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    1. I have to say that I am a little tentative when it comes to going off the beaten track, but I put that down to my town upbringing – over sensitivity to trespass and all that

    2. upbringing for some years, making the best that she could out of the debilitation and

    3. After the joy and exaltation of awakening, the Countess stayed true to her upbringing for some years, making the best that she could out of the debilitation and decay around her

    4. I suddenly think of Bunty … what would she have done? In spite of her hang ups sexually – and they were a direct result of her upbringing, I reckon – she was a sensible yet emotional woman

    5. Under White Feathers care the lad had been brought up and taught nearly identically to the upbringing Harry and his sisters received from George and Belle

    6. It was a very instructive upbringing to be sure,” explained her husband

    7. Their conversation roamed from his and his sister's odd upbringing, to his own completed Cambridge coursework

    8. He was paralyzed and could not answer her, it was all he could do not to fall down while he understood that all of his upbringing, the whole collection of universes that was Gordon’s Lamp, was just a figment of this girl’s imagination as she set him up for the next cycle, the move to Zhlindu

    9. "Yes, fouled up the end of his upbringing

    10. Her mind was saying that she needed to find someone who shared the same values and upbringing as her for her marriage to work

    11. Her narrow-minded view was surely due to her conservative upbringing

    12. She, on the other hand, had had a very religious and conservative upbringing; a somewhat boring youth, with little excitement when it came to boys

    13. The poor man – who had been spilling out his heart about his troubled upbringing – had only a few seconds to leave after she’d been buzzed by Jannson to warn her they were there by executive warrant

    14. She was flesh and blood like anyone else but the way Rosemary spoke about her, Jack was certain Shelagh was Rosemary's heroine - her saviour; the counter balance to her parents strict Roman Catholic upbringing

    15. His own strict religious upbringing and his rebellious denial of it

    16. She had to tell him that her upbringing wouldn’t let

    17. continue with the upbringing of James

    18. The official White House website claims: „His story is the American story – values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family…" This piece of fluff could not be further from the truth, i

    19. Carolyn’s account of her upbringing had upset Dawn and she’d wondered, just for a moment, if it had been true, or if Carolyn was just looking for sympathy

    20. Beatings had been an integral part of Skelda's upbringing over the years, and he had learned to live with them, but the constant punishments had built up a smouldering hatred for his father in the young cub's mind which one cycle exploded into an attack that surprised them both

    21. ” These principles are based on the premise that despite the joint-responsibility for the upbringing of your children, there are challenges that need to be overcome so that the two of you can cooperate and be effective as parents

    22. The man used two words, ‘criminal class,’ which told me all I needed to know about his attitudes and his upbringing

    23. She wondered why he had done all this damage to the UK Government, maybe it was for money or perhaps his upbringing in Northern Ireland during the troubled had damaged him

    24. He realized that, in spite of numerous conversations about her upbringing, he had no idea whether her family was Republican or Democrat

    25. The upbringing has a huge influence, which even the best teachers can seldom correct

    26. He noticed that Elizabeth had shown no particular reaction to what Helga had said, and concluded that her upbringing had probably included more culinary sophistication than his own

    27. She looked at Charles and said, “I’ve never really questioned some things in my upbringing as you noted, rather sarcastically, Charles

    28. There was a spiritual kind of battle going on that engaged much of her thoughts, attention and linguistic efforts as she daily read from the Good Book during the time that she cared for us, evidently hoping to alter the perceived effects of our earlier upbringing

    29. What mattered was the upbringing, the

    30. If you have read this book and you are susceptible to the content in light of what the Bible teaches, you are probably only part of an estimated 3%; the remaining 97% will either not read the book in its entirety or burn the book because the content is totally against their indoctrination by their churches or upbringing

    31. influenced by a whole host of factors including your upbringing, religious

    32. Now, most researchers agree that development is the result of interaction between nature and upbringing

    33. To say that I strayed from my upbringing would be a major understatement

    34. passionate about his opportunities after a strict upbringing in the

    35. symptom of bad upbringing

    36. While the children with tears in their eyes were begging her to rethink her decision, Roger began to entertain thoughts quite alien to his upbringing

    37. As a consequence of their profound religious upbringing and good parental example from father and mother, the older children, as well as Carlos and Suni, who fully understood the situation, vehemently rejected their mother’s newly embraced life-style of homosexuality and wanted no part of it or of their mother

    38. society, the Equals devoted a great deal of attention to planning the upbringing of the young and also to the ongoing instructions of the adult population

    39. devoted a great deal of attention to planning the upbringing of the young and also to the ongoing instruction of the adult population

    40. upbringing brought me around to the conclusion that marriage

    41. horrific upbringing, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with

    42. conservative upbringing, even though she came to the

    43. “Also, I understand that you had a perfect upbringing in an isolated community that was completely free from evil, and that your parents were exceptionally fine people

    44. The only obvious throwback to his North Carolina upbringing is the way he says “can’t”—a word he doesn’t use often

    45. ” Never forgetting his rural upbringing, he would say, “I’m a real country boy

    46. So our male Aussie was raised by a female Rottweiler and this upbringing not only had a calming influence on the Aussie, but showed great tolerance on Brook’s part, which was a good thing

    47. “But I had nothing to do with her upbringing

    48. ” What does that mean? If I were you, I would have to do it the way I do it, because of my upbringing, beliefs, experience, etc

    49. Having missed out on most of my siblings’ upbringing, I can assume that, at the very

    50. 4 Ornstein says that the existence of such different ways to account for the world even when the rat evolved makes it clear that the division in the human brain into different modes of processing is not just a matter of upbringing nor is it a division related largely to language versus no-language

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    breeding bringing up fosterage fostering nurture raising rearing upbringing

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    properties acquired during a person's formative years

    helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community