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Early in a sentence

It was the early 90s.
It is too early to.
It was early in the.
In early 1996 I 155.
But it is still early.
But it's early days yet.

But it was still early.
And it is too early.
It was still early yet.
Mama had her too early.
It is an early warning.
Awful early for a call.
We will be here early.
Men to their early grave.
It’s too early to be.
It is the early morning.
We left early one morning.
Then wake up early again.
It was early, only 7:30 P.
In the early church the.
Too early to call Athens.
It was early spring 1985.
It was the early nineties.
We’ll go out early for.
It just needs to be early.
It was early March of 1977.
It was still early, 9:30 P.
That was after the early.
It is an early Wodehouse.
I come from the early 52nd.
Early in the morning, way.
By the early 1950's their.
It is said that the early.
It was late spring, early.
See the early chapters of.
From early childhood to now.
The Dorseys left home early.
The early church fought this.

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