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Purpose in a sentence | purpose example sentences

  1. So God had a purpose.
  2. But I had no purpose.
  3. And your purpose in it.
  4. He has no real purpose.
  5. Is not the purpose of.

  6. This is not my purpose.
  7. Our purpose is not to.
  8. And as for the purpose.
  9. The Purpose of A Funnel.
  10. There must be a purpose.
  11. For it is for no purpose.
  12. There is a purpose here.
  13. For the purpose of the.
  14. You did that on purpose.
  15. It has a cosmic purpose.

  16. There is no purpose in.
  17. Your only purpose is to.
  18. His purpose is to touch.
  19. One purpose of going to.
  20. For the purpose of this.
  21. What is my life purpose?
  22. The purpose is good and.
  23. Its purpose is to leave.
  24. He walked with a purpose.
  25. Purpose of Rules and Laws.

  26. And focused on his purpose.
  27. There was no other purpose.
  28. For this purpose, it 342.
  29. It may be the purpose of.
  31. But what is the purpose?
  32. Purpose is full with love.
  33. It depends on the purpose.
  34. This needs unity of purpose.
  35. The purpose of this is to.
  36. It stopped for a purpose.
  37. What was his purpose now?
  38. The purpose of the Enable.
  39. There is no purpose to.
  40. Find and live your purpose.
  41. Part of our purpose is to.
  42. It was the purpose of the.
  43. The whole purpose of this.
  44. His purpose was the Gospel.
  45. The snow served this purpose.
  46. Founded for the purpose of.
  47. What is the larger purpose?
  48. Q: What may be the purpose?
  49. Hold the faith and purpose.
  50. The purpose of our creation.
  51. And it does serve a purpose.
  52. The ultimate purpose is to.
  53. The purpose is to teach him.
  54. Each of them had a purpose.
  55. Our purpose here is to guide.
  56. It must have been on purpose.
  57. The purpose is to re-orient.
  58. For the purpose of lowering.
  59. The purpose of his life was.
  60. The tornado had a purpose.
  61. The collapse has one purpose.
  62. You did this on purpose?
  63. He'd irritated her on purpose.
  64. And, forget about the purpose.
  65. The media’s purpose is not.
  66. Q: And what is their purpose?
  67. He arranged it all on purpose.
  68. Imbued with the solo purpose.
  69. That is the purpose of it all.
  70. I wouldn't do that on purpose.
  71. What is the purpose? Of this.
  72. The purpose of the lower laws.
  73. Every food group has a purpose.
  74. The purpose of a comfort zone.
  75. And what again is my purpose?
  76. And the whole purpose of the.
  77. And you will have your purpose.
  78. What is the purpose of your P.
  79. His purpose is that we become.
  80. The purpose was to camouflage.
  81. He has served his purpose well.
  82. It’s also given me a purpose.
  83. Purpose of the State Religion.
  84. They were put there on purpose.
  85. His real purpose is less noble.
  86. But what is the alien purpose?
  87. M: The mind must have a purpose.
  88. Her purpose was to facilitate.
  89. It always achieves its purpose.
  90. He used me for his own purpose.
  91. Purpose of Laying on of Hands.
  92. The purpose of my being,.
  1. I read with my watch upon the table, purposing to close my book at eleven o'clock.
  2. Learn how to be consistent and persistent in pursuing your dreams, while purposing in your heart that inaction is not an option.
  3. Senior, I doubt he can have the chance to exhibit his craftiness! He was now very impressed with Feng Mantian and was not purposing praising him.
  4. With a fair, fresh wind, the Pequod was now drawing nigh to these straits; Ahab purposing to pass through them into the Javan sea, and thence, cruising northwards, over waters known to be frequented here and there by the Sperm Whale, sweep inshore by the Philippine Islands, and gain the far coast of Japan, in time for the great whaling season there.
  5. All these circumstances did not strike me as painfully at the time as they have since done; in fact, all that had happened (with the exception of the story of the diamond, which certainly did wear an air of improbability), appeared natural enough, and called for neither apprehension nor mistrust; but, worn out as I was with fatigue, and fully purposing to proceed could accurately distinguish every movement of the jeweller, who, after making the best onwards directly the tempest abated, I determined to obtain a few hours' sleep.
  1. The man purposed to not return to his.
  2. It is a purposed thing and grows by plot.
  3. Where I have come, great clerks have purposed.
  4. But I cannot know if you have purposed me to.
  5. Your angel told her of the work that You purposed to do in her.
  7. The way lies open before you as I have purposed for this to be.
  8. I call that time; the first beginning of the rest of my purposed life.
  9. PROPHESY, O SONS OF SERvICE! For I have purposed for you to anger many.
  10. I had purposed taking one of my sisters with me; for a strong motive for.
  11. Their first mistake was in standing in the way of El Elyon’s purposed plan.
  12. He purposed to follow the unnatural course -- he decided not to seek self-preservation.
  13. Others had expected him to work a wonder, but that was just what he had purposed not to do.
  14. Purposed, the Indian picked up his pack and club and started over the small ridge at a fast trot.
