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    1. The cover will be to the extent of the sum assured of the policy

    2. In case of medical insurance, the individual is covered only to the extent of the actual expenses incurred on medicine/hospitalisation (up to a maximum limit of the sum assured)

    3. you will receive the sum of three thousand pounds each month for as long as you both

    4. "Now should you have any windfall in the meantime you could of course pay a lump sum with no fear of punitive charges Sergeant Biggs

    5. I had to trust my youthful judgement, a judgement based on the meagre sum of knowledge gleaned so far about my captors

    6. The basic reason for the divorce is hunger: If Anthony provided his family with a minimum sum of money, Alice would never leave him

    7. This was the sum total of my life for four days: mute acceptance punctuated by brief moments of dumb, brute defiance

    8. Refusing to eat, refusing to cry out when Smiler dug his elbow into my side as we walked down the corridor, was the sum total of my defiance

    9. The sum of Scriptural teaching on the role of women is that women are not to take

    10. His worldly goods fetched a laughable sum, but who would need money on the mountain? He did need good boots, but that was all

    11. Son had offered the old hunter a great sum of gold to lead the way but the

    12. Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty

    13. greater than the sum of parts,

    14. made better by the sum of their parts, telling you

    15. on this planet, are the sum of all things,

    16. Being the sum of all things is inevitable

    17. which forms the positive sum of parts,

    18. the parts that form the sum of all that we are

    19. To sum up the case for honey and the case against sugar I would say this

    20. To make things run as smoothly as he could, the businessman bought the cottage from the couple, which, given that they never had a mortgage in the first place, meant that they pocketed a tidy little sum

    21. "The sum of all dimensions predicted by the infinite dimension theorem

    22. 'Did you know eighteen is the only number that is twice the sum of its digits?'

    23. could sum it up to one important thing: you should certainly place 10% of

    24. There’s the two flats and a cash sum which represents the sale price of the house when we sold it after Dad died

    25. In this way each girl became more of herself and both girls became more than the sum of their parts---to borrow a metaphor from George and his rod building

    26. ’ She said, looking round the kitchen as though adding what she can see to the sum total of her knowledge of her twin

    27. Not because we didn't trust you with it, but that the interest was accumulating nicely on the bulk sum

    28. The sum total of her life

    29. This center is unique among its previously mentioned fellows in that it is greater than the sum of its parts

    30. It is what literally separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, and like its 'given' spiritual counterpart, the higher emotional center, it also is greater than the acquired sum of its parts

    31. And might I ask what sum you have arrived at for this 'refund'?” asked Samuel nonchalantly

    32. Originally I went down to pick up the latest exchange student who would live in my house and then I would earn the nice sum of $650 a month for housing him

    33. I remember my freshman year I did something really dumb and I guess in a way my parents did something really dumb because they gave me a flat sum of money; I forget maybe was for $500 that was supposed to last me for the whole semester

    34. Balaam was warned by an angel not to prophesy to the Israelites but he didn’t listen because he was getting paid a large sum of money to curse them

    35. In order to satisfy ourselves upon this point, it will not be necessary to enter into any tedious or doubtful calculation of what may be the lowest sum upon winch it is possible to do this

    36. We do not reckon our soldiers the most industrious set of people among us; yet when soldiers have been employed in some particular sorts of work, and liberally paid by the piece, their officers have frequently been obliged to stipulate with the undertaker, that they should not be allowed to earn above a certain sum every day, according to the rate at which they were paid

    37. find that the former sum will generally exceed the latter

    38. of gaining ten or twenty thousand pounds, though they know that even that small sum is

    39. high, the sum or amount of them can never be very great, nor consequently that of his annual

    40. extended in proportion to the amount of both ; and the sum or amount of his profits is in

    41. This last sum,

    42. It is the embodiment of all -- the power of the Order, and the sum of all things organic and inorganic

    43. The bank manager uses our money to foreclose Uncle Todd, sell the farm at auction and recover a princely sum for their shareholders…or mmm…something more ingenious perhap?”

