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Puff in a sentence | puff example sentences

  1. He exhaled a puff of.
  2. Bent to puff at his cigarette.
  3. A muffled pop and puff of smoke.
  4. She definitely noticed the puff.
  5. The Chief takes a puff off his.

  6. But he wants just a little puff.
  7. He disappeared in a puff of smoke.
  8. Each man got one delectable puff.
  9. Harry took a puff from his inhaler.
  10. A puff of dust arose from his feet.
  11. A puff of air escaped Melvin’s lips.
  12. Snorted a faint puff of scented smoke.
  13. Whew! he said in a puff of breath.
  14. It looked as if a simple puff of wind would.
  15. Molly fell silent and exhaled a puff of smoke.

  16. When a waiter passes by, she snags a crab puff.
  17. That made the big agent grin and puff his chest.
  18. They tend to puff their feathers and are often.
  19. Clerval picked up his pipe and took a long puff.
  20. With experience the paratha will puff on the tawa.
  21. I let out a puff of air and started walking again.
  22. Dance with Andy, huh, he's in a cream puff with me.
  23. The phone rang again and this time it gave a puff.
  24. The hope flickered and blew out in a puff of despair.
  25. Rubbing the back of his neck he let out a puff of air.

  26. He took another puff on his cigarette, thought about.
  27. His breath by my lips causes me to let out a quiet puff.
  28. Sickly urban pigeons may puff their feathers in the cold.
  29. The face disappeared in a puff of blood and brain matter.
  30. Give us a puff, she said, trying for a mother's tone.
  31. She took another puff of the cigarette and threw the rest.
  32. I hear my father huff and puff over the sound of rushing water.
  33. He felt the small puff of wind that signified Tryton's arrival.
  34. Myles Crawford blew his first puff violently towards the ceiling.
  35. I inhaled a deep puff of air which oxygenated my lungs entirely.
  36. They should explode into a larger puff on contact with oil.
  37. Finally, after taking a big puff of his cigarette and blowing the.
  38. Euric let out a puff of air, Well, they are quite the opposite here.
  39. He needed to sit down and have a puff of life’s essential element.
  40. The concussions caused dust to puff from joints in the wooden walls.
  41. Veerbhadra lit the chillum and gave it to Shiva, who took a deep puff.
  42. He switched it on, and there was an immediate puff of pale blue smoke.
  43. I don’t know how long I stared out at a puff of cloud low in the sky.
  44. Right on time, Kitty Cat, Molly greeted Millie in a puff of smoke.
  45. Bear lighted a smoke, took one puff, and flicked it back as he rode off.
  46. Banks seemed to puff out his chest, as if to force everyone to look at.
  47. She turned back exhaling a puff of smoke and suppressed her urge to cry.
  48. Damn its cold! Bobby said with a puff of steam that rose into the.
  49. A small sigh of relief escaped Locke, it coming out as a tiny puff of mist.
  50. They were; with a puff of air between pursed lips, he blew away the worry.
  51. He answered the call fairly quickly and appeared in a purple puff of smoke.
  52. So, said George pausing to puff on his vanil a shag that permeated a.
  53. He looked at the land, and he looked at the white speck and the puff of smoke.
  54. Travis shrugged his shoulders and took another puff of his New Port cigarette.
  55. Yep, and the first thought that hit my mind when I inhaled my first puff was.
  56. I thought you were my son, he said icily, taking a puff of his cigarette.
  57. As she took another puff, impatience and irritation was illuminated on her face.
  58. He puff ed contentedly and looked with quiet satisfaction upon his two grandsons.
  59. Ever seen the Wizard of Oz ? How about Puff n Stuff ? or the apple pie trees from.
  60. The man whoofed out a puff of smelly breath and then lunged for Emory with a growl.
