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Irritating in a sentence

Irritating, but no big deal.
He was irritating me, she.
The girls found him irritating.
It was irritating to watch a.
Christ, she can be really irritating.
They already find you too irritating.
He could be so irritating sometimes!.

Its novelty made it the more irritating.
Ugh,that photographer was so irritating.
As irritating as she was, he wanted her.
She was an irritating, narrow-minded….
It was irritating, but it could be dealt.
She found this very irritating – it was.
He didn’t need an irritating little sister.
Yes, a man, he could bully into irritating him.
That is such a pat and irritating phrase, but.
It’s irritating when you find out he’s right.
He was irritating as nothing was going beyond it.
Theoton wouldn’t have risked irritating her by.
One irritating thing about the helmet debate that.
The pollen in the air must have been irritating me.
Through the boggy valley the insects were irritating.
It was a shame she spoiled it by being so irritating.
It's a very irritating manly habit that … men have.
The thick smoke caused by the torches was irritating.
And now this irritating gull was waiting for an answer.
Even if he can be irritating at times with his teasing.
No, but this exaggeration of yours is very irritating.
They argued that there was no sense in irritating a giant.
In this test, irritating substances are placed into the.
He thought they were stupid, inconsequential, irritating.
Their irritating whine threatened to reveal his position.
You can be an irritating as well as a comforting friend.
It was obvious Hast was irritating Ben, so Lyil intervened.
Do you accept the charges? the irritating voice repeated.
Be aware of and avoid any repetitive and irritating gestures.
There are skin ailments less irritating than that fool!’ To.
Even the muted light of the red sun she found very irritating.
There was a most irritating end to every one of these debates.
But the statement was just too irritating for Lezura to ignore.
He was highly irritated and.
Why was he doubly irritated?
But that also irritated Danny.
He'd irritated her on purpose.
And the threat irritated Carl.
Val shot her an irritated look.
I was very irritated with him.
The horse was getting irritated.
Yet the stillness irritated her.
Impatient and irritated by the.
She sounds irritated and on edge.
He was obviously very irritated.
That had irritated her the most.
How much it irritated her mother.
Sam was starting to get irritated.
Come in, he said, irritated.
He was irritated with himself as.
Suddenly, I sort of got irritated.
Zoleka gave him an irritated look.
Now she may get irritated but no.
No wonder I was getting irritated.
Cristian stared at her, irritated.
You're cute when you're irritated.
He had been irritated by a rather.
Smith was starting to get irritated.
The dog irritated him some of the.
Then out, she said, irritated.
This piece of news irritated Levin.
Doyle scratched his head, irritated.
She was a little irritated by the.
Irritated, he snapped the book shut.
She looked mildly irritated by this.
I was getting mildly irritated myself.
Nothing irritated him quite as much.
Ignorant people really irritated him.
Irritated, checking no one was paying.
Emily looked around the room, irritated.
This time Allison was getting irritated.
No, we are not she said irritated.
Whitfield, I said, hugely irritated.
It irritates me.
That really irritates me.
And irritates the appetite.
For some reason it irritates him.
But nothing irritates customers more than.
And that is why it irritates the shit out of me.
Nothing irritates the convicts so much as such abuses.
Coughing irritates the airway, though, so it's going to make it.
Nothing irritates a man more than a nagging or interfering girlfriend.
Obviously the Rescue Team Members knows this and it irritates them to no end.
Pepper irritates the skin causing it to release histamines in the areas of application.
The reflux cause irritates the throat and dries out the saliva which then becomes phlegm.
This irritates the Prophet, and he shies away from you, but God does not shy away from the truth.
By taking medications for the gastro esophageal reflux the cough is cured because the reflux no longer irritates the throat.
My wife has done no great wrong; she is a good woman, but she irritates me by the manner in which she picks on me in public, and I lose my temper.
And here is what I had begun writing, thinking I could say it better by letter, and that my presence irritates her,’ he said, as he gave him the letter.
When comparisons are made between the recession that began in 2008 and the Great Depression, it not only irritates me, but it is truly a disservice to unknowing Americans.
These four legends express the four stages descended by the drunkard; the first, intoxication, which enlivens; the second, that which irritates; the third, that which dulls; and the fourth, that which brutalizes.
Some person or thing seemed to be standing out somewhere, just as something will sometimes obtrude itself upon the eye, and though one may be so busy with work or conversation that for a long time one does not notice it, yet it irritates and almost torments one till at last one realizes, and removes the offending object, often quite a trifling and ridiculous one—some article left about in the wrong place, a handkerchief on the floor, a book not replaced on the shelf, and so on.

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Even if they irritate you.
The question seemed to irritate her.
Riker was beginning to irritate him.
Yes, I can see how it would irritate you.
It was a weak joke and it did irritate him.
Where he had managed to irritate and annoy Ta-.
I’ve learned that it tends to irritate people.
This did irritate her but she didn't open her mouth.
The blow seemed to do little more than irritate him.
With a sigh he knew would irritate, his son complied.
He needed someone to irritate him enough not to care.
But there was something else; I wanted to irritate the.
The situation was beginning to irritate him and he felt.
This seemed to perplex and irritate the other mercenaries.
Here's a song that is sure to irritate PSIA (Professional.
Few things irritate the hacker mind more than inefficiency.
As I got older, it began to really irritate him, which he.
They should talk in a friendly tone and not irritate each other.
Yes, Emílio, but what I asked was not meant to irritate you! I.
Some of the acts that may irritate the interviewer could include:.
Because the slightest show of emotion could irritate their masters.
I was so relieved in the morning that Arnav will not irritate me anymore.
So, he’s the boss of you? My smile seemed to irritate Simon further.
The creepiness went on and on and began to irritate John to no small degree.
But the ONLY part I’m happy about is that Arnav will not irritate me again.
The mucus discharge can irritate the skin around the anus and lead to itching.
Colours that irritate clash in vibrations with those of the receptive subject.
What truth has come out this week? Listen, Praskovya Ivanovna, don't irritate me.
She knew that her going in during the night at an unusual hour would irritate him.
He was looking down at the water with such intent it was beginning to irritate her.
In addition, these drugs tend to irritate the stomach and cause discomfort and pain.
To taunt himself and so to irritate his wounds was, at this time, a great satisfaction to Mr.
Sometimes women should consider avoiding extremely hot water as it can irritate the skin further.
To my surprise, and due to the plantain fluid I had in my eyes, the "pazote" did not irritate me.
Inhaled smoke can irritate the throat causing it to contract in a sudden spasm, closing the airway.
You are saying this to irritate me, and as crudely and as openly as though I were a boy of sixteen.
It is impossible that this should exercise no influence upon him, and not irritate his brutal instincts.
None of them accepted, and in fact, expressed their pleasure at the opportunity to irritate the Russians.
The fluctuating levels of these hormones can really irritate the acne nearly all teens are prone to suffer.
Still dubious, though not anxious to irritate a man working directly for the President, the Army General nodded.