    44. "As you can see, every one of us is a part and sum of the Singularity

    45. It seemed to sum up the eccentric

    46. The quantity of silver, however, contained in that nominal sum was, during the course of this period, continually diminishing in consequence of some alterations which were made in the coin

    47. But the increase of the value of silver had, it seems, so far compensated the diminution of the quantity of it contained in the same nominal sum, that the legislature did not think it worth while to attend to this circumstance

    48. Six shillings and eightpence, therefore, containing about the same quantity of silver as thirteen shillings and fourpence of our present money (one-third part less than the same nominal sum contained in the time of Edward III), had, in those times, been considered as what is called the moderate and reasonable price of wheat

    49. In 1554, by the 1st and 2nd of Philip and Mary, and in 1558, by the 1st of Elizabeth, the exportation of wheat was in the same manner prohibited, whenever the price of the quarter should exceed six shillings and eightpence, which did not then contain two penny worth more silver than the same nominal sum does at present

    50. In 1562, therefore, by the 5th of Elizabeth, the exportation of wheat was allowed from certain ports, whenever the price of the quarter should not exceed ten shillings, containing nearly the same quantity of silver as the like nominal sum does at present

    1. He summed up his fear like this; if I love them too will the same happen to them? I could not bear it and so I will run away

    2. was best summed up by the carefully selected words

    3. Truly, if life is to be summed into one thought, you could suggest that life is a game of match making, and, when this is not the

    4. The Elf summed it up, “It's true

    5. “Well I think Pte Mack has summed things up nicely and with that in mind we have been tasked by Brigade to send out a recce patrol and locate a source of water

    6. We received orders that another attack was planned for the 4th of June and Johnny pretty much summed up our feelings when he said

    7. I awoke in the morning and struggled stiffly from bed I looked out of the window the day outside was cold, wet and miserable which just about summed up my feelings to a tee

    8. briefly summed up what happened during the first few weeks of

    9. Her apartment summed her up perfectly

    10. " Saldon summed up the work

    11. Things were looking ugly, the regular congregation summed up their ancestral roots, they were warriors in a far off time after all and were all up in arms screaming about Gods house and respect

    12. We radioed it in and were told to keep eyes on,” our squad leader summed up another one of our patrols during our debriefing

    13. Bad teams have a culture summed up in the phrase: “Why should I appreciate him? He is getting paid,

    14. And that still summed up Teri's philosophy of life

    15. Hop on,” he said as he led the way towards the blimp, while I kept pace by his side, having given up on my distrustful instincts and eagerly embraced the philosophy best summed up in the phrase ‘I got nothing to lose’

    16. All this has been summed up in

    17. That summed it up nicely, thought Sim

    18. All this seems to have been summed up in the personal rule of thumb called the Golden Rule

    19. A more succinct conclusion summed up yet a third, as a witch!

    20. accomplice difference can be summed up in the expectation of the subjects

    21. I know that most people consider long letters to be inappropriate but maybe this can be the exception to the rule because of the care that’s behind it and because these truths are important and can’t be effectively summed up by a mere few paragraphs

    22. The Mexica were summed up as “fierce warriors who are as likely to stab you in the back as die protecting your side

    23. Job’s whole life could be summed up in the words:

    24. Solomon summed this all up:

    25. ” And Pops summed up his passion for work, the only one he had, by saying, “You have to give to get…and whatever the job takes you give

    26. And Bill Friday, president of The University of North Carolina System, who had known Park for twenty years, summed up the Ithacan and his success this way: “He remembers the small things

    27. “The Egyptian foot soldiers must still be behind us somewhere unless they gave up on us,” Moshe summed up with a smile that was quickly replaced with a frown of sudden worry

    28. summed up with a smile that was quickly replaced with a frown of sudden worry

    29. complexity – will never be summed up or affected by the silly

    30. The sales team that worked on the win summed it up this way:

    31. One day master Bellack had summed up the acolytes’ position to him clearly, ‘Kerric, you should all have the sense to know that you are nothing more than just plain scum, should you eventually grow in power – you will just be a larger pile of shite

    32. I believe you summed up this truth with a uniquely original axiom

    33. One wag summed up these dilemmas rather well with the comment "I know what we are here

    34. eloquently summed up the importance of failing

    35. “So you told her it was al right,” I summed up

    36. The message of the Spirit in these last days, can be summed up in one word: “OVERCOME” (See Revelation 2:7, 11, 17, 26; 3:5, 12, 21; 21:7)

    37. “The Commander, in his lengthy speech, summed up by asking the Sub-Committee for additional resources to combat the terrorists and to urge people to continue to go about their day-to-day lives, calm and determined in the face of this new threat