  61. They just huff and puff, and nothing happens - demons don't take any notice of them.
  62. She blew a puff of smoke at the ceiling, then scraped her chair to the table and sat.
  63. Admittedly, it was not the first time that the woman had vanished in a puff of smoke.
  64. Where’s Rani these days? Jags asked blowing a puff of smoke out of the window.
  65. Orlando took a puff of the Cuban made, hand crafted cigar and inhaled the great smoke.
  66. In a quick grab, she snatched it from his fingers and took a tiny puff into her mouth.
  67. The heavy sack toppled over and its contents drenched the boy in a puff of white dust.
  68. She stares at his puff rings following him up the street as he disappears towards town.
  69. Electric Stove: If you have an electric stove, chapattis can be encouraged to puff by.
  70. Mille-feuille is actually a puff pastry, and the intent is to create a thousand leaves.
  71. The other lazily nodded, took a puff at his cigar and came over in the direction indicated.
  72. As they rode back, a small puff of air stirred around them with the promise of more to come.
  73. Once in a while, Edward would even give his grandson a puff off a stogie that he was smoking.
  74. Press onto the top of the Brie and carefully wrap a sheet of thawed puff pastry dough (Roll.
  75. As Peter watched, an arm came flying by his face, and it was nothing more than a puff of clouds.
  76. Just a puff of evil and over they go, because spiritually they are already fallen to the ground.
  77. The small puff turned into a slow steady breeze that brought the heat of the south across their.
  78. His breathing labored and shallow, Sound coughed again, a puny puff of air that was almost silent.
  79. A puff of air blew across her neck, whispering into her ear as she turned to back out of the lab.
  80. There is only a small puff of steam, but it decelerates and rolls to a stop in the emergency lane.
  81. It has a kernel of reality almost completely hidden by the unnatural puff of mythological imagery.
  82. If word of this gets out there'll be a gold rush on and all our prospects will dry up in a puff.
  83. Sherrie continues to retrieve a cream puff as he states, I was just responding to your statement.
  84. Puff out your cheeks and circle with your head and neck, first clockwise and then counter-clockwise.
  85. A physician who advocates a puff or two as good for one’s health, who himself smokes a pack 153.
  86. Soon I proposed a social smoke; and, producing his pouch and tomahawk, he quietly offered me a puff.
  87. As they crossed a clearing in the wide expanse the music started up with a bang and a puff of smoke.
  88. The smoke of the first shot had not yet dispersed before another puff appeared, followed by a report.
  89. Was it me or did he actually puff out his chest a little before he leaned back down and handed it back?
  90. He then deeply inhaled his first puff, and within milliseconds, his body went into a major coughing spree.
  91. Now they stretched themselves out on their elbows and began to puff, charily, and with slender confidence.
  92. Dab the powder puff or cotton wool into the powder and then apply it to your face in a press and roll motion.
  93. Vic smiled, having gotten what he wanted, blew a large puff in the direction of Jack who coughed in the cloud.
  94. If the tapper travelled too far down, the a puff of compressed air would blow the package off of the conveyor.
  95. One of them was idling, with a puff of water vapour and black smoke coming out of the back end intermittently.
  96. If only it were that simple, for in the mouth of grief, vengeance is a puff of smoke to both appetite and thirst.
  97. Then newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst reportedly issued a two-word order to his editors: Puff Graham.
