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Dot in a sentence | dot example sentences

  1. Next to arrive was Dot.
  2. The Dot (Figure 73 A).
  3. It was the tiniest dot.
  4. They have a wee dot on.
  5. On the dot? I asked.

  6. The black dot in Figure 9.
  7. Nine thirty on the dot.
  8. There was a red dot where.
  9. Dear, dear little Aunt Dot.
  10. A member with dot operator.
  11. Dot, just come here a moment.
  12. He centred up the pipper dot.
  13. I was concentrating on my dot.
  14. She's either already a Red Dot.
  15. Thanks for the goodies, Dot.

  16. It was a dot in the distance.
  17. I was concentrating on the dot.
  18. The dot moved in that direction.
  19. Remove from oven, dot with 4 oz.
  20. The end of a domino with one dot.
  21. We spotted the shadder to a dot.
  22. Dot nodded her head in agreement.
  23. Pour into crust; dot with butter.
  24. Dot threw her hands up in the air.
  25. They closed on the dot of twelve.

  26. Dot with pieces of chilled butter.
  27. Linda returned at 10am on the dot.
  28. A dot is also called a "pip" or a.
  29. Connecting the Best Practices DOT:.
  30. The meeting began at nine on the dot.
  31. Dot with butter, and drift cinnamon.
  32. There are not just a Red Dot for YOU.
  33. The little red dot was still flashing.
  34. Dot com stocks had lost 25% last week.
  35. On this dot a few small pieces nutter.
  36. Aunt Dot would think it so ridiculous.
  37. Then she saw a small dot on the horizon.
  38. A few seconds later he saw the dot turn.
  39. I never trusted that Tom, Dot said.
  40. Connecting the Strategy and Tactics DOT:.
  41. She then pointed at a red dot on the map.
  42. Then she saw another dot in the distance.
  43. Put mixture in pie plate, and dot with a.
  44. Each half bears a dot from the other half.
  45. A second dot was close behind the first one.
  46. The white dot signifies the page you are on.
  47. Soon he was only a dot in the flowers, then.
  48. I would breathe the gas and focus on the dot.
  49. In some of the dot categories we were a bit.
  50. I got the tunnel vision, saw nothing but dot.
  51. In this case, the gray dot happens right away.
  52. However, the very next dot went back to black.
  53. If not, dot it here and there on top, but put.
  54. He pondered the faint, red dot among the stars.
  55. Brent woke up at o-four hundred hours on the dot.
  56. Suddenly, Dot gasped and her eyes were wide open.
  57. Stands of prickly pear cactus dot the landscape.
  58. Equity value strategies suffered during the dot.
  59. The black dot on the horizon was headed our way.
  60. He edged over two more streets and checked the dot.
  61. Sprinkle apples with nuts and rum; dot with butter.
  62. The point marked with a dot can be described as 15.
  63. At five o’clock on the dot she’s out of there.
  64. Yet only as a small dot on the now distant horizon.
  65. There’s a glowing red dot blinking in one corner.
  66. The dot indicating the point investigated in 420 B.
  67. Jill half stood as she hugged Dot in a warm embrace.
  68. The hand appeared, real as life, just above the dot.
  69. I focused our eyes on a little red dot in the corner.
  70. Molly realized the dot was beginning to grow in size.
  71. Every legit moving company should have a DOT number.
  72. Fishing boats dot the horizon and in the evening 62.
  73. I watched the one shining dot on the door latch, the.
  74. Then imagine that each dot represents, say, a planet.
  75. The red dot collided with the shield and disappeared.
  76. What would go with my polka dot tie? Nothing actually.
  77. Read more about the numbers with a dot in Appendix 4.
  78. The clock on the wall told him it was two on the dot.
  79. She drew a pattern on the white board, one red dot and.
  80. Each day with an event has a gray dot beneath the date.
  81. Lucy couldn't bear to think of poor little kind Aunt Dot.
  82. Suddenly, staying focussed on the dot became effortless.
  83. Slightly below it and to the left, a green dot appeared.
  84. A green dot lit up in the map, and Midge and Stick nodded.
  85. There, on the flat one, a brown dot is moving: grizzly!.
  86. Pretty Boy, Town is the red dot in the middle of the chip.
  87. I tried not to stare too much at the dot on her forehead.
  88. He was in Detective Larkson’s office at 8:30 on the dot.
  89. The black dot in the scope covers the center of the target.
  90. And Dot said, "There will be a lot of banging in the land".
  91. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to take my eyes off the dot.
