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Favor in a sentence

1. Yeah do me a favor.
2. In favor of the idea.
3. It worked in my favor.
4. Do me a favor, though.
5. All in favor say I.
6. Then do me this favor.
7. Really did me a favor.

8. Yes, a big, big favor.
9. All those in favor of.
10. A screw up in our favor.
11. Dana was in favor of Mr.
12. I’m in favor of both.
13. If you win, do me a favor.
14. All those in favor of Mrs.
15. I need a serious favor.
16. Gambling was out of favor.
17. Maryann, I need a favor.
18. Subject: RE: hi! And, favor.
19. Do a child a favor, help!.
20. I have returned that favor.
21. But please, do me a favor.
22. How is that a favor?
23. Maybe he’d do her a favor.
24. I grew up with favor in.
25. I've found favor with Rowan.
26. We can use that in our favor.
27. We’re doing her a favor.
28. Still owes me a favor though.
29. You probably did me a favor.
30. I was doing that girl a favor.
31. It puts the odds in your favor.
32. Subject: RE: RE: hi! And, favor.
33. They are not in favor as much.
34. Either ways it is to your favor.
35. I’m just returning the favor.
36. You are biased in favor of women.
37. I thought I’d repay the favor.
38. I need a favor so I can get home.
39. I need you to do me a big favor.
40. I’d consider that a big favor.
41. You can do me an enormous favor.
42. Bassett also was in favor of Mr.
43. This is a favor for a friend.
44. But I only ask one favor of you.
45. Come in, por favor, she said.
46. These people favor the Kosalans.
47. Bill – I have a favor to ask.
48. I am in favor of early marriages.
49. I have a favor to ask from you.
50. I favor the Porsche, she said.
51. The credit is issued in his favor.
52. He then decided to cash in a favor.
53. Court rules in favor of Respondent.
54. I want the odds to be in my favor.
55. Dad, I need to ask you a favor.
56. All in favor of surveillance?
57. I’m doing a favor for his mother.
58. What favor would that be? He asked.
59. And yet, she had won favor among.
60. You did us a big favor taking him.
61. And he asks for one simple favor:.
62. Subject: RE: RE: RE: hi! And, favor.
63. He is changing things in your favor.
64. Like I said, I'm doing you a favor.
65. This places the odds in your favor.
66. Verily, Al’lah is of great favor.
67. I hold with those who favor Powder;.
68. Do me a favor, she added with a.
69. That’s another point in her favor.
70. Alex, can you do me a favor?
71. Right–Infers favorable or to favor.
72. I believe that point is in my favor.
73. The warranty of Your favor comforts.
74. Early stages would favor wealthier.
75. He was always willing to do a favor.
76. Findlay spoke in favor of the motion.
77. Gardenier was in favor of an inquiry.
78. That could find favor in his eyes—.
79. To gain favor in Kassikan politics.
80. All new comers have to do me a favor.
81. The other favor – might I use the.
82. That’s a good point in his favor.
83. Do me the favor to tell me what it is.
84. What was the other favor for?
85. Yes, and for me to return the favor.
86. That was the favor I needed to ask.
87. And for a certain type of favor, she.
89. The odds of passing were in his favor.
90. When you trade, odds are in your favor.
91. We have a favor to ask of the Empire.
92. Nelson spoke in favor of the amendment.
93. Do the world a favor, he said sharply.
94. He thought he was doing Thomas a favor.
95. I’m calling in that favor you owe me.
96. Depends on the favor, Garcia said.
97. She put it as a favor, but I'm sure Mrs.
98. I’m ready, but I have another favor.
99. But I don’t ask this favor for myself.
100. Much could be said in favor of this aim.
1. No favoring in this shop.
2. She was deeply favoring her left side.
3. By favoring the students, you are actually.
4. She watched as he ate the food, favoring the mashed.
5. Upright, not favoring the side where he’d been shot.
6. The architect was very precise in his measurements, favoring.
7. His father was favoring him and showed him more love after all.
8. The above examples involve favoring one of two pre-selected assets.
9. The ratio of dead to living in Los Angeles was rapidly favoring the dead.
10. And how is she? How is Jade now? Hamilton stood, favoring his right leg.
11. He looked up again, favoring me with his manly look, You gotta call a number for that.
