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Regulate in a sentence

So you should regulate the.
And those who regulate events.
I can regulate myself with them.
Besides helping to regulate the.
To regulate finances, tax the Chinese.
They are out to regulate anything and.
The only way you can regulate it is to.

They seek to regulate your very thoughts.
Th is is said to have been done to regulate.
Heel efforts to regulate and tax the Anointed, and.
Do some circular motions because this helps regulate.
Your body has the ability to regulate itself, supply.
The bye-laws of the corporation regulate sometimes the.
Then at the same time, they over regulate our business.
The ability to regulate our anger decreases our anger and.
VII - to regulate the normative orders that were approved.
It took a while for his breathing to regulate itself again.
The Constitution gave Congress the right to regulate trade.
Meanwhile Pengrove has the power to regulate and control the.
Along with Acnezine you can help regulate your hormones by:.
I want it to help regulate my emotions and to keep me happy.
The SEC is supposed to regulate the financial world in the US.
Daveda regulate her breathing, but it greatly improved her mood.
The body has the power to control and to regulate its exercise.
Several countries have forms to regulate the signup fee amount.
They are out to regulate anything and everything in our country.
It would be ridiculous in me to regulate my conduct by such caprices.
Verses 23 to 27 regulate the lending of money with and without surety.
The offices listed below regulate and supervise state-chartered banks.
Tie a knot in the tubing to regulate the amount of water flow coming.
It can help regulate your blood sugar levels and avoid insulin spikes.
It is his job to regulate the comings and goings of the community’s.
It helps to regulate the pituitary gland in production of , FSH and LH.
The Ten Commandments are the laws that regulate Judeo-Christian society.
We may enchant the mantra of I AM to regulate and train the mind.
This is what the brain does in a body: regulate and maintain homeostasis.
By improving the uterine tones, it helps to regulate the production of.
We have left the realm of how to regulate Taser use and the circumstances.
Liver requires vitamin D to stimulate and regulate the spleen function in.
That way it’s easier to regulate the temperature and weather conditions.
Ghrelin is an appetite regulating hormone.
With the mind so regulating the breath that it is.
Many states have laws regulating credit repair companies.
Creation of the post of Collector- Regulating Act of 1773.
It also helps the spleen in regulating the production of.
This entity is responsible of regulating all providers of.
It also plays a role in regulating the HPA axis and stress.
Greenwich and was often used by Whalers for regulating their.
It is partially responsible for regulating sleep-wake cycles.
He noticed an unusual number of police regulating the traffic.
Low levels of copper may alter enzyme systems in regulating the.
The Foundation is committed to complying with the laws regulating.
Fiber is important for the regulating the blood levels in our body.
A Bill regulating pensions to persons on board private armed ships.
By regulating the production of FSH and LH from pituitary gland, it.
Liver is important for regulating the balance of essential fatty acid.
Progesterone is a type of hormone produced in our body in regulating the.
Since we know, kidney is important in regulating the production of growth.
It is also important to boost the nervous in regulating the production of.
It also helps to assist the adrenal glands in regulating the production of.
Kidney function in regulating the water retention in the body tissues and.
Liver function in regulating the processing of estrogen and essential acid.
They also help to improve the nervous system in regulating the secretion of.
Liver plays a vital role in regulating the production of certain hormone in.
It is said that cistanche helps to improve kidney function in regulating the.
Kidney is vital in maintaining it's function in regulating the secretion of.
Weakened liver reduces the liver function in secreting bile in regulating the.
Melanocortins are another group of neuromediators mainly involved in regulating.
It also helps in improving and regulating the production of growth hormone,.
It cannot be regulated by laws.
Respect for parents is regulated.
This needs to be regulated better.
While the bank is regulated by a.
He has regulated all his charities.
I breathed; the suit regulated the air.
Food and dress is rigorously regulated.
It regulated his movements and his life.
It’s a pretty loosely regulated market.
These may or may not be regulated by law.
Americans are the least regulated on earth.
Every aspect of life was tightly regulated.
Kalver’s breathing was deep and regulated.
