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  1. So you should regulate the.
  2. And those who regulate events.
  3. I can regulate myself with them.
  4. Besides helping to regulate the.
  5. To regulate finances, tax the Chinese.

  6. They are out to regulate anything and.
  7. The only way you can regulate it is to.
  8. They seek to regulate your very thoughts.
  9. Th is is said to have been done to regulate.
  10. Heel efforts to regulate and tax the Anointed, and.
  11. Your body has the ability to regulate itself, supply.
  12. Do some circular motions because this helps regulate.
  13. The bye-laws of the corporation regulate sometimes the.
  14. Then at the same time, they over regulate our business.
  15. VII - to regulate the normative orders that were approved.

  16. The ability to regulate our anger decreases our anger and.
  17. It took a while for his breathing to regulate itself again.
  18. The Constitution gave Congress the right to regulate trade.
  19. I want it to help regulate my emotions and to keep me happy.
  20. Along with Acnezine you can help regulate your hormones by:.
  21. Meanwhile Pengrove has the power to regulate and control the.
  22. The SEC is supposed to regulate the financial world in the US.
  23. Daveda regulate her breathing, but it greatly improved her mood.
  24. Several countries have forms to regulate the signup fee amount.
  25. The body has the power to control and to regulate its exercise.

  26. They are out to regulate anything and everything in our country.
  27. It would be ridiculous in me to regulate my conduct by such caprices.
  28. Verses 23 to 27 regulate the lending of money with and without surety.
  29. The offices listed below regulate and supervise state-chartered banks.
  30. It can help regulate your blood sugar levels and avoid insulin spikes.
  31. Tie a knot in the tubing to regulate the amount of water flow coming.
  32. It is his job to regulate the comings and goings of the community’s.
  33. The Ten Commandments are the laws that regulate Judeo-Christian society.
  34. We may enchant the mantra of I AM to regulate and train the mind.
  35. It helps to regulate the pituitary gland in production of , FSH and LH.
  36. This is what the brain does in a body: regulate and maintain homeostasis.
  37. By improving the uterine tones, it helps to regulate the production of.
  38. Liver requires vitamin D to stimulate and regulate the spleen function in.
  39. That way it’s easier to regulate the temperature and weather conditions.
  40. We have left the realm of how to regulate Taser use and the circumstances.
  41. How do you regulate any society, and stabilize it? By having a single ethic.
  42. Sometimes it is alleged to be deducible from the power to regulate commerce.
  43. It not only helps to regulate the normal cells growth in the body, but also.
  44. Analysis is that many laws in astrophysics that regulate the development of.
  45. It includes substances that help to regulate a woman's period flow during the.
  46. Whenever the law has attempted to regulate the wages of workmen, it has always.
  47. Taurine helps to regulate the contraction and pumping action of the heart muscle.
  48. If a man controls his body and mind perfectly, he can regulate his pain barrier.
  49. Nuclear reactions feed the fire of the stars and regulate their life, but an.
  50. The loading supervisor shall regulate the entry of trucks in to the stockyard &.
  51. Chapter 22 The next laws regulate theft, with and without violence, this includes.
  52. The US Constitution originally gave Congress the duty to create and regulate money.
  53. Allowing the right to exist, it is difficult more fairly to regulate its exercise.
  54. Natrium phophorium helps to regulate the levels of insulin in the blood stream, by.
  55. Licorice also helps to regulate the hormone aldosterone because over-production of.
  56. The constitution gives Congress the right to coin money, and to regulate its value.
  57. The IL does not appear to critically regulate stress-induced reinstatement of drug.
  58. The ideals that regulate my life are presented for acceptance by mankind in general.
  59. These powerful antioxidants regulate the blood pressure and can prevent hypertension.
  60. The rules established by the corrected zodiac help categorize and regulate both the.
  61. It might, and it frequently was proposed, that he should regulate and ascertain them.
  62. Security guards shall be engaged to regulate traffic and restrict entry of trucks &.
  63. Vitamin K is also said to be an important vitamin in helping to regulate the cellular.
  64. High sources of protein and coenezyme Q10 in peanut helps to regulate the cell growth.
  65. Natrium phophorium helps to regulate the levels of insulin in the digestive system, by.
  66. The majority of civilized people have nothing to regulate life but faith in the police.
  67. In turn, these factors can regulate gene expression necessary for modifications at the.
  68. If you can regulate the brain, then it is apparent that you can regulate the behaviors.
  69. Potassium is essential for women with endometriosis to regulate the levels of sodium in.
  70. Pure water is the great equalizer and helps regulate the entire body, not just your eyes.
  71. Furthermore, green tea can regulate the blood sugar levels and protect you from diabetes.
  72. Herbs that are used to regulate prostaglandins, estrogen, and progesterone hormones such.
  73. Bicarbonate helps the lung and kidney to regulate level of bicarbonate in the blood stream.
  74. Know that the Time Patrol has the mandate to regulate time travel in order to protect 581.
  75. Aspen besides helping to calm the nervous system, it also helps to regulate the production.
  76. Since it contains isoflavones, it helps to regulate the estrogen and progesterone hormones.
  77. It has its own heating and I can regulate the amount of heat coming in by opening the vents.
  78. Salmon tends to speed up the metabolism, which helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body.
  79. Consider EPA's rules to regulate greenhouse gases: they would reduce global temperatures by 0.
  80. Some of the factors that regulate the proportion of debt to equity affect the cost of capital.
  81. The Congress shall have Power… To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign.
  82. But Moch had lost his ability to regulate the pace of his boat, and that spelled certain doom.
  83. So we can regulate the information that reaches our subconscious mind through our five senses.
  84. Almonds are known to stimulate digestion and to regulate the normal functioning of the stomach.
  85. In ancient times, too, it was usual to attempt to regulate the profits of merchants and other.
  86. This is why they do not regulate toxins or pollutants, but do register people and their devices.
  87. Particular acts of parliament, however, still attempt sometimes to regulate wages in particular.
  88. To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several States, and with Indian tribes.
  89. The soul expresses personal opinion to regulate the rating of people by over – sighted emotions.
  90. I’m hoping with proper exercise and diet, we’ll be able to regulate her arrhythmia with drugs.
  91. Wasserman simply looked at him, I’m not saying for certain the solution is to regulate breeding.
  92. And we do not destroy these places, but, looking at them as necessary, we support and regulate them.
  93. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that only the federal government could regulate interstate commerce.
  94. Nancy Reagan now works with Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Deaver to regulate the president’s schedule.
