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    1. We know there are 10 nations involved, and ultimately the whole word follows the beast, but it is too soon to authoritatively decipher what nations and where the Antichrist will rule

    2. The problem with this is that we now must decipher which verses of the Bible are spoken from the Spirit and which verses did the author speak out of the flesh?

    3. I stared at him, trying to decipher the better answer

    4. ‘Bill, can you decipher this?’ I asked, we put our heads together and study the scribble

    5. have the skill needed to decipher these strange

    6. trying to decipher the images she was seeing

    7. In spite of her best efforts, she could not decipher the meanings to the nervous shifts of glances and ominous pauses that she had witnessed since even before leaving Cyrodiil

    8. It took him a while to remember how to decipher the code and once he did he turned pale

    9. By the end of that first week, the population of the town had swollen greatly, and Barrin inherently understood what was happening, though little understanding of the ways of the world was needed to decipher this particular puzzle

    10. When reading the sentence above, can you spot the hidden message at a glance? One of the problems of ELS’s is that they require a key to be able to decipher the information that is hidden in the ELS

    11. 'If you could remember them in their symbolic terms, not necessarily in the pictures they present, but take the pictures and translate them into symbols and then decipher those symbols

    12. Khan looked her in the eye, trying to decipher her expression

    13. He knew Zolla was desperate to get a message across, but he still wasn't able to decipher it with any certainty

    14. Before he died, Bawsen carved the whereabouts of Boddaert's remains on the Sacred Roots, knowing that only a badger expert in the use of The Way would ever be able to decipher the locations and unify Boddaert's body again

    15. He was intently staring at the intricate designs on the walls, trying to decipher the scenes they depicted

    16. I can’t decipher the information in the chart; it’s written in shorthand I don’t know

    17. Jaro was not able to decipher a clear explanation of why Nick’s party had been subjected to this ritual, except that they may have been seen as gods and, as gods, were seen as a powerful presence

    18. We all looked around frantically to decipher her location, and I suspected that she was planning to jump out when we least expected it

    19. “It was a very old journal, and the language was nearly beyond even my abilities to decipher

    20. “This painting is more abstract and requires one to look beyond the complex symbolism in order to decipher the true meaning of it,” he added and I resisted rolling my eyes

    21. I tried to decipher what it meant when he became serious

    22. Tawa Ngahere Pa”, in Rotorua, visitors can live the ancient Maori culture, hear songs, decipher stories with its dances and experience moving tales and legends “of the hearts of the old and the lives of the young”

    23. “Where is The Source?” I asked, trying to look out front at the road to decipher where we were

    24. These slide rule predecessors of today’s computers were, in the hands of the engineers, quicker than the eye could follow, and they were used to solve all the test problems in courses that dealt with figures, while I was still trying to decipher numbers in my head

    25. They are not of this Earth, but you will be able to decipher them

    26. You will know who you have to talk to that can decipher a lot of this information and help put it together

    27. the frequency of letter use can be used as a key to decipher the code

    28. months, years, decades even to decipher an answer

    29. teaching the others to decipher it for it to be understood;

    30. A major assignment with guidelines to follow is easy to decipher proceeding to work as a responsible professional

    31. We’ll decipher them later

    32. The submitters were unable to decipher why their stories weren't selected or how close they might have come

    33. At once there was a hurly-burly of disapproval promulgated by those narrow minds unable to decipher the melodious metaphor of my words

    34. Terry was facing me, behind his eyes love hid just beyond sight, leaking through his facial expression with such intensity there was no need to decipher his emotions

    35. -Who, besides me, have seen your sadness air, that desolation that outcrops in your thoughtful eyes and which nobody seemed to notice? Who, besides me, will be able to decipher the confused messages of your soul and read between the lines your silent request of love? Yes, I do read you, Leonardo, I can, long before yourself, I can see the sacred wishes of your heart, but, Oh! Misfortune! Because as well as I read you, I also admit that I am not the chosen of your eyes

    36. The mysteries of this Book will be unveiled just to her but she does not have enough faith on her ability to decipher it!

