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Groom in a sentence | groom example sentences

  1. To the bride and groom!.
  2. A bride and groom in a suite.
  3. And it's just for the groom.
  4. The groom was in a closed stall.
  5. Where is the lucky groom?

  6. They gave a Santro to the groom.
  7. They were accompanied by a groom.
  8. There was loud cheering of groom party.
  9. The groom was seated at the sacred fire.
  10. Jyoti didi was seated besides the groom.
  11. His groom reported that the Master had.
  12. Lou Strong was a groom in The Stables.
  13. Tommy, the young groom, favored Alexandra.
  14. Only thing missing: the name of the groom.
  15. We had solved the bride and groom murders.

  16. Why can’t he get in? said the groom.
  17. At this point, the groom may kiss his bride.
  18. The groom was a tall, handsome man with an.
  19. But the price of the groom was not to my taste.
  20. Because the bride and groom lived in the same.
  21. They said the groom is friends with Jeremy.
  22. Resists efforts of caretaker to clean or groom.
  23. He handed his reins to a groom and looked around.
  24. Not since the day the bride and groom case ended.
  25. It was the voice of the groom, trying to wake him.

  26. The groom is pinned against the door, apoplectic.
  27. He knew it would be the groom who opened the door.
  28. The permanent greyness had sapped his wil to groom.
  29. Father tied the knot of both the groom and the bride.
  30. The groom was dignified, the bride-to-be resplendent.
  31. I had known the bride and groom for a number of years.
  32. The pendants are presented by the father of the groom.
  33. It was a head shot only of a horse and his stud groom.
  34. A passing groom told him where to find the nearest well.
  35. The groom rocked once, then crumpled forward in a heap.
  36. Owners of Huskies should be prepared to brush and groom.
  37. They notice the changing postures of the bride and groom.
  38. Mary continued down the aisle, her eyes glued to the groom.
  39. Interestingly, the groom and his attendants were not only.
  40. Her groom is the son of her father’s Boss, very rich man.
  41. After all, he was the groom, a millionaire, and their host.
  42. He finally said, The groom was shot sitting on the john.
  43. Really? Paul said while continuing to groom his horse.
  44. Cats groom themselves often, cleaning themselves with their.
  45. It’s okay; a groom should always forgive their bride.
  46. The bride and groom stood with the minister on a slight rise.
  47. We don’t want to be late, the groom warned sheepishly.
  48. The father of groom is anyway too proud to have such a son!.
  49. The groom recognized Pierre in the darkness by his white hat.
  50. The groom looked up, bewildered, the tip of a joint on his lip.
  52. The young groom, Simon noted, seemed as embarrassed as he was.
  53. They left Elannort at dawn with a young groom from the stables.
  54. However, they never found out who the bride and the groom were.
  55. Good-by! he said and turned with his groom toward the inn.
  56. The groom was carried on arms by one of our uncles to the mandap.
  57. The groom wandered over and whispered something in Kathy’s ear.
  58. With a hitch of his belt, the groom drifted out of the main hall.
  59. The groom was allowed to stand at the entry gate of our courtyard.
  60. Weddings should be focused on the bride and groom, but the other.
  61. Lala Ji, the over aged unmarried groom was not permitted to leave.
  62. They proceeded to the table where the bride and groom were seated.
  63. Holt told her to groom Dumbo, so they could get better acquainted.
  64. The four companions were joined by a young groom from the stables.
  65. He remembered how he used to groom the horses that came to the Inn.
  66. But I am the groom to the brides of Christ, another voice whispered.
  67. Don’t groom in public, in the car or at the table in a restaurant.
  68. The groom cowered from the animal, dropping the reins to the ground.
  69. Mother came with sacred water and a tray of rice to welcome the groom.
  70. Helez felt terribly sorry for her groom and her heart went out to him.
  71. A bride should always say good morning before waking the groom.
  72. In the manor yard were left the cow-tender, the elder, and the groom.
  73. Any card? the groom said, fumbling in his pants pockets for a tip.
  74. Manju told me about Harish, the poster boy of the perfect Tamilian groom.
  75. On the four seats, the parents of the bride and groom to be, are sitting.
  76. A groom reached to receive the reins of the extraordinary black stallion.
  77. The parties of groom were dinned in the dinning hall with grand reception.
  78. It all depends on the price range that the bride and groom, she re-.
  79. The matter was reported to the sergeant, who went and routed out the groom.
  80. Groom for about five minutes and then stop and move on to another activity.
  81. The panes were rattling in the little windows and his groom was shaking him.
