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Ignite in a sentence

1. The laughter will ignite -.
2. Your hair and clothes ignite.
3. His eyes suddenly ignite with anger.
4. They are the ones that help ignite.
5. Try as he might, it would not ignite.
7. It does not exist to ignite hatred among.

8. Heat the brandy, pour over chicken and ignite.
9. The thruster fuel relies on heat to ignite it.
10. In Sylvia’s mind, flash bulbs began to ignite.
11. The only way to ignite the fire is through love.
12. Ignite with a match, stirring until the flame dies.
13. Ignite carefully, basting bananas with flaming liquid.
14. This man was able to ignite a fire that wouldn’t dim.
15. Angry for coming on this trip, passions did not ignite.
16. It needs something to ignite it before it will explode.
17. Ignite a heart of prayer in me that I may obey You in this.
18. Some liquor will ignite quite easily if their proof is high.
19. Soothing, the throb of his heart refused to ignite any fears.
20. Seeing a tree ignite in flame Leora went over to put it out.
21. My words were to strengthen their will, not ignite their blood.
22. Holding his lighter aloft, Troy flicked the wheel to ignite it.
23. But always be careful not to ignite it too close to your hands!.
24. If only I ignite his urge, won’t he engulf me with his ardor?’.
25. As she took out a stick in pique, he provoked her to ignite herself.
26. Docs Bic lighter to ignite the torches then looking around, he found.
27. This also works with a spouse, from what I’m told, but don’t ignite.
28. He knew that what he was about to disclose could possibly ignite their.
29. His greatest fear had been that the fuel would ignite, but by carefully.
30. They used their tinderboxes to ignite them and illuminate their surroundings.
31. Such a burst would ignite or incinerate flammable material, such as plants.
32. We don’t need to ignite the entire palace, only where Chambers is sleeping.
33. Take it out of the core box ,ignite it, thinner will burn & give adequate strength.
34. Moreover, these can be some strategies that helps ignite that leader quality in you.
35. Maybe, she could learn to overlook his weaknesses, love him and flames would ignite.
36. It requires extreme heat and contact with gasoline to make it ignite, he told me.
37. Not the sort to show affection, a kind word could ignite an explosive response, yet no.
38. He pushed outboard on the throttle to ignite the afterburner to boost his airspeed to Mach.
39. When the friction makes the spindle tip glow red, blow gently to ignite the tinder around it.
40. But my will—that unconscious fire fuelling my existence—refuses to ignite me into action.
41. And sparks, barely visible in the waning daylight, begin to ignite the pile of dry material.
42. They were down to 14,000 feet where the oxygen content was higher allowing flames to ignite.
43. He removes a flint and piece of iron scrap to ignite a small lantern he’d brought with him.
44. It is my intention to ignite a heated global conversation about the results of my years-long.
45. As I watched them ignite, I said my mother’s name out loud as if it were a ceremony for her.
46. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for something that you need to ignite in your life.
47. The tower of candles will slowly burn down and eventually ignite the other candles, incense etc.
48. That is what vision does for you; it focuses all the power of the universe to ignite your dreams.
49. They properly fear that the world’s populations will ignite in righteous indignation, as they.
50. They are the ultimate sacrificial fuse trying to ignite the most base empathy in the cold-hearted.
51. He was unmistakably on the edge of panic, standing beside the car, watching me ignite the car engine.
52. One added, And without the diesel serving as the pilot light, you can’t ignite the natural gas.
53. Wotan assisted Sharon’s energetic aid by using his magic to ignite a modest campfire for the band.
54. The flame glowed an eerie shade of orange-red, blazing upward to ignite the end of a new cancer stick.
55. Hence when sulphuric or nitric acids are so concentrated as to char or ignite, they are not acids really.
56. His movements became quicker and more urgent until I felt us both ignite at once as we exploded in passion.
57. Rabel, on the other hand, collected pieces of wood and started rubbing two stones together, to ignite a fire.
58. Usual practice back on earth is to use a smaller charge to ignite a larger one, such as a stick of dynamite.
59. Santelli, had any notion that he was about to ignite a nation wide political firestorm of immense potential.
60. It took him almost two hours, but finally he was able to ignite the small twigs and dried leaves he had gathered.
61. Anyway, what you’re after’s not a powder burst, but a steady burn that will ignite these babies at intervals.
62. But I believe there is more to it and that is you truly understand how skill building works and how to ignite them.
63. And with it the certain destruction of the Pequod, and Saint Elmo's fires, which ignite the masts and Ahab's harpoon.
64. This will ignite the lifting charge, even as the fire proceeds more slowly through the polverone and the fuse proper.
