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Hardy in a sentence

1. The Reeds in Port Hardy.
3. The journey to Port Hardy.
4. Hardy, the foreman; but when Mr.
5. My mother liked The Hardy Boys.
6. Triggers are fairly hardy , but.
7. Port Hardy is one such community.

8. They've just left for Port Hardy.
9. Stick thin and wear hardy nothing.
10. Hardy annuals he presents her with.
11. As hardy as the Nemean lion's nerve.
12. Appeared before Judge Hardy, 9/2/93.
13. A few hardy plants survive and thrive.
14. These triggers are fairly hardy , but.
15. We will call you whatever we like, Hardy.
16. They can be fairly hardy and are known as.
17. They can be fairly hardy once acclimated but.
18. Guérard: Thomas Hardy, the Novels and Stories.
19. Have you ever seen this man around Port Hardy?
20. Red Sea Sailfin Tangs can be hardy once properly.
21. Have to be a hardy bunch of nuns to invite you in.
22. Once eating though they are considered very hardy.
23. Compeyson spoke hardy, but he was always a coward.
24. Even the hardy, swaggering half-breed seemed cowed.
25. As Thomas Hardy said, marriage annihilates reserve.
26. The truth would be refreshing, Miss Hardy, proceed.
27. He says, You’re Andy Hardy! You’re the United.
28. In a few hours the plane would take him to Port Hardy.
29. The Icelandic Sheepdogs will give visitors a hardy and.
30. These infectious agents were amazingly hardy, but also.
31. Roman and I ate a hardy breakfast, used the restroom and.
32. They can be fairly hardy once acclimated but will not do.
33. The Chocolate Chip sea star is a somewhat hardy echinoderm.
34. Mom and I ate a hardy breakfast then we took a long stroll.
35. You look like a collection of hardy and stalwart individuals.
36. Hardy, who used to be our foreman, and it was there I met Mr.
37. Ten metres from the centre of the hill a hardy thorn bush stood.
38. Care Level : Easy to Moderate, can be quite hardy once acclimated.
39. Care Level : Easy - considered quite hardy once it starts eating.
40. Take old Eustacia Vye, in The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy.
41. A smile of satisfaction crossed the hardy face as he gave his reply.
42. Rutland: Thomas Hardy, a Study of His Writings and Their Background.
43. They get to about 4 inches in size (10 cm) and are considered hardy.
44. Patty and I were hardy children, and accustomed to 'run out' in all.
45. Care Level : Moderate - not as hardy as some of the other dwarf angels.
46. They can be fairly hardy in a saltwater aquarium that has completely.
47. Any plants placed near the pool should be as simple and hardy as possible.
48. Eventually, Chandler and Zeph finally accepted I was really Jasmine Hardy.
49. Montipora Capricornis can be quite hardy once acclimated and they come in.
50. Severus gave his brother a hardy slap on the back, "My son, he's big, huh?".
51. This is a good species that is generally hardy and will go after most foods.
52. The latter, then, adapted themselves to their hardy new environment and throve.
53. Care Level : Moderate - once they get acclimated and eating they are fairly hardy.
54. But Radney, the mate, was ugly as a mule; yet as hardy, as stubborn, as malicious.
55. The Skunk Cleaner shrimp is usually very hardy if they have been acclimated slowly.
56. We are here with a warrant for the arrest of Miss Jasmine Hardy, he said loudly.
57. Corsairans were a hardy people, mostly farmers and villagers with a few larger towns.
58. These Coral Banded Shrimp are usually very hardy if they have been acclimated slowly.
59. I read The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, and Romeo and Juliet and Julius--.
60. Pulsing Xenia can be fairly hardy once acclimated to your tank and provided that you.
61. Its feathers are from an exotic bird; the feathers are hardy and slice through the air.
62. We know about Jasmine Hardy, who doesn’t? Asia was still reserving her judgment.
63. He looked as hale and hardy as usual, but I noticed his hair was beginning to turn gray.
64. He gave Tacitus one last hardy pat before returning to join his family in the festivities.
65. I was hardy enough to watch only the first, but the Austrasians considered it fine sport.
66. Valerian is a hardy perennial flowering plant, with heads of sweetly scented pink or white.
67. The Blue Chromis is a member of the damselfishes and given their hardy nature they can be a.
68. Emperor Angelfish and because they are not necessarily as hardy as some of the other marine.
69. Every year a few hardy muleteers—men inured to exposure—were known to perish in that way.
70. Bushes tend to be very hardy, and don't require too much pruning throughout most of the year.
71. The Six Line Wrasse can be quite hardy if shipped and acclimated properly but they are known.
72. The Bicolor Blenny is considered hardy but you still need to do a drip acclimation of about an.
73. Disease wise they are considered quite hardy but do a slow drip acclimation over an hour or so.
74. Even though they are really hardy and a great fish for a saltwater beginner, Green Chromis may.
75. The Bicolor Angelfish has a reputation as being difficult to keep and are deemed not as hardy as.
76. In addition to these hardy arctic plants, many temperate species occur in summer in the far north.
77. Curran, feigning fear of an outraged KGB, had insisted on tagging along with Travis to Port Hardy.
78. They can be relatively hardy once acclimated into a well-established, large tank that is 6 months.
79. As a general thing, these ship-keepers are as hardy fellows as the men comprising the boats' crews.
80. Against such a decree there was no Delaware sufficiently hardy to murmur, much less oppose himself.
81. There will be plenty of time for that, and much more, if Miss Hardy doesn’t cooperate with us.
82. He had the silly mellow look on his face, which reminded Foreman of Stan Laurel from Laurel and Hardy.
83. Sheila continued to fascinate them, more so than ever with her new pose as man-killer and hardy warrior.
84. She is also very hardy herself, which of course will influence her in her opinion of the wants of others.
85. All Romanov gold indicators pointed somewhere north of Port Hardy, somewhere among the islands and inlets.
86. Earlier generations of humans were hardy, robust, and self-reliant, which is hard fare for demons to digest.
87. Its people are a hardy, war-like race, toughened by continual wars with the Picts, Zingarians and Cimmerians.
88. Although, I imagined that their idea of recovery was the two of them getting high someplace and partying hardy.
89. The stallion was coal black and magnificent to behold, a hardy offspring of my father’s past great warhorse Flin.
90. A killing blizzard that slew in one hour six-tenths of a hardy mountain folk who were fully prepared for harsh winter.
91. That’s the girl that was with Bob! That’s Jasmine Hardy! this acknowledgement swept through the nearby crowd.
92. Ivory-skinn’d and pale as she seem’d, she was wise in the World’s Wickedness, and far more hardy than she lookt.
93. Of course, trolls are stubborn and hardy creatures, so they weren’t about to give up on their decided plan of action.
94. Perennial hardy life of me with joys 'mid rain and many a summer sun, And the white snows and night and the wild winds;.
95. Curran, still uncomfortably damp, sat next to Anna in the rear seat and the Buccaneer took off again heading for Port Hardy.
96. Garnet Reed had mentioned back at Port Hardy that John- Paul was reported to have a trading post somewhere on the west coast.
97. The morning meal at the bald man's longhouse was simple but hardy, with stew, bread and meat freshly cooked over the meal-fire.
98. But there are always a hardy few who come through and given time, they are right back where they were before the world turned over.
99. Couch-grass pushed through the gravel of the drive and the only plants were hardy shrubs that were capable of looking after themselves.
100. Any that had survived the failed extermination were hardy mutants, and evidence here pointed to a very prospering subterranean population.

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