  82. Let the bride and groom step forth, that they may be joined in matrimony.
  83. My groom and my page sleep out of the house, and may be set aside altogether.
  84. The elder called for help, but there was nobody near by; only the groom came.
  85. But what is there in running across it like that? said Ilágin’s groom.
  86. Ralph looked at the groom who was holding the horse’ s foot up for inspection.
  87. The genie would transport the bed to Aladdin and put the groom out in the cold.
  88. I ruffl’d Lustre’s Mane fondly ere he was led away to the Stable by a Groom.
  89. That is a pale bride with flowing veil come back to bed her lost unbedded groom.
  90. To their left were the two specially decorated chairs for the groom and his bride.
  91. The following morning when the girls went out to the stables, there was a new groom.
  92. As the minister talked, the groom and bride turned to look into each other’s eyes.
  93. If there’s a bride and groom killer out there, the attention will be national.
  94. When the reception is over, the bride and groom will have a matching set of bowls!.
  95. If you intruders don’t leave, I’ll be calling the police! Shouted the groom.
  96. The groom, the coachman, and the innkeeper told Pierre that an officer had come with.
  97. How the groom had been killed first, his blood smeared on the wall behind the toilet.
  98. All at once I see you pass through the barrier with a groom, a tilbury, and fine new.
  99. The groom followed her out, a tall, serious-looking man about ten years older than she.
  100. The groom, however, was not one of the strugglers who want to kick down other climbers.
  1. She loved grooming the horses.
  2. We’re half way done with the grooming.
  3. These guardians, he said grooming his moustache.
  4. Just wondered if I could ask her about grooming kids.
  5. Garcia returned to his room and began grooming the cat.
  6. He grooms her repeatedly and accepts grooming in return.
  7. The coat usually comes in black, needs much grooming and.
  8. Luna sat on the nearby countertop, grooming the fur on her.
  9. Sticks was in charge of grooming the track and performing all.
  10. If manners maketh man, then manner and grooming maketh poodle.
  11. This is also how you manage feeding and grooming them as well.
  12. Later, when they were grooming the horses, Than seemed distant.
  13. Puffy was just now grooming himself after his long daytime nap.
  14. Grooming its spiked mane with a heavy paw, brushing against the.
  15. Nightfall ceased his grooming and turned a gauging eye upon Edgar.
  16. Trimming is a grooming chore you'll want to be able to do yourself.
  17. While the other grooming procedures involve cutting and deliberately.
  18. He was checking you out the whole time we were grooming in the pen.
  19. Never fear; attempts at grooming can be thwarted in a number of ways:.
  20. He ran his hand through his hair, attempting some last minute grooming.
  21. He still thought of it as grooming, and he could think while he did it.
  22. Once his grooming was complete, he walked to the end of the bed and sat down.
  23. Get rid of the clothing that you wear following grooming or handling your pet.
  24. Probably grooming his tail, chuckled Spock, he and Stu burst out laughing.
  25. He studied the faces and dress of the two men, their grooming and their jewelry.
  26. We’ll need help with the grooming and tack so they’re ready to go by eleven.
  27. The rat, still on its pad, had stopped its grooming and was eyeing him suspiciously.
  28. You’re almost as bad as that new guy they’re grooming for the role of director.
  29. Bathing is not necessary for all cats as they are excellent at grooming themselves.
  30. Her taste in clothes was superb and the women always followed her style of dress and grooming.
  31. He learned the importance of succession planning and grooming the next generation of managers.
  32. At night, when I had planned this virtuous grooming, I was always too busy with something else.
  33. We bring the horses in at nine for grooming before they start their first trail ride of the day.
  34. I’ve watched him ogle himself in the mirror, grooming himself like a horny baboon for their dates.
  35. I wonder if I should be annoyed that she paused in the middle of my disappearance for personal grooming.
  36. Therese finished grooming Sugar, a little knot forming in her stomach now over having to ride later today.
  37. But why did they do it to him in the first place?… They were grooming David Hudson before he came home.
  38. TIP! If your dog is still getting used to the grooming process, only work with him or her in short bursts.
  39. Then she got promoted to grooming assistant and was able to afford a hotel room that she rented by the week.
  40. And who knew how many more? She could take care of her meals and grooming, and she could listen to the radio.
  41. Case studies in which improvement for women only is inferred from changes in grooming and the application of.
  42. He wore good clothing, had excellent grooming, spoke with a trace of an English accent of the upper-class kind.
