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Dampen in a sentence

How to Dampen the Cycle of Negativity.
This too could help dampen reproductive.
I'm merely trying to dampen any unrealis-.
Otherwise, they may dampen the chance of fertility.
The blankets served to dampen her magical signature.
If it does, a mild blue shadow will dampen the glare.
Dampen a piece of cloth to cover your nose and mouth.

Islands and mountains dampen the effects of hurricanes.
But dividends dampen the volatility of a stock’s price.
Apparently, two decades had done nothing to dampen his anger.
I don’t want to dampen the moment, so I drop in a couple of.
Dampen, Stay, Shut up, Powerless, and Don’t even think about it.
And dampen all of the silent, awed living spirits who dwell in them.
Doubts and moments of discouragement began to dampen his high hopes.
He did not want to dampen Star’s spirits, so just nodded agreement.
He was far too excited to let that dampen his spirits, though, and he.
It is a wild herb that is used to dampen coughing, and for sore throats.
To dampen the cycle of negativity and ill-will in the world, it helps to.
She could feel the pillow she was laying on start to dampen from her tears.
She grabbed the back of her chair as she felt her forehead dampen with perspiration.
There would be no winter because there would be no paws to dampen the quilt with snow.
The question is, which beautiful girl will you choose next to dampen your neuroses?
Needless to say, I really wasn’t interested, but did not want to dampen his enthusiasm.
Her Annuity was large enough to dampen her Resolve to sue, tho’ ’twas hardly all she wisht.
He breaths in the faint mist that rests in the air and sighs when he feels it dampen his throat.
Sometimes, a team member has a negative attitude, which acts to dampen down the spirit of the team.
Holes in the prow would partially fill with water in rough seas and dampen the violent rocking of the waves.
As he was in the thick of action by the time the expected rejections arrived, they failed to dampen his spirit.
I couldn’t stay very long, for the mold and a prevailing dampness ignited my cough yet did not dampen my enthusiasm.
Daddy Daedalus warns his son to fly at a middle height: the seawater will dampen the wings and the sun will melt them.
Anxious for a drink to cool his parched throat and dampen his cracked lips, he ran in the general direction of the noise.
That failure did not dampen Hillary’s intent on further pressing for an acceptance of her Universal Health Care program.
And the presence of a mass of outstanding options can only dampen the returns to investors, diluting earnings as the options are exercised.
I decided not to hang around at the show as I didn’t wish to dampen Montaine's exhilaration, so I slipped away to be on my own for a while.
But, Graisco said with reluctance, fearing his comments will dampen the atmosphere, I do have one thing to do while I’m here tonight.
Adrian, I need you and Rusty to bring down a couple of towels from the penthouse, and if you could dampen them with hot water, I’d appreciate it.
Nor did this dampen Whitehead’s gloomy Lusts; he pursu’d ’em as doggedly upon this Ship of Death as another Man might in a bright Spring Meadow.
Despite the disturbing sight of the graying flesh that was seared into his mind, he did not allow his emotions to overtake him and dampen his high spirits.
The loads of sand spread out before them in plain sight only served to dampen their spirits, as they had no idea when they would ever reach the end of it.
Daedalus warned his son not to fly too close to the sun, as it would melt his wings, and not too close to the sea, as it would dampen them and make it hard to fly.
Sweat beaded on her brow, dampening her hairline.
Rainwater trickled down and over branches overhead, dampening her hair.
On a sultry afternoon, Grace ran to Rose, perspiration dampening her face and hair.
Rich Persian rugs decorated the stone floors, dampening the sound of their footsteps.
Custer’s defeat reached the 1876 Chicago Centennial celebration, it had a dampening.
The ground pressed through the blanket, dampening their clothes, but they did not care.
There was no point in dampening the energy they were putting into our arduous rescue work.
The greyness tried dampening Hanor’s spirits, but he held his nerve when riding into the.
In his other hand, the neck of a jug of pink wine looked diminutive, sweat dampening the label.
Another was polverone, a black powder alloyed with various dampening agents to slow the burn.
I sobbed — my tears dampening the clean, white cotton of his pillowcase — knowing that the game was up.
By the time it had brewed and she was dampening her hair to lay flat unattractive spikes, Teller had roused himself.
The hosts help preserve the world by forgiving those who have hurt them, thereby dampening the cycle of revenge and conflict.
At least, until Jess spotted the sweat on his face and dampening the collar of his shirt, and the wide, eerie pupils of his eyes.
The teleport option would actually be a little bit trickier, as he would first need to separate him from Athene’s magic dampening field.
While this dampening might not have had a major impact on a stock with a less inflated share price, for SCCX it was the start of a severe downward correction.