  98. Does it want to have a puff of my inhaler? Jessie smiled as he went to get his inhaler out of his back pack.
  99. Instruct patient to close their lips tightly and puff out their cheeks without letting air escape from their lips.
  100. Yep, and the first thought that hit my mind when I inhaled my first puff was That's why I used to smoke weed!.
  1. Just about all were puffing away.
  2. Usually a bully was just puffing.
  3. He was puffing half a flight into it.
  4. Toad was puffing and swelling already.
  5. The dwarf was puffing and panting hard.
  6. He was puffing by the time he got there.
  7. The process of puffing the rice subjects.
  8. Charlie was puffing irritably on a cigarette.
  9. But by the time I came puffing and grunting.
  10. He stops in his tracks, huffing and puffing.
  11. Diggory reached her, red faced and puffing hard.
  12. He was puffing and chewing in turns on a short.
  13. There they lay for some time, puffing and panting.
  14. The man swells, puffing out his cheeks indignantly.
  15. Thulsa reddened with anger, his cheeks puffing out.
  16. This time the big girl started huffing and puffing.
  17. Miller sat there thinking and puffing on his pipe.
  18. He listened attentively, puffing hard at his cigar.
  19. The bullet made a soft puffing noise inside my hip.
  20. Digging you out, Fina said, puffing with effort.
  21. A man leaned down from the balcony, puffing a cigarette.
  22. So he tried puffing on the noxious weed a few more times.
  23. I reach the top, puffing and blowing, and spend 10 mins.
  24. I'm puffing heavily; Greg was in exactly the right place.
  25. He started to panic, huffing and puffing uncontrollably.
  26. He was puffing and chewing in turns on a short fat cigar.
  27. It was slow going up the stairs and Flint was puffing hard.
  28. She rushed up to the cave and burst in huffing and puffing.
  29. When he had finished, Elijah sat quiet, puffing on his pipe.
  30. I felt bad because he was huffing and puffing the whole time.
  31. Her eyes were wide and her tongue was puffing out her cheek.
  32. Well, said Roland, puffing out his etheric chest, I.
  33. Here he halted, puffing with labour and vexation, and knocked.
  34. He sank back puffing his cigar, and then took a sip of the drink.
  35. I can purchase a tapestry, Garret said, his chest puffing out.
  36. Huffing and puffing he continued, pushing each leg to the very max.
  37. There were sounds of men slapping one another, yelling, and puffing.
  38. Stripehead shrugged his shoulders and went back to puffing the joint.
  39. His chest puffing up in pride as he answered the toll keepers riddle.
  40. He was now close enough so that she could hear his huffing and puffing.
  41. I’m a Shape-shifter, he answered, puffing his chest out a little.
  42. He was puffing and chewing by turns on a long, fat cigar, occasionally.
  43. It was much easier without Violet puffing along constantly complaining.
  44. And still puffing at his pipe, Stubb cheered on his crew to the assault.
  45. She chases after him as he runs away puffing and blowing like a toy train.
  46. Then puffing himself up to the highest stature that he could manage, he.
  47. Nods from the females , their mates were puffing out their chests in pride.
  48. Rigor was still firm and the wraps were puffing up, but there was no smell.
  49. When the smoke cleared, there puffing on his cigar, was the head of Big Whig.
  50. I light the match and then the bowl of the Peacemaker, puffing to get it lit.
  51. He leads her up the stone path while puffing rings into the fresh morning air.
  52. What? Harvey said, out of breath, his huge cheeks puffing air in and out.
  53. He lit it up and started puffing and blowing a blue, white smoke into the air.
  54. Yeah, what of it? She threw back puffing herself up, trying to look tough.
  55. The man in black paused for a second, and then stood up again, puffing out his.
  56. Thirty minutes later Brent was huffing and puffing and not making much progress.
  57. Silence fell on the scene; even the locomotive stopped its puffing and hissing.
  58. George could see the old man clearly, puffing away slowly on his pipe, with one.
  59. The engine crashed slowly in, puffing out bursts of steam from under its wheels.
  60. Jonas watched, comfortably puffing on his pipe, and the children knew he watched.
  61. After puffing and blowing like a walrus, he put his horrible thought into words:.
  62. And Halfshaft knelt on the grass snarling like a deranged animal, puffing out his.
  63. Up came Bombur, puffing and blowing while the ropes creaked, and still all was safe.
  64. Huffing and puffing the two animatedly told the Captain of the building they were in.
  65. There he remained for some minutes, puffing and panting, for he was quite exhausted.
  66. Beatrice grated away, puffing her cigarette, knocking the charcoal off the poor loaf.
  67. The sun came out, and in spite of the chilly wind they were soon puffing and sweating.
  68. But the budgie was ecstatic, twittering and puffing up at all this birdie-testosterone.
  69. His tail lit and wiggled, puffing out huge chunks of cinder that lit the woman on fire.
  70. He picked up another stone, then let both fall, dust puffing the sand where they landed.
  71. I was puffing and gasping for breath, when a cheery voice called out, Stick it, sargint.
  72. Have you got a thing about him? Fergus asked, puffing out his first exhalation of fag smoke.
  73. Sam, who was always puffing on a cigar, bit the end off, spit it out, and started fervently puffing.
  74. He watched him puffing away at his pipe, poking the newly lit tobacco down with the end of a match.
  75. John’s hanging hands tapped him on the back as he went, slowly, puffing up the bank to the highway.
  76. Madeline could hear herself making little puffing noises through her lips, as if she were in labor.
  77. When is going to have to fight me for her Paul said revising his chin and puffing out his chest.
  78. Still puffing furiously on his pipes he stood up, holding the stick upright and setting the bowl to twirl.
  79. He was standing by the front door, dressed in white, hands tucked under his armpits, breath puffing from his mouth.
  80. In fact she only managed to stretch her arms and massage her neck before she heard puffing and panting behind her.
  81. He remained intent on drinking his inexhaustible rum, puffing at the meerschaum and watching the gillnetter ahead.
  82. Now, as he sat puffing on his old briar pipe; ok so he still had other vices too; he was pondering on the problem.
  83. Puffing out his chest the dark wavy haired boy looked at him with pride, his blue eyes sparkling in the fading light.