  95. To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;.
  96. In the case of EPA's rules to regulate cement plants, we are at risk transferring 28 million tons of.
  97. Mike was the only one who could regulate the heat, and it was the warmth that had tipped off his presence.
  98. Under the power to regulate commerce, Congress exercises the right of building and supporting light-houses.
  99. Their products offers the operators of wind farms the ability to regulate the voltage of the wind turbines.
  100. Preliminary laboratory studies in animals and humans suggest that acupuncture may help regulate blood pressure.
  1. Ghrelin is an appetite regulating hormone.
  2. With the mind so regulating the breath that it is.
  3. Many states have laws regulating credit repair companies.
  4. It also helps the spleen in regulating the production of.
  5. Creation of the post of Collector- Regulating Act of 1773.
  6. This entity is responsible of regulating all providers of.
  7. It also plays a role in regulating the HPA axis and stress.
  8. It is partially responsible for regulating sleep-wake cycles.
  9. Greenwich and was often used by Whalers for regulating their.
  10. He noticed an unusual number of police regulating the traffic.
  11. Low levels of copper may alter enzyme systems in regulating the.
  12. The Foundation is committed to complying with the laws regulating.
  13. Fiber is important for the regulating the blood levels in our body.
  14. A Bill regulating pensions to persons on board private armed ships.
  15. By regulating the production of FSH and LH from pituitary gland, it.
  16. Liver is important for regulating the balance of essential fatty acid.
  17. Progesterone is a type of hormone produced in our body in regulating the.
  18. Since we know, kidney is important in regulating the production of growth.
  19. It is also important to boost the nervous in regulating the production of.
  20. Kidney function in regulating the water retention in the body tissues and.
  21. It also helps to assist the adrenal glands in regulating the production of.
  22. Liver function in regulating the processing of estrogen and essential acid.
  23. They also help to improve the nervous system in regulating the secretion of.
  24. Liver plays a vital role in regulating the production of certain hormone in.
  25. Kidney is vital in maintaining it's function in regulating the secretion of.
  26. It is said that cistanche helps to improve kidney function in regulating the.
  27. Weakened liver reduces the liver function in secreting bile in regulating the.
  28. It is also important for adrenal gland in regulating the production of tyrosine.
  29. Deer antler also helps to stimulate the liver function in regulating the spleen.
  30. II diabetes by increasing the liver function in regulating spleen in production.
  31. Melanocortins are another group of neuromediators mainly involved in regulating.
  32. High levels of insulin caused by inability of pancreas in regulating the levels.
  33. Equally troubling is the Korean government‘s stance on regulating bear farming.
  34. On the matter of regulating the bowels your doctor is, of course, the best advisor.
  35. The role of vasopressin in regulating stress and the HPA axis, and the antidepres-.
  36. He was quiet, regulating his breathing so his attention was sharp, his senses clear.
  37. It is said the plant also helps in regulating the function of certain hormone in the.
  38. Geranium also helps to stimulate the function of endocrinal glands in regulating the.
  39. Acetylcholine is another neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating.
  40. Serotonin is probably the most heavily researched appetite regulating neurotransmitter.
  41. The time between gulps got longer as he became accustomed to regulating his inebriation.
  42. Apricot seed is said containing substance that helps in regulating the cell production and.
  43. The sense of pure wonder is the only over-all regulating mechanism we have for our awareness and our senses.
  44. It may, too, be of some use to the public, in regulating the pecuniary reward of some of its inferior servants.