    37. If you have ever had to decipher a text message or an Instant Message, then you were trying to understand the meaning of new syntax that is evolving

    38. That "something" was crawling like me, producing strange sounds; I paid a lot of attention trying to decipher what it was

    39. extensive magical knowledge to decipher

    40. couldn’t decipher the tangled web of sensations running through

    41. His portly frame was encased in what appeared to be a jumper, the picture or pattern knitted into the front so faded that it was possible to stare at it for a lifetime and not decipher its origins

    42. Despite her carful studying, she found it impossible to decipher his reaction

    43. Imbeciles! How dare they try to mock such genius! As if I wouldn't eventually decipher their pathetic scheme with the oh so obvious hints that they had left before me

    44. Adrian was able to decipher this because he remembered listening to Rachmaninoff's recording over and over again in his younger years

    45. Sidney turned to him trying to decipher his intentions but couldn't, `How do you expect to do that? Keep me against my free will until I change my mind?'

    46. Their cries were easy enough to decipher

    47. She was no more able to decipher the computer babble on this screen then she had been on the previous one

    48. After exchanging a few words, the door was pushed closed, and Siri could only hear her muffled and sombre conversation which he could not decipher

    49. I’d specifically forbidden any assault until I could get a coded message to Loren, hoping his rebel tech could decipher it—if he was even still alive…

    50. The battle carried on in a mixture of the two languages making interpretation of the commands and action calls harder for the enemy to decipher

    1. Some information as presented may need to be deciphered and dissected in order to be understood

    2. “The last time his dream was deciphered by the Hebrew, Darniil, who attributed the interpretation to his God

    3. Also there was present the jester, and though thin, not much more could be deciphered of his appearance, since his face was covered with paint, and also the reeve, who seemed as young as the Baroness, for his beard was fuzz upon his face, and his skin soft and unblemished

    4. He deciphered and translated aloud as if it helped him understand better

    5. Actually, when I finally deciphered the letter, it proved to be just a repetition of the note he had gotten to me earlier, with a bits of personal information—he had another child, a girl, and he was teaching his son Mongol

    6. “According to the note, the same secret society has deciphered the Bible code that somehow identifies me as a threat to their plans

    7. Perhaps then, there was hope…but it could not be deciphered

    8. "What I haven't deciphered yet, Mr

    9. “By the way, I deciphered the rest of the tape

    10. There was a hole in his heel, like a large manhole, and there were red words painted around it, which I deciphered only after the foot came down: FOR MAINTENANCE ONLY

    11. Nuclear warhead launch codes deciphered by Unit-2, although every year the stockpile grows slimmer

    12. Peter quickly denied it, and turned away, but Millie deciphered some of the codes and came up with a name:

    13. As her friends battled the gigantic clown, Millie deciphered the codes on the door and touched them in the ordered she felt they went in

    14. The cloud army looked so real, the children were stunned for a minute and were in a daze, until Millie shouted, "Run!" as she deciphered the codes on the golden gates

    15. There were figures gathered around in an activity that Roelle finally deciphered as some kind of harvesting

    16. A peculiar whine arose and she discovered to her surprise that it was coming from the youngster, a low ululating wail that she eventually deciphered as words

    17. He expanded on the magical technology that they had unearthed and his wizards had deciphered

    18. Canberra had deciphered the transmission, but the message still remained in code as a precaution

    19. Elizabeth had deciphered enough of the language by referencing her historical linguistic database to be able to translate it to the flight crews

    20. Once was easily accepted but the second time it came to their attention, they received a high enough rank to receive the code they had not yet deciphered

    21. and will be deciphered by all Believers regardless of them

    22. When the documents went all around the table, in the midst of a silence that was so pure that one could have deciphered the signatures from the scratching of the pen on the paper, the first line was still blank