  43. Make sure to do the grooming yourself, since it is also an activity, which would bring you closer to each other.
  44. The car is fifty years old, but in pristine condition with rego USAIMP registered to the company Cheval Grooming.
  45. And Charley, who still had vestiges of his Chicago grooming, waded in the water and became his old dirty self again.
  46. It paused briefly when it noticed Loofah watching, cast him a disinterested glance, and then returned to its grooming.
  47. There was already enough for the hairdresser to start grooming it into something quite smart, including a goatee beard.
  48. Most cats learn to enjoy the grooming process, and this can be a rewarding interaction between you and your pet as well.
  49. Grooming your dog would ensure that he always feel comfortable, which would have positive results in your training sessions.
  50. Both male and female monks are taught to be distraction free, hence, why both sexes shave their heads, as grooming is a distraction.
  51. The suite was such that both travelers were able to attend to their own grooming and hygienic concerns separately, and at the same time.
  52. Scrutinizing what appeared to be further assault on the face of his young friend, he said nothing, only returned to grooming the horse.
  53. Another known source of the allergic reaction is the saliva of the cat, which is transferred to its fur during natural grooming behavior.
  54. His sons were running Nanjing and Zheng He, and he was grooming his nephew to run Longjiang, which was named after the shipyard in Nanjing.
  55. He was superintending the grooming of his horse, and smoking his cigar at the entrance of the garden, when the count's carriage stopped at the gate.
  56. She had always enjoyed the closeness that grooming had brought between her and her mother; the idle chatter, the intimate touching, the lingering caresses.
  57. Pets could stay overnight while their families were away, or come for an afternoon of combing and grooming, replete with hair-ribbons and fingernail painting.
  58. No driving ambitions, no slave to whim or fashion, no war making, why he even grew his own clothes then just lay around grooming himself, living in the moment.
  59. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to do your own grooming, she said while cross-tying the stallion in the center isle and presenting her with a brush and pick.
  60. Forgive me, my liege, Ceri replied softly, I was grooming my horse - I did not mean to offend your liege but I have no possessions of my own save that horse.
  61. Her worn tunic and headscarf had not been washed in a long time and the few strands of black curly hair showing from under the scarf were in need of serious grooming.
  62. My father and mother were making last minute repairs and the final grooming of the bungalows' buildings and grounds, when the eastern winds came stampeding across the lake.
  63. After they finished grooming and saddling the horses, Jen’s mom came out of the barn where she had been working to formally offer Therese the job and to thank her for accepting it.
  64. With his wardrobe for the evening prepared, he combed his hair, checked his reflection for any necessary grooming, then he crossed the hall to the lavatory to complete his activities.
  65. Thinking like an anthropologist once again, and how long this population of humans had been separated from those on Earth, he wondered if it could have evolved from grooming behavior.
  66. The creature’s shocked surprise was countered by the injured male’s glare of disapproval, quickly followed by a growl as the leader slowly approached, while making grooming sounds.
  67. There hadn't been time for a change back to casual clothes, so he did what he could in the car park to destroy the grooming; tie off, sleeves rolled up, belt askew, that would have to do.
  68. He can show some warning signs such as preoccupation with the drugs and inability to take care of his personal grooming, inadequate sleep, irritability, agitation, depression and easy provocation.
  69. When he rides into the yard I’m out in the stable block ostensibly grooming Sefir, though the effectiveness of my so-called grooming would be called into doubt by any half-capable stablehand but Sefir doesn’t seem to mind.
  70. Sisters Juliane, Paulus, and Mary Charles participated in Rosemary’s therapy—walking, swimming, and playing ball—in addition to carrying out daily grooming, laundry, meal preparation, chauffeuring, shopping, and housecleaning.
  71. He was busy grooming Starlight – something they had argued about, until he had pointed out that if he couldn’t do something practical, he would go crazy and she had conceded the point – and she was perched on a hay bale watching him.
  72. Political parties, rather than causing confrontation, would bring the government and the people closer together and would facilitate the grooming of political talent, talent that was sadly lacking in a territory that was a babe in terms of political experience and acumen.
