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Hustle in a sentence | hustle example sentences

  1. Was he trying to hustle me?
  2. He had to hustle to keep it.
  3. The hustle and bustle of the.
  4. The waiters were having to hustle.
  5. There was the hustle and bustle of.
  6. The soldiers again hustle and hurry the lad.
  7. I need my rest; I don’t need the hustle and.
  8. As we hustle past, I see that it’s none other than T.
  9. Was that al part of the hustle too? Hal continued.
  10. I needed a respite from all the hustle and bustle of the.
  11. I’m sure you know who the other players in this hustle.
  12. As we neared, the hustle and bustle of travelers was evident.
  13. She made her way through the hustle and bustle of the village.
  14. Too often in the hustle and bustle and busy-ness of life, we.
  15. Look! See them hustle that masher! His hat’s smashed already.
  16. There was a sign ahead, stating that it was 24 miles to Hustle.
  17. It appeared that the party was over as the hustle and bustle of.
  18. Get the nearest preacher, and hustle him here with his tools.
  19. All the hustle and glitter of Manhattan seemed to scare Berniece.
  20. The hustle of a major train station converted into geriatric peace.
  21. Even in the afternoon hustle and bustle of the tourist throng, the.
  22. Is this al part of the hustle as well, McClure? Batistuta asked.
  23. She had always been fascinated with the lights and hustle of the city.
  24. Shackling lines move so fast workers have to hustle to keep the line full.
  25. I left Hustle about ten years ago after I was suspected of prostitution.
  26. I awoke late and had to hustle as I had been invited to the American Embassy.
  27. It was located in downtown Hustle, which was comprised of two blocks of red.
  28. Jil was standing, sipping a nice hot cup of tea, over looking the hustle and.
  29. I spurred him out of the stable lot and into the hustle and bustle of the city.
  30. But for me the real joy is to just get out and away from the hustle and bustle.
  31. I trust this finds you doing well as you hustle about trying to save the world.
  32. Junya started to hustle towards the front car of the train, but bumped into the.
  33. I found the place without problem, one can walk nearly any where in Hustle without.
  34. The kids stomped past heading out the door so Dave really had to hustle to keep up.
  35. Terry loved Madame Rich's hustle and was always surprised he never caught her slipping.
  36. There was nothing else to do except attempt to return to Hustle as quickly as we could.
  37. It wasn’t long before we were on the road back to Hustle, and an entire procession of.
  38. Thank you for your concern though I replied and then parted with them in hustle to home.
  39. My guess was that she was still living here, and had just come to Hustle as part of the Felix.
  40. The gal answered the phone with a desultory, Hello, Hustle Herald front desk, can I hep ya?
  41. Will had been grunting at her to hustle, but she was ready to lie down right in the middle of the sidewalk.
  42. The strong smell of all types of fish swept over him, as the hustle and bustle of the market came into view.
  43. Life was a hassle and a hustle and even those who could afford a whisky at noon did not have the time for it.
  44. Those same two members came into the command center at a hustle, not a pace Cam generally associated with Mamie.
  45. Within a few minutes, his train left the tenements’ and streets with their cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of life.
  46. She must have been planning on leaving Hustle before the day she actually left, as she had had her phone disconnected.
  47. We hustle through the crowd of visitors who always come here to admire the Nair’s glorious lines of water fountains.
  48. The whole area was untouched and much quieter than the hustle and bustle they had grown accustomed to back in the village.
  49. We went into hiding, but Felix thought it was time to try to square things with Harold Gibbons, so he went back to Hustle.
  50. That was pretty time consuming to make from odd jobs, you pretty much needed a career or a hustle to do that in one day a week.
  51. And in all this hustle and bustle to complete the mission I’m sure that you at least had a ceremony of union performed?
  52. On top of the usual comps and games at the wing me and a few other lads were running a work comp to try and hustle a bit of extra coin.
  53. There was a bus leaving fairly soon to the large town near Hustle, and I figured I could find my way back to Hustle in the light of day.