    38. gratitude from the elders summed it all up and the process

    39. was Steve who summed it up for them

    40. summed up in this golden crucible

    41. Teach that man's whole duty is summed up in this one commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself

    42. That just about summed up our day

    43. Our resources, therefore, should ideally cover all areas and ultimate goals of the early learning stage, which might be very simply summed up as follows:

    44. “So there are frozen, floating, dead things inside – that’s nice,” Dave summed up sarcastically

    45. It was followed by a call that summed up the crew’s attitude

    46. When they were finished, Warren summed up by saying, “Greg, you need to understand that I have the utmost respect for the intelligence operation at Eretz

    47. dorse the term, effectively summed up the frustration of follow-

    48. He didn’t know what he was going to do exactly, but summed it down to tying the vine around the mynamather’s head—

    49. every time I saw the posters – they summed up so much about

    50. This seems like a very intricate way of explaining how life is; for all our lives can be summed up in that following fashion

    1. As soon as I have put the phone down, I call Stephen’s mobile and leave a message on his voice mail, summing up what the Inspector had told me as briefly as I can and telling him that Liz hasn’t come back from the house yet

    2. So they spent a quarter hour summing up the whole adventure of those days for Chatuum while she made up the sauce

    3. On the other side, a happy Porfirio Solis-Genet sat there patiently waiting for them to get to the race winner, who got to go last, and had the honor of summing up his personal race in general terms

    4. Verse 1, the summing up of the doctrine of the effect of the Law of Moses, and the effect of

    5. is done as a summing up of the theses, it now being fully supported

    6. It was a summing up of the hurt and destruction Jack had reaped on his luckless colleague

    7. While we did mention the trophies first, simply summing the use of PSN simply for that would be misleading

    8. “What's the problem?” replied Eddie, annoyed with having lost his place summing up a column of figures

    9. sentences should be about summing up

    10. 9 It was Nathaniel who so well taught the meaning of these two parables in the after years, summing up his teachings in these conclusions:

    11. He answers, summing up the math, citing

    12. "It was a bit like the Garden of Eden," says Stallman, summing up the lab and its software-sharing ethos in a 1998

    13. Nevertheless, when summing up the runaway success of a

    14. Summing up his position at the 1999 LinuxWorld Convention

    15. Groups of individual voters may join forces for air time when their own moneys (limited to $250/voter) all endorse the same message, and it is totally paid by summing their small donations for it

    16. Summing the products of the relative percentages and the costs: [(

    17. Summing up what has been mentioned in this noble Fortress, we say, the denier of religion (right) or you can say the person who is distracted of his communication with God and does not draw nearer to his Provider spiritually is but a man deprived of humane sensations, stingy and of low spirit, moreover he is a dissembler that causes the good to be stopped

    18. Summing up what has been said in this noble Fortress, we say that the denier of religion, that is, of what is right, – or, you could say, the person who is distracted from their communication with God and does not draw nearer to their Provider spiritually – is a person who is deprived of humane sensations, stingy and weak in spirit, and moreover, a dissembler who stands in the way of goodness

    19. In summing up, the Child Tax Credit is a nonrefundable credit

    20. In summing up his conclusions, Ring wrote: “After [an NDE] the person *can never

    21. Omar was summing up the situation on the table, while a few others were

    22. Being a wise man, Herr Dremmel lost no time in fidgeting or lamenting over the inevitable, but having heard the doctor's summing up, which was expressed in the one firm word repeated over and over again like a series of blows, _ausgeschlossen_, he ruled Ingeborg out of his thoughts as a wife and proceeded to train himself to contemplate her as a sister

    23. At last the summing up was concluded and both sides rested

    24. summing up what he had already seen and heard

    25. To reinforce the symbolism, the summing of each year’s

    26. could tell he was summing me up

    27. Summing up the material of the present section, we can draw a con-

    28. Summing up al above-said, we can make a conclusion that de-

    29. ' That," said Joe, summing up with his judicial air, "were the word of Biddy

    30. Reacher said, “I think he’s summing up

    31. It seems to me they’re taking stock of me and summing me up

    32. She tried not to smile at his accurate summing up of her conduct but she could not

    33. That was as accurate a summing up of the situation as could be made and Scarlett relapsed into infuriated silence

    34. For Daisy was young and her artificial world was redolent of orchids and pleasant, cheerful snobbery and orchestras which set the rhythm of the year, summing up the sadness and suggestiveness of life in new tunes

