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    1. ‘But, yes, we do need to have it positively identified

    2. that he could have identified it so positively as the one which I used to have

    3. Smiling to myself happily at having identified the noise, I change direction for the front door

    4. Yoga, Meditation, community singing of songs in the praise of one lord or the other, and spiritual discussions etc are not identified with one religion but are adopted by individuals based on their experience with regard to its good effect on physical and emotional health and in search of true happiness

    5. ' There had been an overdose on a batch Tahlmute made, some girl from up north who had only been identified recently

    6. He’d been really glad to have Kara identified, though Angie had been careful what she actually said

    7. The last beast is not identified

    8. Those that were the most identified with Germany, and supported Germany, were still counted as Jews

    9. Those who identified themselves as Christians were still called Jews

    10. It did not matter what you identified as, you were Jewish if you had Jewish blood

    11. God is not identified as any abstract being

    12. All of the political parties identified with her recent struggle, praising her for her actions, and she was held up as a paragon of good old fashioned and traditional values by the true blues of the political firmament

    13. The leader can be identified as a tapered clear piece of monofilament

    14. Applicants may call the official identified in the grant announcement or contact an agency's regional office

    15. Using the Emotion Code, we identified the first

    16. She identified strongly with the terrified passengers,

    17. Once you have identified the correct row, since you

    18. already have identified the column, you now have

    19. Once the Trapped Emotion is Identified

    20. Once you have identified the trapped emotion,

    21. Before long you will have identified a

    22. For example, say you have identified that the trapped

    23. Once you have identified the inherited emotion, you

    24. Once we identified the trapped emotion, I quickly

    25. identified in a familiar fashion

    26. where one readily identified people when they were in a location

    27. 'Naturally, the individual you identified earlier will be

    28. identified chamomile, but the others were unfamiliar to

    29. identified the body of Bernard Vaillant

    30. identified the guilty person, but both she and her husband

    31. intending to call the man who originally identified the

    32. identified you as being in the forest around the time when

    33. In Hadith it is commonly identified with the angel Gabriel (Arabic Jibreel)

    34. He identified in the chapter V, book III, of his “Politics”

    35. Since only a small number of these compounds have been identified it is difficult to see why

    36. the housing (identified by me on the

    37. I found the address of a guide and I identified

    38. It may mean a lot to them that you’ve identified with them

    39. Yet somehow, for some reason, he was seemingly being punished by his corrupt government, or the badly managed economic structure, or the power-mongering banking system, or perhaps even by God himself! Who were the true villains in this nasty, unspeakable situation he had been so unfairly subjected to? Who was to blame! The culprits had to be identified quickly so they could be scolded and punished and then things could be put back the way they were

    40. It is firmly identified with the ongoing story of our lives

    41. Nevertheless, when some of the smells that Chuff had predicted began to be identified by independent researchers, orthodox science had no option but to accept his theory

    42. Research everything on the market(s) you identified in the step above, the

    43. She identified with the rougher side of life, which is something that every Arrow here can appreciate

    44. The thing, pixellated, resolved into what the suit’s computer identified as a humanoid figure

    45. No saboteur was ever identified amongst the Olympian crew

    46. identified the forces that had crossed through as Russian

    47. identified with nothing he wanted to achieve in his life

    48. I identified with losing that dexterity

    49. ‘Someone, we haven’t yet identified, aided her escape

    50. , and all captured chronometers or other property capable of being identified as prize of war, which may be found on board of her…

    1. But He then identifies Himself with it: “But He spoke of the temple of his body,” John 2:21

    2. The result is something altogether other, and God so identifies with that corporate entity that He actually seems to indicate that it has Divinity

    3. Chuang Tzu identifies two types of obstruction that can get in the way of happiness — those on the outside and those on the inside

    4. elders that Paul identifies to receive honor are different

    5. It identifies which the most important problems and its relations

    6. It identifies the possible alternatives for the Project

    7. It identifies them when they agree to Bank3Sector that foresees an minimum aggregate of

    8. This functions as the people’s single document and it also utilizes the Algarismo LEAK® with the use of the biometry that identifies the equipment and its user for the fingerprints, iris or the shapes of the face

    9. prehensive national homeless study that identifies the seriousness of

    10. The new systematics identifies and it transforms this principal task in a standard unit that is named of “Processual Module”, here is the appearance of the “unique task” for each Area of Activity

    11. The Lord identifies Israel as “His” son, the Jews as a whole are considered to be the

    12. The Lord still identifies us, as believers, in exactly

    13. Chapter 31 The Lord identifies certain men who he has gifted with certain sorts of

    14. again states that it is God’s purpose to provoke the Jews to envy, but this time, he identifies