  54. You know that the license is only good in Hustle, you have to take a state test and show proficiency to practice elsewhere in the state.
  55. There were no lack of volunteers to hustle the four pickpockets to incarceration and a group of men moved off with the now bloodied thieves.
  56. The Team leader passed several workstations and left the hustle and bustle of Operations Command behind him as he entered briefing room one.
  57. We hurry and push and hustle, for the good of humanity! ‘The world is becoming too noisy, too commercial!’ groans some solitary thinker.
  58. After the jury’s bus pulls out, Tom and I slip out the same back door and hustle across the parking lot to where Clarence has left us his cab.
  59. They passed a number of lorries and tankers on their way to or from Romania or Moldova but it felt so different from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  60. In the station, under a huge steel sky, the two children sat quietly amid the hustle and bustle of bags and feet that rumbled by oblivious to their plight.
  61. Good old Hustle, a pretty safe, clean town, unless you count the crack I received on my head, the death of Felicia Jeffries, and the disappearance of her son.
  62. The Federal Building’s regular Monday morning hustle and bustle seemed no different than usual, except for the bum asleep in the bushes outside the west door.
  63. Outback, as Australian’s refer to it, is a huge area in the remote part of the country which is away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and sparsely populated.
  64. Places where tired, unwell and/or pregnant women could escape the everyday hustle and bustle of busy, hardworking lives; give birth; and die, when those respective times came.
  65. As he entered the kitchen, he was quick to notice it was more military-type coordination than the hustle and bustle that you would usually associate with a busy commercial kitchen.
  66. She arrived at the airport with hours to spare and spent her time just looking at the hustle and bustle of people either arriving or departing, with everyone looking so casual about it.
  67. Strongly entrenched in legality though he was, he found himself constantly edged into infringements by the needs of his friends, and anyone could hustle him for a buck without half trying.
  68. It is very quiet inside … this getting married business is a serious matter, Anna … forget all the hustle and bustle of the reception and stuff … this is about the rest of your life ….
  69. They hustle through the gates together, gulp fried eggs in the refectory together, march across the quadrangle, perform roll call, salute the colors, shoot rifles, run, bathe, and suffer together.
  70. There were so many things about the city that he didn’t like, but mostly it was the stimulation that overwhelmed him: the crowds, the hustle and bustle, piercing fire engine sirens that vibrated his spine.
  71. There was no one moving about the place, but that was not really surprising: it was a small house in a village, and you would not expect the kind of hustle and bustle seen at a major priory such as Kingsbridge.
  72. While the boys were zealously playing commando football, their cousin Kendall was perched on their aunt’s lap, observing all the hustle and bustle taking place around them, in the airport terminal with wide, open eyes.
  73. I came to know that hospital life has a rhythm, the flurry of activity just before the morning shift change, the midday hustle, the stillness and quiet of the late-night hours interrupted occasionally by a blur of doctors and nurses rushing to revive someone.
  74. The small shops that were built in the area of Shining Grove Avenue and Star Lake Park, the less corporate and more rural area of New Star with businesses owned simple shopkeepers became prime targets for the mob to send in men to hustle the poor people into giving up their hard earned money.
  75. Bunda was even more bemused when we entered the valley, he looked around at all the hustle and activity of the people and what had been achieved since the beginning of the uprising, and in that moment the look of wonder on his face told us all, without a shadow of a doubt, that we were eventually going to beat Teotihuacan.
  76. Not only had she neglected to inform her friends she’d be arriving today, she’d also forgotten (in the hustle and bustle of her family’s reunion; the confusion of her sister’s wedding, and her encounter with Joel Garland) to make arrangements to have a couple of her friends meet her at the airport, to drive her car and herself home.
  77. Though an upscale condominium development had been built on the banks of the river on land adjacent to the bed-and-breakfast and private tennis courts were across the street, the Four Oaks was still secluded from most activity and very much removed from the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach where tourists felt the need to keep constantly busy.