  92. At the time for the first black dot, GLD is trading at $131.
  93. The admiral's Zephyr appeared, a small dot against the water.
  94. I used to use a dot on the wall as my focus of concentration.
  95. But what are those hook marks with the dot under them?
  96. Small circles of white scar tissue dot his upper lip and chin.
  97. The Enterprise wasn’t even a dot, but he could see the label.
  98. Suddenly I felt contempt as a cars bright red dot drew my eye.
  99. Time slowed down the closer the child's finger came to the dot.
  100. I found the AR16 I had been wanting, and it had a red dot sight.
  1. The trees dotting her flanks are heavily.
  2. The burnt spots dotting it verified this in.
  3. There were still antique outbuildings dotting the grounds.
  4. Blood coated her dagger and dripped, dotting the white ground.
  5. Dotting and smothering are as abusive as beating and starving.
  6. He had red hair brushed off his forehead and freckles dotting his skin.
  7. Brooks slumped forward, and Louie could see holes dotting the back of his jacket.
  8. Right now what they are doing is crossing their ‘T’s and dotting their ‘I’s.
  9. There were large islands, hundreds of them, dotting the ocean as far as he could see.
  10. Within one day's time there were four thousand such groups dotting the American West.
  11. Pulling up his trouser leg he saw a few angry looking red bumps dotting his white skin.
  12. Zigzagging through the big slabs of rock dotting the room, I threw a glance over my shoulder.
  13. I looked out the glass wall of the living room and saw zombies dotting the entire front yard.
  14. Next the shorter bluish grass dominated, but there were occasional oaks and junipers dotting the prairie.
  15. Talk came in low murmurs of ghosts and hidden demons that stalked the countryside and the ruins dotting it.
  16. We stand watching a small group of ducks as they dabble in the water amongst the water lilies dotting the surface.
  17. The latter, at least, could be provided for, as there were many small, shallow pools of water dotting the landscape.
  18. My heart started racing as I dipped my makeup brush into the grey concealer and started dotting it all over his face.
  19. And so he shifted his thoughts again, noticing the rustic structures dotting the countryside some distance from the camp.
  20. They were careful to cover themselves by filling in all the blanks, dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s.
  21. On this cold and dry road he could look off in the distance and see a series of lights dotting a hill and he knew he was home.
  22. Green, rolling hills…rocky cliffs…mountains…gleaming statues of Divines and mortal heroes alike dotting the countryside….
  23. Black uninteresting hummocks of land appeared, dotting the duskiness of water and clouds in the Eastern board: tops of islands fringing the German shore.
  24. They fluttered softly to the ground and rested pleasantly, dotting the brown soil with the pureness of white and the innocence of the beautiful fallen children.
  25. Those were the only bodies we passed near enough to distinguish, but we could see the white life-preservers of many more dotting the sea, all the way to the iceberg.
  26. The bathroom was as gross as the rest of the place, mucked with mold, the toilet perpetually running, wads of toilet paper smeared with lipstick dotting the floor around the trash-bin.
  27. We had seen more zombies than we expected dotting the streets on our drive from the diner into the city, and I kept a careful watch through the windows while Wyatt waited for the boom gate to rise.
  28. What really happens is that some hospitals (private industry) may taxi a patient to a care center because they need another bed, or private insurance companies suspend policies for not dotting an i, and people die as a result.
  29. We pay a lot of attention to dotting our i's and crossing our t's when it comes to the fundamentals of finding opportunities that are safe, cheap and good, because we think it makes it easier to reframe things in new, flexible ways.
  30. She would face Tamar’s displeasure if she lived through this, but he would have a job finding her now that she had the amulet, and any way, what difference did an extra wizard on her trail make to her? After her rapid exertions her chest wound began to seep blood again and looking down she spotted a few drops of blood dotting the ground.
  31. Now in those camps of green, in their tents dotting the world,.
  1. Several tents dotted the site.
  2. A few houses dotted the landscape.
  3. The shelves and racks were dotted.
  4. A handful of sweat hogs dotted about.
  5. Small rasp like marks dotted the edge.
  6. Numerous country elevators dotted the.
  7. Fires dotted the neighbourhood skyline.
  8. The dotted line is relative price strength.
  9. Early frogspawn dotted its way around the.
  10. Gabriel scanned the area dotted with tables.
  11. The field was sparsely dotted with the golfers.
  12. A black stone of an earring dotted his earlobe.
  13. The horizon was now liberally dotted with sails.
  14. The pavilions of the besiegers dotted the plain.
  15. A few sheep dotted the pasture behind the house.
  16. It was dotted with white roses and bougainvillea.
  17. Beads of perspiration dotted her forehead as she.
  18. A dotted blue line linked the planet to the ship.
  19. She was purely flesh and bone, huge sores dotted.
  20. Pockets of woodland dotted the hills here and there.
  21. Victorian houses and small cottages dotted the shore.
  22. It is one of the tax havens dotted around the world.
  23. If a position is taken when the dotted line is below 2.
  24. If a position is taken when the dotted line is above 2.
  25. Numerous flags were dotted out of windows in the city's.
  26. He could see the tunnel entrances dotted here and there.
  27. With so many horses used in cities, horse manure dotted.
  28. Flowers of pink, blue and purple dotted the countryside.
  29. Squadrons of eagles, ravens and falcons dotted the clouds.
  30. Other changes are indicated by dotted lines under the text.
  31. Cows were grazing in the open fields and huts were dotted.
  32. In those not-so-far-off days, a string of low hills dotted.
  33. Smooth bollards like bald men’s heads were dotted around.
  34. Street was wide, dotted with many dead trees, and abandoned.
  35. It was a fine night, and the black sky was dotted with stars.
  36. I would report to Arun Green but would have a strong dotted.
  37. Wasn’t one of the girls wearing that red polka dotted dress?
  38. It was dotted with small lakes, and mile upon mile of stonewalls.
  39. Suddenly, to the west, the blue sky was dotted with white specks.
  40. Monica mountains, dotted with beautiful homes, on the right, was.
  41. The dotted line represents a 5-year average of price performance.
  42. Even the huge gray boulders that dotted the lush landscaping had.
  43. I wrote my name on the dotted line, he handed me the keys and left.
  44. Serve hot, dotted with butter and your favorite syrup, or topping.
  45. Collected in groups or wandering in pairs, they dotted the grounds.
  46. Bitterly, she stared out over the vast plain dotted with campfires.
  47. Small wet brown lime stone indentations and juts dotted the ground.
  48. He looked at the distant coastline that was dotted with plumes of.
  49. And yet others on one or more of the small islands that dotted the.
  50. No trees dotted the plain, and the road was one of a few in the area.
  51. Fields are also accessed by the dotted notation, for example, mylist.
  52. Notice that the SMA (dotted line) is completely flat on the zero line.
  53. He nodded and grinned through a milk mustache dotted with bread crumbs.
  54. A few snow white clouds dotted the clearest blue sky he’d ever seen.
  55. Sun-dapples danced on a sandy floor dotted with coral and crustaceans.
  56. Pippin could see all the Pelennor laid out before him, dotted into the.
  57. I can see cattle dotted over the landscape, but no sign of any buildings.
  58. There were small groves of flat, brownish ground that dotted the landscape.
  59. Have you crossed our T's and dotted our I's? How would you best describe.
  60. A few of them are split from punching Caleb, and dotted with faint bruises.
  61. Notice that we use the same dotted notation to access members of the module.
  62. There were no empty pairs of seats, only single ones dotted here and there.
  63. Beyond that the whisper of the breeze and the open sky, dotted with clouds.
  64. Once he ran They stopped and waited, dotted here and there about the slope.
  65. The curves he saw dotted on the screen predicted a relatively mild descent.
  66. Auburn hair framed a pleasant face dotted with a few freckles here and there.
  67. Her big face, dotted with red blotches, presented the appearance of a skimmer.
  68. The river coast was dotted with countless little islands with trees and brush.
  69. They were dotted with outcroppings over which goats scampered and cattle grazed.
  70. The walls were covered in drab yellow wallpaper dotted with small white flowers.
  71. Shrubs, small, brushy trees, grass, and several types of cactus dotted the shore.
  72. South Africa worked on the huge copper mines that dotted what became known as the.
  73. A long, sloping hillside, dotted with grey limestone boulders, stretched behind us.
  74. The remaining corrections made are indicated by dotted lines under the corrections.
  75. A long, sloping hillside, dotted with gray limestone boulders, stretched behind us.
  76. Dontrall was standing near one of the several corner stores that dotted the inner.
  77. The argv variable in the sys module is referred to using the dotted notation - sys.
  78. The prudent cows dotted the fields motionlessly, lying on their dry bite of grass.
  79. The fung shui was apparently good, because the hillside was dotted with grave sites.
  80. Orange and tangerine trees dotted the pavements, their fruit rotting on the ground.
  81. It had been a very dry August, and the terrain was dotted with aloe vera and cacti.
  82. The river coast was dotted with countless little islands with trees and brush.
  83. At one time he was in Africa, in Egypt, on some oasis, where palms were dotted about.
  84. Fluffy white clouds hovered over a curvaceous horizon dotted with small, neat houses.
  85. Changes to the text are noted below, and are shown in the text with a dotted underline.
  86. The meadow the other side of the river was dotted over by the peasants’ mixed herds.
  87. Century old trees dotted the bank, lowering their overgrown roots into water’s edge.
  88. His hairless head became dotted with perspiration from the degree of his concentration.
  89. The western and northern horizons were dotted with villages, miniature in the distance.
  90. His black eyes caught on the grisaille window, which dotted points of colour into them.
  91. Pools and playgrounds dotted the landscape, as well as several homes in small communities.
  92. The parapet along the edgewise cliff was dotted with gantries projecting into nothingness.
  93. MA (dotted line) is above the 50 MA (solid line), and that both MAs are in a rising uptrend.
  94. Dotted across the grey bed covers were drawings and photographs of Rome before the bombing.
  95. On their consoles the plane headed smoothly on the dotted line to land at JFK as scheduled.
  96. They came presently to an open space, a long grassy sward with low bushes dotted about on it.
  97. The shoreline was dotted with private estates, vineyards and picturesque towns and villages.
  98. It’s all very well and good to have regular catch-ups with senior members of staff dotted.
  99. Two MA lines are used in this case, a 200-day (solid red line) and a 20-day (dotted red line).
  100. At the time I stuck to my guns, I was adamant that I was not going to sign on that dotted line.
  1. All of those tiny dots.
  2. ALL DOTS (pixels of color).
  3. Written with IT'S ALL DOTS.
  4. Here's the thing with Red Dots.
  5. Dots on a never-ending landscape.
  6. The end of a domino with two dots.
  7. There were dots over some of them.
  8. The end of a domino with three dots.
  9. Black dots stained her white jacket.
  10. The gray dots are the alternatives.
  11. Gradually the flow of bright dots.
  12. They were white with red polka dots.
  13. Christine finished connecting the dots.
  14. He knew you would connect the dots and.
  15. These dots or small spots come with age.
  16. You can connect the dots with most crimes.
  17. It was black with lime green and white dots.
  18. Pissarro has a water-color all done in dots.
  19. He had soon placed a few dots on the screen.
  20. It was covered in white with blue polka dots.
  21. It had red-and-white polka dots on its tummy.
  22. I like it in dots instead of a straight line.
  23. The stars were mere dots, winking on and off.
  24. Dots had been joined and a pattern discerned.
  25. There were dots of it on the floor—not a lot.
  26. The map was covered in little tiny black dots.
  27. There were small moving dots I could barely see.
  28. Connecting the DOTS that Make up Sales Mapping.
  29. The light is too blind to see the Lord’s dots.
  30. She could see the dots of people at their rails.
  31. The dots had no sides, had no length or diameter.
  32. The past got busy catching up and connecting dots.
  33. She saw her tears making tiny dots on the letters.
