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Organise in a sentence

I’ll organise us some drinks.
I’ll organise the forms for you.
We’re trying to organise a wedding.
Then organise water, food, and shelter.
And as to how you organise the search, I’m.
If you need more time, I can organise something.
There are three easy ways to organise your points.
Hmmm … that will give us time to organise things.
But first, he had to organise the odds in his favour.
Gilla, we ought to organise some sort of announcement.
He realised it would be up to him to organise everything.
Hardly sufficient to organise any large scale capture of Drongs.
Basically, Smith could no more organise a cosmic booze-up in an.
He wanted to organise his thoughts for when he faced Helez later.
You should organise the points you wish to make in a logical order.
There will be a lot to organise, when we have time, said Marian.
It's all material which we must organise, and then we must clear out.
Colin, you start, while I organise more coffee, said the President.
We must organise the memorial for Joris and I need Berndt here for that.
Just try and organise things so that you can be ready to move as soon as.
We will also need an autoresponder to collect and organise all of our lists.
On its own a PowerPointTM slide deck will not organise your talk for maximum.
He started to organise some documents, photo’s and copies of official papers.
You might have to organise a car for yourself to get you to the factory in Liverpool.
The shouting and confusion outside eased as Mophi started to control and organise his men.
The room you were just in is a holding area while we organise a more permanent one for you.
Ok, bring it in, and then escort Khun Ratray to the dining room and organise her some lunch.
After this, I go to pack my bags and Jack goes goes off to organise my seat on the plane leaving at 1.
As he left he said he’d organise three tickets for Coppelia at the Opera House the following afternoon.
Now they just had to wait for the National Insurance Fund to organise contractors to fix their property.
I might have to leave you for a short while to go and organise them, but I’ll be back before you know it.
Thank you, said Pon and the brigadier left the room, to organise the meal, leaving the two love birds to chat.
I’ve got directions, though I haven’t looked at them yet - we take it in turns to organise these bashes, you see.
Sitting on the bed Lewis angrily watches the doctor prepare needle and thread and organise her tray of medical equipment.
While I had been busy with training down in the amphitheatre, Arthur met each day with his captains to organise the troops.
They organise themselves into cells of up to five soldiers only, but lots of them, spread all over the country and abroad.
The sensible thing to do was to go back to the assembly point, report Steve as missing, then help organise a proper search.
Nikos would drop us off at the bay of Palatia then go back and organise the other two fishing boats to ferry up the volunteers in the morning.
Ken suggested he knew a friend in the multinational accounting firm Peat Marwick who might organise a speedy reaction, and broke the connection.
Drake made his way to the front door to organise a car to take him straight to MI6 headquarters and back to the job he had always regretted leaving.

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