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    1. Having attained to physical comfort, relaxation, and having withdrawn ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic

    2. The Antis try to whip up antagonism; my role is frequently to ascertain what is being done and to counteract it if at all possible

    3. conversation with the lorry driver to ascertain the exact location of

    4. We are endeavouring to ascertain how they met their deaths

    5. They have risen, too, considerably since that time, though, on account of the greater variety of wages paid there in different places, it is more difficult to ascertain how much

    6. It is not easy, it has already been observed, to ascertain what are the average wages of labour, even in a particular place, and at a particular time

    7. To ascertain what is the average profit of all the different trades carried on in a great kingdom, must be much more difficult; and to judge of what it may have been formerly, or in remote periods of time, with any degree of precision, must be altogether impossible

    8. All indications, it is acknowledged, are doubtful; and the actual discovery and successful working of a new mine can alone ascertain the reality of its value, or even of its existence

    9. The same quantity of silver, it may perhaps be said, will, in the present times, even according to the account which has been here given, purchase a much smaller quantity of several sorts of provisions than it would have done during some part of the last century ; and to ascertain whether this change be owing to a rise in the value of those goods, or to a fall in the value of silver, is only to establish a vain and useless distinction, which can be of no sort of service to the man who has only a certain quantity of silver to go to market with, or a certain fixed revenue in money

    10. It has since received three very capital improvements, besides, probably, many smaller ones, of which it may be difficult to ascertain either the number or the importance

    1. She quickly ascertained that Glenelle was on this side also, there would be someone young enough to converse with if she ever dared reveal herself

    2. The price of labour, it must be observed, cannot be ascertained very accurately anywhere, different prices being often paid at the same place and for the same sort of labour, not only according to the different abilities of the workman, but according to the easiness or hardness of the masters

    3. The evidence is more complete than could well have been expected in a matter which is naturally so very difficult to be ascertained

    4. She never really ascertained a career thief’s detachment

    5. While it remained in the coffers of the bank, its superiority was known and ascertained

    6. When it had come into those of a private person, its superiority could not well be ascertained without more trouble than perhaps the difference was worth

    7. The fineness of gold, it has been said, is more difficult to be ascertained than that of silver

    8. In general, however, something more is given upon coin of a known fineness, than upon gold and silver bars, of which the fineness cannot be ascertained but by a process of melting and assaying

    9. We have ascertained that that vessel and its wing ship are the latest to join this little federation of pirates

    10. But after they had been so regulated and ascertained, how to hinder a person who was all-powerful from extending them beyond those regulations, was still very difficult, not to say impossible

    1. It seemed that Aaron was quite as adept at ascertaining the depth and character of others as Harry was himself

    2. They even endeavoured to hinder, as much as possible, any middle man of any kind from coming in between the grower and the consumer; and this was the meaning of the many restraints which they imposed upon the trade of those whom they called kidders, or carriers of corn ; a trade which nobody was allowed to exercise without a licence, ascertaining his qualifications as a man of probity and fair dealing

    3. He was very careful about discussing the matter over the phone, but told her, after ascertaining her address, that he would call on her that same evening about nine o’clock

    4. The rent of houses might easily be ascertained with sufficient accuracy, by a policy of the same kind with that which would be necesary for ascertaining the ordinary rent of land

    5. The contrivers of the several taxes which in England have, at different times, been imposed upon houses, seem to have imagined that there was some great difficulty in ascertaining, with tolerable exactness, what was the real rent of every house

    6. ―Objective‖ pursuits such as ascertaining the validity of a mathematical or legal postulate or some other undemonstrated proposition, for example, are conditioned rather than perfected by scholastic examination

    7. That killed any possibilities of ascertaining from them where the

    8. Focus immediately shifted to ascertaining whether the tumor was cancerous, which it was

    9. Tobias's way of ascertaining her whereabouts

    10. both Christians and non-Christians in ascertaining the truth of God’s word and helps to dispel

    1. Wool was commonly paid as a subsidy to the king, and its valuation in that subsidy ascertains, at least in some degree, what was its ordinary price

    2. ascertains that man is evil, but has a tendency to

    3. It didn’t matter that many of his ascertains were incorrect, Aristotle’s reputation overshadowed the shortcomings of his specific contributions

    4. The proposition of the supernatural power is described in the act of nature and also ascertains that “God is alive”

    5. One of the spirit’s rules and laws is that it does not care about the exhortation or desist from its error unless it ascertains the might of that who exhorts it and his power to overcome it

    6. But the great instrument which ascertains, beyond all doubt, that the country in question is comprehended within the limits of Louisiana, is one of the most authentic and solemn character which the archives of the nation can furnish

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    Synonyms for "ascertain"

    ascertain assure check control ensure insure see see to it determine find find out learn watch prove establish demonstrate substantiate

    "ascertain" definitions

    establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study

    be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something

    find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort

    learn or discover with certainty