    23. But he would go in peace to the meadows of the ultimate death because Aureliano would have time to learn Sanskrit during the years remaining until the parchments became one hun-dred years old, when they could be deciphered

    24. Both for its brevity and the amount of confusion it caused in the enemy camp before it was deciphered

    25. With gentle fingers he spread the soggy epistle on the kitchen bench then easily deciphered the untidy scrawl

    26. Delmage had kept a coded record of the activities at The Stables which when eventually deciphered gave documented evidence of dates, times and places of most of the grotesque activities connected to the case, being a wonderful weapon for Rudolph to produce at any court action to follow

    27. lished with a very important clue that had to be deciphered be-

    28. But WHAT is this signal? What information does it carry? How is it received and deciphered by the led? And how, exactly, does it influence their decision making processes?

    29. God is unraveled and His will is deciphered in the mechanism, processes and patterns around us

    30. ” GE deciphered the riddle which its player-creators had not

    31. By hook and by crook, soon the woman had deciphered that Smitty had seen the imposter congressman, Roy Higgins, going in and out of Eddie’s gym a few times

    32. “As for the papyrus shall I tell you what it says should I? My translators deciphered the following: Baked beans in tomatoes sauce, Cheese, bread sliced etc

    33. For example, wave codes are all nervous systems of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us, together with all organs and bioplasmic effectors: electromagnetic characteristics of the surrounding objects enter them through various centers of the system of Perception via synapses, while the Formo-Creators of the brain, with the help of all possible decoders (realizational Forms of hormones, proteins, RNA and others) vibrationally reflect (in fact it copies itself), in the information space of Self-Consciousness, from corresponding ODS “niches”, specific VVU-Information simultaneously manifested in the individual ODS in the form of corresponding code designations — various psychological, acoustic and mechanical reactions, depending on the parallel scenario of this skrruullerrt system into which the refocusing will be made, where this particular VVU-Information will be accordingly deciphered (individually interpreted)

    34. If you gave a friendly smile, suppose, to a tiger which you encountered on your way, this doesn’t mean at all that the Information about your friendly state will be correctly perceived, deciphered and analyzed in its Self-Consciousness: it will perceive your smile as a threatening grin and will react to it accordingly

    35. A tiger, of course, is too different from us, so, let’s take another example! Even if you, during a serious conversation with your boss, suddenly remember something pleasant and involuntarily smile, then the friendly and benevolent VVU-Information which is vibrationally and visually encoded in your smile, may be perceived (if the boss is in a bad mood) and interpreted (deciphered by the Formo-Creators of the boss’ brain) completely wrongly, as a mockery, irony or derision toward his/her words, which will immediately result in the manifestation (attraction from TEC), in the information space of his/her Self-Consciousness, of the dynamics of low-qualitative conglomerates of Formo-copies, which will have not quite favorable consequences to you

    36. Or, for example, there is an undeniable advantage of any genetic code (as a projection of definite VVU-Configurations of conglomerates of Formo-copies) that manifests in the property of chemical stability of the genes that contain it: it is impossible to find any well preserved proteins (which are original carriers of a definite VVU-Information) in decomposed bones of a multimillennial mummy, but their specific code (a wave projection of the same VVU-Information) can be easily discovered and deciphered in preserved DNA or RNA molecules

    37. Their Code cannot be deciphered by any types of Collective Intelligences, which are carriers of these Universal energy-information structures

    38. Absolutely everything, whatever I may say or show to you, is just a projection (deciphered by the Formo-Creators of my brain) of a definite original VVU-Information subjectively retransmitted from the individual information space of my Self-Consciousness into the individual information “spaces” of the Self-Consciousnesses, which are formed by the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by You

    39. 0 dimensions and adapt it to the biological system of Perception, to do some routine work (such as typing the Information deciphered by them into a computer), combine all these things with Thoughts of much lower quality concerning the things to be done in the nearest time, and many other things