    15. The organization prepares the complete roadmap for a particular service, identifies the unique offerings, works on the cost and prepares a service catalogue

    16. Management Reviews shall be conducted at regular intervals (with Management Representative), which identifies changes needed in QMS, Policy and objectives, with consideration of Audit results, customer feedback, Non conformities in product, preventive and corrective action, follow up points from previous meeting, improvement proposals as inputs and could provide outputs like improvements implemented in QMS, product related improvements/changes, resource needs addressed, etc with all the activities and including the Management Review is recorded and maintained

    17. Management Security Reviews shall be conducted at regular intervals (with Information Security officer), which identifies changes needed in ISMS, Policy and objectives, with consideration of Audit results, customer feedback, threats to Information Security, Security incidents and events, preventive and corrective action, follow up points from previous meeting, improvement proposals as inputs and could provide outputs like improvements implemented in ISMS, Control related improvements/changes, resource needs addressed, etc with all the activities and including the Management Security Review is recorded and maintained

    18. Based on product strategy, the project identifies the features required for the product and the product back log contains all the functionalities and features listed and reviewed

    19. Columnist David Pryce-Jones identifies the “insufferable and unexamined conviction” of the planners and fixers that they know what is best for other people

    20. ” This evolution of liberalism lies at the core of the Civil War, and has been building for years to the culmination Drury succinctly identifies

    21. M: Who identifies them? Somebody with a memory to register

    22. It is the rot of self-hatred that now Pope Benedict XVI identifies at the core of the West that threatens its survival

    23. “According to the note, the same secret society has deciphered the Bible code that somehow identifies me as a threat to their plans

    24. “Arakiel identifies himself as a representative of the planet, Uron, and has come to Earth with an offer of peace and assistance

    25. where the fault identifies a possible way of being an F

    26. Call sign: In communications, a group of numerals and letters which identifies a base, station, activity or command

    27. Leadbeater says that in the course of his physical life the ordinary man usually entangles himself so much in (dark) astral matter (in other words, that he identifies himself so closely with desires associated with lower frequency bodies) that the in-drawing force of the higher energy bodies and consciousness cannot entirely separate him from it again

    28. The Volatility Ratio is an indicator which identifies the moment when a price breaks out of a ranging pattern in a bullish pattern or bearish pattern

    29. "homologous" identifies, therefore, is the sharing of certain features, which means that the

    30. What "analogous" identifies, is

    31. "dichotomous" identifies, therefore, is the absence of certain features in some cases, and their

    32. As soon as someone identifies with a role, they drop out of presence and lose the state of enlightenment

    33. This is how communication can be made effective when the audience identifies with you

    34. identifies himself as separate from the components of his

    35. The Monad on this occasion identifies himself for the time with

    36. A domain name is simply a name that identifies a website

    37. happy ending is not there for one reason or the other? Even when there is a different happy ending in an organization, due to reasons connected to living together? And in this case, when are we willing to give up our aims for those of a group and not individually? When is it that the development and the future of an organization passes from renouncement to a “happy ending” to the development of the "end" of a group even if it is in contrast with ours? How willing are we to participate in the scheme of a leader that identifies a happy ending for the group, even if it remains obscure to many of the individuals (and one takes upon him full responsibility for it for any failure and also for any consequences)? Which is the place to share emotions; where are our thoughts? And fantasy that helps us to build another reality and shape a critical conscience that is useful for us when we have to face problems?

    38. She can tell you about it easily or conspiratorially, for it both connects and identifies women in this and many other societies

    39. The religious consciousness identifies these realities as science, philosophy, and truth

    40. identifies with the writings of those who are associated

    41. Note that the FCI also identifies a

    42. This establishment or poultry number identifies the plant it was processed in for tracking purposes

    43. The Bible identifies the elders as royalty (as we are) in the eyes of God

    44. He identifies these witnesses painstakingly

    45. Congress shall pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that identifies a minimum pay off rate of the national debt

    46. National Reporting Concept Assign a unique 5 letter code to each employee that also uniquely identifies the address of his hand held signaling device (HHSD)

    47. Affiliate Link: A URL tracking link that identifies the affiliate and sends traffic to

    48. identifier that identifies the traffic as coming from the Affiliate's web site

    49. Man, in fleeing death, flees his mutable body and identifies with the seemingly undying idea of himself

    50. The idea of ‘Self’ that people have, is created by wrong view which identifies with either the object or the knower

    1. Help her identify and reject the distortions and enhancements in

    2. Watch what happens when you start to identify who, what and how you are

    3. identify those associations in your life that are holding you back

    4. So you need to identify those things that are going to give you energy and you have to identify the things that are going to drain your energy