  78. The stillness and lack of liveliness disturbed him, for he greatly preferred the hustle and bustle of normal days when guests mingled even at this hour of the morning; now, with the chandelier and sconces dim in sympathy with the natural light, there seemed to be a hollowness permeating the air that even gave way to a touch of evil, perhaps that which Faye Underwood had feared and Elizabeth Bascomb had sensed.
  79. I always had the feeling that she was craving to be grabbed by me that night and had I dared to hustle her into agreeing, she would’ve been mine that night, and possibly that would’ve ushered us into a liaison of our lifetime; but destiny packed me off to this place shortly thereafter; oh how she remains the most insatiate passion of my life with a lingering longing; and had I not made it with that remarkable Sumitra, what a memorable contest it would’ve been between them for the ‘most wanted’ woman that I didn’t have?
  80. Back in the hustle and bustle of the big city, they booked into a hotel and Murray deposited the last of the casino money, they now had eleven keys and he still had thirty one thousand dollars of his original money, he had two bank accounts, one a deposit account with four thousand dollars in, the other, the account that his tenants paid into had close on fifteen thousand dollars, his house he guessed would fetch two hundred thousand, Murray never having tallied it up before, although he stole money he’d never had a fixation about it, was surprised and wondered why he hadn’t retired years ago, he mentioned this to Shirl and she totalled her assets coming to a figure around two hundred thousand.
  1. Mack’s used to hustling Doc.
  2. I’m a cat,” said Roy, hustling along.
  3. The other members in the church were ear hustling.
  4. Although he’d been hustling he still managed to.
  5. Aye, Undine said, hustling to her next position.
  6. All they care about is the food, shelter, and "hustling".
  7. Chief among them: I wasn’t hustling and getting on TV enough.
  8. A hustling young executive passed him, his head slightly tilted up.
  9. March 12, the Nautilus stayed in the middle of the Atlantic, hustling.
  11. Immediately all began hustling one another pell-mell towards the village.
  12. Born in a hovel or a castle, Mabel would have gravitated toward hustling.
  13. He imagined the shrieks of the arriving trainloads of hustling reporters.
  14. Tammas ignored the response and studied the hustling crowd at the spaceport.
  15. Three weeks whizzed by in bustling and hustling through the streets of Mumbai.
  16. The culture was open, friendly, and warm, not centered on moneymaking or hustling.
  17. It is called "hustling" and can be defined as an overall lowered definition of mankind.
  18. As soon as the door closed behind her Puller was out of his car and hustling down the street.
  19. There were teams hustling thru here and the rockasaur with three kedas isn't a low-footprint rig.
  20. There were a lot of small cargo boats tied up here now and the center of the pier had hustling wagons.
  21. We saw thousands of chickens hustling, heard thousands of bird voices suddenly raised, suddenly dying away.
  22. Clemente played a huge part in the victory, as his hustling to first in the eighth inning kept the rally alive.
  23. We might of went right on hustling Doc for years, he said, if only Doc didn’t get his ass in a sling.
  24. Amy was up at dawn, hustling people out of their beds and through their breakfasts, that the house might be got in order.
  25. The sound, which stung Rob’s ears even at this distance, brought the young one hustling back, obediently bobbing its head.
  26. For all the thieving and hustling that was going on in the country, surely a pip-squeak like me would be the perfect scapegoat.
  27. Patty stood up, spinning around the room, saw parents with frightened, revolted faces, saw Diane hustling Libby behind her, toward the door.
  28. The writer filled the carafe three-quarters full and waited for the chef to leave before grabbing the breakfast plate and hustling back to the hall.
  29. Then, over cold takeout, she was forced to listen to him seethe some more about the kilos of black powder, the phantom Ranger hustling toward Flushing.
  30. Garcia was already in the process of CPR when a nurse came up behind him, just a moment shy of Doctor Crusher hustling in from the direction of her office.
  31. Any authentic visit to Manila must include, needless to say, the hustling and tumultuous Makati Center, the most important commercial district in the country.
  32. With that the black tinted window glided back up and the car purred its silent, luxurious way into the teeming lunch time streets of London’s hustling West End.
  33. I know that might be asking a lot this time of year, what with all the hustling and bustling going on, but I feel that it's important to keep perspective on things.
  34. Talk around town reveals a flurry of anticipation, with not only hotel staff, but also local shopkeepers and restaurant owners hustling to get their establishments whipped into tiptop shape.
  35. I saw Tolak say something to a ship’s officer standing nearby, who then headed off into an interior hall of the ship and then before I was prepared for it Tolak was hustling me off after the officer.
  36. The first part of the month with us is generally bustling and busy, a great clatter and hustling while the shrieking winter is got away out of sight over the hills, a sweeping of the world clear for the marsh-marigolds and daffodils, a diligent making of room for the divine calms of May.
  37. After the seminar completed, we left that hustling, bustling room,.
  1. He hustled to catch up.
  2. Maggot hustled in and out.
  3. They was hustled to Shannon!.
  4. He was hustled out into the courtyard.
  5. He hustled through the kitchen, and.
  6. With Henry between we hustled through.
  7. Young boys hustled goods to the sailors.
  8. Two women hustled out in a rustle of skirts.
  9. Nancy was awake she hustled her into the bath.
  10. Kids hustled back under the sheltering trees.
  11. He hustled the boy out and banged the door to.
  12. I hustled to the only ticket booth in service.
  13. They hustled him yelling out and down the hall.
  14. She got hustled back to an office, provided a.
  15. And he hustled me along toward Leiber’s office.
  16. People hustled and bustled about their business.
  17. I hustled up to drive crazily off to the hospital.
  18. Two soldiers hustled over, examining the situation.
  19. Westwood paused a beat, and then hustled to catch up.
  20. I hustled back to where Electra was standing, gave her.
  21. He hustled along the shallow, dry wash above the spring.
  22. Grandpa hustled back to the house, slow-ing as he came.
  23. I hustled into the coffee shop, took up my post by the.
  24. As she hustled in the kitchen, she heard the back door.
  25. With a second to move, I grabbed the lamp and hustled on.
  26. A mass of humanity hustled and bustled about the platform.
  27. Locke hustled to catch up, dragging his things behind him.
  28. Blair looked startled for a second and then hustled inside.
  29. I hustled to the elevators then pressed the ‘DOWN’ button.
  30. Calvin jumped up and hustled to the door without another word.
  31. Puller hustled over to his brother and examined his bloody arm.
  32. He quickly hustled towards her and listened-in to the frequency.
  33. I hustled over to the box and tried to open it, but it was locked.
  34. The pack broke out into noise again as Mirielle hustled Theo away.
  35. Avoiding the known and suspected traps, she hustled out of the room.
  36. Ernie hustled out to the bus, running around the rear of the behemoth.
  37. His panel started flashing and chirping so he hustled over to answer it.
  38. His howls of despair as each unhappy hopeful was hustled out were disquieting.
  39. Kevin stopped and watched as the detective hustled in and shut the door behind him.
  40. Her steps could be heard echoing off the stone walls as she hustled up the stairs.
  41. Then he was gone, as if the rain had hustled him off in its own multitudinous running.
  42. Yes, she said, and he hustled her to her feet and dragged her across a floor.
  43. He hustled over to a wall and snatched off a piece of paper that had been taped there.
  44. So you’ve heard of them? Annette mumbled as she stood and hustled down the aisle.
  45. Mercifully, the lout was hustled out of the premises before anybody’s blood was spilt.
  46. A minute later, the guard hustled into the room with his hands full of large pointy teeth.
  47. Next thing I knew, I was being hustled out of the car and helped up a walk toward a house.
  48. But she hustled without heeding, turned before closing the door, and said Every time.
  49. A minute later, our car was at the front door to the villa and we were being hustled inside.
  50. She hustled him out the cupboard, and into the disused kitchens in a long empty wing of the.
  51. I hustled to the main entrance of the hospital where the camera-watching guard was stationed.
  52. In no time it was putting a strain on the local server and he pulled out his drive and hustled away.
  53. Claire rang them up and hustled them out of the shop, trying not to look like she was doing just that.
  54. Two schoolboys from Eton College struck him with their umbrellas, until he was hustled away by a policeman.
  55. He grinned mischievously as the white haired old lady hustled in with tea and hot muffins oozing with butter.
  56. Ulbrickson hustled all five boatloads of varsity contenders back out onto the water in the wind and the rain.
  57. We hustled down the stairs, and once we were outside on McAllister, Jacobi unlocked the car and took the wheel.
  58. He grabbed his files out of his briefcase, and hustled down the long corridor into the main conference room at its end.
