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Molecule in a sentence

1. That molecule is too water-soluble.
2. The glowing molecule also disappears.
3. The molecule on his left arm is missing.
4. You cannot own an electron or a molecule.
5. A molecule consists of two or more atoms of the.
6. Every quark, every atom, every molecule is sacred.
7. The ship Jaden is in also forms its purple molecule.

8. Two pink torpedoes come from each side purple molecule.
9. But perhaps that constellation is only a chemical molecule.
10. His body disappears into the huge red molecule of his ship.
11. A second ship follows with a purple molecule around its hull.
12. Two molecules of hydrogen combine with one molecule of oxygen.
13. It is the water molecule that brings about rust and corrosion.
14. Energy from the purple molecule is beaming in front of the ship.
15. A DNA molecule is totally open without any sides or walls to it.
16. The ships are quickly forming back together, molecule by molecule.
17. They moved towards and then into the molecule, which now seemed as.
18. There is a small red molecule moving up and down on both of her arms.
19. There is a ship near him, but it has a blue molecule going around it.
20. Structure of a molecule of water (A) and types of hydrogen bonds (B).
21. Mucin is a glycoprotein-a molecule that bonds glucose with amino acids.
22. The huge purple molecule appears around and through the body of the UFO.
23. Two, a septillion point molecule scan of the species being transported.
24. The dynamic of a 4-sided box is the opposite of a 4-sided DNA molecule.
25. Each of the thousands of genes on a DNA molecule contains instructions.
26. There are a number of spaces around each polyunsaturated fat molecule -.
27. A small orange projectile torpedo is shot from under the purple molecule.
28. Akt (also known as protein kinase B) is another signaling molecule that is.
29. Creatine phosphate is "split" to yield the phosphate portion of the molecule.
30. Three brighter light balls are quickly moving around the blue molecule track.
31. The water molecule as a liquid, balanced between the solid and gaseous state.
32. Carnosine is a small molecule composed of the amino acids histidine and alanine.
33. Bellona gets into her ship and her red molecule begins to move around her ship.
34. The DNA molecule wouldn’t be a stair case structure without the mental image.
35. A simple example of an emergent property is to consider an air molecule in space.
36. Stronger anti-gravity energy comes from the molecule and covers the entire ship.
37. The bright red light fades back into the molecule and it goes back into the ship.
38. The outcome: an immense vista of reflections that penetrated every liquid molecule.
39. If you do that, you will release a toxic, self replicating molecule into the air.
40. The molecules look similar to the ship’s molecule, but only six inches in diameter.
41. Hemoglobin is a molecule containing 2,318 atoms, and only one of those atoms is iron.
42. Saturated fats are totally saturated, each molecule of fat is covered in hydrogen atoms.
43. Cholesterol is a trace molecule found in food that travels in our bloodstream and helps.
44. One way to tell the different generations is the color of the molecule around each ship.
45. The chemical composition of natural gas consists primarily of methane, a hydrocarbon molecule.
46. The purple molecule shoots beams in different directions to disrupt the gravity around the fire.
47. All Experience, including the Experience of every molecule; is unique and can never be duplicated.
48. Did sound exist when there was only one molecule? Notice that everything is an emergent property.
49. The resulting product is an odd spiral-shaped molecule with the bizarre ability to replicate itself.
50. Vera thought for a moment of how a neurotransmitter molecule had lit up her husband’s favorite thoughts.
51. Instead of cells sloughing away from a tumor and penetrating the bloodstream, here it was a mystery molecule.
52. A UFO with a blue molecule around its hull quickly comes out of the mountain emitting the matrix plasma beams.
53. He admires it and zooms in on the purple exotic looking molecule with the clear egg-shaped balls moving around it.
54. When a muscle is required to contract, the bonds in the ATP molecule are split, yielding ADP (adenosine-diphosphate).
55. Melatonin is a molecule that has been found in every animal and plant studied to date, from human beings to the most.
56. The weapon disappears through the molecule on his arm and returns with the rest of the levitating spikes on his back.
57. Even the most powerful computer, Kaku cautions, is incapable of accounting for every molecule that makes up the weather.
58. Another spike from a different area on his back floats upwards, changes direction and passes through his right molecule.
59. The weapon forms once it passes through the molecule on either of his wrists and then the molecule powers it,’ she says.
60. Combined with oxygen as water (molecule below), hydrogen atoms represent 63% of the number of atoms that make up a person.
61. The intensity of your yelling causes a molecule in one of the hundreds of reaction flasks in the lab to vibrate at an unusual frequency.
62. Whatever happened in this room during his ride from prison dispersed all energy and brought every molecule of anything to an utter stop.
63. The disruptive movement must come from within when molecule releases its hold upon molecule and the whole mass falls into disintegration.
64. The test is done using mass spectrometry (MS), a technical method for the determination of the basic constituents of a sample or molecule.
65. Clear energy shield cannons: energy is fired from the now blue molecule and the energy shield around the ship breaks up into small cannons.
66. The investigators had a quick discussion while Sophie enjoyed the lingering flavours in her mouth, using her tongue to search out every last molecule.
67. Short-term high-frequency fluctuations of Energy are being formed around the molecule, which are caused by the dynamics of manifestation of polaritons.
68. In this process; each molecule is blessed with a whole new range of experiences where it gets to undergo all sorts of new bonds, or connections-separations.
69. In spring 2014, an international team of researchers identified an anti-appetite molecule called acetate that’s naturally released when fiber is digested.
70. You are going to challenge such a monster that is well entrenched in every molecule of your body, in every neuron of your brain and in every photon of your thought.
71. I've seen a molecule of salt water heat up at the surface, sink into the depths, reach maximum density at –2° centigrade, then cool off, grow lighter, and rise again.
72. Everyone I had fed on in the last two hundred and fifty years, even if a molecule of their blood had remained in my system throughout the ages, it would no longer after tonight.
73. Have you seen the research on the effectiveness of this tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor? Thean asked me, pointing to the 3-D model of a molecule rotating on her screen.
74. There were atoms in the ancient world even, but since we've learned that you've discovered the chemical molecule and protoplasm and the devil knows what, we had to lower our crest.
75. Please visit the websites below to see in detail what information is conveyed in the Mel Gibson code and how the Bible exhibits similar intricacies found within the DNA molecule:.
76. If dark matter, which cannot be seen, explain 85% of the gravitational effects of mass, maybe there is a spirit molecule, that cannot be seen, that generate psychedelic experiences.
77. Within the seemingly endless possible mutations that the molecule and its ‘offspring’ will undergo is the genetic makeup for the most benevolent, intelligent beings the universe will ever know.
78. For example, each ribosome realizes only that Information which is included in its RNA strand, synthesizing on its basis VVU-Configurations of the Formo-Creators of a strictly defined protein molecule.
79. Just think of a molecule that erases a person’s ability to hide or not hide his or her thoughts, so that her or his inmost and favorite ones rise to the surface and unleash behavior that reveals the person.
80. The discovery of esters had long ago allowed scientists to make artificial flavors and odors, and now the discovery of molecule reconstruction allowed hemp to be made into cereal and soybeans into meat products.
81. In the first case, which happens during explosions of atomic bombs or other powerful emissions of great doses of radiation, an electron is simply knocked out from a molecule with an immediate destruction of the molecule.
82. However, according to classical physics, if you took the same molecule of DNA and subjected it to exactly the same conditions (which is quite impossible, but ignore this for now), one would get exactly the same creature.
83. This entire phenomenon is similar to what is found within the DNA molecule where the basic building blocks, or base pairs, are supported by a double-helix structure, the base pairs form genes and the genes form chromosomes.
84. Notably vexed and disappointed that he had so little practice compared to me, and still made turning look that faultless, I shifted uncomfortably on my bed, but Ishvara held me there without touching a single molecule of my body.
85. No matter how many thousands of years it takes for this balanced cycle to happen: every snowflake that was once a water molecule that came from the sea flows back down to the ocean and falls back onto the ground and back into the ocean.
86. If that were true, then each proton would be identical to every other proton, each atom would be identical to every other similarly structured atom, every molecule would be identical to every other similarly structured molecule, and so on.
87. Any one observing him would have seen a change in his complexion, in the adjustment of his facial muscles, in the vividness of his glance, which might have made them imagine that every molecule in his body had passed the message of a magic touch.
88. This drag would pull every part of every molecule together so that every molecule would ultimately join with every other until sufficient mass was created that it simply dropped out of existence within the universe returning to its natural – fourth dimensional – state.
89. That is precisely what every electron, every atom, every hydrocarbon molecule, every enzyme, every oxygen molecule, every fat molecule, every hormonal molecule does inside every living organism: they all seek to understand the larger context of their surroundings and balance themselves in it.
90. Every single DNA molecule has thousands of strands of other DNA packed so close to it… that the interactions between all of these packed strands of DNA makes up an interactive Totality of Organic Energy, a field of living Energy akin to the electro-magnetic energy created by dynamos where thousands of strands of copper wire create a larger energy field.
91. While Billy sits quiet and still amid the heavy metal sounds of the custody suite, his companions reach out and take his hands in theirs and the three of them begin to mime and mug like savant idiots, and with the sound turned down, with the picture fading to a single white dot, they start to belt out Billy’s favourite song without shifting a single molecule of air:.
92. For instance: a Hydrocarbon molecule balanced between two amino acids: is a protein: which gives you yet another higher, more dynamically balanced level of molecular interaction … another level of triality on top of the other Trialities, and so on, and so on… larger organized structures balanced more and more dynamically with more and more complex connections and interconnections created.
93. You see in front of you only this glass — a final Form of the creative realization of many Proto-Forms of other types of Collective Intelligences, but you cannot see behind it its own subjective Reality; you see the napkin, but you don’t know how it appeared, who and how participated in the process of making it, how happened the materialization of every molecule of each of these objects.
94. Who, then, can calculate the course of a molecule? How do we know that the creation of worlds is not determined by the fall of grains of sand? Who knows the reciprocal ebb and flow of the infinitely great and the infinitely little, the reverberations of causes in the precipices of being, and the avalanches of creation? The tiniest worm is of importance; the great is little, the little is great; everything is balanced in necessity; alarming vision for the mind.

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