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    1. They could only assume that the people Herndon was opposed to were hauling the crate into the shuttle cargo bay

    2. While he was off duty, as opposed to live when he has to be there for active support of an important gathering, he can look at schematics

    3. This is opposed to simply posting a photo that says 50 year anniversary on it

    4. Again I remind myself that it will be easier when we set up home in ‘our’ house as opposed to ‘my’ house

    5. liberated as opposed to the

    6. more of a corporate look if that is what you want, as opposed to the blog look

    7. much easier when all you have to do is reload everything, as opposed to recreate

    8. ‘No wonder the Church is opposed to them!’

    9. Psychopathically hard men made harder by a system of punishment as opposed to reformation

    10. The Prof explained that they were the leading charitable school in the country and, as such, had a broad range of students who were chosen from the best and brightest as opposed to the ones with the wealthiest parents

    11. Within two hours the three officers knew what had happened, although they all thought that it had been the result of a low level nuclear strike as opposed to a natural event

    12. An academic suited more to classrooms and civic dinners as opposed to telling a bunch of teenagers that they had to kill their fellow man in order to survive

    13. "Why Alan?" Viktor asked, "What is so special about this ball of mud as opposed to any of those of our home?"

    14. "There are two very important distinctions to this particular ball of mud as opposed to all others in the universe

    15. That way you delivered a fine mind to the resurrectionist," Alfred wondered if that's why scripture was opposed to alcohol, "and get to enjoy the finer things here

    16. He was dressed in combat uniform with his rank slide on his chest as opposed to shoulder badges

    17. The truth is that he opposed to the king

    18. Thomas more was opposed to Henry liked

    19. Taking into account the previous, could you go on as always, without feeling dumped on, angry, distressed, depressed, or whatever negative, violent, or other emotions that might pop up in your mind? Would this affect you just a little, somewhat, or perhaps a lot? In other words, how dependent are you on these things to have a rich and fulfilling life? More specifically, how dependent are you on external factors, as opposed to being internally centered and in tune with yourself and your loved ones to be able to feel whole, relaxed, and satisfied with your Earthly existence?

    20. Those metals, when the Spartans had got wherewithal to purchase them, broke through all the barriers which the laws of Lycurgus opposed to their entrance into Lacedaemon

    21. terms represents religion as opposed to Christianity

    22. They knew the family was opposed to their union, so they’d prepared for all possible angles and hoped that they would be convincing

    23. She agrees that most of the people in this world come to live ‘ordinary’ lives as opposed to ‘extraordinary’ lives and the crucial thing is not to misconstrue the former as insignificant

    24. Such advantageous situations have enabled those two colonies to surmount all the obstacles which the oppressive genius of an exclusive company may have occasionally opposed to their growth

    25. The Roman armies which Annibal encountered at Trebi, Thrasymenus, and Cannae, were militia opposed to a standing army

    26. Why did God create the Sun, Moon and stars only on the fourth day? Is it perhaps because people would one day adopt the Theory of Evolution? Did God in anticipation of this, have an order and sequence in his creation work, that would provide insight into the fact that it happened over a short period of time and was completed within 6 actual days, as opposed to Evolution’s billions of years? How can we be sure that everything was in fact created in 6 days and that these days are not to be interpreted as ages? If we look at Exodus, we have the following two passages:

    27. more sex as opposed to putting it on by eating chocolate!”

    28. We continue, even, now, to hear too much, way too much, about the emphasis on critical thinking as opposed to the rote memorization for secondary school students

    29. He was adamantly opposed to the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes

    30. He was violently opposed to the generous terms

    31. understanding as both were opposed to slavery

    32. Will man ever be able to truly understand exactly what happens where in the brain while thoughts are occurring? And what about the distinction between thinking about a new subject as opposed to remembering an old one? Some perhaps promising speculation has recently centered on the neurons of the pre-frontal cortex (the cerebrum), with the corollary proposition that the greater number of axonic-dendritic connections between the neurons, the greater the potential intelligence

    33. Had Clinton paid more attention to the security aspects, as opposed to the trade and foreign policy aspects of foreign policy, could the events of 9/11 still have happened? (He was, of course, offered Osama twice on, as it were, a silver platter, but oh no, that would undoubtedly violate someone"s civil rights, somewhere, somehow, sometime, to say nothing of the police versus the military

    34. And – without Gerrid – who would have to find that answer? Central Council was strictly opposed to any of it's members or subjects interfacing with the human-interacting E

    35. As opposed to Sicarius, who had probably never played a game in his life

    36. “As opposed to the nine months you served in that tropical resort on the gulf—that is until your medical discharge

    37. “As opposed to the paragon of serenity she was before?”

    38. Although a majority of Democrats remained firmly opposed to this bill, a sufficient number of party defectors were able to secure a major political victory for the Clinton Administration and Free Markets

    39. (As opposed to just hoping things will

    40. (As opposed to complaining that “they just don"t get it!”)

    41. (As opposed to constantly “Reacting to the current crisis”)

    42. (As opposed to going down after a defeat or setback)

    43. opposed to burning proteins!

    44. during the early years (1949) of the Cold War to secure and defend, through a system of ―collective defense,‖ democratic nations against Soviet (Communist) expansion ideologically opposed to principled notions of Liberty and Freedom

    45. NATO is unsuited for rogue nations lest it (too) devolves into a meaningless and (utterly) ineffective organization similar to the United Nations, for example, that has transformed itself over the years into an assembly characterized by corruption and (political) intrigue, parochialism, (national) self-interest, political posturing, factionalism and unstable alliances with openly hostile, refractory nations opposed to Freedom

    46. An individual who sleeps on average eight (8) hours a day as opposed to someone who (otherwise) finds six (6) hours sufficient, sleeps 8

    47. It should not be inferred from the aforementioned that I am principally opposed to taxes

    48. Response: A very serious one indeed! Although I am not opposed to this practice in principle, (its historical origins as they relate to proportional ethnic/racial representation have been well documented), even its most ardent detractors, however, must applaud the creative resourcefulness of those responsible for engineering such elaborate arrangements that have given rise to disproportionate (racial) representation rising well above of the national average

    49. Although I am not principally opposed to inter-planetary travel, it would seem that given the number of pressing social and economic issues demanding our immediate attention right here at home, financial resources otherwise allocated to NASA would be put to better use by attending to the requirements of a planet that our progeny will continue calling home for centuries to come rather than exploring (uninhabitable) regions for no apparent reason other than satisfying quixotical designs

    50. Many Americans were strongly opposed to slavery long before it was finally banned

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