12. They were, at least what she could gather from his end, not favoring his deployment choice.
13. Favoring isolation exercises too much brings with it the drawback of ignoring a number of small.
14. Times, he couldn´t fight the huge tide of public opinion favoring the quick timeline for the vote.
15. It had seemed for months as if Ulbrickson had been quietly favoring the younger boys, but it had been subtle.
16. Cass later resigned from Buchanan's administration because of his objection to Buchanan favoring Confederates.
17. I think Japan’s on the cusp of that change with public opinion now favoring a nuclear deterrence capability.
18. Ideological Communists in China went into decline, replaced by more pragmatic ones favoring trade with the west.
19. We pulled up outside his mother’s practice and he helped me from the car, favoring me with a warm smile as he did.
20. Out of the bucket, Barnes straightened his feathers, favoring his tail, which had been partially smashed by the bucket.
21. Obama's winning the Democratic primary in 2008 was largely due to antiwar activists favoring him over Hillary Clinton.
22. For much favoring had never spoiled the sweetness of his character, and he met resistance with a healthy determination.
23. A senior executive heavily compensated with stock options has a vested interest in favoring stock buybacks over dividends.
24. Wade was even more of a Radical, favoring not just equal rights for Blacks but the vote for women and recognition of unions.
25. The rising costs associated with our society‘s War on Drugs, for example, have succored qualifying arguments favoring its.
26. Milishak opposed her, favoring a male cousin with militia of his own, and they were backed by the other nobles of the realm.
27. She chaired the Commission on Immigration Reform for a short time, favoring penalties on employers who hired illegal aliens.
28. Without this type of safeguard, those representatives might be tempted to craft legislation favoring their individual states.
29. He hunched over, favoring his left side in order to escape the pain of the blistering flesh rubbing against his course jeans.
30. Mining nodes may also apply specific arbitrary criteria to transactions, such as favoring those with a larger transaction fee.
31. It was very much stop and start, with some presidents favoring, others opposed for both pragmatic reasons and genuine anti racism.
32. The War Hawks, gung ho hyper nationalist Congressmen favoring war against both Britain and Spain and invasions of Canada and Florida.
33. Grampa was ahead, a lean, ragged, quick old man, jumping with quick steps and favoring his right leg—the side that came out of joint.
34. Bang, if he wants to bid and he gives me a fair and competitive proposal, I don't have any intentions on favoring or discriminating against him.
35. He admitted it when I pointed it out, but he was favoring the credibility of promoted individuals on that list over that of people out beyond Chardovia.
36. Using a human mind set, the motivation for preserving particular cultures, and humans in general, would have to transcend merely favoring those communities.
37. They had been trained that should artificial gravity ever give out and come back on, they should avoid landing on their feet, favoring a martial arts tumble.
38. There then followed rule by a series of second-rate administrators, some of whom, like Florus, were not well-disposed to Jews, favoring the Greek inhabitants of Eretz Israel.
39. If there is a discernible discrepancy between the number of open contracts in puts versus calls or vice versa, there is a good chance that the public is favoring one side of the market.
40. Those of my brothers-in-law will suit me just as well, he said, favoring her with a horrid grimace, as he wiped his mouth on a rope of napkin held taut between his outstretched fists.
41. The authors document that a meaningful segment of retail investors is underdiversified and exhibits lotto preferences (favoring highly skewed stocks and holding portfolios with positive skewness).
42. The Lion has the right to eat Christians while Nero burst into a hysterical laugh is the same symbol as the sword, a symbol that will stand for death and resurrection, favoring the right justice of the killed.