  15. The angel smiled, With the Lord all things are possible, who can tell what He has purposed to come of this.
  16. He had two orphan brothers and a little sister, to whom he purposed to give an education and Christian training.
  17. Yet not in vain will it prove, maybe, that you came to this land seeking aid, as Gandalf himself plainly purposed.
  18. In an hour’s time the caravan appeared and slowly made their way around the scene of divinely purposed conflict.
  19. But it is a dangerous environment in which to try to construct a commonly purposed and mutually supporting society.
  20. Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself:.
  21. And let your hearts grow heavy because of this which I have purposed to do, over that which I have prepared and shall carry out.
  22. Gabriel, feeling now how vain it would be to try to lead her whither he had purposed, caressed one of her hands and said, also sadly:.
  23. Tell me Sisakar, are you yet so foolish to believe that you can prevail against the Most High and the things which He has purposed to come to pass?
  24. It was silent and gloomy, being tenanted solely by the captive, and lighted by the dying embers of a fire, which had been used for the purposed of cookery.
  25. When we decree God’s peace and unity in our family, then anything purposed against peace and unity has no valid objection or standing to come against us.
  26. So the mysteries you are declaring as you speak in tongues, are actually a download of what God, by His spirit, has purposed for you, in you, and through you.
  27. Mary had only to be grateful and give general assurances; but she was now very fully purposed to be the guest of neither brother nor sister many months longer.
  28. When we decree God’s provision and blessings over our lives, then anything purposed against our provision and blessing can have no further say in the matter.
  29. I purposed to say nothing to him about it, and was purposely silent indeed, in order to score off his pride and force him to be the first to speak of his wages.
  30. Miss Backhouse gulped as Harry, the unfamiliar young man, stood up and presented the salient points of the processes and purposed organization of the plans before them.
  31. If, as the Premillennialists tell us, that the church was not foreseen in the Old Testament, how was it ACCORDING TO THE ETERNAL PURPOSE WHICH HE PURPOSED IN CHRIST JESUS.
  32. Now I have something to say to those of you, who have already purposed it within your hearts to be here tomorrow with the spirit of praise as you should’ve come with this morning.
  33. They wish to torment and kill all of humanity and put an end to all that El Elyon has purposed for mankind, but they will fail, for it is the will of the Father to draw all mankind to Himself.
  34. Jesus said to them Did not I choose you you company of the twelve and of you one is the Devil? He said that because of Judas the son of Simon Iscariot; for he being of the twelve was purposed to betray him.
  35. To be appreciative and grateful for those who have been placed on your path, to love al , forgive because without forgiveness you cannot grow or be used to fulfil that which God has planned and purposed for your divine destiny.
  36. Is that your question, both of you guys, Ryan and Chris? (Bella directing this question at the SMB traders who just recently spoke, in a joking manner, playing off the obvious fact that he has answered his purposed question for the audience.
  37. Then, the purposed meaning beyond 'rising of the sun from its west' nowadays is emerging of the civilization and its brilliant sciences from the west, or, from the side it has set in before, not from the east by way of the prophets' sun (cpth), the shining lamp.
  38. If the church were only an afterthought and not known about in the Old Testament, how is it "according to the eternal purpose which He (God) purposed in Christ Jesus"? Was Paul wrong? Millennialists say yes, Paul was wrong, the church is only an afterthought and was not in the eternal purpose of God.
  39. And later on at a propitious opportunity he purposed (Bloom did), without anyway prying into his private affairs on the fools step in where angels principle, advising him to sever his connection with a certain budding practitioner who, he noticed, was prone to disparage and even to a slight extent with some hilarious pretext when not present, deprecate him, or whatever you like to call it which in Bloom's humble opinion threw a nasty sidelight on that side of a person's character, no pun intended.
  40. But to my surprise and no small concern, Queequeg now gave me to understand, that he had been diligently consulting Yojo—the name of his black little god—and Yojo had told him two or three times over, and strongly insisted upon it everyway, that instead of our going together among the whaling-fleet in harbor, and in concert selecting our craft; instead of this, I say, Yojo earnestly enjoined that the selection of the ship should rest wholly with me, inasmuch as Yojo purposed befriending us; and, in order to do so, had already pitched upon a vessel, which, if left to myself, I, Ishmael, should infallibly light upon, for all the world as though it had turned out by chance; and in that vessel I must immediately ship myself, for the present irrespective of Queequeg.
