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Easygoing in a sentence

1. But easygoing Ned turned dogged.
2. He is an easygoing, pleasant companion.
3. They are easygoing and not bothered by.
4. He did easygoing charm a lot more convincingly.
5. He returned to his normal, easygoing smile before.
6. That's Mike to the teeth, eye, and heart, to his easygoing hands.
7. He seemed to have some of the easygoing character of our black lab, Coal.

8. He liked the easygoing camaraderie of it, the simple, stark maleness of it.
9. The bitterness in his voice surprised me, because Luke seemed like a pretty easygoing guy.
10. After all, he may say, the rules you have outlined are pretty simple and easygoing.
11. And he was easygoing and handsome and charming and girls gravitated to him like flies to honey.
12. He may appear affable and easygoing, but he has a long history of holding tight to his convictions.
13. As for the spying, Ric said, such an act would be unlike his easygoing father, and would have made no sense, as Mr.
14. But then suddenly he smiles and you can believe he's just this easygoing guy who you can kick back and have fun with.
15. The easygoing stuff generally concludes with a reprinted advertisement or one that was created specifically for the annual report.
16. She may have been the most easygoing among Melodía’s ladies-in-waiting, as well as her closest friend, but she did love her punctilio.
17. Bad thing to have happen just now, Lowell agreed in his calm, easygoing fashion that did little to assuage the frayed nerves of his colleague.
18. She’d been on playdates with Chloe and was very easygoing and let Chloe boss her about, taking the supporting role in whatever game they were playing.
19. He looked so cute when he shot her his easygoing grin, and she wondered if he meant what she thought he meant, if he hoped to go home and find his special star.
20. While the life here was agreeable and easygoing, the work they had put in during the last months had in his mind helped change things enough to make a real difference.
21. Since I’d moved to Missouri—well, since I’d come up with my plan—I’d been careful to be low-maintenance, easygoing, cheerful, all those things people want women to be.
22. Dressed in dark-brown skinny jeans, a loose T-shirt protruding from under a high-fashion sweater, cord necklace with a matching bracelet, he appears to be the easygoing type, with panache.
23. In Der Angriff, his principal propaganda publication, Joseph Goebbels had handed Berliners the script for their part in the performance, detailing how they should conduct themselves toward Jews and how they should welcome the foreigners when they arrived: We must be more charming than the Parisians, more easygoing than the Viennese, more vivacious than the Romans, more cosmopolitan than London, more practical than New York.

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