  45. In the State of New York this included a law regulating hours of work and other working conditions in bakeries.
  46. A 2003 editorial in Nature Biotechnology argues that legislation regulating development of higher forms of life.
  47. The most important issue is what kind of regulating mechanism for the stroke of the device is going to be applied.
  48. Every State in the Union has laws regulating the rate of interest, and in most of the States this rate is fixed at six per cent.
  49. She stared up at the darkening sky, consciously regulating her breathing while she listened to the soft scrape of Rykus’s ascent.
  50. They were not for the regulation of the great concerns with foreign nations, but for the necessary object of regulating themselves.
  51. RNR plays a critical role in regulating the total rate of DNA synthesis so that DNA to cell mass is maintained at a constant ratio.
  52. The House then resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, on the bill regulating pensions to persons on board private armed ships.
  53. Water is probably the main component in the planet’s self regulating system of checks and balances that maintain a global equilibrium.
  54. It not only helps the liver in regulating the production of good prostaglandins hormone, resulting in lessening the risks of menstrual.
  55. The Garuda has several different tasks he is apparently involved in, most having to do with regulating the airwaves of the superspectrum.
  56. The Foundation is committed to complying with the laws regulating charities and charitable donations in all 50 states of the United States.
  57. By regulating the motion of breathing, we can gain control over the vital energy; by regulating the vital energy, we can control the mind.
  58. Having a miscarriage is the body’s last instinctive way of controlling and regulating which babies are ready to be born, and which are not.
  59. Our social ethics are similar to the immune system in regulating body health: clean the water, clean the air, feed the body, feed the brain cells.
  60. Unconscious urination is merely an instinctive pain-release that the body uses as one of its reflexive defenses for regulating its own pain-level.
  61. While growing and making itself a planet or a star, it seems as if a mysterious and unknown force has taken charge, regulating the mass of matter.
  62. It can operate to set up jobs at the low end to maintain or grow the infrastructure of the nation while regulating a livable wage for the lower end.
  63. I?—How could I speculate when I already have so much trouble in regulating my income? I should be obliged, besides my steward, to keep a clerk and a boy.
  64. It also helps to increase the liver function in regulating the spleen function in insulin production, resulting in reducing the risk of insulin fluctuation.
  65. For instance, we need informal conventions guiding language and communication, and formal enforced conventions regulating law and order, trade and property.
  66. Woollen or linen cloth are not the regulating commodities by which the real value of all other commodities must be finally measured and determined ; corn is.
  67. Hence the erecting of light-houses has been mentioned as an instance in which an implied power, incidental to the regulating of commerce, has been exercised.
  68. If the planet has a self regulating system it would seem that these extremes – to us – are the planetary attempts to retain the current, temperate, state.
  69. It is said that white peony also helps the liver in regulating the production of certain hormones in the prostaglandins family resulting in lessening the risk.
  70. Many of his workers did not like his regulating how much alcohol they could drink or that they could not work their children in the mill for additional income.
  71. Both are areas that government should protect and stay out of the business of regulating or prosecuting unless others are harmed either potentially or actually.
  72. From borrowing money to regulating trade to establishing an army, Congress has the right to do whatever is necessary and proper to keep the country moving.