    35. As to the facility with which mortals escape knowledge, try an average acquaintance in the intellectual blaze of London, and consider what that eligible person for a dinner-party would have been if he had learned scant skill in "summing" from the parish-clerk of Tipton, and read a chapter in the Bible with immense difficulty, because such names as Isaiah or Apollos remained unmanageable after twice spelling

    36. Finally cumulative delta volume collects all the delta data and adds each subsequent bar to that of the previous bar - summing the totals in other words, and then presents this as a series of bars, to provide a perspective on the daily or intra day price action

    37. The investment philosopher Peter Bernstein has another way of summing this up

    38. She was summing up everything that was making me mad and expressing it so much better than I could have

    39. Their payoff profiles can be calculated by assessing the individual ‘legs’ of the strategy and summing

    40. And the conditional probability of the spots on the two die summing to 11, another winning combination, is 0

    41. ; the President, in his summing up, had joined the counsel for the defence, and in a few minutes the jury had thrown Champmathieu out of the case

    42. The risk of combination, consisting of options related to one underlying asset, can be estimated by summing up the corresponding Greeks

    43. Calculate the value of the index delta by summing up all the increments obtained at step 4

    44. Summing the index deltas of all positions (that is, all values shown in the last column of the table) gives the index delta of the portfolio, which corresponds to equation 3

    45. This characteristic is not additive—it cannot be calculated for the portfolio by summing weighted deltas of options related to different underlying assets

    46. The values of these indicators can be calculated for the whole portfolio by summing their values estimated for each separate asset

    47. Therefore, if the portfolio consists of options on several underlying assets, summing separate deltas and vegas is meaningless

    48. Summing up those differences as we advance along the time series (that is, calculating the cumulative difference for every date) generates an estimate of the profit accumulated due to the consistent application of the criterion

    49. “Learning how not to lose” is a simple way of summing up everything we’ve talked about up to this point

    50. Summing Up the Pivots

    1. "We don't know for sure," Ava said, while Herndon scowled, "but you have to understand that because of the exchange rate there are sums of money involved here that even we can't calculate

    2. Granny was in receipt of occasional sums of money, gifts whose

    3. Whatever the source of the windfalls, Tom was sure that the sums

    4. Harry didn't have a firm grasp of even modest compound interest earned over time with monthly and annual contributions, otherwise he might have been prepared for the sums he ogled as they sat with George's Bank Director friend in his office

    5. We were very appreciative that you included sums and such with the itinerary for the trip,” replied Harry

    6. They left the proper sums at the table and retired to the smoking car where Harry had to again admire the forethought and design of the traveling hotel

    7. Harry balked and sputtered, “But I am certain I have not used the vast sums invested

    8. Sun-drenched sums it

    9. This phrase sums up a lot of the philosophi

    10. considerable exaggeration ), the great sums which they lend to private people, in countries where the rate of interest is higher than in their own, are circumstances which no doubt demonstrate the redundancy of their stock, or that it has increased beyond what they can employ with tolerable profit in the proper business of their own country; but they do not demonstrate that that business has decreased

    11. Something not less than the largest of those two sums, therefore, must

    12. That about sums it up

    13. In France, the largest sums are commonly paid in that metal, and it is there difficult to get more gold than what is necessary to carry about in your pocket

    14. Whoever has a credit of this kind with one of those companies, and borrows a thousand pounds upon it, for example, may repay this sum piece-meal, by twenty and thirty pounds at a time, the company discounting a proportionable part of the interest of the great sum, from the day on which each of those small sums is paid in, till the whole be in this manner repaid

    15. The state of those two sums has continued to be the same ever since

    16. This sum, therefore did not increase either of those two other sums

    17. But small sums circulate much faster than large ones

    18. Where bank notes are issued for so small sums as 20s

    19. Though no paper money, therefore, was allowed to be issued, but for such sums as would confine it pretty much to the circulation between dealers and dealers; yet partly by discounting real bills of exchange, and partly by lending upon cash-accounts, banks and bankers might still be able to relieve the greater part of those dealers from the necessity of keeping any considerable part of their stock by them unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands

    20. The pretence for raising the denomination of the coin was to prevent the exportation of gold and silver, by making equal quantities of those metals pass for greater sums in the colony than they did in the mother country

    21. The sums spent upon the reception of a new viceroy of Peru, for example, have frequently been enormous

    22. If we would know the amount of the whole, we must add to the annual expense of this peace establishment, the interest of the sums which, in consequence of their considering her colonies as provinces subject to her dominion, Great Britain has, upon different occasions, laid out upon their defence

    23. It amounted to more than ninety millions sterling, including not only the new debt which was contracted, but the two shillings in the pound additional land tax, and the sums which were every year borrowed from the sinking fund

    24. Though it may, perhaps, be more than doubtful whether half a million could by any economy be saved out of the present tolls, it can scarcely be doubted, but that a million might be saved out of them, if they were doubled ; and perhaps two millions, if they were tripled {I have now good reason to believe that all these conjectural sums are by much too large

    25. , the sums of which those taxes are granted, and receives payment as their produce gradually comes in

    26. During the reigns of king William and queen Anne, large sums were frequently borrowed upon annuities for terms of years, which were sometimes longer and sometimes shorter

    27. Several extraneous sums, altogether independent of that ordinary revenue, have contributed towards it

    28. To these must be added several other sums, which, as they arose out of the late war, ought perhaps to be considered as deductions from the expenses of it

    29. The overriding issue isn‘t whether or not a student is proficient in ancient languages or higher mathematics, although the latter would be certainly commendable, but whether or not that student has at least mastered the basic requirements of reading, writing and calculating sums

    30. Why do the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer? Why do certain bankers who misuse enormous sums of money that belong to others get off scot-free? Why do we buy goods that originate under intolerable conditions abroad, just because they are cheaper? Why do poorer people have to pay extortionately high rates of interest? There are many issues on which the church in general and the evangelicals in particular are often strangely silent

    31. “It sums it all up rather neatly, my friend,” came Maintenon’s final comment

    32. Next to the Blythes, they were her best friends in school and she always helped Adella with her sums

    33. Well, just wait till school opens and Adella wants me to show her how to do her sums! We'll get square then

    34. Verse 12 and 13, Paul here sums up his presentation on the effect of the Law of Moses on

    35. Verses 2 to 11, Paul now sums up what the law can do, and contrasts this with what the

    36. and Phenice, 6 And told him that the treasury in Jerusalem was full of infinite sums of money, so that the multitude of their riches,

    37. 16 So, having bestowed considerable sums of

    38. Frances of Assisi, sums it up best:

    39. sums of money and help you build wealth

    40. save much larger sums to ever catch up to where you should be

    41. Her boyfriend, Lanny Witt, who owed Jenkins substantial sums for representation in prior cases, called our apartment one night asking my wife and me to meet him and some “friends” in the desert outside Casa Grande to guide a plane loaded with dope to a landing on the sandy desert floor

    42. This verse sums up what leadership is all about – to be a leader is to serve

    43. I quote below a passage from the Jewish Encyclopedia that sums up this relationship between prince and Jew

    44. He sums it up nicely here:

    45. In Berlin, Benjamin maintained a leading salon, was the first Jew to own an art collection, and had access to ruling circles, having loaned the king large sums before his accession

    46. The individual sums

    47. The trustees of these foundations have vast sums of money at

    48. 11 Keeping all of these things in mind, I wasn’t too surprised to hear an anecdote that probably sums up Pops’s personality

    49. His estate later donated larger sums, of such scale as to have justified naming the school after him

    50. 5 And when he could not overcome Onias he gat him to Apollonius the son of Thraseas who then was governor of Celosyria and Phenice 6 And told him that the treasury in Jerusalem was full of infinite sums of money so that the multitude of their riches which did not pertain to the account of the sacrifices was innumerable and that it was possible to bring all into the king's hand

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    Synonyms for "sum"

    aggregate sum total totality amount center centre core essence gist heart heart and soul inwardness kernel marrow meat nitty-gritty nub pith substance sum total summation join union amount of money sum of money add add together add up sum up summate tally tot tot up tote up summarise summarize whole gross entirety

    "sum" definitions

    a quantity of money

    a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers

    the final aggregate

    the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience

    the whole amount

    a set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets

    be a summary of

    determine the sum of