  73. However, the feeling passed away when a Cockney driver (evidently one of the wire-collecting fatigue) said in a voice audible to everyone as he peeped from under the horse he was supposed to be grooming: "Blimey, if he ain't fallen over the only piece of blinking wire in Italy!"—F.
  74. Upon entering, she was astonished to encounter an equally surprised Caroline Steepleton, the fiancée of the owner of Club Hollywood where Herminia had worked as a child whore, grooming a magnificent, snow-white Andalusian stallion, with its mane and tail brushed to resemble fine, flowing silk.
  75. We say, by the choices our purchases vote for, 'fuck everything else, my gourmet special diet cat food over your country's sanitation, my dog's total makeover grooming extravaganza over your previous existing uncovered health care expenditures, my horse idylling in rainbow-clover fields over your affordable organic food'.
  76. That’s nonsense! Even ministers would find that assumption idiotic! At best! Master Olom would have you scrubbing the horses for a week for even pondering such a connection! I do mean, scrubbing! Flayed brush and murky water for a week! Grooming a horse is no occupation for an aspiring Curator, mind you! And especially the horses’ parts where.
  1. My dad groomed me to be like him.
  2. He kept his mane neatly groomed.
  3. Dick hurried in, groomed and perfect.
  4. He was well dressed and well groomed.
  5. She had taught me and groomed me well.
  6. I have groomed him for almost a year.
  7. She was beautifully dressed and groomed.
  8. He was being groomed for the finance department.
  9. For two years he groomed horses and did housework.
  10. These forests have been well groomed and there are.
  11. And groomed them for violence and armed them with guns.
  12. She was slim, very well groomed and had modelled in earlier.
  13. He can see hands, long slender hands, well groomed and clean.
  14. As the hawks landed, they were well groomed and taken care of.
  15. Elena: Do you wish to see the heir you chosen and you groomed?
  16. She was a carefully groomed woman, as artificial as French heels.
  17. Agent was groomed and dressed in a suit, as sharp as the day they met.
  18. Thor sports a red beard, and his hair is long, though neatly groomed.
  19. Once he was bathed and groomed he would make a better first impression.
  20. Carolyn is a slightly built and carefully groomed woman in her mid-forties.
  22. And here stood Blanche, vital, vigorous, self-possessed, groomed for a function.
  23. They were kept in pristine condition and the horses were always superbly groomed.
  24. Other requirements were that the applicant had to be well spoken and well groomed.
  25. What he saw instead was a brisk, neatly groomed man two years younger than himself.
  26. Robert Puller knew all this because he had been groomed to possibly head up the NSA one day.
  27. The Kantsler had groomed Alexander Ilyavich for the leadership of Stavka, Everyone loved him.
  28. He was unusually well groomed for a Monday, wearing his best suit and sporting a clean shave.
  29. An only son, he was to be "groomed" as his father's successor in the running of the extensive.
  30. Texas Hearing and Service Dogs (USA) groomed 8,126 dogs to create a ball of hair weighing 91.
  31. Our battalion, fresh from home, all nicely groomed and with new kit, stepped out whistling Tipperary.
  32. The person who will enjoy such a purchase has a nice high-end classic wardrobe and is groomed above-average.
  33. In addition to always being very clean, brushed and perfumed, Batam was always very well dressed and groomed.
  34. She refused to come into the barn and had to be ready and groomed for the new owners in the morning to pick up.
  35. I must admit that I cried as I groomed my horses, crying for what could have been, but it was stupid, impossible.
  36. He stood about six feet two inches, weighed around 200 pounds, and had a full head of perfectly groomed brown hair.
  37. They hurried the traveler’s warhorses to the livery stable where they were groomed with currycombs and fed grain.
  38. You know how well groomed he letting him bathe and every day he’s been insisting that he wanted a bath and finally.
  39. Julia was one of the young women I had groomed for higher things and who now worked with me in HR as a fellow director.
  40. Without a doubt, Horrifying Hippo was a magnificent, captivating sight to be seen when all groomed up from head to toe!.
  41. Their bodies were equally well groomed and pampered, and they had also each made major life commitments to social equality.
  42. It’s sad they forget that their kids would be better off, if only they’re groomed to face the roughs and toughs of life.
  43. He must at some point have been nice-looking; not a single fleck of color was still visible on his fastidiously groomed head.
  44. Assistant lich-trolls took the reins of the steeds and guided them to the stable where they would be fed, watered and groomed.
