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Old in a sentence

To rid of the old.
I was 18 years old.
It was his old man.
He was old by then.
It was an old story.
Sam was six years old.
Its an old cop trick.

Maybe when she got old.
It was like old times.
Just the same old Roman.
How old is she then?
Fuck off, you old git.
Are the shiny old pate.
She was six weeks old.
I loved that old guy.
And he was so very old.
Any old shit and cheese.
The old guy just laughed.
These are not old times.
Just this one old woman.
Don't seem that old to.
Mike said the old man.
Mias an old pal of mine.
A very old house dating.
You would have grown old.
The old man looked at him.
Terry was an old friend.
It tasted bitter and old.
The room smelled of old.
He was, uh, 31 years old.
Tell that to poor old Bob.
Tell it to poor old Vince.
She’s almost a year old.
I mourned for old Captain.
The old man shook his head.
The old man thus had the.
I was fifty-one years old.
The old school put their.
The old mechanic was –.
It worked in the Old West.

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