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    1. from its packaging, suffers a decade of high-speed revolutions and hot water

    2. A washing machine rises bright and shining from its packaging, suffers a decade of high-speed revolutions and hot water calcification, and finally returns back to its constituent elements through recycling or decomposition deep beneath the gull strewn summits of landfill

    3. Stood there was a little old man, all stooped and grey, with a sour looking fox terrier attached to his wrist by means of a length of packaging string

    4. The drying rooms, the polishing area, the bundling, tubing, and packaging areas were each a model of efficiency and order

    5. He looked at the six tablet devices still in their packaging and took three, got a knife from the kitchen to cut through the shrink-wrap, then laid them on the table in a row and started each one

    6. packaging tape out of the desk drawer, puts a strip on her

    7. “We need a new steriliser and more packaging machines

    8. microchip in its packaging, read at the checkout by a radio scanner

    9. The waiter sniffed haughtily before pushing the trolley up the aisle and I set about trying to extract my sandwich from its triangular plastic packaging

    10. His ears picked up the soft brush of the wind on the barren, tree-studded hillside, and a small, brightly-coloured piece of empty packaging skittered past him in erratic circles

    11. packaging that doesn't reveal the contents, you may be able

    12. I had left all of the packaging and stuff from the preggers

    13. The company was struggling because the costs of developing, packaging, advertising and distributing the product line were not yet being offset by anticipated revenues

    14. I had to come up with a name for the product, a logo, product packaging and design, and that is where my creative ability came in

    15. many imported products with colorful packaging and ingredients

    16. “In the very way you suggested, and with my financial help, they are drying and packaging salmon waste as high quality fertilizer

    17. packaging and pulled the oddbot out for al to see

    18. Further down when something hit packaging they saw pictures of restrooms in various places

    19. The packaging varies, but the message is essentially the same: "The universe has an infinite store of wealth, bounty and benevolence - there is more than enough for all

    20. Packaging was done separately in many cases so that the appearance of their final product was not known to them

    21. The first P stands for Positioning and Packaging

    22. Brink delegates Hampton’s legit businesses, including packaging and trucking to his COO, Tim Anthony

    23. other empty areas where mineral water packaging had been

    24. Also saved some chocolates, although melted and glued to their packaging until hunger were more pressing

    25. packaging of most foods but for precise quantities and types of food that you specify

    26. Packaging is nice, but in the end it’s content, not packaging, that sustains a reader’s soul

    27. Reader’s will always love to read, but in today’s very hectic world (and very scary economy), I believe they will be willing to sacrifice packaging in exchange for the great pricing and the tremendous simplicity and ease of purchase and delivery that comes with an eReader

    28. He had told her ‘If the product’s crap you have to cover it up with fancy packaging

    29. “We will have to set up some generic packaging for the medication, and either you or I should contact the volunteers," Jeff interjected

    30. “The whole packaging department spent one solid day doing nothing but filling small brown envelopes with Suprame

    31. DS Burrows had told her that back at his flat he had a new toothbrush still in its packaging she could use, so she decided to make do with that and the loan of whatever else she might need

    32. There was no question that, in spite of the drivel this man in the lab coat spewed, this facility was manufacturing several varieties of military grade poison gases and packaging them for combat use

    33. packaging than what my friend sent, and I have yet to receive a cracked DVD

    34. All this packaging

    35. I had sent the receipt, form and proof of purchase, which they requested, but they didn’t ask for all the packaging

    36. It’s found in ammonia, anesthetics, antihistamines, artificial limbs, artificial turf, antiseptics, aspirin, auto parts, awnings, balloons, ballpoint pens, bandages, beach umbrellas, boats, cameras, candles, car battery cases, carpets, caulking, combs, cortisones, cosmetics, crayons, credit cards, curtains, deodorants, detergents, dice, disposable diapers, dolls, dyes, eye glasses, electrical wiring insulation, faucet washers, fishing rods, fishing line, fishing lures, food preservatives, food packaging, garden hose, glue, hair coloring, hair curlers, hand lotion, hearing aids, heart valves, ink, insect repellant, insecticides, linoleum, lipstick, milk jugs, nail polish, oil filters, panty hose, perfume, petroleum jelly, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, shampoo, shaving cream, shoes, toothpaste, trash bags, upholstery, vitamin capsules, water pipes and yarn

    37. Note that oil is in cosmetics, all kinds of products that we use for health care, food packaging as well as in our food

    38. On his way home from the motel Murray had stopped at the Salvo Op shop and purchased a briefcase it was a bit battered but would serve his purpose nicely, he had then called into a chemist and bought four hypodermic needles, for his insulin shots he told the girl behind the counter, he now thoroughly cleaned the briefcase inside and out and wrapped it in a plastic bag, the syringes he took out of their packaging, wiped them clean and placed these in a separate plastic bag as he finished Shirl came from the bedroom and they went down in the lift to the restaurant

    39. They needed cardboard as protective packaging and several rolls of polyethylene bin liners to put the jars in, in case of breakage and spillage

    40. In 2012, tobacco products had to have health warnings on their packaging and were heavily taxed to make up for the public health costs they caused

    41. Since the shareware versions were essentially free, the cost only needed to cover the disk and minimal packaging

    42. Product packaging is a huge generator of unnecessary waste, and consumers need to send

    43. manufacturers a clear message that packaging excesses won’t be tolerated, by buying in bulk and buying products with minimum packaging when possible

    44. A modular fish processing plant, a meat processing plant and a food processing and packaging plant, along with a refrigerated warehouse module and a few other auxiliary service modules, will also be installed in Toulouse, on the grounds given to us by Count Raymond to establish a market

    45. After a couple of minutes, it slowed down once near Toulouse and came to a hover above one of the storage silos of the fish processing plant established just south of the market square, along with a meat processing plant, a food processing and packaging plant, a sawmill, a sewage treatment plant, a water purification plant and a thermonuclear power plant

    46. Each level comprised a central core section containing processing and packaging facilities, surrounded by an outer section with a diameter of 160 meters at its armored steel outer hull, giving a food production floor surface of 1

    47. boot shoebox that was taped shut with packaging tape

    48. Taking out of its protective packaging a large framed picture, Gertrude sat down for a moment on the edge of her bed while she looked at it

    49. Web publishing is based on the model of packaging and circulating information via text and graphic

    50. specialized types of packaged waters, differing in their designated applications, packaging

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    packaging promo promotion promotional material publicity covering cellophane box wrapper paper carton

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    the business of packing

    a message issued in behalf of some product or cause or idea or person or institution

    material used to make packages