Yes, the Harbinger immediately activated its communication dampening technology and then flew directly toward the base where three Rotham ships were in a holding pattern.
Once his patient had consumed his medicine, Brother Francis taught him a simple qigong move used to enhance the Water Element, thus dampening the excessive Fire Element burning within this man.
Liberals and (some) Moderate Republicans voicing their opposition over the outsourcing of jobs overseas and its dampening effect on the United States economy should give equal expression (as well) to Illegal Immigration that has similarly produced dire.
Now as a dampened oscil ation.
His reply dampened her somewhat.
A cold sweat dampened her skin.
Sweat poured and dampened our clothing.
But my tone dampened their tones as well.
And riding their bicycles on the dampened streets.
The dampened sounds of their walking on the bare soil.
However, our celebratory mood dampened as the opposing.
Moisture dampened his pajamas, but he kept his face blank.
Selma dampened a corner of a washcloth that had been still.
Then maybe your urge to worship marble palaces might be dampened.
The knowledge dampened my anger, but I still retained my annoyance.
Early next morning the mood was dampened by a large army contingent.
The pleasure of watching, however, was dampened by concerns for Beth.
His spirits were still dampened when he arrived at his gate, where the.
Knowing, however, that he was dealing with a lawyer dampened his hopes.
Behind that door Suzy dampened a paper towel and put it against her forehead.
That, more than anything, stuck in Wickland’s craw and dampened his spirits.
He tossed and turned as sweat beaded off his forehead and dampened his collar.
Rain and sunshine had dampened and lifted Nathan’s spirits in unequal measure.
The whole thing seems a little dampened by trying to describe how great it was.
As if in tandem, the unopened credit card application further dampened his mood.
The mournful howling of the souls trapped in the bog below dampened their spirits.
However apparent, they never dampened a child‘s love and respect…and gratitude.
There Mercer dampened a towel and cleaned the grit from his hands, dabbed at his sweaty face.
His pleasure suddenly dampened, Colling said little for the remainder of their journey together.
All the same, he was apprehensive whether Sneha would play ball, and that dampened him a little.
They are thankfully not magical, and therefore fully operational in the dampened magic of the tower.
In a way, the memories of Roger’s father and brother dampened somewhat the joyous aspects of the visit.
Although this market uptrend dampened volatility, VIX futures did see a steady increase in open interest.
Landing a steaming cup of rosemary tea on the table, Sophia bent her head down and dampened her lower lip.
I think it’s time for another shot, the doctor said, sliding dampened but bloodless gloves off his hands.
As the snow dampened her hair, she brushed its softness back from her face and covered herself with the hood of her cloak.
This dampened his ardour for a little while, but Willie and I were quick to point out that a lassie with wit like that was worth her weight in gold.
When Prasad had visualized the magnitude of the money needed for his grandiose project involving wine and women, his spirit was insensibly dampened.
The Sheriff turned around and was able to catch a brief glimpse of Angela’s face, which was now being dampened by the tears that raced down her cheeks.
Orhanin’s face was an unreadable mask, as with a dampened cloth and more water, he brushed away the remnants of dried blood from off her chest and torso.
Although the drapes and shutters on the windows dampened the noises from outside, she could still make out the joyful chirping of the birds in the trees close by.
The drives were dampened by the sweat of her palm, as she went through waves of nervous anxiety, in her approach toward the gleaming displays in the corner of the room.
By the mid-nineteenth century tension over slavery was rising to explosive intensity, dampened to a degree by terms of the Missouri Compromise enacted by Congress in 1820.
That’s what dampens your flight.
But we have had low volume of late, correct? So that dampens our confidence.
The Witch dampens the forest floor and searches for the distinctive noise that the flower makes.
Perhaps the charge they throw off cancels out her sexuality, or at least dampens the full effect of it.
It's hard work and we run up trading costs, but we believe over time it dampens volatility and adds return, and that's our job.
Even so, the process one has to go through to travel by plane as a result of September 11, 2001, though it does sooth the nerves, also torments the body and dampens the spirit.
Which is a real good thing because it helps you to appreciate what you have but for me if the price is set too high it dampens the marriage because until that debt is paid she is not really his is she?
Those who have made that claim generally have had low credibility because of other factors in their life experience, such as delusionary tendencies on other occasions, and/or susceptibility to hypnotic suggestion, that dampens their witness.

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