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Water in a sentence

It was his water skin.
He took a sip of water.
The water is (not) deep.
Then I thought of water.
And see water in tears.
I have water in here.
Water fell from the sky.

No gas, no water here.
She turned off the water.
Boil until water is dark.
Soon it is water and fire.
So drink plenty of water.
The water caught up to him.
He drank a glass of water.
She offered me some water.
We have water, lots of it.
His fear of water was so.
I was surrounded by water.
Increase bond of water in.
It sparkled off the water.
Hot water did things to him.
A trough of water followed.
And I could use some water.
No water company, you know.
A glass of water, please.
Stir in water and tomatoes.
I hate water, I said.
And one more skin of water.
There's water on the right.
The vision of water softened.
All that water will be lost.
The water was still running.
That's why I give you water.
Even my eyes began to water.
She gazes out over the water.
Put the egg on in cold water.
He asked Tom for some water.
But it turned out to be water.
Come hell or high water –.
Then she turned on the water.
Kate found her eyes watering.
Tell me; my mouth's watering.
The two most common watering.
He gaped at her, eyes watering.
Trees love slow, deep watering.
Our mouths were watering, indeed.
Sarah’s eyes were watering again.
Her watering eyes rolled backward.
It will only need regular watering.
His wife’s roses needed watering.
Carroll’s eyes were watering badly.
Then he scooped up the watering can.
Becky’s eyes were watering slightly.
Doyle was almost watering at the mouth.
Travers felt his eyes flinch, watering.
He was doing his rounds with a watering.
The Fixer eyes a very tall man watering a.
Eyes watering with pain, it took Elowen a.
Father’s eyes were watering suspiciously.
Bryony found that her own eyes were watering.
His eyes were still watering, even as they.
The terrified guard dropped his watering can.
My eyes were watering, but I could see okay.
Watering holes brought in gazelles and lions.
The roses need watering, Yakov repeated.
Pay attention to the changing watering needs.
Sanitization of an Automated Watering System.
If task number 1 is watering the plants, you.
He then refilled the canteen in the watering.
This is analogous to a hose watering a garden.
Pulling out the watering bags, he turned to Mr.
Rob stood in the front yard watering the grass.
Stock watering, plowing back due to, 383–384.
It turns out they were just watering the flowers.
Start off by watering the area you want flushed.
Within, they found a well and a watering trough.
Ah, they have it on down at the watering hole.
He watched the others eating, his mouth watering.
There’s a small glade too, perfect for watering.
Control the watering to avoid constantly wet wood.
It was warm and watered.
Her eyes watered and she.
His mouth watered for the.
She watered the whole garden.
His eyes watered and he gagged.
His eyes watered at seeing McCoy.
The vegetable patch was watered.
Watered down version of the truth.
Plowing Back Due to Watered Stock.
You watered my soul with your love and.
It mustve been watered on a daily basis.
The chickens need to be fed and watered.
His every muscle ached and his eyes watered.
Too thin (watered down), and the print was.
He winced in pain, and his blue eyes watered.
We have planted and watered productive seeds.
He fed and watered AWOL and then let her out.
Ralph’s mouth watered at the thought of ham.
His eyes watered, looked like he was going to.
Her eyes watered and she didn’t even know why.
My mouth watered; I had not eaten for two days.
Her eyes watered, and he leaned over to hug her.
The family garden had been last watered a week.
His eyes watered as he reflected back on his day.
Her mouth watered at the thought of roasted goose.
They will eat are malnutrition and under watered.
The plants need to be weed free and well watered.
His eyes watered and veins popped out on his neck.
It was like tea after the teapot has been watered.
His eyes watered copiously and he was nearly blind.
I watered this pretty good about ten minutes ago.
If he watered the tree perhaps it would bear fruit.
My mouth watered like a Saint Bernard puppy happy.
Vinny gazed into the night while he watered the lawn.
His eyes watered, turning crisp details into a blur.
In order for your seed to sprout, it must be watered.
But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered.
His eyes watered and his nose dripped endlessly but.
His eyes watered from the effort, coughing until he.
She watered the plants and sat a while in the lounge.
I dive in her waters.
The waters of the St.
To play in her waters.
The Man of the Waters.
The waters here are calm.
As the waters are flowing.
The waters have gone down.
The sun steamed the waters.
He would spare her waters.
Waves o'er the waters dull.
These waters are ours, now.
Her target was Barry Waters.
To the deceptive waters of.
To drain Her of Her waters.
A fish in the same waters.
A Sower beside all Waters.
Of waters calling unto me;.
Deep in the waters of the.
These are the black waters.
Gives its waters to the sea.
The living waters will flow.
The waters began to pick up.
But then the waters stopped.
And they the waters recommend.
It was writhing in the waters.
Its waters come to full bloom.
Washed by the warm waters of.
He decided to test the waters.
How Cambridge waters hurry by.
When the force of the waters.
Stars to the deepest of waters.
He who feeds me, and waters me.
The waters had now nearly all.
The waters of the Great North.
Thou waters that encompass us!.
I just want to test the waters.
The moving waters of the River.
And pour oil on troubled waters.
Trust? Bread cast on the waters.

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