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    1. A “circadian clock” in our brain regulates our sleep-wake cycle and the body's need to balance both sleep time and wake time

    2. Lamp A medium which regulates a controlled presence of light

    3. Our instinctive brain, or center, regulates the internal processes of our body

    4. It is in this manner that the demand for men, like that for any other commodity, necessarily regulates the production of men, quickens it when it goes on too slowly, and stops it when it advances too fast

    5. It is this demand which regulates and determines the state of propagation in all the different countries of the world ; in North America, in Europe, and in China ; which renders it rapidly progressive in the first, slow and gradual in the second, and altogether stationary in the last

    6. Necessity makes it usual for almost every man to be so, and custom everywhere regulates fashion

    7. than those of common labourers at the port which regulates the rate of seamen's wages

    8. is, the port of London, regulates that of all the rest

    9. Except in particular situations, therefore, the rent of corn land regulates in Europe that of all other cultivated land

    10. The most fertile coal mine, too, regulates the price of coals at all the other mines in its neighbourhood

    1. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    2. Your body has the ability to regulate itself, supply nutrients to various organs such as the skin and generally give it a healthy glow

    3. In this state of things, the whole produce of labour belongs to the labourer; and the quantity of labour commonly employed in acquiring or producing any commodity, is the only circumstance which can regulate the quantity of labour which it ought commonly to purchase, command, or exchange

    4. Neither is the quantity of labour commonly employed in acquiring or producing any commodity, the only circumstance which can regulate the quantity which it ought commonly to purchase, command or exchange for

    5. I shall, in the third place, endeavour to explain all the different circumstances which regulate this proportion

    6. In the fourth and last place, I shall endeavour to shew what are the circumstances which regulate the rent of land, and which either raise or lower the real price of all the different substances which it produces

    7. Where wages are not regulated by law, all that we can pretend to determine is, what are the most usual; and experience seems to shew that law can never regulate them properly, though it has often pretended to do so

    8. The bye-laws of the corporation regulate sometimes the

    9. Whenever the law has attempted to regulate the wages of workmen, it has always

    10. Particular acts of parliament, however, still attempt sometimes to regulate wages in particular

    1. · The rules of Dharma have been laid down for regulating the worldly affairs of men

    2. each in the fall, in order to understand fully the later legislation by God regulating the respective roles of men and women in the church

    3. dealers, by regulating the price of provisions and ether goods

    4. It may, too, be of some use to the public, in regulating the pecuniary reward of some of its inferior servants

    5. While growing and making itself a planet or a star, it seems as if a mysterious and unknown force has taken charge, regulating the mass of matter

    6. regulating the various bodily functions

    7. The Garuda has several different tasks he is apparently involved in, most having to do with regulating the airwaves of the superspectrum

    8. By regulating the money price of all the other parts of the rude produce of land, it regulates that of the materials of almost all manufactures; by regulating the money price of labour, it regulates that of manufacturing art and industry ; and by regulating both, it regulates that of the complete manufacture

    9. Woollen or linen cloth are not the regulating commodities by which the real value of all other commodities must be finally measured and determined ; corn is

    10. Martin wrote the majority opinion, asserting that Congress has the authority under the Commerce Clause to regulate the non-commerce (My comment: How can the Constitution support the Congress in regulating non-commerce behavior?) of someone who chooses not to buy health insurance

    1. Most illness can be regulated, if not fully controlled

    2. carefully regulated, and only a very few simple machines could be

    3. The air was regulated and kept at exactly seventy-two

    4. The society of that ship is much more regulated and stratified than any of those ‘bully group’ things you talked about in history here

    5. “Oh yeah, it’s illegal in lots of countries,” Alan said, “And heavily regulated in most

    6. They are, however, altogether different, are regulated by quite different principles, and bear no proportion to the quantity, the hardship, or the ingenuity of this supposed labour of inspection and direction

    7. They are regulated altogether by the value of the stock employed, and are greater or smaller in proportion to the extent of this stock

    8. In the price of commodities, therefore, the profits of stock constitute a component part altogether different from the wages of labour, and regulated by quite different principles

    9. The market price of every particular commodity is regulated by the proportion between the quantity which is actually brought to market, and the demand of those who are willing to pay the natural price of the commodity, or the whole value of the rent, labour, and profit, which must be paid in order to bring it thither

    10. There are many plain symptoms, that the wages of labour are nowhere in this country regulated by this lowest rate, which is consistent with common humanity

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    baffle regulate modulate determine influence mold shape govern order regularise regularize legislate manage control rule set arrange direct co-ordinate

    "regulate" definitions

    fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of

    bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations

    shape or influence; give direction to

    restrain the emission of (sound, fluid, etc.)