65. At all of these stops, Davis did everything in his power to ignite the spirit of the Southern heart, but to no avail.
66. The stars were beginning to ignite and he glanced down at the truck’s gas gauge while there was still sufficient light.
67. But more than this, I was lucky to have found my Mariam who managed to ignite in me a latent and previously unsuspected.
68. Not only was the car design defective, lawsuits later revealed that Ford’s top managers knew that the car could ignite.
69. One explained that the key electrical problem had been getting the explosive material to ignite evenly around the core….
70. He said, But remember, if the munitions dump does ignite, a lot of folks could get caught in the fireball, including us.
71. Set it close to the fire so that the fire’s warmth will help dry the wood, but not so close that a spark could ignite it.
72. As you serve Me today by reaching out to your brothers and sisters who are still lost, My love will ignite and flow through you.
73. Doesn’t the fusion heater have hot elements inside, elements that would be hot enough to ignite the wrappers? said James.
74. Talk about specific goals: This was a trifecta! The result was the Ford Pinto, best known as the car that could ignite on impact.
75. His manner and the way he spoke made her wonder what other pleasures he could ignite with his gifted tongue and dramaturgic hands.
76. Oh, he was a nice enough guy, and he had a terrific smile, a good sense of humor, but he didn’t ignite that pilot light inside her.
77. Within a few minutes, the cigarette will ignite the matches resulting in a burst of flame almost certain to start the mattress on fire.
78. A sudden light made them blink; Gavroche had just managed to ignite one of those bits of cord dipped in resin which are called cellar rats.
79. Because the explosive was surrounded with fuel, a mixture of gasoline, aluminum particles and other compounds, it did not ignite the fuel.
80. The result was to ignite a Civil War that after some four and one-half decades has culminated in a Marxist inspired takeover in Washington.
81. The strobe of muzzle flashes ignite angry scowls, waxing wroth beneath black helmets, but she can't hear their curses over the deafening hail.
82. Take NO risks if there is still a chance that fuel tanks could ignite and beware of any noxious fumes from wreckage which has been smouldering.
83. Before reversing the car, he lingered just enough time to see the policemen hit by fire and ignite and the woman send a white bolt in response.
84. The ANC leadership, motivated by fear of the firestorm they might ignite from furious Zuma supporters, if Zuma were not reinstated, simply froze.
85. Why? Because suddenly the market has a lot of stops being placed beneath it, and like wind on a forest fire, these stops will ignite a sell-off.
86. You will have noticed that when fireworks ignite, you hear the bang after the flash? That is because sound travels more slowly, much more slowly.
87. The dreadful, terrifying sound seemed to continue forever, for the rockets took just as long to land and explode as they had to ignite and launch.
88. Thirsk’s thumb spun the wheel, and Hahlynd stepped back half a pace in surprise as a fountain of sparks leapt from the wheel to ignite the wick.
89. The violent flames licked the blues, and as they approached the shore, threatening to ignite the sand, she retreated backwards on elbows and feet.
90. During the past month, the mage Brice had spent most of his time rounding up anyone and everyone who had enough mage blood in them to ignite a candle.
91. Hiding the torchlight was not easy, but only had to be done until the first boat landed their men at arms and then they could ignite the first barricade.
92. These charges against the priest ignite the volatile and unstable rabble, and several spectators, inflamed with self-righteous rage, try to scale the stage.
93. So in answer to your question about how to ignite a burning, I would suggest a more general approach of being very curious and accepting of whatever is arising.
94. It was so low that a simple spark from flint and steel would cause it to glow with a red burn that could be blown into full flame to ignite wood chips or straw.
95. Spirited teams will have the capacity to produce exceptional results with leaders who understand how to mobilise, motivate and ignite the spirit of those employees.
96. What are we going to burn to ignite the fuel? And, for that matter, how are we going to light whatever it is? Aren’t most things on this ship fire retardant?
97. It seemed to Maggie that she was balanced precariously on a heap of dead branches, holding a flame in her hands that would ignite the whole thing if she just let it go.
98. I would, at times, hear an exhortation about John or Andrew, and this too would ignite me to glorify God, for it was only for the purpose of His Kingdom that we were sent.
99. She had the ability to ignite a fire inside me and she did it without the help of the usual trappings that I’ve come to expect from women—cleavage, skin, sluttiness and.
100. As Chinese and Indian consumers cross the income thresholds at which cars and other big-ticket items become affordable, they will be the spark to ignite the commodity price rally.
1. Igniting his blood.
2. The flames traveled over the material, igniting.
3. I have used a single wire for igniting, he explained.
4. Some of the Teriz had realized that the fl ames were igniting the.
5. A special thank-you to Mum, for igniting my literary obsession long ago.
6. The dark stone in my heart pulsed quietly, igniting like a coal in a hearth.
7. He was a fire-breathing dragon, igniting scorching flames of magical desire on the skin of my belly.
8. My eyelids drooped in anticipation, but instead of igniting my passion, a razor sharp stinging consumed me.
9. Unks hurries to think of a way to tell him the truth without igniting the furious hatred in his straining eyes.
10. I helped him pull back the smoke bomb, while igniting the fuse with an old Bic lighter (it may have even been Frank’s).
11. It was five hours later after igniting one of nature’s greatest furies that Anna and I checked into a hotel in Germany.
12. The harpoon was darted; the stricken whale flew forward; with igniting velocity the line ran through the grooves;—ran foul.
13. Again and again they fought to extinguish the flame that kept igniting and finally stopped only when the baby started crying.
14. Volleys of incendiary missiles flew over the walls of the city, igniting booths in the marketplace and spraying fire over the streets.
15. Deciding against igniting a full scale war with the thief in the middle of the camp - despite how much she wanted to DRAFTChapter 16 389.
16. I flung my arms around his neck and kissed him for all I was worth, igniting the blazing passion and love that had been bottled up inside of me.
17. We fired laser after laser, igniting such a legendary firefight that it would, from here on out, define everything that was awesome in the universe.
18. As the sun slowly made its way to the horizon, the beam of sunlight traversed her brow, igniting her eyes with fire, transforming her soul before me.
19. There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.
20. Without realizing, his temper igniting his poisonous tendencies, the wood where he clenched the table started to rapidly erode away, an acidic toxin that began to.
21. The bullet itself passed through a hole in the center of the grenade, igniting the grenade’s fuse an instant before the expanding muzzle gases launched it on its way.
22. The beam melted through the massive ship from bow to stern, igniting their unstable antimatter reserves, resulting in a blinding explosion with a single, enormous pulsation.
23. Then one of them began shouting for building barricades around the warehouses, and another for igniting the Daldera ships and raiding the armories, and the room turned clamorous.
24. He was sitting on a very smooth rock and acted as if he were on the verge of igniting a fire consisting of hollow trunks, termite-eaten, grouped in the form of a lump, to heat his dinner.
25. For the correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting no more and then it motivates one towards originality and instils the desire for truth.
26. That terrifying explosion ripped open the bulkhead separating the powder and shell rooms of the two forward main gun turrets, igniting another 300 giant shells and ninety tons of cordite bags under the number two main turret.
27. With the watertight and anti-flash doors of the battleship still not closed and secured, huge searing sheets of flames blew out of the forward upper powder magazine, igniting as well the cordite charges stored in the lower powder room.
28. Only at sunset will the voices start again and the musics rise in tender strokes or tumults, as the firefly light from the Moviola screens wash over the watchers’ faces, igniting their eyes and prompting razors in their lifted fingers.
29. A total of 120 five-inch dual purpose rockets slammed among the heavy armored vehicles, their hollow charge and fragmentation warheads easily burning through the armor of the medium tanks and igniting either their fuel or their gun ammunition.
30. Standing in the silence of the stables with a circle of light surrounding him, he churned the possibilities over in his mind along with his recollection of the scene of the unpleasant incident in hopes of igniting some as-yet-unidentified spark that would precipitate the rest of the puzzle becoming more lucid.
31. Sikórski's information, it does not appear that they commit any violence or murders, and the one which made its appearance in Paris, where in one procession twenty women were crushed to death, as there is between a piece of coal, which has leaped out of the stove and is glowing on the floor without igniting it, and a fire which is already enveloping the door and walls of the house.
32. The cryogenic hydrogen, passing first through thermal exchangers in the inlet ducts of her Marquardt ramjets, nearly instantly cooled down to the freezing point the inlet air that had been superheated by being compressed in the inlet duct through ram effect, increasing its pressure and greatly increasing the efficiency of her ramjet engines, with the now vaporized hydrogen igniting after mixing with gaseous oxygen and producing a total thrust of 240 metric tons.
1. The pain ignited her anger.
2. That act ignited a war to stop.
3. The familiar passion was ignited.
4. Anger ignited and swirled within.
5. SA’EER: It is kindled and ignited.
6. Her touch ignited fire in his veins.
7. The firewater ignited when it hit the.
8. The light of nature was ignited in him.
9. It might have ignited something unwanted.
10. In the man it ignited a fire within his.
11. Bill flicked a switch and ignited the torch.
12. That kiss left a fire that was still ignited.
13. The ignited fire around him quickly goes out.
14. He raised the palm of his hand and it ignited.
15. Whatever it was, it had ignited a spark again.
16. His hands shook as he struck it and it ignited.
17. In the fiery aftermath, the forest was ignited.
18. Alcohol on a fire? The vodka could have ignited.
19. The root powder ignited your own innate ability.
20. Once a solid rocket fuel canister is ignited, it.
21. His lips touched hers and it ignited a fire inside.
22. Rhal produced his lightsaber and ignited the blade.
23. Terror ignited at the outcome, awaiting the final.
24. His arrival ignited a mini-firestorm in the local.
25. It was like a flame inside his mind finally ignited.
26. Deep within her eye of light blue, a fire was ignited.
27. As it sparked and ignited, he tossed it on the floor.
28. A fire ignited in my stomach and my jeans grew tighter.
29. His name ignited a cold, dark thing deep In her belly.
30. A brutal fight ignited, but it was soon stopped by Zeus.
31. He was temporarily ignited with such a wealth of emotion.
32. The petrol was ignited trapping everyone on the property.
33. Stark! The sound of his voice ignited my blood pressure.
34. Having been drawn, a flame is ignited within them inwardly.
35. Just as though a live wire had hit me and ignited all my senses.
36. It was an emotional issue for Alex, one that ignited fires inside.
37. Was it possible…?’ The thought ignited a spark of hope in him.
38. She gasped loudly as the first tremors of fire ignited in her soul.
39. There was a small explosion as the gas ignited, but nothing was damaged.
40. The flash ignited the room and Raven was still thrashing on top of Kevin.
41. I stared in awe as a fire ignited around his irises and grew into flames.
42. So I say again, why should I do this? Hades’s voice was not ignited.
43. The Soulless engines ignited once more and the ship sped off toward the.
44. There was a tremendous explosion as the thermal detonator ignited all the.
45. They trailed smoke from their ignited fuses, and a third of them went wide.
46. The lightning strike that ignited the Protestant Reformation occurred on Oct.
47. That absolutely infuriated the Americans and ignited the spark of revolution.
48. We made a comeback worthy of everything that SMB is all about, ignited by him.
49. More than two thousand years ago a great leader began a movement, He ignited a.
50. Nevertheless, Encarnacion ignited a fire within Thomas concerning weightlifting.
51. The pain ignited Chevalier and he spun and dropped both of them down onto the bed.
52. Lightning ignited the approaching clouds and the rumble of thunder felt constant.
53. The jet’s hot exhaust must have ignited the gas, having mixed well with the air.
54. The dwarf brothers placed Grumbold’s finest sword over him and ignited the pile.
55. The world outside grew violent as lightning stabbed the ground and ignited the sky.
56. She dropped a lit match into the bowl, and the paper ignited, flashed, and was gone.
57. The fire roared in a loud explosion when the gasoline and alcohol ignited in a burst.
58. Through the pitch of night, fears ignited, further misplaced noises etching into his.
59. Without any instruction Richone changed the music, subdued the lighting and ignited a.
60. However, at the same time they had ignited my dormant volcanoes of traumas into active.
61. Beings desired and bought cars and ignited the need for their manufacture to begin with.
62. Is that so? Tarmon’s intrigue ignited at this admission, wondering how Hanor had.
63. When ignited it would release a great amount of energy through a series of chemical reactions.
64. In the distance, the figure shifted, his robe thrashing about as he was ignited in blue flames.
65. The air compressed inside the craft sent its decks flying, as if the powder stores had been ignited.
66. But of course she knew exactly how close she could go without being singed or even ignited by a spark.
67. The freak forest fire started by sparks from the campfire which ignited the station wagon’s gas tank.
68. Ingrid instinctively tensed up further when the third stage ignited at an altitude of over 160 kilometers.
69. A hollowed out ballista missile could be filled with flammable oil and ignited just before it was launched.
70. These things swirled into patterns and warped into other colors and images until a spark ignited in his mind.
71. As he threw open the door the sudden increase in oxygen ignited a sheet of flame across the inside of the roof.
72. Valera added fresh rose petals and almonds to the mixture and it was ignited by the breath of the Great Goddess.
73. The fountains of fluid arcing out and over the pass ignited instantly to reveal itself as a light flammable oil.
74. The deuterium-tritium then ignited into thermonuclear fire, which lit up the fine mist of deuterium-tritium 31.
75. Along three walls, flames seemed to multiply, the heat so intense that Colin felt as if his clothing had ignited.
76. Chafing dish fuel is typically a solid fuel that comes in a small can and is easily ignited with a match or lighter.
77. She screamed as the flare ignited and searing purple flames exploded out of her chest, sending her reeling backwards.
78. Finally, a series of aimed flares ignited the fuel cloud, which was now well mixed with the oxygen in the atmosphere.
79. It ignited into a blazing inferno that wrapped the city and the forests around it in flames hot enough to melt stone.
80. I couldn’t stay very long, for the mold and a prevailing dampness ignited my cough yet did not dampen my enthusiasm.
81. It’s fur and wings ignited and the mammal flew outward until it crashed into the stone wall beyond the hanging chains.
82. The subjugation inflicted on these billions upon billions of humanoids ignited a feeling of great defiance within Grailem.
83. It now remains to state, that by means of iron ignited in this apparatus, a fixed alkali may be decomposed extemporaneously.
84. The fourth and final stage soon ignited properly as its small payload was already past the limits of Earth’s stratosphere.
85. The hundred muscles of his neck stood out in high relief, and the firelight went deep into his eyes and ignited red embers.
86. In fact, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat was really the spark that ignited my interest in neuroscience to begin with.
87. Back at the loft, Severa had already ignited the cauldron and started the preparations for the master protection spell class.
88. When it hit the firing pin at the base, it would trigger the cap, which ignited the propellant attached to the bomb’s fins.
89. Gibbs walked over to the freshly ignited fire and said, Why don’t we use the ship chemical fire instead of that wood?
90. Here he kept a great mass of wood, high piled, ready to be ignited as a signal should a steamer or a sail top the far horizon.
91. Sci explained how the explosive had been packaged and ignited, went on to say that this new compound was novel but not versatile.
92. Soon he was just a skeleton, thrashing about, sending ignited bits of wrapping sailing through the air and onto the other mummies.
93. Byron then ignited himself with the same black flame he had emitted before, except this time it was clearer, brighter, and furious.
94. Assistants to the Council entered the room and ignited oil-burning lamps so the representatives could deliberate through the night.
95. This was this European mental spark which ignited the imaginations of the elite French who wanted to do away with the King altogether.
96. Once she was certain that her space plane was correctly aligned, she advised Cape Canaveral by radio, then ignited her orbital engines.
97. A Typhoon rocket hit the Tiger's rear deck of 25mm thick armour, penetrated the air intakes, exploded and ignited the stored ammunition.
98. He shouted out a warning, but before I could react, the end of my glowing cigarette ignited the escaping gas with a thunderous explosion.
99. Like a plethoric burning martyr, or a self-consuming misanthrope, once ignited, the whale supplies his own fuel and burns by his own body.
100. The natural gas supply in the house ignited on top of it, taking the roof off and catching both empty houses on either side of it on fire.
1. It is the spark that ignites passion.
2. The engine on the right ignites first.
3. This first produces tinder and then eventually ignites it.
4. What Misery says that both ignites his anger and curiosity.
5. Behind him, over Evreux, a wall of clouds ignites once, twice.
6. The carnival sucks that gas, ignites it, and chugs along its way.
7. Before I realize what she means, Glacia ignites her thrusters and speeds away.
8. The SR-71 leans to the left and then the left engine ignites and it levels out.
9. Rising from the chair, he moves toward the bed and electricity ignites the space between us.
10. She hears the sparking of his lighter, the suck and flare of tobacco as his cigarette ignites.
11. His natural expression ignites the crappy feeling in me for putting him through such hell this week.
12. Assuming we can get there and seal the door before the fuel ignites, we should be quite safe in there.
13. Push the launch button on the controller and, BOOM, the engine ignites and hot exhaust flames shoot out the end.
14. He bows to the crowd and raises a hand making the secret sign of their society, which ignites a thunderous chorus of cheers.
15. Do you like being here is that it? Do you like catering to Angel’s every need? There’s hardness to his voice that ignites a flicker of anger inside me.
16. According to most journalists, his dependence dates back to 1984, following an incident that Michael suffered while filming a Pepsi ad, in which his hair ignites.
17. Before any of this, as a precaution against tampering, the complex is flooded with cyanide gas, followed by an inflammable vapor that ignites and sterilizes the inside of the complex.
18. When you bang the throttle outboard to engage the burner, eyelids on the aft section of the tailpipe open up about two or three seconds before the burner ignites and kicks you in the butt with the extra thrust.
19. The first danger is that they have an extremely low kindling temperature and it is not unusual that when they are carried in a man’s pants pocket that the friction of their slight rubbing together ignites the matches and shortly thereafter the clothes of the bearer, much to his surprise, harm and embarrassment.

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