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    1. The pattern of success is be, do, and have

    2. So that's the pattern of success

    3. The ABCs are the critical elements , be, do, have is the pattern

    4. The blades were very close to Nancy, she could feel the air whoosh by as they passed near her through the spinning arc of the attack pattern

    5. Obviously these patterns can coexist in the same person, but there seems to be usually one dominant pattern

    6. Assume realistically inflation, spending pattern and life expectancy

    7. For instance, if you are more than 5 years away from retirement, you can find out the return you need to earn considering your present saving pattern or you can find out the amount you need to invest at a given rate of return

    8. Other two-syllable adjectives follow the -er / -est pattern as the one-syllable adjectives do

    9. Please find out the sentence pattern of each of the following sentences

    10. must be his (1 Peter 5:3, Greek, tupos , example), as the word means "the pattern in conformity to which a thing must be made

    1. The information, the memories, the behavior patterns were transmitted and read into her empty brain

    2. Studies have led to the realization that sexual interest and the need for sexual contact continue throughout the life cycle, although patterns differ somewhat for women and men

    3. However, differences in sexual patterns between males and females are found throughout the life cycle

    4. Walking is one of the most primal movement patterns known to man

    5. Step back and try to see any patterns will also be encouraging natural predators as compost at work behind the placement of the tunnels

    6. Obviously these patterns can coexist in the same person, but there seems to be usually one dominant pattern

    7. Archimedes had thus far calculated the precise movements of pigeons while mating, the precise outcomes of humans trying to mate, and the effect of pollen dust on bees' flight patterns

    8. Tiny Robot Archimedes was unable to make calculations about the water's movement while he was sinking, though he did record the mating patterns of several kinds of fish

    9. These often turned into fleeing patterns while larger fish enacted their eating patterns before continuing their mating patterns once again

    10. They were actually pirates, and they valued Archimedes for his ability to predict the most efficient way to loot ships and override human beings' living patterns

    1. of patterned, reactive ways

    2. Smith preferred those thought-shapes that pleased, that scratched the cosmic itch most effectively, and so He expressed thought in a set of patterned, reactive ways

    3. Their mother's wore black headscarves patterned with embroidered flowers of red and yellow and wore black boleros, white blouses and aprons, all finely embroidered; and walked in boots of softened leather

    4. unusually patterned pair of slacks and some water stained loafers

    5. As Leona walks across the twenty-year-old paisley patterned carpet to the kitchen she says, "I'm leaving home today

    6. Gale was wearing a sundress patterned in an array of colors and flowers

    7. He was dressed in a subtly patterned satin nightcoat with nothing under it, but it was belted shut

    8. It was all done in finely cast marble, lit by silent mantled lanterns and upholstered in brightly patterned velvets

    9. Its voice reached into his head as if patterned in the form of pain: ‘You will tell us everything, Torbin

    10. Through this example we can see that the patterned design around 8 is not only contained in the text that comprises the ELS, but even factors in attributes around the life of the person being discussed

    1. He had even mapped the cycle of their activity; developed a mathematical formula of dynamic patterning that could predict a future action with ninety-eight per cent accuracy

    2. Simon felt sick to the mind and gripped the cane more strongly, patterning the shape of it against his skin

    3. Then the patterning on the cane, the shape of the constellations, began to glow

    4. But there is no rule for choosing the point of patterning – it takes experience

    5. In terms of the content of the patterning, it is important to know where boundaries should

    6. His younger son Aris was his right hand, and in later years, did most of the crucial tasks such as the geometrical patterning and the cutting of the cloth

    7. Through this approach, one begins to discover an ease, clarity, openness and flexibility that is realized to be present, regardless of the particular ways the body-mind may be moving, shaping or patterning itself in any given moment

    8. Our brains are patterning machines and are constantly seeking to make sense of the world through the discovery of patterns

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    Synonyms for "pattern"

    pattern practice design figure convention formula normal rule blueprint form shape radiation diagram radiation pattern approach pattern traffic pattern model sort style type trim ornament standard archetype exemplar guide original example illustration sample copy follow imitate

    "pattern" definitions

    a perceptual structure

    a customary way of operation or behavior

    a decorative or artistic work

    something regarded as a normative example

    a model considered worthy of imitation

    something intended as a guide for making something else

    the path that is prescribed for an airplane that is preparing to land at an airport

    graphical representation (in polar or Cartesian coordinates) of the spatial distribution of radiation from an antenna as a function of angle

    plan or create according to a model or models

    form a pattern