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Obliterate in a sentence

He drank drugs to obliterate.
He wanted to obliterate the man.
You were trying to obliterate him.
He wanted to obliterate their names.
It is what I tried to obliterate my crime.
That was her choice: to obliterate the chaos.
We could obliterate that whole village with a meteor strike.

Why do you say that? The destroyer will obliterate the tower.
We'll use 4 different exercises to obliterate our triceps first.
Your efforts to obliterate it would be absolutely futile, and.
Nevertheless it could not absolutely obliterate his vital spark.
She'd learned that what was important was to obliterate all the.
And now, as if that wasn't enough, let's obliterate the whole world.
He hoped to obliterate more than a few of those faces before he died.
And she said her job was to help me obliterate the nightmare quickly.
Each thinking they could obliterate the other, Maleth said as his.
Whatever business you’re doing, using this word can obliterate your.
The Germans tried to obliterate Jews without this self-serving hypocrisy.
Didn’t he understand? She needed to crush, to obliterate, to eliminate the slime.
Later in the same interview, she bragged, We would be able to totally obliterate them.
However, it would probably obliterate the top twenty or thirty feet of the structure, leaving.
We must win over those populations if we are to obliterate the communist threat to Southeast Asia.
If crossed, she could quite literally obliterate The Order, he said with the greatest reverence.
Rome has always sought to elevate its status by attempting to obliterate the knowledge and history of.
And to obliterate its past stigma, he chose their Mehrauli House, renamed Gautam Home, for its premises.
She realized with trepidation, that the next series of orgasms would obliterate the memory of the last one.
But why?! You could obliterate these mistakes of yours just like you did to the dinosaurs when you 1st arrived.
I wonder if Erudite and Dauntless will still be at a standstill then, waiting for one group to obliterate the other.
Our Lord, obliterate their wealth, and harden their hearts, they will not believe until they see the painful torment.
The F-100 pilots were trained to obliterate anything 100 meters beyond the camp in the direction the flaming arrow pointed.
They attempted to use legal maneuvers to circumvent the Fourteenth Amendment and obliterate the voting rights of black men.
So if we were accidently to obliterate life on Earth, then life would probably re-emerge randomly elsewhere in the universe.
Try to imagine a language in which anyone who has anything to do with using words could obliterate all words that offend him or her.
It was obvious that a continued offensive on this scale would not end the war but instead it would obliterate the American Air Corps.
He glanced behind again, and as miserable as it would be, he prayed for rain to obliterate the scent from the hounds, should they come.
And if the experiment were to unfold poorly, then the Occidental Union would use the disaster as the perfect pretext to obliterate the Free Islands.
The experience of bigger truths and even the biggest truth doesn’t obliterate your capacity to experience a small truth and therefore a separate self.
The fire-control technician, who fired the sonic bombs, had at his fingertips the power to obliterate an object as small as a man or as large as a city.
And my lips—my ludicrous and ostentatious lips! Discreetly, I pressed them to the back of my hand to obliterate the Plum Haze while the music bleated on.
Most of our founders were less than amused by the whole concept of royalty and were determined to obliterate any trace of such a thing from American soil.
What did obliterating a face mean to him, if anything.
The third stab had gone into his right eye, obliterating it.
Amin dedicated his life to obliterating vice and criminality.
Sagaciously obliterating her thoughts and feelings, she continued.
His command sweeps across the city, obliterating every other noise.
I think obliterating millions of their kin will just make them hostile.
He had re-covered the floor, totally obliterating Merthin’ s drawings.
It simplifies the tones, masses them together, obliterating many smaller varieties.
He blasted out, one barrage of flames after another, obliterating large chunks of the giant.
Demons that roamed the other realm and together they would dominate the world, obliterating it.
Her love by now could have satiated his lust, obliterating the traces of his infatuation for me.
Several more inches of snow had dropped during the night, obliterating the creature’s footprints.
Once he took up his position as a security officer Mohammad Amin dedicated his life to obliterating vice and criminality.
She was loud and she was a preacher, a hell and damnation preacher talking about obliterating villages with meteors and such.
There was a number of large deep caves which formed the camp, with a large herd of goats milling around, constantly obliterating any signs of human occupation.
Jack then reloaded his M5 and cocked it and then fired at the explosives obliterating the door and the barricade making a clean entrance into the holding cells.
He was there when an enormous box sailed out of the sun, hit the ground just outside the window, and exploded, obliterating the Bird’s office in a cataclysm of American cocoa powder.
When they stepped in the open air, on the aft deck behind the bridge of the yacht, it was to be just in time to see four Israeli F-15 fighter-bombers obliterating the Hezbollah flotilla with rockets and guns.
Charlotte had in fact, been the first to publish many of my uncle’s works, notoriously obliterating some of my uncle’s most private passages, ridding the World of the chance to ever read his accounts first hand.
An earthquake pounded his head, his heart pumped blood at a precarious rate and he wanted to scream until his whole body exploded, obliterating reality in a mass of splintered flesh, bone, gristle, grey matter and blood.
