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March in a sentence

It was now March 2001.
From March to May Mrs.
And on March 31, the.
It was March 17th, St.
It had to be March 28.
On 4 March 1977 at 3 a.
Have a great March :).

But it is the March fly.
Look at that march, I.
That was in March 1918.
In March, prior to his.
June 1981 and March 1983.
March, you drive the car.
They are filed in March.
March began to thank Mr.
Address on March 4, 1865.
Show him how to march.
The Warrior on the March.
On March 15, 1863, the J.
This was held on March 8.
It was early March of 1977.
On March 12, 2009, the Dr.
He’d gone home in March.
He died on March 19, 1976.
On March 18th, 2010, the.
Say the ex-date is 21 March.
The date is March 30, 1981.
Education on 2 4 March 1976.
The Father of the March.
Before you march forth to.
Yet, on March 17, 2000, Mr.
March was when she knew it.
When will the army march?
Happened on March 17, 1994.
The first week of March.
March had advised the plan.
The March of the Wild Host.
Today in History: March 15.
Warlock was marching on it.
Practice marching on the spot.
Before marching in the city of.
The unknown road still marching.
Tom was marching hour after hour.
We were given our marching orders.
I watched him marching up and down.
For Ashat he was marching towards.
Jesse welcomed all of those marching.
They are marching toward that figure.
I’ve given him his marching orders.
He didn’t go marching out in a huff.
These were Waddell’s marching orders.
At that moment Rex came marching our way.
Behind the royal guard stood a marching.
The waggoner marching at their head saluted.
Cass looks at Unks as they continue marching.
A marching sound was heard down the stairwell.
Loud, marching footsteps thumped down the hall.
For Ramin, marching was hard but not unpleasant.
Even now High Police were marching from Athrom.
Marching ahead of him, she headed for the hotel.
But he shrugged and gave me my marching orders.
Ants were already marching on his neck and hair.
King Edward was fanatical about orderly marching.
Arthur turned and said, No more marching today.
Javert's two acolytes were marching in their ranks.
I have sent armies of millions marching off to war.
I guess you did, said Ron, marching with them.
You will not be able to keep on marching like that.
Enter FORTINBRAS, a Captain, and Soldiers, marching.
Mistress Prism had arrived with our marching orders.
Felix gave a nod, saluted again and went out marching.
Is that so? He bites his lip marching toward me.
And now Roman marching? You know how I hate marching.
I heard their boots marching, then they ordered him.
John seems to be marching to the beat of a different.
This was no warrior he had been marching with all day.
A dozen women were marching along the path towards him.
After ten miles of marching, there was no time to rest.
Next he marched on Roma.
She marched into the room.
They got up and marched on.
She'd marched with the gay.
Joey marched into the trees.
She marched up to the pair.
She marched towards the door.
They marched along in silence.
He marched into the bedroom.
The company marched on gaily.
He marched to his own drummer.
As they marched along the road.
The strikers marched slowly on.
As the guards marched off and.
If I’m being marched out of.
The camp commander marched off.
An elated Brijbabu had marched.
Davis seized it and marched out.
Freeman marched toward the cooler.
On the seventh day they marched.
They marched grimly and silently.
Men in mail marched at their rear.
Behind them marched regiments of.
Ultimately the troops marched off.
I marched over and grabbed his jaw.
The warriors marched until twilight.
They marched and rolled and trotted.
Napoleon marched straight on Moscow.
The two workers were marched out.
The stock marched higher from here.
And they marched up over the broad.
Fine_ I marched toward my room.
Halloween costumes and then marched.
Into the Casino we marched in triumph.
And today has marched into tomorrow;.
The workers were marched back to camp.
They couldn't possibly have marched.
Edward seized his arm and marched him.
They marched him to the counter and.
They marched on with renewed strength.
CRIME MARCHES on and on.
A great host marches north along the.
Pandora marches toward the Buick Century.
For then the Marches, Laurences, Brookes.
He marches onwards, sure they will follow.
Almost all of their marches ended in violence.
He nods at Zia, then marches toward his men.
Arathorn was going to war upon the marches of Mordor.
The real Yogi marches on towards the goal fearlessly.
We were quite used to the long marches in the desert.
I keep my camera trained on Hawke as he marches away.
There's plenty of good land east of the Bossonian marches.
The Bossonians have retired to their marches far to the west.
Thousands and thousands of EDL supporters joined these marches.
However the marches were marred with racist violence and abuse.
Every weekend there were marches through one city after another.
I need to talk to Reese, he says as he marches ahead of me.
This one march covered the distance of four ordinary daily marches.
We-ell Helen this time We-ell, time marches on doesn’t it.
So they passed into the northern marches of that land that Men once.
And the counter marches and confusing orders, Watomika pursued.
In the first marches they went further and faster than he had hoped.
Autocratic society with its rigid caste laws lay east of the marches.
You can also use this CD for the processional and recessional marches.
My parents were keen activists and regularly went on protest marches.
They merely punctuate the endless marches in all kinds of weather.
There will be riots, marches, speeches, scandals, conflict, and debate.
At the same time, General Hawke comes out of the plane and marches toward me.
You know that the lives of all the people west of the marches depend on this fort.
A good thing that after twenty years he marches back in with a guilty conscience.
Our exercises proved to be brutal marches toward objectives some distances away.
Christina marches into the classroom with a ladder under her arm, the others behind her.
One man suddenly exits the formation of sailors, and then ceremonially marches forward.
The captain marches around the formation as the wondering eyes of the crowd follow along.
Petersburg, a double advantage—that is to say, twenty marches nearer to his objective.
At the head of the procession marches King Frosthyrr with his daughter, Princess Járnsaxa.
Braunau, where they hoped to receive boots and clothes and to rest after their hard marches.
Some of the CPP’s marches turned violent and, inevitably, the British threw Nkrumah in jail.
The parade quietly marches off toward the stadium where there will be another brief show later.
It had fused polyrhythms from West Africa with classical melodies and also marches from Europe.

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