43. This plan was adopted as a compromise between political factions favoring the Popular Vote (states with larger populations) and others preferring a proportionate voice in government or (states with smaller populations).
44. The truth of the matter is that much of this could have been avoided if there were an equitable system of taxation – what we have today is much too complicated, favoring the rich with their high priced lawyer thieves.
45. This last attempt ultimately misfiring, the two strangers exchanged a few words in their incomprehensible language and withdrew, not even favoring us with one of those encouraging gestures that are used in every country in the world.
46. He cuts and saws the solid pond, unroofs the house of fishes, and carts off their very element and air, held fast by chains and stakes like corded wood, through the favoring winter air, to wintry cellars, to underlie the summer there.
47. They may implement the results more quickly, favoring expedience over originality, file documents, control, check, review, and criticize (but not deeply and logically oppose!), overcome bureaucratic obstacles, produce, arrange, build, reconstruct.
48. On that ground I venture to say that the exclusion took place; because, at the time that it took place, it was considered a measure absolutely favoring Great Britain, yet not injuring France by a nominal prohibition of the entrance of her vessels.
49. The whole landscape, which, seen by a favoring light, and in a genial temperature, had been found so lovely, appeared now like some pictured allegory of life, in which objects were arrayed in their harshest but truest colors, and without the relief of any shadowing.
50. Options of stocks with large historical absolute earnings announcement returns and high valuation ratios are good candidates for long straddles/strangles, and small historical absolute earnings announcement returns and low valuation ratios are characteristics in stocks favoring straddle/strangle sellers.
51. With favoring winds it is wafted past the site of the fabulous islands of Atlantis and the Hesperides, makes the periplus of Hanno, and, floating by Ternate and Tidore and the mouth of the Persian Gulf, melts in the tropic gales of the Indian seas, and is landed in ports of which Alexander only heard the names.
52. But we must recognize that in favoring the lower yielding first-mortgage issue, the bond buyer is in fact expressing a lack of confidence in his own judgment as to the soundness of the business—which, if carried far enough, would call into question the advisability of his making an investment in any of the bonds of the particular enterprise.
53. During the year 1878 it will spend more labor and money than ever before to deserve that pre-eminence—which it secured, and means to retain, by becoming the medium of the best thought, and the voice of the best conscience of the time; by keeping abreast of the highest progress, favoring the freest discussion, hearing all sides, appealing always to the best intelligence and the purest morality, and refusing to cater to the tastes of the vile or the prejudices of the ignorant.
54. The analyst must seek to guard himself against this danger as best he can: in part, by dealing with those situations preferably which are not subject to sudden change; in part, by favoring securities in which the popular interest is keen enough to promise a fairly swift response to value elements which he is the first to recognize; in part, by tempering his activities to the general financial situation—laying more emphasis on the discovery of undervalued securities when business and market conditions are on a fairly even keel, and proceeding with greater caution in times of abnormal stress and uncertainty.