  59. No one on the chopper we were hustled into questioned the direction of our flight, let alone the nature of our wounds.
  60. We hustled through the, by now, usual steps: a rapid and perfunctory wash, followed by a hasty breakfast of bread and water.
  61. Then, as Toad was hustled through the door, struggling and protesting, he turned to the chauffeur in charge of the new motor-car.
  62. Tom Bolles hustled his freshmen out onto the water that same day, anxious to see how they would handle the unfamiliar racecourse.
  63. Ulbrickson hustled the boys out onto the water twice that day to give them as much exposure as he could to the challenging conditions.
  64. I’d never heard such jovial explosions in my life, and snort-laughed as I ran alongside Gerald as his gurney was hustled and hurried.
  65. I also defied my sponsor by dating his next-door neighbor who hustled me at meetings that we all attended while her fiancé was still alive.
  66. Beautiful women marched about with large hats almost covering their faces except for flashes of their burning eyes as porters hustled behind them.
  67. The roar of the injected Chevy barely drowned out Nick's own protestations as she hustled the sleek missile faster and faster down the coast highway.
  68. He hustled over, the same way he had before, waving and gesturing, and when he arrived he fixed his imperfect gaze on the ground, and he took a breath.
  69. Meantime the crowd of fathers, mothers, and wives, hustled by the police, are pressing round the doors to hear whose lad has been taken, whose is let off.
  70. Meanwhile the crowd of fathers, mothers, and wives, hustled by policemen, presses around the gates, trying to find out who has been taken and who rejected.
  71. Bobby Moch tried to organize activities, hustled the boys about, and got unceremoniously tackled and tossed in the water three or four times for his trouble.
  72. He hustled continuously from one end of the bar to the other, taking orders and making drinks, closing out bills, and getting the waitresses what they needed.
  73. Greatchen grabbed Norman and hustled him away still being followed by the adoring fans who through all this had barely stopped screaming the name of their idol.
  74. It wasn’t that I was unmoved, but we were in a real threat of being consumed here and so despite the significance of the moment I hustled her over to the window.
  75. But Liza had no time to finish her sentence, for Pavel Pavlovitch suddenly seized her by the arm and collar and hustled her into the next room with unconcealed rage.
  76. Without a word, he hustled me over to his car, opened the passenger door and put me in the passenger seat before walking round to the driver’s door and getting in.
  77. She hustled them into the canalboat and they floated up the canal under the evening stars, Tom lying on his back, his eyes closed; asleep or not, there was no telling.
  78. From the haste with which the parents hustled us out the door I gathered they were as determinedly pleased to be shot of their self-willed youngest son as Alwyn was to keep him!.
  79. Very simply the lost surfers had come without invite, permission, or warning and like unwanted relatives had to be hustled off to mysterious ice-houses inland, at a double dogtrot.
  80. As he was hustled toward what seemed to be an officers’ quarters, he passed two girls with Asian features, walking with heads down, eyes averted, as they retreated from the building.
  81. Should he stroll guilelessly into the Exchange he proposes to benefit, he is set upon, mobbed, hustled, mussed and finally ejected from the door with a battered hat and torn coat collar.
  82. Carron hustled the group down the boardwalk and into the surprisingly modern and clean city that bore a decided resemblance to that of a seaside community along the lines of Herculaneum.
  83. Chase was given to some scores of inoffensive persons who had never been near the Old Bailey in their lives, in the realisation of this fancy, and they were roughly hustled and maltreated.