  73. Much of institutionalized behavior – how and why our images interact – is simply an elaborate ritualized market for regulating the buying and selling of emotions.
  74. Myriel made no change in this arrangement during the entire period that he occupied the see of D—— As has been seen, he called it regulating his household expenses.
  75. This has been accomplished by the notes issued from the Bank of the United States, under the authority of Congress, exercising the power incidental to that of regulating commerce.
  76. Their complexity will never give rise to the complications of my aesthetic experience of awarefully regulating exchanges of energy and information with my surrounding environism.
  77. Whenever possible Antonia attended her father; her recognized devotion weakened the shocking effect of her scorn for the rigid conventions regulating the life of Spanish-American girlhood.
  78. A firewall is a hardware or software entity that protects a network from intrusion by outside users by regulating the traffic that can pass through a router connecting it to another network.
  79. This House, by the constitution, has the power to "determine the rules of its proceedings;" and in making those rules, it has the right of regulating, but not of entirely preventing debate.
  80. In the Lochner case the Supreme Court ruled that the state law regulating the hours his employees could work in his bakery was a violation of Lochner’s constitutional Liberty of Contract.
  81. The individual States have therefore reserved to themselves the exclusive right of regulating all their internal, and, as I may say, municipal concerns, in relation both to person and property.
  82. Bassett, from the same committee, also presented a bill regulating pensions to persons on board private armed ships; which was read twice, and committed to a Committee of the Whole on Thursday next.
  83. Now, once you have selected a number of directories that match your specific marketing angle and product, you will want to investigate to determine whether or not they have excess rules regulating signature files.
  84. Which means, 'What hurts my pocketbook the least?' This assures that Money will always out vote people and that governments will forever be limited to regulating markets rather than liberated to instituting equitable distribution.
  85. But, sir, I can clearly comprehend that the right to erect light-houses is not incidental to the power of regulating commerce, unless every thing is incidental to that power which tends to facilitate and promote the prosperity of commerce.
  86. The game is played by placing the coin at the end of the board - the rim slightly overhanging the edge - and striking it with the back part of the palm of the hand, regulating the force of the blow according to the distance it is desired to drive the coin.
  87. With respect to the present Secretary of the Navy, I have the best reason to believe that, on his coming into office, he did take various steps to introduce reform into the civil branch of the department—in regulating and checking the pursers, for instance.
  88. Its officers and crews were too often arrogant towards the merchant ship crews they stopped for inspection and were seen to be more interested in levying as much customs fees and taxes as they could instead of doing an honest job of regulating and protecting space traffic.
  89. The war was declared because Great Britain arrogated to herself the pretension of regulating foreign trade, under the delusive name of retaliatory Orders in Council—a pretension by which she undertook to proclaim to American enterprise, Thus far shalt thou go, and no farther.
  90. Martin wrote the majority opinion, asserting that Congress has the authority under the Commerce Clause to regulate the non-commerce (My comment: How can the Constitution support the Congress in regulating non-commerce behavior?) of someone who chooses not to buy health insurance.
  91. The gentleman will find laws and decisions in abundance, regulating the effect of endorsements and other collateral circumstances, and prescribing the manner of enforcing the payment of promissory notes, but he will never find a law giving the right to execute the promissory note.
  92. Neither is it in the power of the petitioners to avail themselves of force or stratagem, whereby to regain possession of the aforesaid slaves and their increase, because they would be liable to punishment for a violation of the statute of the United States regulating intercourse with the Indian tribes.
  93. By regulating the money price of all the other parts of the rude produce of land, it regulates that of the materials of almost all manufactures; by regulating the money price of labour, it regulates that of manufacturing art and industry ; and by regulating both, it regulates that of the complete manufacture.
  94. Lastly, no one can have observed the first rising flood of the passions in youth, the difficulty of regulating them, and the effects on the whole mind and nature which follow from them, the stimulus which is given to them by the imagination, without feeling that there is something unsatisfactory in our method of treating them.
