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Flick in a sentence

With a flick.
Try and flick it.
Flick, tap, close.
flick of the clasp.
a flick of his head.
Flick shook his head.
And with a flick of.

I had to flick it away.
was a gory slasher flick.
It will either flick out.
Great chick flick, though.
While hovering they flick.
Another flick of the lighter.
A flick of the Marshall‘s.
With the flick of a switch,.
I only watched the 1989 flick.
I can’t just flick a switch.
table with a flick of her finger.
You can’t just flick a switch.
Carrie began to flick through them.
Only then would I flick on the radio.
You flick to the Flirty Fashions pages.
hearing or what flick you are watching.
whether it’s watching a horror flick.
I flick through the pages of the diary.
best give a flick to that sissy ‘do’.
A flick of the wrist made the difference.
I love that flick, as cheesy as it is.
Mmm, this is better than a holo flick.

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Synonyms for flick

flick film movie pic picture flicker flip leaf riff riffle thumb jerk ruffle click snap