  84. Drenched to the skin by torrential rain, they unloaded the shells from a baggage car, lifted them over their heads, and hustled down to the river to stow the boats and inspect their new quarters.
  85. I obeyed and found myself wrapped in a fluffy white robe and hustled over to the dressing table chair, where she trimmed and shaped my short nails and covered them with a pale, glossy pink polish.
  86. He had as much as he could do to prevent himself from being hustled and battered to bits; but at last the jostling crowd began to break up and swing off, one by one, under the stone arch and away.
  87. When heavy footsteps sounded on the stairs, Altaf couldn’t stop his gaze flicking towards the kitchen doorway, where two of his men, their eyes alive with fear, were being hustled from the house.
  88. The first three sentences set up the plot, the next ten got you into the conflict, sharp U-turns hustled you from one red herring to the next until the penultimate sentence revealed the resolution.
  89. Then I hustled her into the car and drove to the doctor’s office, and I watched the blood come out of her—because she isn’t really afraid of blood—and we waited the two hours for the test to come back.
  90. Caleb strode purposely onward, with Durstan in tow and urgently gesturing for his friend to follow, and Jeeter gulped down what he dearly prayed was not one of his few remaining breaths and hustled to catch up.
  91. Ned, we’re ready for the dessert! Magda hollered toward the kitchen, and Ned hustled in, shoulders up near his ears, crumbs on his lower lip as he bore a depleted plate of dry cookies with hard-jelly centers.
  92. We hustled it on to the raft in a pile, and I told Jim to float along down, and show a light when he judged he had gone about two mile, and keep it burning till I come; then I manned my oars and shoved for the light.
  93. They were courteously impressed by the Lamb’s bachelor quarters and the appurtenances thereof, nor was the significance of the Cases on Quasi-Contracts, which the Lamb ostentatiously hustled away, lost upon them.
  94. I didn’t know, but my grip on the handle of the case did not diminish even as I was hustled up a steep flight of stairs towards an opening in the side of a downward pointed vessel that it seemed I had been allotted to.
  95. The Wolf hustled the thin man against the tree where he pinned him with his throat hold, slipped the Mauser into its holster, pulled a stiletto from his left sock, and eased it into the young man's heart through his stomach.
  96. When the show was over, the management of the club hustled me backstage, and Iggy put his arm around my shoulder and spoke to me like a real gentleman, perhaps sensing that I was still something of an innocent, newly abroad.
  97. They came in a troop, hustled along in the shadow by innumerable little hurried waves, swifter than the waves that rush over the sands at high tide, little night-waves foaming under the moon, under the fiery head that was like a moon.
  98. Are you trying to tell me that after all I spent on this outfit that I look that helpless, how about svelte and sexy? He offered a wry grin, but held her by the elbow and, practically pulling, hustled her towards the casino door.
  99. Or third, he was sitting here on the bed, running things through his mind, and he made a sudden random connection, like a real oh-shit moment, and he stood up and hustled over to the pay phone in the general store to call 911 without further ado.
  100. But forty-five minutes later, she was being hustled through the door of the Mudcat Tavern, fully made up and wearing borrowed cowboy boots, as Piper had declared her knee-high English riding boots too citified for this kind of dancing and insisted that they did not meet Bitch Boot status.
  1. Worker 2 hustles off to help Mr.
  2. He hustles his arm-rubbing sister down the steps.
  3. JRA hustles the misdemeanor courts in a dozen southern states.
  4. Once more the guard hustles him about, bidding him to make haste.
  5. Kallock hustles to the corner to retrieve the puck and gets rattled by the extra skater.
  6. A young white man, tan skin, and bleached blonde hair, full suit, hustles to his side presenting paperwork to be reviewed.
  7. A slight breeze hustles old crisp packets into the corners of vacant parking bays and there is enough of a chill in the air to make skin creep with goose bumps.
  8. Within a minute the railway platform was appeared as a deserted place; no more people and no more passengers and no more hustles and bustles, only the blinking red signal lights at the railway tracks.

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