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Distinct in a sentence

1. The law is distinct (Deut.
2. It was quiet, but distinct.
3. There was also a distinct.
4. I had no distinct idea where.
5. A distinct chill pervaded the.
6. My thoughts became more distinct.
7. They became two distinct cultures.
8. There is a distinct possibility.
9. Is such a distinct and ironic thing.
10. It was the distinct canker of fear.
11. I recognize his low, distinct voice.
12. It was a distinct possibility and a.
13. That's very true; distinct and exact.
14. The lightning showed her very distinct.
15. Each member of this circle is distinct.
16. There then appeared a distinct pair of.
17. Nothing was distinct or distinguishable.
18. Bates, other and quite distinct species.
19. The figure was not singing distinct words.
20. There occurred cases of distinct madness.
21. And then a very distinct and audible nay.
22. Each has distinct symptoms and treatments.
23. It is distinct from morning sickness with.
24. You are a distinct perspective of the whole.
25. It was a mistake—a distinct mistake, sir.
26. Their enunciation was distinct and perfect.
27. Triangles are found in three distinct shapes.
28. Each cat had a different and distinct per-.
29. Guerilla warfare was a distinct and likely.
30. It was like two distinct knocks on the wall.
31. The Copper-belly is a very distinct species.
32. Are the two, then, distinct? he pondered.
33. Distinct patterns of interracial terrestrial.
34. No distinct weapons could be seen lying about.
35. Even the elements manifest distinct preference.
36. The roar of guns sounded more distinct outside.
37. She heard the distinct sound of plastic pieces.
38. The first said in a low but distinct voice:—.
39. The salt in the dessert is distinct, as intended.
40. He had the distinct impression no one would come.
41. This time it landed on a more distinct location.
42. Decisions are distinct from choices, in that a.
43. The features of the maze grew ever more distinct.
44. There were four distinct shortcomings pointed out.
45. In fact they will be a distinct State sovereignty.
46. These regions have distinct evolutionary histories.
47. All may be taken as distinct factors in production.
48. You were caught by surprise and I have a distinct.
49. Patience implies a very distinct disparity in power.
50. Certain events separate people into distinct groups.
51. I had the distinct feeling he meant that literally.
52. Sir, we have three distinct blips headed this way.
53. Reincarnation we accepted as a distinct possibility.
54. Are they distinct? repeated Egeria, scornfully.
55. Before I walked in, I could hear two distinct voices.
56. The steps of the patrol became more and more distinct.
57. In addition, I don’t have any distinct doubt that.
58. A distinct metallic stink emanated from the bathroom.
59. Suddenly there was a distinct change in the vibration.
60. For some reason there was a distinct wall between us.
61. The storm front was made up of two distinct components.
62. Her French was good but had a distinct Chinese accent.
63. Companies that occupy a niche have a distinct advantage.
64. You imagine that they are distinct and separate states.
65. Her hands were distinct, and she wore her same jewelry.
66. They have a distinct look on their faces: Now just.
67. He got the distinct impression that she was testing him.
68. She had two distinct ways of talking, her monkey-mother.
69. The expressions in Scripture are distinct and emphatic.
70. The result would be a distinct oscillating point that.
71. But this was something quite distinct from loving him.
72. Nancy’s stomach gave a distinct grumble as she walked.
73. Many states define domestic violence as a distinct crime.
74. But the pine trunks were wonderful to her, and distinct.
75. There must be propriety in keeping the offices distinct.
76. Here we go! He pointed to a distinct hole in the.
77. The avoidance of surprise is a distinct combat advantage.
78. The CPU accesses memory according to a distinct hierarchy.
79. They must be presented to the reader in distinct citation.
80. They were not loud, mind you, but they were very distinct.
81. Noticing the distinct lack of the dreamy awesomeness the.
82. A distinct lack of forethought on his part, I must say.
83. The stew had a distinct earthy taste to it, Ailia thought.
84. She heard a very distinct voice she had not heard in years.
85. The line separating the two distinct portions is not linear.
86. There he saw a man lying with a distinct smile on his face.
87. That is, we really only have one distinct squared deviation.
88. There also appears to be distinct differences between the.
89. It was separate and distinct, from all the other varieties.
90. Until then, I have the most distinct honor to remain yours.
91. Hullo! He was struck by a sudden distinct recollection of.
92. Now, the shadows slowly gave way to more distinct outlines.
93. Edmond listened, and the sound became more and more distinct.
94. Scott, he began, displaying a distinct air of superiority.
95. Innate ideas are the ones that are really clear and distinct.
96. Wagner, and I have the distinct honour to be your escort and.
97. Then again, ignorance has distinct advantages at this stage.
98. There could be no parables without these distinct characters.
99. Come, the voice said again with a distinct Asian accent.
100. She now spoke good English but with a distinct French accent.

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