""Why me? Where did I go wrong? All my friends enjoy their grandchildren

    3. In one of his most despondent states of mind, he ruminates: “I

    1. In fact, Esmond Pie died ruminating on that very concept

    2. Ruminating as they chewed their cud and nursed the young, who were covered with a blanket of long, soft-looking pink fur, they seemed docile enough

    3. Ruminating on the younger generation’s abilities to cooperate and complement with an intelligence she had found so late herself, the aunt was silent

    4. of ME out there - every unattractive quality - without ruminating

    5. And the tenth mountain ] had very large trees and was completely shaded and under the shadow of the trees sheep lay resting and ruminating

    6. He sits there, ruminating, day after day, claiming to see colour everywhere

    7. This, his loneliness, was the lurking, roaming, ruminating threat; it surpassed the most fearful of beasts in its destructive capacity

    8. “For the poor folk? Who? Where?” I was ruminating; I didn’t get any answer or any clue

    9. I was still ruminating, because I had no idea where to go and for what purpose

    10. On the way when we back to home, I was ruminating about these poor people

    11. But, my mind was ruminating in the grave pictures of the poor and the starving people whom I had seen and met in the courtyard of the temple

    12. Why had he done that? Is life so cheap? Is there no use of life? Is exam result everything more than one’s life? I was ruminating

    13. While he sat ruminating, he was surprised to find his legs pushing the wheeled chair closer to the doors, as if they had a will of their own—or was it his inner curiosity controlling them? Half inch by half inch

    14. into gray stones ruminating the water's meaning

    15. Their time, it appeared, was spent in ruminating over the delights of the meal that was eaten, and in preparing their bodies by gentlest exercise for the delights of the meal that was to come

    16. Breathing and Relaxation helps to combat the body's adrenaline (fight & flight) response that occurs in Anxiety and Anger, and the agitation and ruminating thoughts of Depression

    17. actually in the feared social situation, or when ruminating about a past social experience

    18. Household animals sat about, ruminating

    19. As I was flying into Boston a few days ago and was ruminating my past in this country, I thought of you

    20. Peering through the slots in the blinds, he spoke in a ruminating, almost musing sort of tone

    21. Cruncher, ruminating, with his mind much disturbed; "wot's come to her?"

    22. I then gathered in the rope you were sending me, and making a coil or pile of it I seated myself upon it, ruminating and considering what I was to do to lower myself to the bottom, having no one to hold me up; and as I was thus deep in thought and perplexity, suddenly and without provocation a profound sleep fell upon me, and when I least expected it, I know not how, I awoke and found myself in the midst of the most beautiful, delightful meadow that nature could produce or the most lively human imagination conceive

    23. No longer is Leopold, as he sits there, ruminating, chewing the cud of reminiscence, that staid agent of publicity and holder of a modest substance in the funds

    24. (Staggering Bob, a whitepolled calf, thrusts a ruminating head with humid nostrils

    25. I lingered for a while, ruminating on the coming year

    26. Featherstone pulled at both sides of his wig as if he wanted to deafen himself, and his sister went away ruminating on this oracular speech of his

    27. It had not occurred to Lydgate that he had been a subject of eager meditation to Rosamond, who had neither any reason for throwing her marriage into distant perspective, nor any pathological studies to divert her mind from that ruminating habit, that inward repetition of looks, words, and phrases, which makes a large part in the lives of most girls

    28. Old Featherstone had often reflected as he sat looking at the fire that Standish would be surprised some day: it is true that if he had done as he liked at the last, and burnt the will drawn up by another lawyer, he would not have secured that minor end; still he had had his pleasure in ruminating on it

    29. Farebrother, he had his long legs stretched on the sofa, his head thrown back, and his hands clasped behind it according to his favorite ruminating attitude, while Rosamond sat at the piano, and played one tune after another, of which her husband only knew (like the emotional elephant he was!) that they fell in with his mood as if they had been melodious sea-breezes

    30. Oh, that’s me ruminating about work—is supposed to sap much of the power, the emotional charge, out of the contents of consciousness

    31. In Miller’s 1964 play After the Fall, which opened at New York’s ANTA Washington Square Theatre in January 1964, only eighteen months after Marilyn’s death on August 7, 1962, the protagonist is a middle-aged lawyer ruminating upon his relationships with the three women in his life and how the marriages to two of them ended, the first in divorce, the second in the suicide of his wife, an actress, and the third a work in progress

    32. Thought is paralyzed by anguish, and the most it is capable of is to calculate—interpreting the vague phrases of ministers, spelling out the sense of the speeches of sovereigns, and ruminating on the words attributed to diplomatists reported on the uncertain authority of the newspapers—whether it is to be to-morrow or the day after, this year or the next, that we are to be murdered

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    chew over contemplate excogitate meditate mull mull over muse ponder reflect ruminate speculate think over feed forage pasture graze browse crop batten

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    chew the cuds

    reflect deeply on a subject