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    1. Violet tried clicking and shaking the reins

    2. Johnny wandered over, clicking his heels on the floor as he walked, still spinning

    3. There is a difference between clicking the “yes” option in saying what we believe and actually living from that belief in a real and tangible way

    4. Tarak came to her side and followed her into her private chambers, clicking his cane on the marble floor

    5. If only they could deal with the stiff by clicking a button and filing its life away in some Interweb repository

    6. Bling's heads filled up quite to the top with the sound of clicking

    7. Before chasing him down, she reached in and set the flashers to clicking

    8. No clicking on a control, just wanting to look at it

    9. Before I could answer her there was a clicking sound behind us, and I

    10. back of the car came the happy clicking of Gameboys, as

    1. cross hairs and hear the fatal click of the firing pin

    2. Bolt indulges them, a vacuous grin on his face - click, whir, click, whir

    3. He searches about him, finds his camera, brings it up and photographs the sign -- click, whir, click, whir

    4. Bolt stands to one side, ignoring the laboring men, taking seemingly random shots of something on the other side of the highway that only he can see: click, whir, click, whir

    5. Johnny turned to put his jacket over the back of a chair he heard a rattle and a click

    6. Bolt brings his camera up, quickly fires off a few shots: click, whir, click, whir

    7. The click of a safety catch

    8. Users will be able to click on a tag

    9. From there, other users can click on the tag, will see the latest submissions and will see the submissions with the most comments

    10. finding a friend or lover, it makes sense to grab the opportunity with both hands – or rather, the click of a mouse!

    1. She zeros in on the dining room, clicks some buttons and instantly only the dining room is showing on all the monitors

    2. He clicks his tongue

    3. He clicks his tongue against his teeth and shakes his head

    4. There was a grinding sound and a series of clicks and then silence

    5. G means that each time a person clicks on these sort of

    6. The phone clicks and whirrs at me

    7. As he pushes open his front door the timer on the landing light clicks and the bare light bulb hanging from the faded glory of the servants' storey ceiling rose snuffs out

    8. “You told me that radar could only detect an object less than a couple of hundred clicks

    9. later), you can see if anyone clicks on the ‘buy now’ button

    10. With less than twenty-five clicks to go, LP was anxious to get to Fox Glacier, which he had not had a chance to climb when he was in New Zealand last

    1. When it was dark inside he rolled up the left sleeve of his black t-shirt and clicked on the pen-light

    2. She clicked on the entry and the screen changed, resolving into an image that hit Kara right between the eyes

    3. Unless it had clicked

    4. Closing the door as carefully as he had opened it, he started as it made a tiny noise – far too loud in the silence of the building - as the lock clicked shut

    5. The lock clicked open and the door creaked as the

    6. the best of her as she clicked on Lyle Hartman

    7. ungraded papers into his brief case and clicked the latches shut

    8. A second later, he clicked the key and flipped the latch loose, and then he turned to look up at her

    9. clicked it at the beginning and at the forty-yard mark

    10. “Go,” Demera said and clicked the watch

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    Synonyms for "click"

    click mouse click detent dog pawl suction stop chink clink come home dawn fall into place get across get through penetrate sink in clack cluck flick snap tick chatter pop tap crackle bang crack whir harmonize match succeed go over

    "click" definitions

    a short light metallic sound

    a stop consonant made by the suction of air into the mouth (as in Bantu)

    a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

    depression of a button on a computer mouse

    move or strike with a noise

    make a clicking or ticking sound

    click repeatedly or uncontrollably

    cause to make a snapping sound

    produce a click

    make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

    become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions