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Dot in a sentence

on the dot.
The dot is.
Dot the cat.
Dot with the.
Dot with butter.
A single dot in.
sphere with a dot.

Red dot in focus.
millions in the dot.
Dot with margarine.
The Dot (Figure 73 A).
Next to arrive was Dot.
It was the tiniest dot.
They have a wee dot on.
On the dot? I asked.
DOT connected the d-o-t's.
Nine thirty on the dot.
The black dot in Figure 9.
There was a red dot where.
Dear, dear little Aunt Dot.
Dot, just come here a moment.
A member with dot operator.
He centred up the pipper dot.
She's either already a Red Dot.
I was concentrating on my dot.
screen as a small blinking dot.
Thanks for the goodies, Dot.
Remove from oven, dot with 4 oz.
drains dotting the piazza.
rock pools dotting that coastline.
The trees dotting her flanks are heavily.
ingredients are used, dotting top with butter.
The burnt spots dotting it verified this in.
of hundreds of huge ant hills dotting the landscape.
There were still antique outbuildings dotting the grounds.
barley, with a few copses of forest dotting the countryside.
Dotting and smothering are as abusive as beating and starving.
Blood coated her dagger and dripped, dotting the white ground.
Now in those camps of green, in their tents dotting the world,.
fly fishing expedition with rustic cabins and hotels dotting the.
with whipped cream in the shape of a ghost with snowflakes dotting the.
He had red hair brushed off his forehead and freckles dotting his skin.
Brooks slumped forward, and Louie could see holes dotting the back of his jacket.
Right now what they are doing is crossing their ‘T’s and dotting their ‘I’s.
There were large islands, hundreds of them, dotting the ocean as far as he could see.
Within one day's time there were four thousand such groups dotting the American West.
Pulling up his trouser leg he saw a few angry looking red bumps dotting his white skin.
Zigzagging through the big slabs of rock dotting the room, I threw a glance over my shoulder.
I looked out the glass wall of the living room and saw zombies dotting the entire front yard.
Next the shorter bluish grass dominated, but there were occasional oaks and junipers dotting the prairie.
Talk came in low murmurs of ghosts and hidden demons that stalked the countryside and the ruins dotting it.
We stand watching a small group of ducks as they dabble in the water amongst the water lilies dotting the surface.
The latter, at least, could be provided for, as there were many small, shallow pools of water dotting the landscape.
My heart started racing as I dipped my makeup brush into the grey concealer and started dotting it all over his face.
And so he shifted his thoughts again, noticing the rustic structures dotting the countryside some distance from the camp.
They were careful to cover themselves by filling in all the blanks, dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s.
On this cold and dry road he could look off in the distance and see a series of lights dotting a hill and he knew he was home.
dotted along the coast.
dotted with many tempting.
25 (the small dotted line).
dotted throughout the land.
to sign on the dotted line.
water and dotted with islands.
Several tents dotted the site.
dotted with sharp looking rocks.
evergreen trees dotted the land.
staff dotted around the company.
and trees dotted the countryside.
A few houses dotted the landscape.
dotted with other beautiful colours.
The shelves and racks were dotted.
dust of many dotted the steep incline.
A handful of sweat hogs dotted about.
Small rasp like marks dotted the edge.
Fires dotted the neighbourhood skyline.
Numerous country elevators dotted the.
stunted trees that dotted the coastline.
many small farms dotted around the area.
The dotted line is relative price strength.
Early frogspawn dotted its way around the.
Gabriel scanned the area dotted with tables.
A black stone of an earring dotted his earlobe.
back in her chair to study the dotted patterns.
The pavilions of the besiegers dotted the plain.
A few sheep dotted the pasture behind the house.
The horizon was now liberally dotted with sails.
It was dotted with white roses and bougainvillea.
As C dots.
As the dots.
the dots for me.
Tiny white dots.
Dots that didn't exist.
All of those tiny dots.
Guiding the colored dots.
ALL DOTS (pixels of color).
Several red dots flashed.
Written with IT'S ALL DOTS.
hexagonal shaped colored dots.
Here's the thing with Red Dots.
dots with a wave from her hands.
The end of a domino with two dots.
Dots on a never-ending landscape.
There were dots over some of them.
Gradually the flow of bright dots.
so I could see the dots, sometimes.
The gray dots are the alternatives.
The end of a domino with three dots.
Black dots stained her white jacket.
They were white with red polka dots.
Christine finished connecting the dots.
These dots or small spots come with age.
He knew you would connect the dots and.
You can connect the dots with most crimes.
a group of dots arranged in a geometrical.
object is to connect all the dots using a.
It was black with lime green and white dots.

Synonyms for dot

dot point transportation dit acid dose elvis pane superman zen stud disperse dust scatter sprinkle