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    1. They have suspected, probably, that the lessor and lessee, in order to defraud the public revenue, might combine to conceal the real terms of the lease

    2. It sounds silly and it is for you had no desire to defraud anyone but it may cost you a few days in jail which may be a death sentence

    3. Some also use false liens to cheat or defraud others, while some issue their own driver's licenses, plates, money, and even ministerial credentials

    4. will not defraud us

    5. 13 you shall not defraud your neighbour, neither rob him: the wages of him that is hired shall not abide with you all night until the morning

    6. They agreed that my salary would be only $50k; whereas my end-of-the-year, under-the-table cash bonus would be $35k so as to defraud Dixie by understating my pay

    7. 13 Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbour, neither rob him: the wages of him that is hired shall not abide with thee all night until

    8. Arson is the intentional burning of almost any type of structure, building or forest land, with more severe degrees recognized if it causes bodily injury, or involves an inhabited building or intent to defraud insurers

    9. Seeing that I have observed all the commandments from my youth, I would like to know what more I must do to gain eternal life?" In answer to this question Jesus said: "If you keep all the commandments -- do not commit adultery, do not kill, do not steal, do not bear false witness, do not defraud, honor your parents -- you do well, but salvation is the reward of faith, not merely of works

    10. So Madoff continued to defraud investors of almost $65 billion dollars and the largest Ponzi scheme in US history

    11. Some of the stuff I discovered was that, in early colonial days, King James had warned the Jamestown people in 1612 not to defraud participants in the lottery

    12. My seneschal often has to slap fines on owners of cook shops who serve bad food or defraud their customers by overcharging them

    13. God says: don't defraud one another sexually, don't do these things, because God is the revenger

    14. The third thing he tells us to do, is not to sexually manipulate a brother or sister; and in doing so, defraud them in the relationship

    15. And certainly, too, the introduction of the chip and PIN had made the cash machines less easy to defraud

    16. “You said had thought of two other possible ways to defraud the banks

    17. repaying the loan or with intent to defraud the lender

    18. It has been agreed over these thousands of years that a buyer can’t defraud a seller

    19. step with science, then science will correct such an abnormality by finding a way to defraud science and

    20. With The Critical Density shambles the modern Newtonian set out to defraud the world in the

    21. criminal venture conceived by the intellectual minds in physics to go criminal and defraud the world

    22. science will correct such an abnormality by finding a way to defraud science and postpone the correcting

    23. not in any way overstated to declare that Newton conspired to defraud science and moreover that he

    24. Newton could never be wrong because Newton was never wrong yet…so if the Universe is out of step with science, then science will correct such an abnormality by finding a way to defraud science and postpone the correcting that the Universe had to comply with since the Universe owed the Master Newton some apology

    25. It is also the same spelling as the heavy dark metal often fraudulently substituted for gold and used to defraud

    26. These are both linked to the black horse because they are both lies that are used to defraud and

    27. to deceive and defraud the populations of the Roman Empire

    28. Since the days of Babylon and before, the state has conspired with religious leaders to defraud

    29. The primary purpose was to defraud and delude the mostly

    30. " He speaks undoubtedly these words to those who have not received the gift of adoption, but who despise the incarnation of the pure generation of the Word of God, defraud human nature of promotion into God, and prove themselves ungrateful to the Word of God, who became flesh for them

    31. When he has nothing left, must not his desires, crowding in the nest like young ravens, be crying aloud for food; and he, goaded on by them, and especially by love himself, who is in a manner the captain of them, is in a frenzy, and would fain discover whom he can defraud or despoil of his property, in order that he may gratify them?

    32. Bodlevski talked over plans of future undertakings, and told him, with evident satisfaction, that they had just heard of the arrest of the younger Prince Shadursky, in Paris, for attempting to defraud a bank by a pretended sale of gold dust

    33. It says to the uneasy boy in his teens, you may enlist and throw off all parental authority; you may enlist and defraud the parent or master, who has maintained you in your helpless state, of his just reward

    34. third section encourages the uneasy boy to throw off parental authority or to defraud a master, its tendency is to violate public morals and the spirit of the constitution, and to interfere with public economy, 582;

    1. being defrauded of the prize in Colossians 2:18

    2. It would, indeed, be a pretended payment only, and the creditors of the public would really be defrauded of ten shillings in the pound of what was due to them

    3. more concern about being defrauded than whether or not they crush

    4. 7 Many therefore have refused to lend for other men's ill dealing, fearing to be defrauded

    5. Zaccheus stopped and said to the Lord, “Behold, Lord, half of my possessions I will give to the poor, and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back four times as much

    6. There are really only three ways that you can be defrauded by a dishonest buyer

    7. There are many more buyers defrauded than sellers so the sympathy leans toward the buyer

    8. and defrauded the usurers, indeed

    9. For months they had been accused of defrauding a young lad with worthless property, and then after that they were accused of having been fools defrauded by a youth

    10. Bowley was defrauded as usual

    11. He has defrauded justice, and opposed his king and lawful master, for he opposed his just commands; he has, I say, robbed the galleys of their feet, stirred up the Holy Brotherhood which for many years past has been quiet, and, lastly, has done a deed by which his soul may be lost without any gain to his body

    12. It may be compared with those other paradoxes of the Gorgias, that 'No statesman was ever unjustly put to death by the city of which he was the head'; and that 'No Sophist was ever defrauded by his pupils' (Gorg

