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Hedge in a sentence

Or peed into the hedge.
I was obliged to hedge.
A history of hedge funds.
Zach peered over the hedge.
These are the hedge funds.
This will provide a hedge.

Why not hedge your bets?
I’m not even a hedge knight.
My friend and hedge fund guru J.
This is a sign of hedge closing.
Hedge funds, Befriend the Trend.
Constantly be prepared to hedge.
A noise rustled out from a hedge.
A shadow stepped out of the hedge.
A low hedge parted the two estates.
Hedge knights, if you believe them.
The hedge limited that to 90 cents.
She pointed to the tall green hedge.
This, of course, is no hedge at all.
Don’t hedge yet, it screams.
What is the size of the delta hedge?
I dodged out of sight behind a hedge.
Perhaps he is a hedge knight after all.
Options are used to hedge against risk.
The delta hedge involves buying 50 * 0.
There are many ways to hedge you position.
He ran over to the hedge maze and dived.
Risk reduction – using options to hedge.
Hedge that bet by also buying the July 58.
The knight of the golden hedge, he thought.
Perhaps other hedge funds will then follow.
You simply can’t use this index to hedge.
The hedge knights did not prove hard to find.
Seconds later the hedge trimmer did the same.
They Don’t Hedge What You Think They Hedge.
Our Councils at the leading hedge of teckino.
Over the hedge another man was staring boldly.
I could hedge a back spread any way I wanted.
This is known as gamma hedging.
This is your first form of hedging.
Can Math Solve This Hedging Problem?
A big thing to watch out for is hedging.
There is no hedging effect as in part a).
Math Details: The Hedging Hall of Mirrors.
University of Massachusetts hedging study.
As with insurance, there is a cost to hedging.
Currency hedging will be explained in Section 4.
This pattern is useful in risk management and hedging.
Hedging : Protecting assets from currency fluctuations.
This, of course, is the whole objective behind hedging.
The first purpose is to show the importance of hedging.
The entire dynamic hedging process is shown in Figure 8-4.
Max was also hedging his bets and creating an alibi in Ray.
When hedging, you can use stock or options or a combination.
And that Cam knew too, and for some reason, Cam was hedging.
We saw this principle at work in Chapter 8 on dynamic hedging.
There are clearly many different ways of hedging our 10 calls.
The grass had recently been mowed, and the hedging recently.
So all things being equal, hedging European stocks is a wash.
A summary of basic hedging strategies is given in Figure 17-7.
This is consistent with the dynamic hedging examples in Chapter 8.
The result is if $900 is the cost of hedging, 60 of the VIX Jan 20.
Headlights sweep away beyond the hedging at the front of the house.
The dynamic hedging examples in Chapter 8 are typical gamma spreads.
It might have to do with how options are used in hedging strategies.
Lastly, hedging cost needs to be considered when evaluating historical data.
At first glance, it appeared that Enron was placing money lost in hedging.
Such phenomena invite not only direct exchanges but also hedging operations.
Retail traders lack the ability to trade and execute many hedging strategies.
The hedging decision would start with an outlook for the overall stock market.
I had a bunch of calls, read something about hedging, and bought a put on IBM.
The result of this hedging is that the trade becomes purely a volatility trade.
In theory, we can replicate an option position through a dynamic hedging process.
Consider the classical strategy of volatility trading with delta-neutral hedging.
Then we’ll tackle the hedging because it can have a dramatic impact on the specs.
FTSE 100 is a liquid index used for hedging currencies, commodities and you name it.
However, hedging physical holdings is super easy if you know how to read the squeeze.
Hedging costs money in the form of insurance premiums, and lower return on investments.
That way all risks are hedged.
Nothing much to tell,’ he hedged.
The option to be hedged has a delta.
Yeah, about that, Cecily hedged.
Well, it’s that, uh, he hedged.
The hedged European index yielded a 13.
Positions can be hedged with the use of options.
What makes you think he’ll do that? she hedged.
When you bought those options, you hedged NOTHING!.
To mitigate this risk, your position needs to be hedged.
No one has proven that they aren’t real, I hedged.
It is fully hedged and has a reasonable expense ratio of 0.
Risk aversion does not matter if positions could be hedged.
This great avenue, hedged in on the sidesby thousands of chairs.
Any residual deltas can be hedged away with the underlying contract.
In theory, each strip must be dynamically hedged to remain delta neutral.
Before I depart, never to bother you again, Tammas hedged, Is there.
Naked options: short positions not hedged with other option or stock positions.