    40. their sacred message that has to be deciphered and

    41. It was embellished with a very important clue that had to be deciphered before one could locate the treasure, or in this case, The Holy Grail

    42. He deciphered the name of the convent as Les Souers des Sept Mers or the Sisters of the Seven Seas

    43. I deciphered the German entry as best I could

    44. They did not try to put the letters they deciphered into relative historical context

    45. They hid their hidden meanings even more cunningly and secretly than the meanings they deciphered

    46. But their elaborate acts and staged fantasies always go awry, and become snarled and incomprehensible because they are mixed up with your own subconscious, and with the subconscious of many other undead filth who are trying to monopolize your dream capacity to their own ends at the same time This is why most dreams cannot be deciphered

    47. • None of the empires and societies of this epoch have ever fully deciphered the wisdom of the

    48. “Now, tell me where the Nimbus is and how can the code in this fluid be deciphered”, she asked looking at him bitterly

    49. Matt just shook his head, “No, you don’t understand how much worse this is! Remember the message I deciphered on the device that was from Nimrod the first emperor of the world after the flood?”

    50. Yet what existed beyond could not be deciphered

    1. He was probably deciphering how much energy could

    2. Stuart had always had a head for things like chess and brainteaser, and he always felt that if required he would be pretty good at deciphering ciphers

    3. “The only trouble is deciphering what his subconscious mind knows, that his conscious mind doesn’t, before he does,” noted the technician

    4. Our sexual reality has us deciphering the mood, dealing with

    5. whole other blog post on that subject, but deciphering that part of

    6. task of deciphering, unifying and verifying them with the help of external

    7. The Sophianalytical method does not deal only with deciphering the

    8. Deciphering the aftermath of an unpreventable occasion is my thesis

    9. I had to find the gray bag used in the cemetery and, knowing the content deciphering the spell that she had thrown upon me

    10. “Your grandfather has amassed a library of pre–EA artifacts and has his scientists deciphering them

    11. For a moment, his eyes had trouble deciphering the words

    12. But he was having a hard time deciphering the fine line of reality in his drunkenness

    13. When he finished the book, in which many of the stories had no endings because there were pages miss-ing, Aureliano Segundo set about deciphering the manuscripts

    14. One morning two children pushed open the door and were startled at the sight of a filthy and hairy man who was still deciphering the parchments on the worktable

    15. Trying to overcome his disturbance, he grasped at the voice that he was losing, the life that was leaving him, the memory that was turning into a petrified polyp, and he spoke to her about the priestly destiny of Sanskrit, the scientific possibility of seeing the future showing through in time as one sees what is written on the back of a sheet of paper through the light, the necessity of deciphering the predictions so that they would not defeat themselves, and the Centuries of Nostradamus and the destruction of Cantabria predicted by Saint Milanus

    16. Fascinated by the discovery, Aureliano, read aloud without skipping the chanted encyclicals that Melquíades himself had made Arcadio listen to and that were in reality the prediction of his execution, and he found the announcement of the birth of the most beautiful woman in the world who was rising up to heaven in body and soul, and he found the origin of the posthumous twins who gave up deciphering the parchments, not simply through incapacity and lack of drive, but also because their attempts were premature

    17. Macon-do was already a fearful whirlwind of dust and rubble being spun about by the wrath of the biblical hurricane when Aureliano skipped eleven pages so as not to lose time with facts he knew only too well, and he began to decipher the instant that he was living, deciphering it as he lived it, prophesying himself in the act of decipher-ing the last page of the parchments, as if he were looking into a speaking mirror

    18. Deciphering what some of your scholars have called doodles, which appear in the margins of the Dead Sea scrolls, are codes that alter the context of the stories they appear to be telling

