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    1. Amongst other things she was instrumental in liaising with France to put an end to the black market trade in lethal feuhlstones and in uncovering Gerisse Stowman’s illegal immigrant scam

    2. "Don't you see!" Klowa got excited, "That's it, if they really were pulling a scam they would have come up with something very believable

    3. It was a heaven-sent opportunity for scam artists

    4. She was supposedly in on a pickpocket scam with him, and when he was caught, he told

    5. They questioned me about a suspected gun running scam from this area as

    6. Hence we have every NGO racket and scam known to man operating here with your tax payer money for most do not really have private funding

    7. That is not the scam for no one denies the right to charge reasonable fees

    8. It is a wonderful scam and not quite the same as the mercenary syndrome but a variation on it in the sense that here you are put in contact with “Mr Important

    9. The first scam to look out for is not the property itself but the price

    10. In this scam you are told that by law you have to pay the US dollar one which is indeed what happens in some nature reserves

    11. The last and best property scam is where you are the property owner and then a developer approaches you to develop the property

    12. The old credit scam

    13. It is not a scam but it shows what Africans think of credit

    14. Then there is the classic scam

    15. Or it is stuck in the harbour (another scam so you can pay for its release)

    16. We find that the fraud or scam is almost always disguised as a business transaction which went wrong

    17. I must warn you about confusion for it is a well-known method to scam you

    18. Experience tells me that it is a scam or it could be

    19. And if too good to be true then is a scam and this type of thing happens all over the world

    20. Someone tried a substitute cheque-book scam

    21. She had always assumed that he, starting to stick his nose into her horse trading business, was just another scam of his to squeeze something extra from Sylvia without having to lift a finger

    22. He said that he thought you might be a cheap Canadian scam artist down here on a vacation

    23. ‘Please note that Allen & Overy LLP has become aware that the name of Jennifer Chambers is being used in connection with certain fraudulent scam emails

    24. The carbon credit scam is being investigated for what it is

    25. was assigned to assist in the OPS investigation of the pension scam, and

    26. do, they wanted to hide the scam, with “opposition on the committee led

    27. Was anyone ever prosecuted for this bogus Canadian passport scam that

    28. But they can be held accountable for allowing the scam to continue

    29. This legal limits that was established by the Feinstein-McCain Campaign reform is another scam to insure

    30. Via a scam with an Army finance clerk, Bubba was close to getting as much green as he wanted so he could buy more MPC from the Indians on the southern end of Tu Do Street at a 1

    31. By this time the sales manager, who Tony liked very much, got involved in a scam

    32. On the cover was Warren"s handsome smiling face and a headline that screamed: PEACE--TRUTH OR SCAM!

    33. However, if PAX is just a scam to cheat the government

    34. created a “crash” at the casino covered up their scam

    35. In your little Pakistan scam

    36. Unfortunately, as in all fields, in writing there are scam artists

    37. „He thinks someone"s trying to use the gallery as a base for an illegal scam

    38. That little scam brings in a few hundred bucks a month

    39. Of course it’s obvious that revenge had little or nothing to do with that nuclear terrorism scam of theirs—it was all about money

    40. So obviously all those National Enquirer–type articles about the physically and emotionally afflicted having heightened otherworldly perceptions are probably just the ramblings of weirdoes and scam artists with vivid imaginations

    41. This scam unraveled when an employee

    42. Below are the common motifs that scam artists usually use to

    43. The Minister opened the envelope quizzically, pulled the photographs out and froze with shock, his eyes almost popping from his head as he stared at the evidence of his complicity in the fraudulent “oilfield” scam

    44. He, the Minister and Bureau 39 had come out of the “oilfield” scam with a profit anyway…

    45. It was a farce, a scam, leaving a paper trail of conflicting goals and achievements where few existed

    46. I heard later Tim had pulled some shifty scam ripping this guy"s drugs and sneakers off at the other remand centre before being transferred to Symonston

    47. Look at how quickly they eliminated the vitamin scam

    48. “Tell me again about the phone conversation you had with the volunteer that knew about the vitamin scam

    49. “So, the vitamin scam and the sick volunteers will all be attributed to what happened to them as a result of seeing this doctor?" Charles asked

    50. He had been given Suprame under the guise of “the vitamin” scam and had not returned

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    Synonyms for "scam"

    cozenage scam bunco con defraud diddle goldbrick hornswoggle mulct nobble rook short-change swindle victimize rip-off gyp <i>[US]</i> cheating stealing cheat dupe doublecross graft trickery

    "scam" definitions

    a fraudulent business scheme

    deprive of by deceit