1. You are favored by the.
2. I confess, I favored her.
3. Alex was the favored one.
4. Dallas is favored by five.
5. You were favored with the.
6. He is the most favored of us.
7. The math favored the Japanese.
8. We had favored you another time.
9. They favored it because it worked.
10. For a long time fortune favored him.
11. That’s the reason Ardara favored.
12. Yes, a highly favored one is she.
13. She favored him with an indulgent smile.
14. A company that is dominating a favored.
15. Captain Hobaugh favored the shoal theory.
16. He knew he favored those who favored him.
17. Tommy, the young groom, favored Alexandra.
18. Companies in especially favored groups, e.
19. They have claimed to be favored and anointed.
20. You was favored, and he was bullied and beat.
21. She’d always favored Kestides, her firstborn.
22. You once were favored to hold the Christ Child.
23. Joseph was a favored son among his father's house.
24. We favored Tim Buckley’s lusty Greetings from L.
25. He said, Yes, and you will be among those favored.
26. Did these favored Olympians mean her new master’s.
27. I was told you favored Doctor Misan, Jurak said.
28. He favored a system where every free man had a voice.
29. The throw she favored was still draped over the chair.
30. And take care of my favored one… He nodded at Zia.
31. God has favored some of you over others in livelihood.
32. Do my brothers know the name of this favored people?
33. Romney also favored arming moderate Syrian rebels.
34. She would have only said that if she really favored the.
35. And, in her game, she favored the Three Kings on that day.
36. The first speaker favored him with a long, searching stare.
37. I knew that Kyle favored Berettas, and he knew that I knew.
38. Luke 1:28 Hail, O favored one, the Lord is with you!.
39. He was favored by his father Jacob over his three brothers.
40. While I favored it with rebirth, I favored myself with joy.
41. He favored a National sales tax to supply funds for the USA.
42. In the 1940s, most Puerto Ricans still favored independence.
43. The King who had once favored me highly favored me no longer.
44. Thus, consumer staples and the healthcare industry are favored.
45. She favored Reen with a supremely confident and friendly smile.
46. She was full of grace or also translated highly favored daughter.
47. Chaetomorpha is probably the most favored right now for use in.
48. The hexagonal cells (cylindrical) are favored as it minimizes the.
49. But they were jealous of you, because they could see I favored you.
50. Some favored French; others Spanish, having studied Earth archives.
51. The coffee was the dark, syrupy coffee favored by the Puerto Ricans.
52. One of his favored disguises when he traveled in Europe to do a job.
53. This strategic location of the trees, on the other hand, favored me.
54. He might be classified as a defector, someone who favored Communism.
55. They waited for the times when the odds (probabilities) favored them.
56. You ain’t favored us with much of your attention these last months.
57. Heavy-metal poisoning is a favored means of killing off undesirables.
58. He imagined that she was saving them for another, more favored, lover.
59. He favored technical training over theoretical, at least for the masses.
60. Now she was widely favored to win the hundred-meter backstroke in Berlin.
61. This then led to a Supreme Court decision, which favored the real winner.
62. I wouldn’t want anyone saying my slave favored him in her translations.
63. Water Movement : Moderate but not too much and turbulent flows are favored.
64. It was overwhelmingly favored at first, though there was later vacillation.
65. Scarlett was inclined to be irritated with the child and favored a spanking.
66. The dog led with its nose and favored tracks made by kangaroos and wallabies.
67. Diovalaccio, seeing himself thus favored by fortune, burst into a loud laugh.
68. Clemente was a Kennedy man while most of his teammates favored Richard Nixon.
69. She had arrived early and gone to the small pew that she and Cecilia favored.
70. We favored a fairly leisurely pace on the march back, since there was no hurry.
71. It stands to reason that the easiest and simplest alternatives would be favored.
72. Bob favored a tax on oleomargarine, protecting the dairy industry of his state.
73. In his memoir, Kissinger also does not mention or acknowledge his favored course.
74. Favored ones must mount high, and reach down a helping hand to those below them.
75. A bit of fortune had favored Garcia as he had been able to recover the spear he.
76. The problem was that shipyard capacity heavily favored the Spacers against Earth.
77. Polls favored, if you could call it that, Senator Wilbur Henry Rottenberger, the.
78. The palace had the massive stone walls and high thatched roof favored by the Inka.
79. By checking the leverage states of the most favored sector in the economy, we can.
80. There were a few dozen houses, mostly the wooden ones the Koryo or Choson favored.