Steven and Questlove then went to work scoring it as if it were a movie, with the horns that were doubling Kirk’s guitar eventually obliterating the string loop, and Quest and Frank Knuckles laying in waves of drums and percussion.
Firing radar decoys and maneuvering violently their aircraft helped them evade six of the incoming missiles, but the other eighteen AIM-120D found their marks, obliterating both the four FLANKER fighters and the KJ-2000 surveillance aircraft.
Aboard the stricken vessel counter flooding had been ordered to correct the list, but the already slim chances of saving the ship were quickly crushed by another bomb spectacularly obliterating one of her main turrets, while further near misses shook the ship violently.
In the village the working party who had been preparing the decorations for the bridal entry, began unpacking the Bs on the bunting and substitutin Ms, obliterating the Earl's points and stencilling balls and strawberry leaves on the painted, coronets, in preparation for Lord Marchmain's return.
Before another twentieth of a second had passed a massive bolt of bright white destruction had lanced across the sky and instantly devastated the enemy force, obliterating their Shields like paper and vaporizing their bodies, while the young giant boy they held was Sent to safety, and three of their number were rendered unconscious and Sent to The Hall of The Assembly.
I stood before Engels, mad and deranged, rubbish for the river, at one with the city, the shrapnel of my ideas, obliterating and concussive, wanting to jump right in and drown before the freeze and from there on to stay frozen, immune and impenetrable, dead to ethics and Gods, the darkness a comfort, for the duration of the age with thoughts so slowed that each would take a lifetime and all around, my jacket of ice, the river itself, lost to its origins.
Then we are embraced in obliterating Unity,.
That was my obliterated shell.
When the stars are obliterated.
Her death had obliterated that.
But instead he obliterated them.
The backs of the men obliterated him.
His brain was dazzled and obliterated.
The rain obliterated my tracks and my scent.
But a thunderclap obliterated Homer’s words.
He can also Blue Ray things we want obliterated.
Morel, silent and frightened, obliterated himself.
Smorgasbord hunting obliterated the Quaggas of Africa.
Strayed says her mother’s death had obliterated me.
Nearly every species of plant and animal was obliterated.
Apparently mine wasn’t the only brain you obliterated.
He felt no pain, only a hatred that obliterated all fears.
And in an instant, every cobweb inside me was obliterated.
The edges were worn and the inscription almost obliterated.
When that alarm went off, my whole cross was obliterated.
By 1973, the gray wolf had been nearly obliterated from the.
The entire region had been obliterated; the Slums buried deep.
Then the other cannons were destroyed, obliterated, eliminated, and.
Only the new reality exists, the preceding one is wholly obliterated.
It was like a black shroud fell from heaven and obliterated the globe.
Um… It was all she could manage with her brain cells obliterated.
A sudden deafness struck him as all sound was obliterated from his senses.
Then all thought is obliterated as a torrent of blackness sweeps across him.
All facts and truths about the past are quickly and completely obliterated.
She’d long since forced herself to stop grieving for her obliterated family.
Had time equally but differently obliterated the memory of these migrations in.
His eyes had hardened again, the moment's vulnerability completely obliterated.
They had to leave the island very soon or they would be obliterated by the blast.
The monstrous crown wave at the head of the huge tidal surge had obliterated the.
With his staff twirling in front of him, Ostedes’ branch-hands were obliterated.
Again and again his hammer fell – and where it landed, the undead were obliterated.
The crawling army was obliterated into a brown goo as Jack rubbed both hands together.
The snowstorm had obliterated all trace of their landing and slide into the snow bank.
His self being obliterated, he will be unable to understand who he is and where he is.
There is no home, in 2381 it was obliterated by enormous meteorites sent by our enemies.
The sunshine that had been obliterated by the clouds overhead had materialized right here.
Though the cross of Jesus has disarmed the powers of darkness, it has not obliterated them.
But God obliterates the false, and confirm the true by His Words.
True love is a fire that obliterates all but the image of the Beloved.
The beauty of the endeavor obliterates the ugliness of the rejection, said Rau.
He wonders why this had to happen before the whirring blade before him obliterates his life.
With a great poet the sense of Beauty overcomes every other consideration, or rather obliterates all consideration.
For one thing, it obliterates a good part of the older, well-established distinctions between investment and speculation.
The water reaches the shore and almost utterly obliterates the Egyptian army, except for a few who had scrambled to make it to high ground.
It’s a unique feature of life in that, a fulfilling moment, while surmounting a mountain of miseries, obliterates the nightmares of the past.
If it hits the planet and obliterates everything and all the prisoners die, you’re off the hook, but if it doesn’t obliterate everything and only breaks down the prison walls, you have real bad guys and wrongly accused bad guys wandering around loose on the planet waiting for a rescue that will show up when the planet misses its regular shipment of lumber.
The material apparatus of perfected civilization which obliterates the individuality of old towns under the stereotyped conveniences of modern life had not intruded as yet; but over the worn-out antiquity of Sulaco, so characteristic with its stuccoed houses and barred windows, with the great yellowy-white walls of abandoned convents behind the rows of sombre green cypresses, that fact—very modern in its spirit—the San Tome mine had already thrown its subtle influence.

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