    19. The important deciphering in these verses is simply the fact that

    20. � Bletchley Park was the name of the estate north of London where the Enigma decyphering was done, while Hut 3 was the one where the deciphering experts worked

    21. There were times of turmoil, times of gladness, times that seemed dark, but after all the deciphering, I had an appreciation for the mercy that was shown by God to me through Paul

    22. Much of the records had been destroyed with the decaying of time, but there was still enough intact that they would be busy for years deciphering and recording their findings

    23. After deciphering a pamphlet they found near the front doors of the library they discovered that the library, which had managed to stand against the holocaust, or at least preserve a lot of the information, was located in a place once known as "Kansas City, Kansas, U

    24. ” Quite a bit of it had been destroyed through the ages of time, and a lot of the words were difficult to read, but while he was deciphering the "F's" he found the word "fencing

    25. She went to her desk and started the laborious task of deciphering the card

    26. He made rubbings of old tombstones and col ected them, deciphering

    27. Chunt’s retreat on the outskirts of Edinburgh and set about deciphering the

    28. deciphering what my game actually was and the only thing that

    29. deciphering programs to fish out the meaning

    30. Deciphering the Ingredient List

    31. deciphering the myth in the same way, I had no idea

    32. You were right in deciphering it as you did: man and woman, side by side, equal in size

    33. During the deciphering of this code, the brain starts to model this negative situation, which is implemented later into life as an unconscious order of the subconscious

    34. He’ll be helping us with deciphering the Kierdan weapons

    35. Herr Braun and Herr Hartmann have proved helpful in the deciphering of the information and breaking the protection around all the items

    36. Then they began the process of overlaying the richly embellished illustrations in the hope of deciphering hidden messages that might have been concealed by Raka

    37. Juliana continued deciphering the illustrated manuscript

    38. Any deciphering is carried out on the basis of the individual system of designations which is typical of the Self-Consciousness of a particular Proto-Form or even of its different Formo-Types

    39. It cannot be otherwise: if the designations that have been initially included in it represented an exact copy of the original ciphered in it, then the Formo-Creators of the brain simply wouldn’t had any chances for its multivariant deciphering, that is, all variants of decisions made by “a personality” would have been only unambiguous, which doesn’t correspond anyhow to the principles of duvuyllerrtness and skrruullerrtness of all qualitative Levels of the Creative Dynamics of Energy-Plasma

    40. However, their entire system of deciphering, “unpacking-unfolding” (in the information space of their Self-Consciousness) of the UU-VVU-Information used by them is completely different from the one which is used in the Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us

    41. This mechanism of deciphering and reproduction (in the information “space” of ODS and in Space-Time of Formo-systems) of the same UU-VVU-Information, which is simultaneously used on the same frequency Levels of the realizational creativity by “us”, by all other “three-dimensional” Proto-Forms, and also by “two-dimensional” Forms, radically changes the essence which is initially included in it

    42. The challenge is gathering and deciphering useful data that gives you the lead

    43. distorted the brain’s process of deciphering the picture making

    44. The secrets of the ancient Sufis is based on gleaning wisdom from ancient texts by deciphering the subconscious meanings of the letters and consonants in those texts

    45. They developed a secret system of deciphering those hidden subconscious meanings that was totally wrong

    46. Desirée watched from her strapped down position as they worked fiendishly to create the copy of their hope into deciphering what it was that gave her protection from all their tests

    47. deciphering others’ code in order to understand and improve it

    48. Holmes and I sat together in silence all the evening, he engaged with a powerful lens deciphering the remains of the original inscription upon a palimpsest, I deep in a recent treatise upon surgery

    49. I got up at dawn and worked, my eyes burned from deciphering scribbled envelopes, endpapers, and stained napkins, then transcribing the text to the computer with everything out of order, then trying to make sense of a subjective narrative with an asymmetrical timeline

    50. He examined without wrath, and with the eye of a linguist who is deciphering a palimpsest, that portion of chaos which still exists in nature

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