81. International students were favored because in order to travel from their country.
82. He held out his hand and favored me with a smile that had nothing feigned about it.
83. Since they are favored in Sivaloka these Ashuras are under Mahadeva’s protection.
84. He knew he favored a woman’s body over her mind when he picked them for his team.
85. Both groups hate America, thus qualifying for his most favored nations status.
86. He then favored me with a smirk almost identical to that of his namesake in Anahuac.
87. Legend claimed the Grey Angels favored plague as an instrument of divine retribution.
88. He must be favored by the Muses, because his writing sang with their immortal voices.
89. Both factors favored the short put strategy and worked against the long call strategy.
90. He had included a brief note about this favored captain of his, and his highest praise.
91. She favored her right leg, and the outer edge of her left hand was purple and swollen.
92. I had favored the use of the sabers over my other sword as per Thora’s instructions.
93. God is all-loving, so there cannot be a favored mode of conduct (or thought) in the.
94. ConocoPhillips was a favored company in a most favored industry, and this risk was not.
95. Somehow the race was set to be an astounding win for the favored horse, Miles Apart.
96. Senior Liens Are to Be Favored, Unless Junior Obligations Offer a Substantial Advantage.
97. Their favored local god defeated other traditions and assumed control of their universe.
98. In the past, her grandmother had made it obvious in a hundred ways that she favored Eve.
99. I assured him of my keeping the secret, and begged to be favored with furtherparticulars.
100. Or has He chosen for Himself daughters from what He creates, and favored you with sons?
1. The rain was doing them no favors.
2. You said there were two favors.
3. He hadn't done Number Two any favors.
4. Favors from others, he’d have to tout.
5. You do see that your father favors Lope.
6. No damage is done and favors are received.
7. I asked around, called in a few favors.
8. You shan’t allow us the return of favors?
9. The brokering of special favors gone insane.
10. So it pays for a woman to barter her favors.
11. And certainly none of them owed him any favors.
12. We are no longer in the world of favors, Keith.
13. There was nothing in the paper about Alana Favors.
14. His father had no enemies, owing no one any favors.
15. I always knew there’d be favors expected later.
16. She promised God good behavior in exchange for favors.
17. A doctor came out of the back and approached the Favors.
18. It was a gift for some favors I did for the Redcrowns.
19. I didn’t push anything on her, I just did her favors.
20. There’s crepe paper and there’s favors and a big cake.
21. She would give her favors when she was ready to give them.
22. How favors were more valuable than cabbage a lot of times.
23. Either way this situation favors the school more than the.
24. What’s worse is that it assumes that the Creator favors.
25. If you are so forgetful of my favors at her hands, I am not.
26. Relgemit on the other hand favors the term; The Mated Brigade.
27. Will they then believe in falsehood, and refuse God's favors?
28. The mental battle before the actual attack favors the attacker.
29. God knows everything by his light and favors all minds equally.
30. Now, could I ask for a few little favors from you, Admiral?
31. It favors those strong enough to hold their shares indefinitely.
32. Their only friends were those who knew them for money or favors.
33. Dean 2-17-09 Evolution is slow and favors survival of the fittest.
34. We think nothing of the party favors, made by slave labor in China.
35. He said, Ma favors a white house with oranges growin’ around.
36. I shall load you with favors, when I shall have regained my empire.
37. Yet God favors the strivers, over the inactive, with a great reward.
38. And once they like you, they’re much more likely to do you favors.
39. I don’t hate my brother, but I despise how my father favors him.
40. Too many favors were being done, and without a by-your-leave to her.
41. Once he behaves himself, I would let him have your favors for a bonus.
42. Accessories: you are going to need plates, cups, napkins and party favors.
43. After the election, they need to pay back the donors by doing them favors.
44. She loves the morbid decorations and party favors almost as much as you do.
45. Is God a racist? Well he sure favors the Jews, so yes you could say he has.
46. He promised a continuance of his favors, and admonished them to be grateful.
47. This is the Day in which God's most excellent favors have been poured out upon.
48. The market favors a sector because sales generate income at a more rapid rate.
49. Formerly, it had been Rhett who asked for her favors and she who held the power.
50. Gun control favors criminals who would have the guns while law abiders wouldn’t.
51. My mother’s hatred of Letitia Bland’s favors seemed to stiffen my neck.