    5. Now I feel like I could identify some of the parts

    6. Our approach to the situations will be more positive and will enable us to identify and pick up any opportunities

    7. ‘I see - I think it would be just as well to let her see the gun in question, Inspector, so that she can identify it, don’t you?’ Mr Merrett suggested gently

    8. Whether it is a lecture or an article, we have to identify the audience for better results

    9. All you need to do is identify a few good funds and keep investing in them regularly

    10. He also remembers how Antonia said Misery was accused of crimes against the Corsair but yet, they couldn't identify her

    11. In previous centuries, there were forced conversions, and the possibility that you could identify yourself as German instead of Jewish

    12. It is quite foreign to us as Gentiles, but we really do need to identify with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

    13. Standing at the side of the road, apparently scanning up and down for a break in the traffic, she tried to identify who it was she was reacting to

    14. Not answering, I sip the hot liquid … it has a chamomile base – that much I recognise - but there’s something else in it which I can’t identify

    15. There is a collective gasp at the statement that the Elements have been retrieved from Earth, followed by a susurration of whispers as those present chew over the news, not to mention a certain amount of nudging and nodding in my direction as people identify me

    16. It was too soft to identify but loud enough to convey a mood

    17. Berndt immediately strikes up a conversation with the group on his right, while I tuck into my extremely welcome hot supper of sausages, potatoes and some sort of vegetable which I cannot identify

    18. She checked with her college friends to see if anyone went by the nickname, but she couldn’t find anyone who she could identify as the sender of her flowers

    19. Once Terry's momentary blindness had cleared and he had put on his airline pilot's shades, he was able to identify the source of this brilliant white light

    20. There was a man leaving by the side door on the left, too far to identify

    21. "Yes ma'am, but she would not identify herself

    22. He had to project the air of a confident and experienced battle captain ready to identify threats and respond to them decisively

    23. The plan should identify who will address each issue, when, and how, and how the work will be coordinated

    24. Many States and cities also have liaisons that can help faith-based and community applicants identify grant opportunities

    25. These audits are intended only to examine the Federally-funded parts of an organization's operations and are not designed to identify unrelated problems

    26. "I believe we should identify it as the Pink Dawn," Kelvin said, "at least for the crew's sake

    27. identify the emotion and release it

    28. I was walking along a road that felt familiar, though I can't identify it now

    29. identify as the sender of her flowers

    30. interesting that her body would not let me identify

    31. Identify it, determine any other information that the

    32. In Practice: identify the dominating interference

    33. chapters to identify and locate any trapped emotions

    34. pilot's shades, he was able to identify the source of this brilliant

    35. When you identify a trapped emotion by testing

    36. of which Tom could not identify, and others where he would have

    37. ’ Andy commented stopping to look at a tall clump of something she couldn’t identify standing sheltered by a bush of some sort

    38. Watercress – now that was something she knew … maybe she could find some … would it be around this time of year or was it too early? She could probably identify that without too much trouble

    39. As she strolled along the path, she looked about her, trying to identify the different plants which she had seen in the book and feeling a sense of achievement when she found she could put a name to something

    40. ‘We are also trying to trace the other members of the group – to find family or friends who could identify them

    41. ‘Mr Middlesex, we would appreciate it if you would come to formally identify the body

    42. ‘Now, sir, if you would please go with Constable Jones here, he’ll take you to the Sergeant who has arranged for you to be taken to identify your brother

    43. He has just been to identify his brother’s body

    44. I spot several wild flowers which I cannot identify

    45. Left by himself, Jean tried to identify some of the

    46. 'And what will you do when you identify the culprit?'

    47. witness who can identify the man who broke into the

    48. Identify the time

    49. ‘Have you bothered to have the woman identify him?’