  45. The ground sheltered by the tree‘s near hundred foot drip circle was carpeted by leaves and as well groomed as a state park.
  46. They were a handsome couple in their late forties, well dressed and expensively groomed, and were accompanied by a second couple.
  47. While she groomed her thick tawny fur, she was ever-alert, ever-listening, smelling the wood-smoke and other flavours on the wind.
  48. Gohdard was a distinguished-looking man, with elegantly groomed silver hair, blue eyes, and a taste for expensively tailored cassocks.
  49. Its twenty three hectares of groomed landscape and lake that is home to ducks, geese and pelicans draws tourists with their cameras from around the globe.
  50. At the umpteenth stop, the seventeenth Floor, he surveyed the departure of an impeccably groomed individual and marveled at the stupidity of suits and ties.
  51. He had made a place for himself as an assistant pastor of a midsized congregation and had been groomed by the senior pastor to one day take over the church.
  52. In her arms, a white poodle, groomed to perfection, seems to recognize the thin man, wags its tail and attempts to leap from the woman’s arms towards him.
  53. The well- groomed, black moustaches above his colourless, paper-thin lips seemed to monitor whatever he said, filtering out any possible emotions in his voice.
  54. While his elder brother, Scott, is being groomed to run their father’s oil company, and his sister is newly married and settling down, John has retreated into a world all his own.
  55. Raven and his parents attended regular Christian Church services, but Phillip was being groomed by a local priest named Father Quimper in order to establish a church and mission in America.
  56. Raven and his parents always attended regular Christian Church services, but Phillip was being groomed by a local priest named Father Quimper in order to establish a church and mission in America.
  57. I used to have an excellent stable boy working with me who kept the stalls spotless, well-mounted shoes on every horse and groomed them all twice a day, but I guess he got fired while I was evicted.
  58. What possibly could this man have to complain about? He was well dressed, had nice shoes, and was impeccably groomed, of course, except for his tubby stomach that seemed to protrude from his buttoned vest.
  59. For when Charley is groomed and clipped and washed he is as pleased with himself as is a man with a good tailor or a woman newly patinaed by a beauty parlor, all of whom can believe they are like that clear through.
  60. Every building was carefully maintained and fresh-painted each year in what he was told was a riotous public festival, and the streets were lined with beautiful gardens, flowers, trees, fountains, all carefully groomed.
  61. Was it because she had been looking so long at Fritzing that this man seemed so nicely groomed? Or at Tussie, that he seemed so well put together? Or at Robin, that he seemed so modest? Was it because people's eyes--Mrs.
  62. The Economist, in a scathing piece, wrote: ‘Rahul, who had been long groomed for leadership, is a dud: earnest, but lacking in energy, ideas, strategy, and, crucially, the ability to connect with party workers and voters.
  63. Superstar baseball and hockey players receive fame and huge salaries: but the farm leagues and the thousands of athletes who are trained and groomed just so a few can reach this pyramidal status, get almost no recognition at all.
  64. He seemed detached, almost groomed appearance, his unhurried air of having all he wanted and of being unaffected by the newcomers one way or the other -- all these presented Hazel with a problem unlike anything he had had to deal with before.
  65. And could now see that all that had happened, and that that I’d done was for a reason, a purpose; for I was being groomed to carry forth God’s Word and His Presence throughout the travels that were also destined for me; or was it just for my personal knowledge?
  66. Why did these East Germans seek to perpetuate their archaic salutations in such histrionic and fatuitous style? Valentin Zinoviev, well groomed and very conservative in outward appearance, a shrewd and ruthless planner inside, shook Komadze's hand and permitted a brief salutary smile.
  67. That will be further down the road as Sheridan is only 13 and must be groomed to play the part of gracious hostess and wife, and Marcus will be going to the university to learn all about wines and winemaking so he can run his father’s estate; then and only then will the mating take place.
  68. If we throw out a dozen women in each of our large Eastern cities who have had the advantage of birth, breeding, position and wealth, the rank and file are like the rank and file of any other nation—a little brighter, perhaps; keener, more alert, better groomed, but harder—and often less fascinating.
  69. Despite their pale swollen faces and tattered uniforms, the hussars formed line for roll call, kept things in order, groomed their horses, polished their arms, brought in straw from the thatched roofs in place of fodder, and sat down to dine round the caldrons from which they rose up hungry, joking about their nasty food and their hunger.