Parable: There was a certain householder, which planted a vineyard, and hedged it.
Probably it would be better if he listened to the recording, Katherine hedged.
A gold mine which has hedged its future productions will not rise with the price of gold.
Said CEO Paul Bibby, The elimination of hedged contracts is transformational for OceanaGold.
The brokers don’t care if the trader is successful or not, they will have any risk well hedged.
I have never once hedged with a basket of actual financial stocks, and I doubt I am alone in this.
A call option with a delta of 50% (½) needs to be hedged with 1 lot of the spot for every 2 options.
The annualized standard deviation for hedged European stocks (Morgan Stanley Capital Index-Europe) was 14.
Shadows stand at hedged distances, everyone, it seems, obeying the same summons to come out into the night.
Unlike the unhedged carry trade, the “crash-neutral” or “hedged” carry trade exhibits positive skew.
The trees, the neatly hedged off fields, cattle who seemed serene and oblivious to the troubles of the world.
The Sheriff paused and Angela could almost hear the tumblers in his head rolling about as he hedged his thoughts.
Ford was much more expensive than GM, so the obvious idea is to buy GM and sell Ford for a lovely hedged position.
It’s divided into sections; the hedged area with swings and benches and footpaths paved with quarried flagstones.
But when you own a position that consists of options instead of shares, risk can be identified, quantified, and hedged.
The Company camped beside the Stone, but they slept little, because of the dread of the Shadows that hedged them round.
This currency risk can be eliminated (hedged) by selling forward a pound contract in the futures market at nominal cost.
All history shows that such an arrangement, however hedged in by the most solemn treaties and declarations, cannot last.
But the hedged trader is covered for this loss by being short half as many lots of the spot product which have fallen 10 cents.
No wonder, then, that the minute I finish cutting the hedged bamboo I am preparing to go back to the other end and start again.
All of the foreign stock index funds recommended in Chapter 8 are unhedged, and the only low-cost foreign bond funds are hedged.
Dimensional Fund Advisors has two fine short-term global bond funds (hedged) with reasonable expenses, if you decide to go that way.
The hedges were grey with dust.
The lot was surrounded by hedges.
It matters how the trader hedges.
Unkempt about those hedges blows.
The trader delta hedges the trade.
Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.
Parable of the Pipeline, by Burke Hedges.
There seemed to be no hedges round Herr Dremmel.
We’re leaving for the hedges, not for Coldmoat.
The tall green hedges stretched ahead as far as.
Recall that you margin off the fly, not the hedges.
It seemed that the hedges had got badly overgrown.
The lawn had been cut recently and the hedges trimmed.
Chris Hedges – War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning.
Hedges Crystal Skull of Love in the 1960’s-1970’s.
I skirted fields, and hedges, and lanes till after sunrise.
War in the end is always about betrayal, Hedges opined.
We should have stayed out in the hedges, sleeping under trees.
Instead, he had slunk home, in the shadows of hedges and alleys.
Most of it was blocked by overgrown hedges and fallen tree limbs.
The lawn didn’t need mowed and the hedges were already trimmed.
Some she knew home of the McLure family, behind its low box hedges.
Up ahead, she spotted an opening in the hedges and headed toward it.
They were like two hedges of brambles, bristling with sharp thorns.
As it turns out, Audrey hedges, and then finds it in her heart to.
Yards fronted the path with either flowering hedges or storage sheds.
Thorny, disheveled rose hedges lined the entrance to the Abyssal Cairn.
Puts represent bearish bets or hedges, and calls represent bullish ones.
At the same moment they became aware that the hedges on both sides, just.
After a while he left the road and walked close to the hedges and shrubs.
The hedges are all leafless now, except where an evergreen is to be found.
He protects them and hedges them round by strong plants, to break the cold.
It appeared to be coming from a long slit at the base of one of the hedges.
He walked on a few paces, and went off to look over the tops of the hedges.
Over the hedges skipped a club beat infused with the time of night: midnight.
The realm has as many hedge knights as hedges, and all of them have feet.
Both of these instruments are used as hedges against a drop in stock prices.
She strode across the white cobblestones and scaled the hedges that bordered.
Purchasing a VIX call hedges downside market exposure; that’s not in dispute.
In a matter of hours they reached the wild rose hedges before the Abyssal Cairn.

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