52. If such authority fails, the effect favors an underground mind holding ten horns.
53. One faction favors the status quo, and is represented here by Amirgath and Gvetwa.
54. Greg called in some favors and got Rebecca temporarily assigned to the same weapons.
55. It was possible he had a concussion, but my leg wasn’t doing me any favors either.
56. As the man began coughing Jack then told him, You’re going to do me a few favors.
57. Still, calling it an old, piece of junk would not have gotten him any favors, either.
58. Ask any mother if she favors one child above another and you will find this to be true.
59. To get her cooperation he really didn't have much choice but to provide sexual favors.
60. The maximum potential loss favors the second iron condor also at a potential loss of 2.
61. The ranks should be related to the extent to which the statistic favors the alternative.
62. Surrounded by courtiers, she flung her favors right and left with impartial prodigality.
63. In his view, intelligent women that choose to suddenly go bimbo, do themselves no favors.
64. What he wanted to They had begged for favors and if it pleased her, she had bestowed them.
65. She could remember asking him for a loan, which she promised to pay back in sexual favors.
66. She was a commoner upstart who only knew how to worship the rich and beg for their favors.
67. Genius: what you are in the eyes of an Apprentice if Lady Luck favors you 3 times in a row.
68. I was definitely not in the mood to do this guy any favors in lieu of all he had done to me.
69. The concept behind sector rotation is that the cycle favors specific industries within the.
70. They always had a safe house or two ready to go, and they still owed him a couple of favors.
71. Relationships would be in the open and exchanges of money or favors would be against the law.
72. But the survivors at the camp also knew how to be thankful for small favors and good intentions.
73. My wife favors Venice and I am inclined to agree with her, having seen photographs of the city.
74. That is to say, authority is often conferred as a quid pro quo in exchange for (public) favors.
75. She owes me for a couple large favors, the details of which I would also prefer to keep private.
76. If one favors the succinctness of a nutshell summary, then the reader will appreciate how.
77. Then I went to bed; but not without praying, like a good Hindu, for the favors of the radiant orb.
78. And over the years, he’s done us some favors, so you might say he’s plugged into the PHP, too.
79. The only time crying ever did any good was when there was a man around from whom you wished favors.
80. Khanna, for his part, said he was curious to see whether fortune favors the brave against all odds.
81. Unfortunately, the Obama EPA favors bureaucracy and heavy-handed intervention more than jobs and.
82. He would thus have to temper his temptations towards her for a few months before courting her favors.
83. I'm as proud as Lucifer, but such favors from such people don't burden me, and I accepted gratefully.
84. Revelation is made in the silence of the wilderness; it favors the false prophet and the true prophet.
85. And when He tests him by restricting His favors upon him, does he say: ‘My Lord degrades me’?
86. The simple rule of thumb is that higher volatility favors option sellers and lower volatility does not.
87. If the business can use its overvalued stock to make acquisitions, it favors the acquiring shareholders.
88. Favors to appoint a jurist as a judge with conditions to return favors, is unequal justice under the law.
89. The divine presence that permeates the universe and our soul favors the human spirit with spiritual fruit.
90. Our disposable entertainment favors are the malnutrition of the plundered and the poison of the exploited.
91. Additional benefits came whenever sensitive information was passed along or other special favors rendered.
92. As I recall I owe you two favors, but beyond that you know there’s nothing I wouldn’t help you with.
93. A number of the ladies from the temple were more than happy to supplement their income with special favors.
94. That way, Tara is no mean a charmer either; any man would gladly put his soul on the line to win her favors.
95. I can take you to darkmeal and offer you accommodations and not expect sexual favors in return, he said.
96. See how We have favored some of them over others; yet the Hereafter is greater in ranks, and greater in favors.
97. We don't know if she was doing it for favors or money, but either way, she's out of here and in lots of trouble.
98. I enjoyed the work, and I still enjoy doing sexual favors, but I think the reason I give them is more important.
99. He was in a position to choose any number of different directions—and he knew that fortune favors the prepared.
100. A budget wedding does not have to appear cheap if you spend wisely on stationery, flowers, favors and other things.

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