  70. His severe black suit, with fine ruffled shirt and trousers smartly near him, bulky in the shoulders but tapering to a small waist and absurdly small feet in strapped beneath high insteps, was oddly at variance with his physique and face, for he was foppishly groomed, the clothes of a dandy on a body that was powerful and latently and closely clipped, almost foreign looking compared with the dashing, swooping dangerous in its lazy grace.
  71. Not only the generals in full parade uniforms, with their thin or thick waists drawn in to the utmost, their red necks squeezed into their stiff collars, and wearing scarves and all their decorations, not only the elegant, pomaded officers, but every soldier with his freshly washed and shaven face and his weapons clean and polished to the utmost, and every horse groomed till its coat shone like satin and every hair of its wetted mane lay smooth- felt that no small matter was happening, but an important and solemn affair.
  72. Not only the generals in full parade uniforms, with their thin or thick waists drawn in to the utmost, their red necks squeezed into their stiff collars, and wearing scarves and all their decorations, not only the elegant, pomaded officers, but every soldier with his freshly washed and shaven face and his weapons clean and polished to the utmost, and every horse groomed till its coat shone like satin and every hair of its wetted mane lay smooth—felt that no small matter was happening, but an important and solemn affair.
  73. I had always kept myself sufficiently groomed in that area because,.
  74. The usually straitlaced, military man with the impeccably groomed goatee sat on the wall,.
  1. All the brides and grooms.
  2. They dismounted, and as grooms took.
  3. He watched the grooms (from their own.
  4. I gifted one Alto car for their grooms.
  5. Both of the grooms were dispatched quickly.
  6. Several grooms appeared and took the horses.
  7. There must be stables and horses and grooms.
  8. I gave two lakh rupees in cash to their grooms.
  9. I was staring at the killer of the brides and grooms.
  10. He grooms her repeatedly and accepts grooming in return.
  11. There were ten of us in this flat, all the grooms and instructors.
  12. Crawford, with two or three grooms, standing about and looking on.
  13. I left the horses in charge of the grooms and went back to crush some Silurian nuts.
  14. Among them were grooms leading the Tsar’s beautiful relay horses covered with embroidered cloths.
  15. Pulling up close to the main entrance, we dismounted and left our horses with the grooms in Medraut’s troop.
  16. I asked one or two of the grooms and helpers whom I saw around if they could tell me anything about the empty house.
  17. I stare at his back, watching him as he grooms Sefir with a passion, as though dealing with a different entity all together.
  18. The horses are splendid, and the men, especially the grooms, ride well, but the women are stiff, and bounce, which isn't according to our rules.
  19. I did detect a figure creeping along the inner fence of the park; but it was not my young mistress: on its emerging into the light, I recognised one of the grooms.
  20. Why not? said the coachman, thinking to himself, why do they order the horses when they aren’t ready? The rush the grooms and I had—just to stand here and feed the flies.
  21. What right have those sleek, pampered hunters and racers to their warm stables and high feed, their grooms and jockeys? It is really heart-sickening to think of it,' replied the hack.
  22. Only his Grooms and Trainers and other Servants were in attendance; thus we could be almost entirely undisturb’d as we picknickt upon the Green, watching the Mares and Foals frolicking upon the velvet Grass.
  23. Cadwallader's errand could not be despatched in the presence of grooms, so she asked to be taken into the conservatory close by, to look at the new plants; and on coming to a contemplative stand, she said—.
  24. He was roused from the reverie of retrospection and regret produced by it, by some inquiry from Edmund as to his plans for the next day's hunting; and he found it was as well to be a man of fortune at once with horses and grooms at his command.
  25. He was roused from the reverie of retrospection and regret produced by it, by some inquiry from Edmund as to his plans for the next day’s hunting; and he found it was as well to be a man of fortune at once with horses and grooms at his command.
  26. They are three grooms; the celestial butterfly is drowned in them; and there are formed there in a membranous smoke, vaguely condensed into the wing of the bat, three mute furies, Nightmare, Night, and Death, which hover about the slumbering Psyche.
  27. He nodded and looked around for his horse, the grooms were out and gathering up loose mounts, one of them bringing Arthur his horse, and as we turned and began wandering through the dead, searching, I moved with him to where I thought I had lost my spear.
