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Particle in a sentence

1. Particle – is a holistic structure.
2. They are bent on particle colliding.
3. Except is an exception particle.
4. No, the particle is immersed in Ether.
5. The accelerated particle had kids cheering.
6. And it also has a particle of your I.
7. The helium nucleus (alpha particle) is about 0.

8. It’s a oscillating, high-density particle beam.
9. At the same instant, its sister particle changed.
10. Consequently, an individual particle does nothing.
11. Chakra - is not only the smallest subatomic particle.
12. The Ray - is the same thing as an elementary particle.
13. Ether rotation in the particle, as such, does not exist.
14. The first character is a negative particle meaning 'not'.
15. This circulation means any particle interferes with itself.
16. The topic particle wa is written with the character for ha.
17. The particle, as every one knows, possesses no significance.
18. The Ring – it is the very sphere of any elementary particle.
19. This is why a positive particle and a negative particle will.
20. Free Yang particle remembers only what happened to it directly.
21. Every particle of our being is revolving around this divine sun.
22. Since the universe still has the same properties as a particle.
23. The particle does not allow you to pinpoint its precise location.
24. Unless a particle is stable in this universe, like the proton and.
25. Certain manipulation therapy manoeuvres, referred to as particle.
26. Absorbing it particle will identifies itself with this information.
27. There was one for each particle in each atom that he had entangled.
28. And the only tool of all this – is an elementary particle (Soul).
29. The quality of this particle may better suit to the element "Water".
30. It is the Soul, the Consciousness of this given elementary particle.
31. Scientists consider this new particle the DNA of the universe.
32. But Ether, that fills the particle at given time, belongs only to it.
33. Ether flow moving toward the particle, this is a Field of Attraction.
34. This Memory of particle – is its Karma, its Chronicle, the Record.
35. Then it becomes a particle with a fixed position in space and time!.
36. The Spirit forming a given particle, it is its Consciousness, its "I".
37. In certain circumstances it appears as a wave; in others as a particle.
38. An elementary particle (Soul) – it’s the flowing in the Matter Spirit.
39. Of course, that "the types of elementary particle" - is a relative concept.
40. We don’t have a particle of proof, so we’re being painted as villains.
41. An electron is a wave until it is observed, and then it becomes a particle!.
42. You will learn that for each particle of matter there is an anti-matter one.
43. You should not to imagine the particle as a dense formation with solid walls.
44. The field that this particle represents extends in all directions infinite-.
45. So that would indicate that her soul came over as a particle, Rene said.
46. Let us consider a falling material particle colliding in a stationary surface.
47. The description that the atoms were widely separated means that the particle.
48. Construction of the Australian Super Collider particle accelerator is underway.
49. Without a particle of cant, he possessed profound religious faith and devotion.
50. As for the word When mentioned in this verse, it is a conditional particle.
51. The finest thread of Fohat – it is the Spirit, manifested in the Soul (particle).
52. Ether (Energy), filling the sphere at any given time, belongs only to this particle.
53. The latest is that there is some little particle undetected as yet or as this goes.
54. Closer to the particle - the speed of the emitted Ether is higher, further - below.
55. No star, no tree, no child, no particle dies unheard, exists without comformication.
56. Any elementary particle – is an Atom, truly indivisible Elementary Unit of Genesis.
57. The last two phenomena could be understood by stating that any particle has the same.
58. Electrons are both waves and particles? One minute they act like a particle, and the.
59. And the "I" and "Not-I" in this case – are synonyms of Soul, an elementary particle.
60. The scientific method, based on physical laws and particle motion, rules this domain.
61. Journal of Particle Physics; an interesting article on the dimensionality of pions.
62. We do know that there would be no signals without a particle state change, he said.
63. Squidyman is gonna use the small-bore particle streams maybe… cut up this junk slow.
64. As a proof of this statement let us examine a material particle subjected to collision.
65. If I had missed mopping a single particle of him, the crew unwittingly cleared it away.
66. Conceptually this field must be open and receptive to particle creation and annihilation.
67. Wheel – is a flow of Ether (Spirit), moving in the elementary particle (moving in time).
68. It means were going to have to collide the particle streams we fire at a more direct angle.
69. This equation is called the basic equation for the dynamics of a particle during collision.
70. It balances out equally to the last quark, and to the last infinitely small energy particle.
71. Fohat – this is the Spirit, but existing in a single particle, the Tiny Ray of the One Ray.
72. Because the quantum number is associated with such a large particle, it is very, very fuzzy.
73. Union of Mother and Father, Yin and Yan, gives birth to Soul, to Son – elementary particle.
74. Any particle has the ability to aware its location in space, in the overall scheme of Genesis.
75. Accordingly, a particle appears out of the potential in response to the expectation that it.
76. The same bone-headed view of reality is also what drives the efforts of particle accelerators.
77. When the experiment is repeated, the instantaneous response of the particle at the farther box.
78. He has not condescended to extend one particle, not one pinch of comfort to the Administration.
79. The task is to determine the speed of this particle u after the collision and its direction β.
80. Similarly, it’s closer to the particle, the higher the speed of the emitted or entering Ether.
81. We can say that all other particles for a given particle are strangers, outsiders, other than it.
82. That is, the particle, received Information, does not distinguish itself from the perceived one.
83. And Ether surrounding the particle fills arising void and moving in the direction of the particle.
84. The Creative Space is unified; it permeates and imbues all that exists, from particle to particle.
85. And the Information of that other particle becomes an integral part of apprehending its particle.
86. The Silent Watcher – is the Substance, the Matter, his Shadow – it's Soul, elementary particle.
87. And then it will be as part of its own Chronicle broadcast the Information of that other particle.
88. In other situations it behaves as a particle travelling through space (but a particle without mass).
89. All other particles can not at this moment in any way "pretend" to this ether, filling the particle.
90. After that it collides with a stationary particle Yang and passes to it by this way its information.
91. This flow of energy emitted by the particle pushes the ether surrounding the "walls" of the particle.
92. This process occurs in every elementary particle at every moment of time until there is this Universe.
93. But who is this observer? And how does an observer change the electron from a wave into a particle?
94. However, the truly endless Atom – this is an elementary particle, not Atom of physicist or chemist.
95. Ether arising in the particles the very same particle creating it primarily uses for the "destruction".
96. For the moment he was nothing but a piece of swinging stuff; not a particle of him that did not swing.
97. We have particle controlling nanos that direct lightning charges into our city from around the planet.
98. Fohat – it's the same thing as the Spirit, however, considered to each elementary particle (the Soul).
99. Staying in the particle after destruction an excess of creating Ether emits by particle surface without.
100. All other particles involved by other Consciousness (Spirits), the particle perceives to it as "Not-I".

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