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Leisurely in a sentence | leisurely example sentences

  1. He began a leisurely bath.
  2. The bus started moving leisurely.
  3. They seemed to float leisurely by.
  4. I treated myself to a leisurely soak.

  6. I walk more leisurely to the intersection.
  7. Sancho's whipping will proceed leisurely.
  8. In addition, meals tend to be a leisurely.
  9. They stood watching, enjoying a leisurely.
  10. The ship was being repaired at a leisurely pace.
  11. Of leisurely pace, of unhurried swings of the golf.
  12. He figured it would be a leisurely stroll in the park.
  13. Hindley descended more leisurely, sobered and abashed.
  14. The children spent a lazy and a leisurely holiday at the.
  15. Conan saddled and rode westward at a more leisurely gait.

  16. Through this low-lit mistiness Tess walked leisurely along.
  17. The days were warm and sunny, and their progress leisurely.
  18. She was very leisurely indeed in her preparations for sleep.
  19. Adam leisurely strolled down William Street towards the city.
  20. At a leisurely stroll, this thing could outdistance us easily.
  21. In the town below, people leisurely went about their business.
  22. Hardin leisurely ascended the stairs then crossed the entrance.
  23. It took about a five hour leisurely hike to the falls and back.
  24. They wanted to be seen as leisurely cultured, and elegant also.
  25. Out of it, in leisurely fashion, got Lord Godalming and Morris.

  26. It was through leisurely pursuit that he would find his next job.
  27. Sir Stanley took a leisurely sip of whiskey then nodded his head.
  28. This will allow your investment to compound in a leisurely manner.
  29. Leaving his chair and office, he took a leisurely stroll through.
  30. She rang the bell till it broke with a twang; I entered leisurely.
  31. They kept walking at a leisurely pace until they reached the Dumpster.
  32. In a leisurely repose, the illusive mosaic of your sketch it spreads.
  33. They set to the meal in a leisurely manner, Harry trying to imitate Mr.
  34. On the following day they continued northwards at a more leisurely pace.
  35. We arrived at the palace in the late afternoon due to our leisurely pace.
  36. The two strolled at a leisurely pace along the trail, with Mutt stopping.
  37. After that, tailing it was a leisurely affair and did not last very long.
  38. Jess cooled his heels and seethed as Dario took his sweet, leisurely time.
  39. Steve and Mary, Chris and Ruth and Detective Mike had a leisurely breakfast.
  40. They gazed silently out at the sea and walked leisurely back to the cottage.
  41. For a moment, not unlike the previous murders, time seemed to leisurely move.
  42. So she got up, and the sofa being a low one and her movements leisurely, Mrs.
  43. It is no place for lovers, or philosophers, or leisurely persons of the sort.
  44. They have spread over the north, and are pushing southward in leisurely treks.
  45. We favored a fairly leisurely pace on the march back, since there was no hurry.
  46. The leisurely car traffic of old had become almost as hectic as that of Athens.
  47. He stretched his long legs out in a leisurely manner and wriggled his bare toes.
  48. Spring filled the air as the small, three car caravan moved at a leisurely pace.
  49. Kitara saluted and went about her business, while Garcia made his way leisurely.
  50. The cat rose from his crouched position and leisurely walked back to the platform.
  51. We moved at a leisurely pace camping along the way in the Khan’s luxurious tent.
  52. Leisurely, we rode on through the day until we stopped to camp early that evening.
  53. I smiled as I looked towards the beach and found Brandon taking a leisurely stroll.
  54. Furthermore, long positions are more leisurely and require a lot less attentiveness.
  55. Athens also became a powerful city, but it was much more involved in leisurely and.
  56. He returned a few moments later and the pair carried on with there leisurely stroll.
  57. At length we set off northward at a leisurely pace arriving in Tuxpan ten days later.
  58. Aazuria leaned back in the sofa leisurely, studying the suspicious faces of the twins.
  59. Lord, he thought, we're used to more leisurely dyings, measured in minutes and hours.
  60. His fingers drew circles around my breasts, leisurely making their way to my nipples.
  61. His leisurely movements and rambling manner of speech were a real test of my patience.
  62. Bobby Moch set the varsity boys to rowing at a leisurely twenty-two or twenty-three.
  63. He then leaned his back to the post between the windows and leisurely lit a cigarette.
  64. After that, Garcia and Susana walked leisurely, arms linked, her head on his shoulder.
  65. God, he thought, we’re used to more leisurely dyings, measured in minutes and hours.
  66. Dressed in the Mendozas’ clothes, they strolled leisurely through the Polonia’s lobby.
  67. The old prince dressed leisurely in his study, frowning and considering what he was to do.
  68. He looked carefully to his left and right, and then walked at a leisurely pace to the road.
  69. He ambled toward her at a leisurely pace but its giant steps brought him upon her quickly.
  70. He put his hand around her waist and they walked in this way, leisurely, to the elevators.
  71. At their current leisurely pace, elements of them should reach our position in a short time.
  72. The rest of the charge slowed to a more leisurely pace as he returned his bow to its socket.
  73. They’re a fine crop, better than I expected to find in these peaceful and leisurely times.
  74. Utayatuians leisurely walked about, children played, all the things that made Dave homesick.
  75. Caleb had seen soldiers continuing at a leisurely pace, in the single file traveling mode of a.
  76. In the leisurely Indian life of the old days it was so easy to escape uncomfortable proximity;.
  77. They remained there like that, entwined and kissing for an unhurried, leisurely stretch of time.
  78. At that point Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch at last went up to Darya Pavlovna with his leisurely step.
  79. The rope vibrated leisurely to the blow, like the long string of a pendulum starting from a rest.
  80. The morning passed quickly, and then there was a leisurely lunch, a short nap, and the Huxley novel.
  81. Rudd arrived at the agreed time in a limousine, and the pair drove to the caves at a leisurely pace.
  82. They exited the store at a leisurely pace, then cut into a department store, making for the exit doors.
  83. Then he pedaled again, leisurely looking for a shop that was open, where he might find something special.
  84. Action in the world is slowing down, so you might as well have fun and enjoy the leisurely pace of life.
  85. Rebecca squeezed his arm as she went to her house, and Syd walked leisurely towards his end of the site.
  86. The cat’s reaction was calm and leisurely, which helped to convince Hartle that no one had been around.
  87. He stretched his legs, polished his nose with his front feet and then moved off leisurely to the westward.
  88. Zutar, who was shaking with fear, this monster killed leisurely tearing them with his bare hands, in spite.
  89. Caleb had seen soldiers continuing at a leisurely pace, in the single file traveling mode of a large patrol.
  90. Sammy ambled leisurely in front of him while he stopped intermittently to pick up sweet chestnuts on the way.
  91. Captain Alexander Trousi leisurely maneuvers the Lord Byron through the warmest waters along the voyage.
  92. The British guy was more like a twin-engine Piper Cub making its way down the runway at a more leisurely clip.
  93. Taking up a corner position, Nurse deposited the chips in her purse and they leisurely began feeding a quarter slot.
  94. So open, the windows were the eyes of the houses that followed my walking, slow and leisurely, along the paved path.
  95. They took a leisurely lunch in a French restaurant where everything was French Provincial from the food to the decor.
  96. You saved me not just once but twice, she whispered again, and leisurely laid her head on his chest, once more.
  97. The next morning they packed their things and had a leisurely breakfast, this time without the over-protective ghost.
  98. We moved in a leisurely gait towards him, got in his carriage and set off with the same slow-motion trot of yesterday.
  99. Their progress was leisurely, and they agreed that their mode of travel was far less tiring than their walk from Krakow.
  100. I followed at a more leisurely pace and by the time I’d reached the old stone barn, Uncle Hobart had disappeared inside.

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