  84. Then she heard noises of scrambling and puffing and panting behind her and in a moment all five of them were inside.
  85. Squatting down next to them, he began puffing little wisps of air through his teeth, producing a chain of soft trills.
  86. Father bought it down the coast when the war started and it was five or six years old then, she said, puffing heavily.
  87. The Clown put his hands in his pockets, and after puffing out his cheeks and nodding his head at them saucily, he said:.
  88. He sat puffing on a filter and tried to look busy, pretending to read the newspaper whilst in reality he was killing time.
  89. The four shuttle pilots heard him huffing and puffing as he awkwardly passed through the air lock and entered Myra’s cabin.
  90. They had considered puffing cocaine dust around, but limiting it to finger prints implied actual handling, and not just proximity.
  91. Freddy Malins, with his hat well back on his head and his shoulders humped with cold, was puffing and steaming after his exertions.
  92. On the track outside, one of them paced up and down, puffing at his cigarette while watching his colleague talking into his mobile.
  93. The posse swarmed into the tunnel in a bunch behind the Leader, jostling and puffing and for many with leaden steps and rubbery knees.
  94. Meanwhile, Stubb retaining his place in the van, still encouraged his men to the onset, all the while puffing the smoke from his mouth.
  95. I pause to breathe, and it only takes me a second to realize the cold air, icy air puffing out of me, and another to know death is here.
  96. Then puffing and panting he bent down and began looking at the keyhole: but the key was in the lock on the inside and so nothing could be seen.
  97. One old soldier, "Buster" Smith, was lying down puffing and gasping when up rode an officer mounted upon an old horse that he had found straying.
  98. I could feel it; I could listen to it, I felt the weight of his treads after mine, felt the weight of his agitated breath puffing behind my back.
  99. There! There! Women’s fuss! Women, women! said Alpátych, puffing and speaking rapidly just as the prince did, and he climbed into the trap.
  100. His younger brother was already running back up the hill, puffing and panting as he wondered why it had to be him who had to replenish the spent arrows.