  95. It also helps in improving and regulating the production of growth hormone,.
  96. In the beginning, it was a tool that aided in regulating his neural chemicals,.
  1. It cannot be regulated by laws.
  2. Respect for parents is regulated.
  3. This needs to be regulated better.
  4. While the bank is regulated by a.
  5. He has regulated all his charities.
  6. Food and dress is rigorously regulated.
  7. I breathed; the suit regulated the air.
  8. It regulated his movements and his life.
  9. It’s a pretty loosely regulated market.
  10. These may or may not be regulated by law.
  11. Americans are the least regulated on earth.
  12. These things are not properly regulated.
  13. Every aspect of life was tightly regulated.
  14. Kalver’s breathing was deep and regulated.
  15. Free Markets Are Better than Regulated Markets.
  16. Every step I take is regulated by the calendar.
  18. Sorry, but the body needs to be regulated here!.
  19. His task should be regulated by his strength.
  20. Yet I keep mine regulated to fifteen inches tall.
  21. The use of interest for money loaned is regulated.
  22. The beginning of the Sabbath law is regulated here.
  23. Anyway, what’s the schedule?’ I regulated the.
  24. This is how inhalation and exhalation is regulated.
  25. Moses adopted the idea and regulated its use by laws.
  26. Thus, the circulation of the earth has been regulated.
  27. If the holding company is in a regulated industry (e.
  28. Water for which the level of coli forms are regulated.
  29. The moment they are regulated, the Manipur is covered.
  30. They should bury it in a regulated depository and.
  31. Most illness can be regulated, if not fully controlled.
  32. The air was regulated and kept at exactly seventy-two.
  33. Most intersections are regulated by Stop and Yield signs.
  34. From verse 4 to 9 the acceptable offerings are regulated.
  35. Capital adequacy tests for regulated financial institutions.
  36. The answer must be: When it can be regulated by Government.
  37. The first is that you should look for one that is regulated.
  38. A well regulated standing army is superior to every militia.
  39. Free markets are better than regulated markets (Chapter 14).
  40. The abuse of early marriages was regulated by Tsar Nicholas.
  41. Native hunting of polar bears is regulated by international.
  42. Amendment #2: A well regulated Militia being necessary to the.
  43. Many subdivisions are regulated by covenants and restrictions.
  44. This fishery is well regulated by the Fish and Game Department.
  45. This, in turn, makes happiness a limited and regulated commodity.
  46. Sexual conduct with the unmarried women and animals is regulated.
  47. Yet others who subsist on strictly regulated breath and offer.
  48. The network marketing industry is regulated by the Direct Selling.
  49. The water was put into the mixer by a pump so it could be regulated.
  50. And withal, the police is so badly regulated (a useful repetition).
  51. The insurance companies are highly rated and regulated by the state.
  52. It is regulated by the Dutch regulator Autoriteit Financiële Markten.
  53. Krishn then points out the importance of physical discipline, regulated.
  54. The property of lepers is regulated, as well as the detection of leprosy.
  55. And He regulated the sun and the moon, each running for a specified period.
  56. He paced around the floor, his hands on his hips, and regulated his breathing.
  57. He appeared to be meditating with his eyes closed and his breathing regulated.
  58. Ah, senator! she cried, as she held out her hand with regulated effusion.
  59. However, as 900 numbers became more regulated and the technology to block 900.
  60. While the futures market is highly regulated, any credit-worthy individual can.
  61. Satir were men, and they have typically approached families as regulated, rule-.
  62. Puppy beds ensure that your puppy's body temperature is well regulated and this.
  63. You can expect an end-to-end solution for a medium complexity, lightly regulated.
  64. Network market is absolutely legal and legitimate and is regulated by several norms.
  65. Every conceivable and inconceivable matter was regulated, rearranged, and prescribed.
  66. I think mountain climbing should be regulated in the same way as being a ranger is.
  67. They had twelve black hours before them; they regulated their employment accordingly.
  68. He repealed Glass-Steagal, an act that had regulated banks since the Great Depression.
  69. This gene regulated production of prodynorphin, which is like the brain’s soup stock.
  70. These formerly regulated companies have increased their collective risk by branching out.
  71. Unlike adults, infants do not have a carefully regulated ability to maintain healthy blood.
  72. Their powers are regulated by each other and follow each other in the order of their birth.
  73. And it has also its risks, which is why it has to be regulated and controlled, Your Majesty.
  74. Dorsey uses the example of a utility, which is regulated in the price it can charge customers.
  75. Cholesterol can be regulated by watching the intake of eggs and organ meats, as well as other.
  76. Regulated Forex brokers are required to submit financial reports to the regulatory authorities.
  77. The culture is a mesh of beliefs and behaviors regulated by the organizations leadership.