  28. There were parties and balls and bazaars gray and gold braid and the brides in blockade-run finery, aisles of crossed swords, every week and war weddings without number, with the grooms on furlough in bright toasts drunk in blockaded champagne and tearful farewells.
  29. M’lord, I… How could he share a camp with such as these? Their serving men would raise their pavilions, their grooms would curry their horses, their cooks would serve them each a capon or a joint of beef, whilst Dunk and Egg gnawed on strips of hard salt beef.
  30. The two Kingsbridge nuns, disguised now as Christophe de Longchamp and Michel de Longchamp, were directed to the grand abbey church, where several hundred of the king’ s squires, grooms and other attendants were bedding down at night on the cold stone floor of the nave.
  31. Of course, many persons, grooms and coachmen, were continually crossing the yard, and there was, besides, the rumbling of wheels and the snorting of horses and so on; yet it was a convenient place, whether he was observed or not; but now, anyway, there was the advantage of being to some extent in the shadow, and no one could see Mr.
  32. The servants passed gayly along the fine court-yard; some, belonging to the kitchens, gliding down the stairs, restored but the previous day, as if they had always inhabited the house; others filling the coach-houses, where the equipages, encased and numbered, appeared to have been installed for the last fifty years; and in the stables the horses replied with neighs to the grooms, who spoke to them with much more respect than many servants pay their masters.
  33. Plender and Wilcox became joint grooms of the chambers, like 'Blues' and Life Guards with equal precedence, Plender having as his particular province his Lordship's own apartments and Wilcox a sphere of influence in the public rooms; the senior footman was given a black coat and promoted butler, the non-descript Swiss, on arrival, was to have plain clothes and full valet's status there was a general increase in wages to meet the new dignities, and all were content.
  34. And indeed, if the Amazon referred to above had ever come to know how I used to stand behind the grooms and dream of seizing her and carrying her off to some country spot—if she had ever come to know how I should have lived with her there, and how I should have treated her, it is probable that she would have had very good cause for indignation! But I always felt that, once I got to know her, she would straightway divine these thoughts, and consider herself insulted by my acquaintance.
  35. Dubkoff, who was acquainted with her, surprised me one day in the riding-school, where I was lurking concealed behind the lady’s grooms and the fur wraps which they were holding, and, having heard from Dimitri of my infatuation, frightened me so terribly by proposing to introduce me to the Amazon that I fled incontinently from the school, and was prevented by the mere thought that possibly he had told her about me from ever entering the place again, or even from hiding behind her grooms, lest I should encounter her.
  36. There was still the hunting establishment which Nicholas had even enlarged, the same fifty horses and fifteen grooms in the stables, the same expensive presents and dinner parties to the whole district on name days; there were still the count’s games of whist and boston, at which- spreading out his cards so that everybody could see them- he let himself be plundered of hundreds of rubles every day by his neighbors, who looked upon an opportunity to play a rubber with Count Rostov as a most profitable source of income.
  37. There was still the hunting establishment which Nicholas had even enlarged, the same fifty horses and fifteen grooms in the stables, the same expensive presents and dinner parties to the whole district on name days; there were still the count’s games of whist and boston, at which—spreading out his cards so that everybody could see them—he let himself be plundered of hundreds of rubles every day by his neighbors, who looked upon an opportunity to play a rubber with Count Rostóv as a most profitable source of income.
  38. As for me, what was my Response to the News that I might soon be Mistress of Lymeworth? I’faith, I scarcely believ’d it! ’Twas a Fairy Tale, a Dream, a Fable from a Book of French Romances! First, as a Bastard—and a female one at that—how might I inherit the Estate settl’d upon Lord Bellars by his Father? Then, what Reason had I to believe that Lymeworth was unencumber’d by Debts and Mortgages! Why some of the greatest Houses in all of England were as heavy with Mortgages as their Chestnut Trees were heavy with Chestnuts! I presum’d, therefore, that Lord Bellars had left his Affairs in great Disarray, o’erspent mightily upon this aborted Renovation of Lymeworth, and was in Debt to his Architect, his Landscape Gardener, all his Builders, Painters, and Plasterers, not to mention his Banker, and e’en his Lawyer! In London he had liv’d high; at Lymeworth e’en his Expences for his Horses, Grooms, and Stables—not to mention his Hounds—must be hundreds of Pounds a Year, nay thousands.
  39. So I told him of my escape and of my fortunate meeting with the king's grooms,.

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