    13. It grieved him plaguily, he said, to see the nuptial couch defrauded of its dearest pledges: and to reflect upon so many agreeable females with rich jointures, a prey to the vilest bonzes, who hide their flambeau under a bushel in an uncongenial cloister or lose their womanly bloom in the embraces of some unaccountable muskin when they might multiply the inlets of happiness, sacrificing the inestimable jewel of their sex when a hundred pretty fellows were at hand to caress, this, he assured them, made his heart weep

    14. A principal problem for analysts who choose not to rely on documents they have intensely scrutinized, especially audited financial statements, is that many analysts involved in passive investing have been defrauded or otherwise victimized, by promoters selling stories with no hard-nosed backup

    15. Norris felt herself defrauded of an office on which she had always depended, whether his arrival or his death were to be the thing unfolded; and was now trying to be in a bustle without having anything to bustle about, and labouring to be important where nothing was wanted but tranquillity and silence

    16. Among these downtrodden, duped, and defrauded men, who are becoming demoralised by overwork, and being gradually done to death by underfeeding, there are men living who consider themselves Christians; and others so enlightened that they feel no further need for Christianity or for any religion, so superior do they appear in their own esteem

    17. Once more by murder or torture the sentence of the higher authorities was to be carried out,—a sentence whose object was to enable a young landowner, the possessor of a yearly income of 100,000 roubles, to receive 3000 more for a tract of wood of which he had basely defrauded a whole community of needy and starving peasants, the price of which he would squander in a few weeks in the restaurants of St

    18. Somebody, he felt, must be mortally wounded; and finding himself defrauded of one subject, he took up with the next he encountered, which chanced to be none other than the venerable and white-haired gentleman who filled the position, in the tale, of a wealthy and benevolent uncle

    1. "That man is a cheat and is defrauding you" yelled Lemoss in retaliation

    2. A greater revenue than what is at present drawn from all the heavy taxes upon malt, beer, and ale, might be raised, it has frequently been said, by a much lighter tax upon malt; the opportunities of defrauding the revenue being much greater in a brewery than in a malt-house ; and those who brew for private use being exempted from all duties or composition for duties, which is not the case with those who malt for private use

    3. Well, PTV was born and raised in Greece, and he had been convicted, albeit in absentia, for defrauding the USG, so my description was factually accurate

    4. An enduring civilization cannot be built upon the practice of defrauding the laborer of his hire

    5. He had lived with his father who taught him the finer details of stealing, defrauding and larceny

    6. time that senior government officials are suspected of defrauding the

    7. As for the word “the defrauding”, it refers to those ones who always try to draw profits to themselves, be they sellers or debtors, masters or wage workers, for their chief concern in this life is but to be gainers

    8. So, the defrauding ones are those who get their due from others when they have power over them

    9. Another quality of the defrauding is that:

    10. Should not those defrauding ones assume and know that He who created the heaven and the earth and founded them upon such arresting order is high above leaving humanity irresponsible for their deeds?

    11. For months they had been accused of defrauding a young lad with worthless property, and then after that they were accused of having been fools defrauded by a youth

    12. Deceiving, defrauding, and enslaving others is obviously the

    13. bad karma that results from harming and defrauding others, yet they instead chose to ignore wisdom

    14. blatantly deceiving and defrauding billions, and slaughtering millions upon millions of innocents in

    15. She will be in serious trouble, as she is already facing a accusations of defrauding social services for failing to declare all of her income and bank accounts,” Detective Poulos stated

    16. Eight days hence I will give you your full shares in money, without defrauding you of a farthing, as you will see in the end

    17. I know and feel that I am enchanted, and that is enough to ease my conscience; for it would weigh heavily on it if I thought that I was not enchanted, and that in a faint-hearted and cowardly way I allowed myself to lie in this cage, defrauding multitudes of the succour I might afford to those in need and distress, who at this very moment may be in sore want of my aid and protection

    18. And then, turning to the housekeeper, he said, "Mistress housekeeper may just as well give over saying the prayer of Santa Apollonia, for I know it is the positive determination of the spheres that Senor Don Quixote shall proceed to put into execution his new and lofty designs; and I should lay a heavy burden on my conscience did I not urge and persuade this knight not to keep the might of his strong arm and the virtue of his valiant spirit any longer curbed and checked, for by his inactivity he is defrauding the world of the redress of wrongs, of the protection of orphans, of the honour of virgins, of the aid of widows, and of the support of wives, and other matters of this kind appertaining, belonging, proper and peculiar to the order of knight-errantry

    19. He felt, in leaving her, he was defrauding her of life

    20. Defrauding widows and orphans

    21. The minister might stand there, if it so pleased him, until morning should redden in the east, without other risk than that the dank and chill night-air would creep into his frame, and stiffen his joints with rheumatism, and clog his throat with catarrh and cough; thereby defrauding the expectant audience of to-morrow's prayer and sermon

    22. Not long after, federal authorities announced they had been investigating Columbia/HCA for defrauding state and federal healthcare programs, and a whistleblower who had reported the company had been sent back in to gather more evidence

    23. He sold Chinamen, Negroes, birds' nests, children, artists; he practised usury on a large scale; the habit of defrauding custom-houses soon made him less scrupulous about the rights of his fellow men

    1. 21 The bread of the needy is their life, he who defrauds him of it is a man of blood

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