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    1. convincing establishment elites that fostering all religions would lead to political and economic prosperity, just as intolerance would guarantee decline

    2. The Marxist view of history, namely that it determined itself through class struggle, required a close look at who was fostering class separation and who was adding fuel to the struggle

    3. fostering of agriculture with the hope of eventually reducing the size of the enclaves, and federal protection against settlement by the colonists

    4. barriers to adoption and fostering - to mention some

    5. It will be in following the Creator’s guidance, as given to us through His Son -that the issue will be resolved ---not looking to government to gain equality --- we are already equal --- government needs, in most instances, to stop dividing us --- creating false barriers / ineffective solutions --- even fostering racism

    6. Blind unrestricted budgets approved by Congress to be used to ‘support other nations’ that ends up fostering (1) corrupt governments and (2) social positions abroad - must end

    7. By fostering a

    8. The fostering of regional and transnational alliances and the

    9. government has always been fostering their rehabilitation act which has not been

    10. migration and what are the conditions fostering and inhibiting migration

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    Synonyms for "fostering"

    breeding bringing up fosterage fostering nurture raising rearing upbringing

    "fostering" definitions

    encouragement; aiding the development of something

    helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community