  78. Oh yeah, it’s illegal in lots of countries, Alan said, And heavily regulated in most.
  79. Carter AJ (1997) Hippocampal noradrenaline release in awake, freely moving rats is regulated by.
  80. England the usual pay of a curate or a stipendiary parish priest, as we find it regulated by the.
  81. In earlier ages, in some countries, every function was reverently spoken of and regulated by law.
  82. Overall, I continue to favor the futures markets for trading futures, as it is a regulated entity.
  83. For example, the for-profit education industry is regulated by the federal government through the U.
  84. When the breath is regulated, when there is harmony, the breath will be moving within the nostrils.
  85. The drawback is that the regulated exchanges offer regulatory oversight to all market participants.
  86. We have the freedom to send our children to the cookie cutter, state regulated, school of their choice.
  87. Rudimentary organs, from being useless, are not regulated by natural selection, and hence are variable.
  88. Raising his hand with a slow and regulated motion, he pointed with a finger to the bosom of the captive.
  89. The usual corporation spirit, wherever the law does not restrain it, prevails in all regulated companies.
  90. This action eventually forces her breathing into even, regulated patterns that raise her chest up and down.
  91. Finally, when she is able to get the food into her mouth, she chews and swallows in a certain regulated way.
  92. The number of new-built houses that are annually brought to market, is more or less regulated by the demand.
  93. Stage hypnosis should be carefully regulated, because if used by an unskilled hypnotist, it can harm the mind.
  94. The number of these strata seems to be regulated in some degree, by the quantity of surface they have to cover.
  95. Such companies, whether regulated or joint-stock, sometimes have, and sometimes have not, exclusive privileges.
  96. Cosette had been taught housekeeping in the convent, and she regulated their expenditure, which was very modest.
  97. Once our sphere is organized over a regulated frame then creation could exist over a harmonious stage over here.
  98. He certainly was not going to allow the bump in Sheil’s womb to grow up a regulated child in a regulated land.
  99. Furthermore, their everyday life is filled with coffee, tea, cigarettes and other prohibited and regulated drugs.
  100. Not only are our emotions regulated and monitored, but also how they are stimulated are legislated and dispensed.
  1. He who creates and regulates.
  2. Islam regulates every aspect of a.
  3. He regulates his own moods and feelings….
  4. The Lord regulates the design of the alter of incense.
  5. Department that regulates the transportation industry.
  6. The central bank of the United States who regulates the U.
  7. He regulates all affairs, from the heavens, to the earth.
  8. ERK regulates further neuroadaptations that could play a.
  9. A thermostat, on the other hand, regulates the environment.
  10. Lamp A medium which regulates a controlled presence of light.
  11. Sodium is what regulates the passage of nutrients to our cells.
  12. That is, when it joins to the night and regulates its advantages.
  13. The seven spirits are also the rules for karma, which regulates.
  14. The sensor regulates the dose according to the position performed.
  15. Magic regulates itself so we don't have as many kids as humans do.
  16. The social ethic that regulates flow between these organisms is love.
  17. And He regulates the sun and the moon, each running along a specific course.
  18. This regulates the release of blood sugar and prevents the dangerous spikes.
  19. The kidney influences the function of sexual desire and regulates the adrenal.
  20. Our instinctive brain, or center, regulates the internal processes of our body.
  21. Moreover, evidence suggests that the GABAergic system negatively regulates the.
  22. Chapter 19 regulates the ritual for the cleansing of the tabernacle and the priests.
  23. Every State has a Department of Insurance that regulates insurers and assists consumers.
  24. When they fail to do their work properly he regulates them, and his knowledge prevents.
  25. Regulates the mind, breathing and energy by circulating the Qi in the left and right directions.
  26. Necessity makes it usual for almost every man to be so, and custom everywhere regulates fashion.
  27. It consists of oxygen and temperature sensors which monitors and regulates the cremation process.
  28. CREB regulates excitability and the allocation of memory to subsets of neurons in the amygdale.
  29. The most fertile coal mine, too, regulates the price of coals at all the other mines in its neighbourhood.
  30. Note: Because the LME is located in the United Kingdom, the British Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulates it.
  31. Except in particular situations, therefore, the rent of corn land regulates in Europe that of all other cultivated land.
  32. It is also an electrolyte that regulates blood pressure, muscle activity, water retention and cell functions within the body.
  33. Almighty God, who regulates the whole creation with your tender mercy, 3 look on the seed of Abraham, on the children of the.
  34. This will become more flushed and cleanse the area when greater amounts of fluids are consumed as it regulates the entire body.