  1. Tom puffed at his pipe.
  2. Olaf puffed out his cheeks.
  3. The little man puffed at him.
  4. The mayor puffed out his chest.
  5. Smoke puffed from my nostrils.
  6. Ged puffed on his pipe for a.
  7. The boy was puffed up and away.
  8. Her eyes were puffed from sleep.
  9. Vinny puffed on his cigarette.
  10. Already her face was puffed from.
  11. He puffed quickly without inhaling.
  12. Grover puffed up his chest a little.
  13. Then, with his chest puffed up, he.
  14. Her eyes were puffed up with crying.
  15. Ket puffed her cheeks out in protest.
  16. Whew, Heymon puffed his cheeks.
  17. Melchor puffed his fat bearded cheeks.
  18. He puffed away in quiet contemplation.
  19. His grin widened as he puffed his cigar.
  20. A laugh puffed over the top of her head.
  21. I opened the lid and cool air puffed out.
  22. He was puffed now, with a peacock stride.
  23. One eye was puffed up and almost closed.
  24. He studied his puffed eyes in the mirror.
  25. Diggory puffed out his cheeks with relief.
  26. She huffed and puffed and turned beet red.
  27. He puffed out his chest to prove his point.
  28. Antonio puffed up his chest at those words.
  29. Jake puffed exasperated, That was Steve.
  30. He puffed his chest, victory close at hand.
  31. Reed sighed and casually puffed at his pipe.
  32. He opened his mouth and puffed a little air.
  33. His breath puffed out in tiny frosty clouds.
  34. They puffed out a bit when I told them that.
  35. Sir? he puffed to a halt in front of me.
  36. They puffed slow streams of pale white smoke.
  37. He stood up straight and puffed out his chest.
  38. Guskat puffed out his chest and smiled rather.
  39. He shook his head and puffed out his chest, as.
  40. The Marchese leaned back and puffed on his cigar.
  41. The judge huffed and puffed as he sauntered down.
  42. His sickly face was puffed with vexation and rage.
  43. The blue jean pockets were puffed out innocently.
  44. He slowly turned back to me and puffed himself up.
  45. He puffed away furiously, formulating his thoughts.
  46. He held a lit match to her, and she puffed daintily.
  47. The fluffy, feather-filled mattress230 is puffed up.
  48. Red puffed up his feathers; and what of your quarry?
  49. It puffed and stamped nervously with its front hooves.
  50. He puffed away contentedly, while Nord fanned the air.
  51. Oh yeah? the First Minister puffed out his chest.
  52. So, Victor, he began as I puffed hard on the butt.
  53. He puffed out his baby belly and said, Seven summers.
  54. Out puffed the bluish smoke and a smell of burned bread.
  55. At every discharge by platoons, Gavroche puffed out his.
  56. Lisa struck again and a fine powder puffed up on the air.
  57. Luckily, the face had puffed out since the Congo episode.
  58. All puffed out she was, swishing along, reading her mail.
  59. Ged puffed on his pipe again, reflectively, and continued.
  60. All of a sudden, Rocky stood on his hind legs, puffed out.
  61. She puffed out her cheeks and turned toward the television.
  62. I puffed out my chest and announced – as pompously as I.
  63. Vanil rolled her eyes and puffed in a know-it-all attitude.
  64. George puffed out his chest and looked pleased with himself.
  65. The guardsmen puffed their chests with pride at those words.
  66. She puffed her cigarette, the red butt brightening her face.
  67. Steam puffed from his nostrils and Samara knew he was alive.
  68. Mix the puffed rice, chickpeas, potatoes, onions and peanuts.
  69. Allcock pulled out the Meerschaum, lit it and puffed lazily.
  70. Corey puffed out his chest and said he’d take the deal but.
  71. Giselle puffed out her feathered chest, and flexed her wings.
  72. Derrick hated how he was standing, all puffed up and smirking.
  73. Alex stood his ground, and his chest puffed out as if he were.
  74. She puffed her cigarette, illuminating her annoyed countenance.
  75. Your face is puffed up and your eyes are like two little peas.
  76. The slack sails puffed a bit, but still Stenarch gained on her.
  77. The professor leaned back into his chair and puffed on his pipe.
  78. Her eyes were puffed from lack of sleep, from an excess of love.
  79. Finally, that's the end of it, puffed an exasperated Akito.
  80. He puffed and chewed on his cigar and stared blindly at his cards.
  81. He both chewed and puffed his Cubans, to get his money’s worth.
  82. Bruce looked over at her, raised his brow and puffed out his chin.
  83. An oversized crow landed in the clearing and puffed out its chest.
  84. The white-smocked man puffed out his chest and went red in the face.
  85. The dinner puffed out to meet the diners with damp, pungent warmth.
  86. A petulant little prince child, with his chest and lips puffed out.
  87. Recalling his mission, he puffed himself up and took a step forward.
  88. He walked about in the barracks puffed up with boundless importance.
  89. Gandalf sat down again and puffed at his pipe, as if lost in thought.
  90. The reflection of his puffed face, staring back at him, shocked Tadeo.
  91. He sucked in a deep breath then puffed out his chest as if to signal.
  92. She lifted the pipe to her lips again and puffed out more blue smoke.
  93. It was truly a sight to behold as the company jokers puffed on their.
  94. She puffed out her considerable chest and matched Percival’s stance.
  95. She pulled herself to her full height and puffed her chest in defiance.
  96. The astronomer shook his head and puffed his cheeks in relative mental.
  97. The five-year-old Audi puffed out almost as much smoke as its occupant.