  34. There were also some yellow, orange, and red dots.
  35. Immediately his mind struggled to connect the dots.
  36. It seemed to be speckled with black lines and dots.
  37. Eventually dots became visible out in the distance.
  38. He spotted them ten minutes later, mere dots still.
  39. Keep connecting different dots and you’ll find it.
  40. They demand dots at the altar, and—get them.
  41. It has little plastic dots bulging out of the holes.
  42. Her eyes were sunken, and her pupils were tiny dots.
  43. How many Red Dots have you ignored in your lifetime?
  44. He saw several dots of fire approaching from the bay.
  45. Two yellow dots burned on the other side of that fog.
  46. The dots move both outwards and away from each other.
  47. Let’s connect the dots again, this time in Figure 2.
  48. Instead of the dice containing dots there were names.
  49. And the cup, red with polka dots, that she hands to me.
  50. Disconnected dots, hardly the fabric of a genuine voice.
  51. It appears as small white dots all over the fish's skin.
  52. In addition, the squeeze at point 3 has three black dots.
  53. They also have small yellow dots on their mouth and face.
  54. He held back the last 1,000 dots to be auctioned on eBay.
  55. The once static red dots indicating the infected area are.
  56. Connecting the dots map can amaze, delight and enrich you.
  57. If it ends up proving out, all I did was connect the dots.
  58. The ones that are white with orange dots, don’t eat.
  59. As the stock moves up and down, these dots change location.
  60. When they finally pulled up in front, four red dots began.
  61. Somebody just needed to connect the dots, and that’s ex-.
  62. He was wearing his lucky red tie, with the little blue dots.
  63. And something like Orion was not a flat figure made of dots.
  64. Then you can fill in the missing dots and connections easily.
  65. Robert? I looked at him but couldn’t connect the dots.
  67. There would be tiny black dots of whiskers across his upper lip.
  68. As Tom watched, a series of black dots appeared in the air over.
  69. Her breath whooshed out, and black dots spun through her vision.
  70. I’m now five dots into the squeeze, and I have a full position.
  71. Red dots appeared from everywhere in a direct line with the ship.
  72. The dots connects through intellectual outlooks fixed by reasons.
  73. The dots and all later punctuation of all Greek texts, which has.
  74. Dots were put into the Greek in the ninth century to separate the.
  75. Wickland’s mind was abuzz now as the dots seemed to be connecting.
  76. The latter looked back at the screen showing the dots, studying it.
  77. Then he ducked behind a car and watched the dots in the sky warily.
  78. The screen consists of small dots of light known as pixel elements.
  79. His eyes were red and strange dots had covered his neck and cheeks.
  80. The red dots are sites the Swordsman have attacked and defeated.
  81. SUMMARY: Sales Mapping is Connecting the dots of: Best practices to.
  82. About what we in the detective business call, connecting the dots.
  83. If no one else does at least Anise and Alexis will connect the dots.
  84. These dots represent alternative pages you have for the Home screen.
  85. The jellyfish are slowly being eaten up like Pac-Man eating the dots.
  86. The map opened with red dots indicating runways that Otto had marked.
  87. If you follow the clues and connect the dots, the answer will appear.
  88. Brubaker was speckled in red dots, running down in little streams now.
  89. Willie continued following the dots between the lines and then stopped.
  90. I’ve already given you the information you need to connect the dots.
  91. Connecting the dots makes thinking easier without getting into a mess.
  92. Connecting the dots of a dream, color by number and tracing the lines.
  93. In the foreground is a cow, entirely painted with various-colored dots.
  94. About 50 minutes later, we get the setup again, and the dots turn gray.
  95. Dots were put into the Greek in the ninth century to separate the words.
  96. The blue dots are sites the Swordsmen have attacked and did not defeat.
  97. The devil can only harm the light intensity and have the dots scattered.
  98. Connecting the dots between Brad Dellan and Peter's assistant wouldn't.
  99. Triangular numbers can be represented graphically as a triangle of dots.
  100. The worms lit the cave wall and ceiling with green and blue dots of light.

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