    50. identify darted back and forth across the water

    1. Pausing with my hands in the washing up water, I watch a bird fly down to the bird table … I’ve never been much good at identifying birds, is that a tit of some sort? Goodness knows

    2. Two vials of insulin clearly marked with professionally preprinted identifying pharmaceutical labels

    3. I resolved to make demands, and set about identifying those things for which I could negotiate

    4. Identifying and Releasing (see Trapped Emotions, Procedure to

    5. identifying the cloak and staff as that of a Messenger

    6. The sound of birdsong fills the air – I’m not much better with identifying that than I am with the flowers but somehow the trills and arpeggios make more sense – faster versions of what I do! I find myself mentally echoing what I hear

    7. Tahlmute’s eyes focused on the bottle, “There will be no usable identifying evidence on that bottle after all this time

    8. Identifying The Voice Of The Holy Spirit

    9. aware that it was he who implicated you by identifying

    10. Herold’s minds began to diverge, As the cyber-naught began to contemplate its entering The language games of society, identifying itself as,

    11. This goes back to the point of identifying with

    12. Create the lifestyle, feeling, 480 experience of identifying with your brand

    13. The skill necessary to this particular end was in identifying such utility and gauging its seizure

    14. The way he bristled at the mention of the name ‘Roscius Avienus’, and then slackened with an almost forced conge-niality was a hallmark of deception that he had long since grown accustomed to identifying

    15. They focus on the common good of teachings found in various religions of the world, instead of identifying the differences in practices of these faiths

    16. Identifying your core desires will help you determine what you really want out of

    17. sounded, its respective volume clearly identifying it as that of the corpse

    18. Remember that if you choose an online source to check the website’s privacy policy and never offer up personally identifying information that could result in identity theft

    19. I told them, too, that before they moved from identifying need

    20. the stranger was searched Presque freed him, still staring at the badge identifying him as Heinrich

    21. I could not identify any streets, as all identifying signs had disappeared

    22. He volunteered for the Israeli police in the forensic department and also participated in identifying victims of the downed El Al aircraft over Bulgaria in July 1955

    23. He found himself identifying pretty strongly with street people

    24. Robeson’s role in identifying candidates, subverting her would have been a poor choice

    25. From this vantage of seeing without being seen, he was attempting, if not to bring an end to this street demonstration, to prevent the next by identifying those inciting the campesinos and radioing the information to Guardia Nacional troops ringing the plaza

    26. We were wading through the milling crowds, doing light reconnaissance work, identifying the stage where Novorski would appear, and all the while being careful not to attract unwanted attention

    27. “Sorry to wake you, sir,” he remembered pronouncing respectfully before identifying himself and proceeding

    28. “Move,” Edgar commanded, the point of the pistol identifying to whom he spoke, “and you’re a dead man

    29. She assured him that she would have documents identifying him as a second lieutenant

    30. When he heard the nasal voice of the woman he had spoken to so many times previously, instead of identifying himself as “Sergeant Colling,” he spoke in Polish and stated that “Jan Woznica” was calling for Major Quarles

    31. The government discovered that banks were identifying areas where they would not

    32. then identifying those orders that should be voided according to that definition

    33. identifying and collecting taxes that no one (including them) knows or understands the rules they have

    34. “[He] acknowledges that we have very little introspective insight into the thought processes we were born with…as for the larger mysteries—like the nature of meaning and the origins of consciousness—it is not clear that Minsky has much to say beyond identifying the solutions that he thinks are bad

    35. Science worked on their discovery without granting theology the need of identifying a source

    36. The Jewish people identify the Bible with the Tanakh, not indulging in any way the term Old Testament; and they do not accept the validity of the so-called New Testament, but identifying the Tanakh as the only sacred text

    37. This can be done by carefully analyzing repetitive patterns and identifying the experiences when they are still in the formative state

    38. My mind is working fast, identifying all the behaviors that have no more reason to exist and getting rid of them

    39. This occurs through recognizing, accepting, investigating, and not identifying with what is presently happening

    40. At such a time, the best course of action is to let the memories simply come, stay, and go – but not to start identifying with them, analyzing the situation, proving that you were "in the right", and so forth

    41. He told us it was a sort of badge or identifying mark of those who had been entrusted with the task of safeguarding the Ripper’s identity

    42. which had torn rashly through the card reader, identifying a

    43. mystic union to Himself, and by identifying with us in as many different ways as

    44. joining us in a mystic union to Himself, and by identifying with us in as many

    45. uses, identifying himself to the prophet’s declaration, and prophecy that there will remain a “remnant”

    46. Configuration Management is identifying and managing the configurable items to support integrity in delivery of service or product

    47. Risk Identification – Risk Identification should be normally performed along with the team and usage of risk identification checklist and looking at past similar project’s risk log, would help in identifying risks

    48. There shall be documented procedure for identifying and controlling of configurable item

    49. That means identifying the individual participants in any given incident to prosecute for the crime is not easy

    50. identifying himself with anything

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    Synonyms for "identify"

    identify place describe discover distinguish key key out name know make out tell detect perceive

    "identify" definitions

    recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something

    give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property

    consider (oneself) as similar to somebody else

    conceive of as united or associated

    identify as in botany or biology, for example

    consider to be equal or the same