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    1. "If the yellow-stipe is good I'll have it diddle," Ava said, "otherwise whatever's in the trap diddle

    2. They took on another load of fuel in the freezing air, stopped for a couple bowls of fish diddle from a cook with a nice warm fire that she huddled close to, clutching her nightcoat tightly

    3. Dacreea is the cook on Morningdays and she usually does a variety of zhlindu rolls and a pot of a pretty good diddle

    4. There was a new diddle cook in the kitchen up here who wasn’t bad

    5. The guy’s diddle sauce is really great, smooth and thick without being pasty and he keeps it bubbling right along

    6. ” She also had a bowl of diddle that she was well into and took a scoop from it as she leaned against the rail next to him

    7. She took another bite of her diddle and pressed her ass against his on the rail

    8. "Why, for Chrissakes, the guards? They think VC overrun their hooch the minute they go? Or some Nguyen down the street come diddle the old lady?" Bates hawked a laugh at that one

    9. contested in traffic court but who has the time to diddle away 2 hours for a $25 ticket?

    10. "'Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,'" Mallinson interrupted, strumming his fingers on the table

    1. She moaned, and turned her chair to give him vantage, wanting the build-up to linger but, as she diddled, he swelled and grew to full height like an emerging sapling and, within moments, she was overcome with a spasmodic orgasm

    2. Mr Bloom could easily picture his advent on this scene, the homecoming to the mariner's roadside shieling after having diddled Davy Jones, a rainy night with a blind moon

    1. If that was so, and Mia found out that Ted was diddling Vickie, he had to fear that Mia"s old memories would be stirred up and the two sisters would finally do something about it

    2. “How did you feel about that Eliza- Ted here and his dipshit son diddling your daughters?”

    3. She was diddling with some figures in a ledger when I walked over and introduced myself

    4. Título original: "Raising the Wind; or, Diddling Considered as one of the Exact Sciences"

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    Synonyms for "diddle"

    diddle fiddle play toy bunco con defraud goldbrick hornswoggle mulct nobble rook scam short-change swindle victimize

    "diddle" definitions

    deprive of by deceit

    manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination