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    1. ―This is a large dog heart and these string like things are heartworms—see, son—each one can be up to 15 inches long and they occlude the right side of the infected dog‘s heart

    2. This is the question always before us: who is the we composed of? Is it you, me, and all, or you and your needs – whomever or whatever they may include, exclude, or occlude according to the TEST

    3. Since language games are the most effective propagandizing tool of a democracy, to dictate, curtail, and penalize speech, democratic governments ostracize and occlude dissenting opinions, organizations, and ideals

    4. Fern was of less importance than his clan, she could not occlude his mind from his task at hand any further and he would not allow it

    1. He had not broached the subject because when he did ask the Pilgrim about things, even about relatively simple things like what they would eat or when would they stop for a break, the answers he received were nothing short of enigmatic, occluded by religious reverence and pious deference to God and his plan

    2. His hand briefly occluded the two suns, offering Molo a small patch of shadow so he could look at the Pilgrim with more ease

    3. , totally occluded from all relationship

    4. ” A different child broke from the masses and, upon entering the intersection, the corner it came from turned its collective back towards it – indicating the child was one of those occluded by virtue of a previously existing moral failure: loving the enemy

    5. Urit could only see blue, feel occluded and observed himself having the experience of being triangulated between selves that were untangling within him, while simultaneously rebraiding into a more integrated essence

    6. But be certain, for it is a historical truism, when the poor cannot be heard, when the outcast are occluded from the conversation, the only language available to them is violence, the only tongue heard vandalism

    7. “There are those who are occluded and then those who have defected

    8. Although, now his vision was more occluded by the foliage of the canopy he sat in

    9. The devastation upon the boy's face was obvious even to Elm from his occluded view

    10. It arose cold and bleak out of the water, frightening as it occluded the mystery that was on the other side

    1. It was a very real experience and her heart raced, as she watched the warp core slide out occluding less than one percent of the billions of stars

    2. This luv is bigoted, occluding, and punitive

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    block close up impede jam obstruct obturate occlude clog congest plug choke curb

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    block passage through