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Discover in a sentence

His Office is to discover.
They are easy to discover.
From this we discover that.
Q: What remains to discover?
Discover The Bad Guy's Plot.
In this CD, you'll discover:.
Only then will you discover.

They might discover his body.
What I did discover about.
Each one has to discover the.
What if You Could Discover the.
I was shocked to discover that.
Discover the bad guy’s plot.
I would soon discover otherwise.
Discover the Power of Commitment.
There is still a lot to discover.
We can discover new species be-.
The more you discover, the more.
I wanted to discover what caused.
I discover them on a regular basis.
To choose or discover the choice.
Did she discover you? I asked.
Try to discover their expectations.
Just as at birth you discover the.
They might discover that I don’t.
I’d eventually discover that the.
This is what he intended to discover.
It took me 36 years to discover that.
Though as we will discover further on.
He would find that boy and discover.
You have to discover a ways to relax.
Soon I would discover they to be true.
In seeking you discover that you are.
This you will all discover in the end.
You may discover that mediating often.
You will develop and discover ways to.
Discover that current and stay with it.
Vine: His Office is to discover Things.
We must discover what it is and bring.
Then you are about to discover that….
Jean was discovering that his.
Discovering the Law of Abundance.
Even discovering that we have an.
It’s also about discovering how.
It's about discovering what is true.
Discovering The Attributes Of Love.
It’s a process of discovering who we.
I do, however, admit to discovering beer.
Discovering all the uses of a cable modem.
Discovering truth is our primary obstacle.
Discovering an allergy to the isle’s.
In the old days, hacking meant discovering.
Imagine discovering such a unifying equation.
These trolls, he was discovering, were morons.
The odds of discovering tin are very low indeed.
Developers are discovering the power of Blu-Ray.
Steps to Discovering the Blessings in Your Life.
Fear of Tobias discovering her whereabouts kept.
Paul dove into the tale of discovering the cave.
Jason was a little shocked upon discovering that.
Ignorance has no means for discovering solutions.
There are other ways of discovering their content.
Discovering his cache, guards locked him in a cell.
After discovering that Erin had rearranged the cans.
Discovering what 'water' actually represents in the.
It was insane that we were the ones discovering leads.
Unable to believe he was real, but discovering he was.
That’s another way of discovering where you may not.
Meal times, he was quickly discovering, were the best.
After discovering 350,000 seats, they are still digging.
This is a part of the new me that I’m just discovering.
Discovering and analysing why the coachees could surpass.
How I awoke, I am still inquiring into and discovering.
Discovering who we are, and learning to incorporate that.
After discovering that she was still alive and well, there.
What was I discovering, that all along you had it right? No.
On land they were also discovering species that had survived.
The most interesting bit was discovering what the beams were.
It is about discovering that there is something much greater.
The coachees will be supported in discovering what additional.
That we may be discovered.
The man who discovered it.
This is what we discovered.
I discovered the reason why.
At length he discovered her.
The police discovered that M.
In 1911 they discovered atoms.
When I discovered my loss, Mr.
What I discovered troubled me.
At last I had discovered the.
This was what he discovered:.
Coco was discovered by animal.
Doc, was discovered at his home.
He discovered the human in him.
You have also discovered that.
What else had they discovered?
It’s a new power i discovered.
The date America was discovered.
In the hope of being discovered.
I discovered that we were both.
Pilate had discovered this place.
At home, I discovered that, in.
What we’ve discovered is that.
Lyngdoh, had discovered in 2002).
But he also discovered one thing.
This was discovered by my client.
The Mayfair family discovered it.
They discovered His desires and.
However Tony discovered the move.
I, of course, discovered the body.
I discovered my writing technique.
No other openings were discovered.
But who discovered it? Not reason.
When Gregoire was discovered by Dr.
A conspiracy had to be discovered.
He suddenly discovered he had wept.
Only one such area was discovered.
Other methods were soon discovered.
She didn’t want to be discovered.
What he discovered had worried him.
Discovers nature of the being!.
Discovers that he is not a king, just a human.
Discovers here – for itself and their own sakes.
When this girl discovers that there were as many.
When one discovers that the best lessons have been.
David soon discovers he is looking and feeling better.
The young cop went on, So, this faggot discovers the.
Magdalene, alone, who discovers that the stone has been.
The more our search discovers, the more we find to discover.
When the Search Engine discovers your game, it will ban you.
How will she feel when she discovers that I have misled her.
In Darkfever Mac discovers they are not her biological parents.
He first visits Hell, and the scene he discovers there horrifies him.
Peter discovers that the robber and the murderer are one and the same.
As his eyes focus he discovers the 3 of spades staring him in the face.
But it is in his inner consciousness that man discovers the truth of it.
If Eiess discovers where she is hiding, she would kill her in an instant.
With true self-awareness, one discovers there are lots of clothes, but no.
But what happens when she discovers the identity of her so-called employer?
I also learned to listen carefully to what science discovers about the truth.
The innocent Red discovers the wolf lying in bed disguised as her grandmother.
And then, lo and behold, he discovers that she’s a better shot than he is.
Public Relations media kit: the reader discovers how to create a media kit for.
He discovers that he is missing something, and that missing thing is aspiration.
It was about a student in law school who discovers his wife with his best friend.
You know a doctor has come? Of course, you know it—the one who discovers madmen.
If man thinks about his physical or moral state, he usually discovers that he is ill.
Money discovers fools-true love has no crimes to out it money is the way of the flesh.
In this movie, the main character discovers a pill that gives him super human powers.
Archan realizes he had better shut up this oddity before someone else discovers he’s here.
The ship is vast and it takes Grailem a quarter of an hour before he discovers an elevator.
What happens when a professor discovers that her theory of earthquakes is on shaky ground?
Free of Arct control he escapes in the starship where he discovers the microchip's and robots.
The father who discovers that he has been raising the child of another man is called a cuckold.
If a stranger discovers their existence, he is killed or so absorbed that he is never seen again.
It is possible that if the Third Force discovers that we know their identity, they will attack us here.
I can’t help but gloat when I think of the blow Ben’s ego will suffer once he discovers Mara’s gone.
Now, if the Governor discovers them about to pass a law or do an act he does not like, he sends them home.
In Shadowfever, the king discovers his concubine isn’t dead as he has believed for over half a million years.
It isn't until she makes her second withdrawal five weeks later that she discovers an additional $10,000 deposit.

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