  35. A circadian clock in our brain regulates our sleep-wake cycle and the body's need to balance both sleep time and wake time.
  36. But for him who regulates his food and recreation, who is balanced in action, in sleep and waking, it shall dispel all unhappiness.
  37. Twenty regulates the production of inflammatory cytokines (proteins) and its deficiency might cause upper airway inflammation.
  38. The silk cord attached to the pencil regulates the current which controls another capillary glass tube-pen at the other end of the line.
  39. Gross (body or physical) is the container of life, subtle (mind) regulates the life and the spiritual brings purpose and direction in life.
  40. It regulates British brokers and dealers, whether they are in a City office or dealing via the internet, but nobody regulates the internet.
  41. He merges the night into the day, and He merges the day into the night; and He regulates the sun and the moon, each running for a stated term.
  42. Also, it terminates the bureaucracy in the economic relations among countries with tributary inspection that regulates the exportation and importation.
  43. While each state regulates its internal affairs, it is not concerned with foreign relations, tariffs, immigration, military affairs, or interstate commerce.
  44. It regulates the price of bread according as the prices of wheat may happen to be, from one shilling to twenty shillings the quarter of the money of those times.
  45. It is exactly the same today, we too cannot enter in until our religion and our ideas, our flesh has died unto this world, and no longer rules or regulates our lives.
  46. The quantity of the finished work which they sell to the inhabitants of the country, necessarily regulates the quantity of the materials and provisions which they buy.
  47. Vitamin D regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, which is vital for many functions including neuromuscular function, and mineralization of bone and teeth.
  48. It shapes and regulates them, and I suspect the reason is to impart a spin to the entire rocket, the way rifling grooves spin and stabilize a bullet or an artillery shell.
  49. In the most opulent and civilized nations, age regulates rank among those who are in every other respect equal ; and among whom, therefore, there is nothing else to regulate it.
  50. Femodette pill is another popular combined pill which not only helps in preventing pregnancy, but also regulates your menstrual cycle so that you do not have to experience heavy and painful periods.
  51. The battery regulates and stores energy produced from local 100-MW wind turbines and 40-MW solar photovoltaic panels that can power 12,000 homes for up to an hour in the event of total grid failure.
  52. If the source of advantage is regulatory, spend your time closely monitoring legislative threats from the entity that regulates it, whether it is in Washington or in state or local government offices.
  53. Caesar and Tacitus are two successive phenomena, a meeting between whom seems to be mysteriously avoided, by the One who, when He sets the centuries on the stage, regulates the entrances and the exits.
  54. It is in this manner that the demand for men, like that for any other commodity, necessarily regulates the production of men, quickens it when it goes on too slowly, and stops it when it advances too fast.
  55. Among other provisions that Act regulates certain electioneering communications by way of broadcast, cable, or satellite 30 days before a presidential primary and 60 days before a presidential election.
  56. It regulates, for example, the money price of grass and hay, of butcher's meat, of horses, and the maintenance of horses, of land carriage consequently, or of the greater part of the inland commerce of the country.
  57. He then contrasts this to a pharmaceutical company where the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerns itself with the safety of drugs it regulates, but it does not control the prices that a business can charge for them.
  58. It regulates the money price of all the other parts of the rude produce of land, which, in every period of improvement, must bear a certain proportion to that of corn, though this proportion is different in different periods.
  59. As every man's humour regulates the degree of his consumption, every man contributes rather according to his humour, than proportion to his revenue: the profuse contribute more, the parsimonious less, than their proper proportion.
  60. A broad industry analysis has become particularly necessary as a result of the passage in 2000 of Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), which regulates and restricts the communications between a company and its actual or potential shareholders.
  61. Jesus had paid the last price required of him to attain the sovereignty of his universe, which in itself regulates the status of all rebels and determines that all such future upheavals (if they ever occur) may be dealt with summarily and effectively.
  62. Phase down but keep big oil, bring up solar quickly to become huge solar, have a smaller US government that regulates better for all the people, with big cuts in defense and huge cuts in intelligence and homeland security, while paying off the national debt.
  63. Though we frequently, therefore, express a person's revenue by the metal pieces which are annually paid to him, it is because the amount of those pieces regulates the extent of his power of purchasing, or the value of the goods which he can annually afford to consume.
