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Water in a sentence

under water.
You are water.
The water rose.
water from a tap.
Same with water.
It's only water.
The water bearer.

• In deep water.
foam on the water.
in 1 quart water.
The water keeps.
5 tonnes of water.
dead in the water.
Water, not booze.
the water of life.
Drink pure water.
water and the soil.
The Living Water.
6 gallons of water.
(Do not add water.
water on the field.
cool, deep, water.
was a lot of water.
Lift the water.
The water felt good.
There was no water.
Obedience is water.
can't walk on water.
pint stock or water.
The wall of water.
water than you want.
Under watering or.
A watering can spout.
I'm watering the lawn.
‘My mouth is watering.
mowing and watering it.
inside a watering can?.
and watering of the stock.
watering holes became the.
Avoid watering the trunks.
as the watering of my heart.
Methods of watering plants.
the next watering hole?.
Kate found her eyes watering.
Tell me; my mouth's watering.
and start weeding or watering.
the neighborhood watering hole.
he came upon a watering well,.
The two most common watering.
Trees love slow, deep watering.
Trees require regular watering.
Watering during dry conditions.
He gaped at her, eyes watering.
grown ups eyes were watering too.
Our mouths were watering, indeed.
Her watering eyes rolled backward.
collection of mouth watering meals.
Sarah’s eyes were watering again.
made its way into the watering hole.
His wife’s roses needed watering.
His eye watered.
Her eyes watered.
hers was watered well.
We watered the horses.
Watered With Her Tears.
Same thing watered down.
brushed, fed, and watered.
It was warm and watered.
that’d just been watered.
Her eyes watered and she.
in a watered silvery shoal.
His mouth watered for the.
watered down with his tears.
Instantly his mouth watered.
Sinuses burned, eyes watered.
‘And you watered everything.
She watered the whole garden.
shall be watered also himself.
His eyes watered and he gagged.
watered lest it withers and dies.
His eyes watered at seeing McCoy.
has not been watered, it must be.
Watered down version of the truth.
Plowing Back Due to Watered Stock.
The vegetable patch was watered.
watered, but God gave the increase.
pasture without being watered first.
distracted before he had watered it.
barely watered the potent Chian red.
And watered heaven with their tears,.
had planted and watered had germinated.
Of waters sound.
The waters rose.
The waters were.
to test the waters.
The waters shook.
the waters of his.
land on the waters.
The waters receded.
of the waters flow.
the breach of waters.
The waters are vast.
from the waters edge.
Her waters will rise.
I dive in her waters.
Quiet waters run deep.
the City waters itself.
waters of the Adriatic.
028 for the waters of.
The Man of the Waters.
Foul waters and foul.
breaking of the waters.
Only cloud the waters.
in the soothing waters.
To play in her waters.
The waters rose very.
The tar waters waited.
The waters rose, and.
rivers of living waters.
the raging waters below.

Synonyms for water

water h2o pee piss urine irrigate