These things are not properly regulated.
Every step I take is regulated by the calendar.
Free Markets Are Better than Regulated Markets.
His task should be regulated by his strength.
Sorry, but the body needs to be regulated here!.
Yet I keep mine regulated to fifteen inches tall.
The beginning of the Sabbath law is regulated here.
The use of interest for money loaned is regulated.
This is how inhalation and exhalation is regulated.
Anyway, what’s the schedule?’ I regulated the.
Moses adopted the idea and regulated its use by laws.
If the holding company is in a regulated industry (e.
Water for which the level of coli forms are regulated.
Thus, the circulation of the earth has been regulated.
The moment they are regulated, the Manipur is covered.
They should bury it in a regulated depository and.
Most illness can be regulated, if not fully controlled.
The air was regulated and kept at exactly seventy-two.
Most intersections are regulated by Stop and Yield signs.
From verse 4 to 9 the acceptable offerings are regulated.
Capital adequacy tests for regulated financial institutions.
The answer must be: When it can be regulated by Government.
The first is that you should look for one that is regulated.
Native hunting of polar bears is regulated by international.
Free markets are better than regulated markets (Chapter 14).
A well regulated standing army is superior to every militia.
He who creates and regulates.
Islam regulates every aspect of a.
He regulates his own moods and feelings….
The Lord regulates the design of the alter of incense.
Department that regulates the transportation industry.
The central bank of the United States who regulates the U.
He regulates all affairs, from the heavens, to the earth.
A thermostat, on the other hand, regulates the environment.
ERK regulates further neuroadaptations that could play a.
Lamp A medium which regulates a controlled presence of light.
Sodium is what regulates the passage of nutrients to our cells.
That is, when it joins to the night and regulates its advantages.
The seven spirits are also the rules for karma, which regulates.
The sensor regulates the dose according to the position performed.
Magic regulates itself so we don't have as many kids as humans do.
The social ethic that regulates flow between these organisms is love.
And He regulates the sun and the moon, each running along a specific course.
This regulates the release of blood sugar and prevents the dangerous spikes.
The kidney influences the function of sexual desire and regulates the adrenal.
Our instinctive brain, or center, regulates the internal processes of our body.
Moreover, evidence suggests that the GABAergic system negatively regulates the.
Chapter 19 regulates the ritual for the cleansing of the tabernacle and the priests.
Every State has a Department of Insurance that regulates insurers and assists consumers.
When they fail to do their work properly he regulates them, and his knowledge prevents.
Regulates the mind, breathing and energy by circulating the Qi in the left and right directions.
Necessity makes it usual for almost every man to be so, and custom everywhere regulates fashion.
It consists of oxygen and temperature sensors which monitors and regulates the cremation process.
CREB regulates excitability and the allocation of memory to subsets of neurons in the amygdale.
The most fertile coal mine, too, regulates the price of coals at all the other mines in its neighbourhood.
Note: Because the LME is located in the United Kingdom, the British Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulates it.
Except in particular situations, therefore, the rent of corn land regulates in Europe that of all other cultivated land.
It is also an electrolyte that regulates blood pressure, muscle activity, water retention and cell functions within the body.
Almighty God, who regulates the whole creation with your tender mercy, 3 look on the seed of Abraham, on the children of the.
This will become more flushed and cleanse the area when greater amounts of fluids are consumed as it regulates the entire body.
A circadian clock in our brain regulates our sleep-wake cycle and the body's need to balance both sleep time and wake time.
But for him who regulates his food and recreation, who is balanced in action, in sleep and waking, it shall dispel all unhappiness.
Twenty regulates the production of inflammatory cytokines (proteins) and its deficiency might cause upper airway inflammation.
The silk cord attached to the pencil regulates the current which controls another capillary glass tube-pen at the other end of the line.
It regulates British brokers and dealers, whether they are in a City office or dealing via the internet, but nobody regulates the internet.
Gross (body or physical) is the container of life, subtle (mind) regulates the life and the spiritual brings purpose and direction in life.

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