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    1. Peppy sat down on his rear, though it seemed to Violet like a war horse rearing his legs in the air

    2. She had no problem in handling six children; in true dragon fashion, she palmed out the rearing of the children to her brothers and sisters

    3. But it must be considered, that the price of any instrument of husbandry, such as a labouring horse, is itself made up of the same time parts ; the rent of the land upon which he is reared, the labour of tending and rearing him, and the profits of the farmer, who advances both the rent of this land, and the wages of this labour

    4. But poverty, though it does not prevent the generation, is extremely unfavourable to the rearing of children

    5. A great part of the cultivated lands must be employed in rearing and fattening cattle ; of which the price, therefore, must be sufficient to pay, not only the labour necessary for tending them, but the rent which the landlord, and the profit which the farmer, could have drawn from such land employed in tillage

    6. The cattle necessarily kept upon the farm produce more milk than either the rearing of their own young, or the consumption of the farmer's family requires ; and they produce most at one particular season

    7. The money from their sale had aided me in rearing my children

    8. “You worthless, fat lump of shit!” the gunny roared, rearing up again with

    9. Sespian’s stomach lurched at the assassin’s name, old fear rearing to the front of his mind

    10. There was a dull roar; a complete section about a foot wide was blown away as cleanly as if cut, and the mighty trunk rearing its lofty branches over 150 feet in the air, poised itself for a second, and fell to the earth with a thunder and force that shook the ground, crushing down large trees and part of the sacred grove in its fall, and badly injuring some natives who had gone too close after they had been warned

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    Synonyms for "rearing"

    breeding bringing up fosterage fostering nurture raising rearing upbringing rampant

    "rearing" definitions

    the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child

    helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

    rearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile