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Mote in a sentence | mote example sentences

  1. Forth from the castle mote.
  2. As I will, so mote it be!.
  3. One mote of all the dust that's I.
  4. So mote it be, said the Grandmaster.

  6. A mote will turn the balance, which Pyramus, which.
  7. The Mote and the Beam in the Eye the Eye: Luke 6:37-43.
  8. A Mote in Freud's Eye: From Psychoanalysis to the Psychology.
  9. I stand under the sword and the hand of the Goddess! So mote it be!.
  10. A minute after that, only an occasional mote could be detected, and the light began to increase in brilliance.
  11. When you throw the beam out of your own eye then you will see clearly to throw the mote from your brother's eye.
  12. As it was, he just went along with everything, his brain on total overload so that he was drifting like a dust mote in a sunbeam.
  13. Until you admit that you were wrong your penis will stay soft, not strong By the power of Three times Three, As I will, So Mote it Be.
  14. I think science is great Kelvin, and it can tell us a lot about him, but this entire universe, thru its whole eternity, is just a mote in His eye.
  15. A citizen, a father, a warrior, a mote in the dust-cloud of six million fighting particles, an unconsidered trifle for the jaws of war, his humanity was not consciously impressed on my mind at the time.

  16. Never again will she let lose her might, Her power now mild, her anger restrained, From herein she will live within our binds, This, our will, we here now proclaim, By the power of three times three, As it is said, so mote it be.
  17. There was only a narrow slit left between their lids, by which he preserved a peninsular relation to me; thus, with half-shut eyes, looking out from the land of dreams, and endeavoring to realize me, vague object or mote that interrupted his visions.
  18. So that he 'who sees the mote in another's eye had need to see the beam in his own,' that it be not said of himself, 'the dead woman was frightened at the one with her throat cut;' and your worship knows well that 'the fool knows more in his own house than the wise man in another's.
  19. They heedlessly pass over such discrepancies in their own defense; picking up a mote against an opponent and magnifying it into a beam, they eagerly play the stunt of swallowing the camel after straining at the gnat, gnashing with their teeth in confusion against the very laws of simplicity, which would lead them to truth.
  20. Why look you at the mote which is in the eye of your brother but consider not the column that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother Brother I will take out the mote from your eye; and the column which is in your eye you see note You hypocrite take out first the column from your eye; and then shall you see to take out the mote from the eye of your brother.

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