  1. For my purposes here, Dr.
  2. This, to all purposes, was Tom.
  3. For health promotion purposes (e.
  4. To all intents and purposes he.
  5. They can serve a couple purposes.
  6. The charade served dual purposes.
  7. For purposes of meditation, the.
  8. Candles serve other purposes also.
  9. This is just for example purposes.
  10. Donovan for check-in purposes only.
  11. Should fit to your purposes as well.
  12. I need them for theatrical purposes.
  13. For her purposes, he didn't have one.
  14. It is merely for information purposes.
  15. We need to be about our true purposes.
  16. And, in this upshot, purposes mistook.
  17. For our purposes here, ours is not to.
  18. Greenhouses serve a variety of purposes.
  19. For conservative purposes, we can use 0.
  20. For all intents and purposes we are one.
  21. This facility was used for good purposes.
  22. How to use twitter for teaching purposes.
  23. The Cosmic Purposes of God to all Nations.
  24. For all practical purposes, such accounts.
  25. Food Channel was on for background purposes.
  26. We are created by God for His own purposes.
  27. Draining Tarana dry will serve two purposes.
  28. For all practical purposes, they'd already.
  29. However, for our purposes the TLF reactors.
  30. His purposes, but it would seem he destines.
  31. This book is for informational purposes only.
  32. Occasionally, for training purposes, there.
  33. Those purposes are principally security and.
  34. The report is for informational purposes only.
  35. These two minds have very different purposes.
  36. This reading can occur for learning purposes.
  37. All of their purposes led to where we are now.
  38. For all practical purposes, history had ended.
  39. This book is written for educational purposes.
  40. Are Some Purposes More Important Than Others?
  41. This eBook is for informational purposes only.
  42. Be steady to your purposes and firm as a rock.
  43. This is essential for risk management purposes.
  44. Your ranking serves two purposes, he says.
  45. He is your father for all intents and purposes.
  46. For all intents and purposes we have to vanish.
  47. They had for all intents and purposes vanished.
  48. It was, however, light enough for our purposes.
  49. This page is for version tracking purposes only.
  50. For all intents and purposes, Jenny was his mum.
  51. I had gone down to the woods for other purposes.
  52. Is sex okay for purposes other than procreation?
  53. Well, for al intents and purposes, it's not a gun.
  54. Is that sufficient, for medical purposes?
  55. For all intents and purposes, this was a normal.
  56. When He made grains, He had two purposes planned.
  57. His earnings were put aside for his own purposes.
  58. For our purposes, there are two kinds of retailer.
  59. For all practical purposes, the closes are equal.
  60. This is, however, irrelevant for our purposes here.
  61. The path was not put there for the purposes of Sam.
  62. The above was posted for educational purposes only.
  63. Some purposes may seem more important than others.
  64. Can you explain to me what your purposes are?
  65. Though each group uses the Bible, their purposes.
  66. The initial purposes to stretching were to improve.
  67. A normal looking room for all intents and purposes.
  68. They move heaven and earth for the purposes of God.
  69. The room was obviously set up for medical purposes.
  70. He was obviously there for ‘security’ purposes.
  71. Yeah, for all intents and purposes, they bought it.
  72. One of the purposes of this book is to provide you.
  73. Our purposes and our rewards are starkly different.
  74. It is probably best for his purposes that it be so.
  75. Most of the kids are used for more useful purposes.
  76. Yoast for SEO purposes and aWeber's subscribe plugin.
  77. A grain of sand has countless functions and purposes.
  78. They were blind to the mysteries and purposes of life.
  79. This procedure serves several purposes, as follows:.
  80. Ceiling on the amounts of credit for certain purposes.
  81. Tri, I wonder if that means it has three purposes.
  82. Employee incentive plans have many different purposes.
  83. Others were used for religious and spiritual purposes.
  84. The content of this book for educational purposes only.
  85. Surely he have his purposes when he wanted us to do so.
  86. I think now that they said that for there own purposes.
  87. The most important of these for our purposes is delta.
  88. Most importantly for our purposes, the thinking brain.
  89. No hats or headgear, unless worn for religious purposes.
  90. If the purposes of designing remains obscure then the.
  91. Washing was never originally done for hygienic purposes.
  92. Your greed is, to all intents and purposes, insatiable.
  93. Rags, used for toilet purposes, floated on the surface.
  94. And then sell the Eryx or use it for blackmail purposes.
  95. Because they are there only for their own evil purposes.
  96. Maybe I should give you the receipts—for tax purposes.
  97. For our purposes, a fiscal year was chosen as the time.
  98. Thus, it should illustrate the concept for our purposes.
  99. That’s one of the purposes of schools, as we’ve seen.
  100. It sets the readers to think deeply about the purposes.

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