  64. We cannot, therefore, be very wrong in supposing that the middle price was not less than one-third of the highest price at which this statute regulates the price of bread, or than six shillings and eightpence of the money of those times, containing four ounces of silver, Tower weight.
  65. It is this demand which regulates and determines the state of propagation in all the different countries of the world ; in North America, in Europe, and in China ; which renders it rapidly progressive in the first, slow and gradual in the second, and altogether stationary in the last.
  66. Diet is second, but as the natural process are concerned, the breath affects many rhythms and cycles, all must breathe, no matter their diet or other variables, the breath is always required and respiration is the beginning process of the cycle within the body that regulates many things.
  67. By regulating the money price of all the other parts of the rude produce of land, it regulates that of the materials of almost all manufactures; by regulating the money price of labour, it regulates that of manufacturing art and industry ; and by regulating both, it regulates that of the complete manufacture.
  68. The quantity of every commodity which human industry can either purchace or produce, naturally regulates itself in every country according to the effectual demand, or according to the demand of those who are willing to pay the whole rent, labour, and profits, which must be paid in order to prepare and bring it to market.
  69. Delivering Information from cells to cells of the whole organism, the biofield that consists of many different-type Fields-Consciousnesses (fluuy, ffllaayy, uyyu’yy, ngluuy, pffaarrg, nyu’u’yff, ttiirttmm, llduolldm, assmaay, hhvaattf, ttuttvvutt, uurtmm and others) regulates the process of their division and metabolism.
  70. This tremendous and rapid advance in knowledge will cause them a much greater emotional shock and a compensatory need for comfort and what more natural for them than to turn to their religion that is strong, demands a long prayer five times a day, a month of exhausting fasting and regulates minutely nearly all aspects of one's daily life.
  71. Whatever be the actual state of tillage, it renders our corn somewhat dearer in the home market than it otherwise would be in that state, and somewhat cheaper in the foreign; and as the average money price of corn regulates, more or less, that of all other commodities, it lowers the value of silver considerably in the one, and tends to raise it a little in the other.
  72. Examples are not wanting of empires in which all the different provinces are not taxed, if I may be allowed the expression, in one mass ; but in which the sovereign regulates the sum which each province ought to pay, and in some provinces assesses and levies it as he thinks proper ; while in others he leaves it to be assessed and levied as the respective states of each province shall determine.
  73. It is known to the world, that Great Britain regulates her own trade, in war and in peace, at home and in her colonies, as she finds for her interest; that in war she relaxes the restraints of her colonial system in favor of the colonies, and that it never was suggested that she had not a right to do it, or that a neutral, in taking advantage of the relaxation, violated a belligerent right of her enemy.
  74. In these my confidence will, under every difficulty, be best placed, next to that which we have all been encouraged to feel in the guardianship and guidance of that Almighty Being whose power regulates the destiny of nations, whose blessings have been so conspicuously dispensed to this rising Republic, and to whom we are bound to address our devout gratitude for the past, as well as our fervent supplications and best hopes for the future.
  75. Then his wife busies herself, grows passionately fond of handling coin, gets her fingers covered with verdigris in the process, undertakes the education of half-share tenants and the training of farmers, convokes lawyers, presides over notaries, harangues scriveners, visits limbs of the law, follows lawsuits, draws up leases, dictates contracts, feels herself the sovereign, sells, buys, regulates, promises and compromises, binds fast and annuls, yields, concedes and retrocedes, arranges, disarranges, hoards, lavishes; she commits follies, a supreme and personal delight, and that consoles her.
  76. In terms of the psychological activity, the above synthetic Process has the following expression: with an increase of the quality of thinking and feeling (highly-spiritual, altruistic, highly-intellectual states), the arterial pressure and the body weight (the degree of influence of gravitational forces) decrease, and, with a decrease of parameters of these creative dynamics (and, therefore, with the appearance of the lower creative dynamics — rude sexual excitement, aggressiveness, irritation and the like), the same parameters (the arterial pressure and the body weight) drastically increase (moreover, recent scientific researches have proved that this happens in an interdependent manner and really drastically: in the presence of fat cells (adipocytes) and fatty acids secreted by them, the cells of the adrenal cortex that are responsible for the production of aldosterone — the hormone that regulates the mineral exchange in the organism (first of all, sodium, potassium and water) and can increase in this way the arterial pressure, — greatly (seven times!) increase the production of this hormone).
  77. This step regulates the mind, breathing and energy through the harmonious movements of all the joints of the body,.

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