  98. Worst of all she had put on weight and her face was unnaturally puffed.
  99. So, June, as I lit my cigarette and June puffed hers on the front.
  100. Miller’s coffee pot gently puffed steam as it hung low over the coals.
  1. With puffs of phantom visions.
  2. He waves a hand at her and puffs.
  3. She puffs calmly at her cigarette.
  4. The pie puffs up, but levels off.
  5. Barimus puffs his cheeks and exhales.
  6. They took one or two puffs in silence.
  7. She smiles at him, puffs her cigarette.
  8. He puffs up his chest, flexes his biceps.
  9. Directions for Fried Bread Puffs Recipe:.
  10. I had, you know, a couple of puffs.
  11. His own voice, as a groan, came out in puffs.
  12. Thick puffs of smoke emanated from his nostrils.
  13. He puffs a mocking laugh and starts for the door.
  14. The old man took a number of deep puffs and said:.
  15. I told her she loved me, he said, between puffs.
  16. Letting it out in choppy puffs, he said, You can’t.
  17. Cherrie leans against the back end of the LC and puffs away.
  18. And when he released silent puffs of air through his nostrils.
  19. My air comes in fast puffs as I try to grasp what’s happening.
  20. Just a few puffs to calm my nerves and then I’ll put it out.
  21. Slipping an inhaler from her cardigan, she took a couple of puffs.
  22. She flung her arms around him, bursting into scattered puffs of mist.
  23. He puffs out his cheeks, then exhales slowly, rolling away from me.
  24. She wanted still more chocolate, but settled for a handful of cocoa puffs.
  25. And she did; their gazes locked and both their breaths coming in loud puffs.
  26. One heavily sugared tea and a large bowl of Sugar Puffs, wasn't it?
  27. He took several puffs at his cigar in silence; then, in his most important.
  28. Puffs of fog blew between her and the school, and in an instant she was gone.
  29. Derrick's breath was coming out in little puffs and he was jumping up and down.
  30. An odor of copperas issued in puffs from the roofs of the neighboring factory.
  31. A couple of sizable puffs on the cigar seemed to calm the room down just a bit.
  32. The Peacemaker finally lit, I take three ceremonial puffs and pass it to Pedro.
  33. Is that what you were trying to do yesterday? He puffs out a sarcastic laugh.
  34. You saw the �23s--they go off never over nine thou with a string of white puffs.
  35. I could see small puffs of smoke as each of the enemy soldiers fi red off a round.
  36. Those puffs quickly turned into trails climbing vertically towards her at high speed.
  37. Unks puffs a smoke ring that rises high before it dissolves into the blue nothingness.
  38. These puffs of smoke and (strange to say) the sound of sound of the firing produced the.
  39. He looked dubiously at his pancakes, topped with strawberries and puffs of whipped cream.
  40. Vigorous puffs, and a resolute stare into the grate declared he had no ear for this appeal.
  41. Vigorous puffs, and a resolute stare into the grate, declared he had no ear for this appeal.
  42. And again, this time the Biffs peeled off, a pair of them, and smoke puffs indicated pursuit.
  43. She had pink cheeks and snow-white hair which she wore in quaint little puffs over her ears.
  44. Puffs of steam whispered through the grate—the creature’s breath, visible in the chill air.
  45. High in the air small clouds like puffs of cannon smoke were driven eastward by the March wind.
  46. Her practiced eyes then saw puffs of smoke rise from multiple points on the ground around the city.
  47. Puffs of air mixed between them, Amori with her slightly heavy breathing and Cody with his even ones.
  48. That halloween lantern of a sun hung high above it and puffs of purple cloud leaked in around the edge.
  49. She couldn’t even hear him breathing, and only small puffs of fog appeared in the air before his face.
  50. And then we sat exchanging puffs from that wild pipe of his, and keeping it regularly passing between us.
  51. He loved theatrics and proceeded to light it in great puffs of smoke until the end gave a satisfying glow.
  52. We had to go about half a mile through the expanding puffs of black Archie smoke, over the enemy trenches.
  53. Since he was letting her set the pace, her words came out conversationally rather than in spurts and puffs.
  54. These puffs of smoke and (strange to say) the sound of the firing produced the chief beauty of the spectacle.
  55. Releasing the smoke in two short puffs, she watched them drift as separate clouds drifting up into the rain.
  56. It was a dream, a fantastic vision—without a bodice, without puffs or frills or tawdry trimmings of any sort.
  57. She sits at an infinitely high table, smoking an infinitely long glow-tube, and finishing it in just a few puffs.
  58. The rickety vehicle chugged out of the narrow gorge of buildings spewing a few puffs of smoke from the tailpipe.
  59. Because in bird culture: it is the male who puffs out his breasts to attract the female: not the other way around.
  60. Long, white hair fluffed over his bent shoulders, and little puffs of white whiskers stood out from his tanned cheeks.
  61. Casey gave Mike a playful punch, then blew out a few frosty puffs of breath, her eyes hunting for an exit along the walls.
  62. The clouds came in brokenly, in puffs, in folds, in gray crags; and they piled in together and settled low over the west.
  63. The puffs then became trails of smoke climbing fast in the sky, heading towards the four approaching condensation trails.
  64. Set on a baking sheet in a hot oven until the thin outside skin puffs and cracks, then remove it with a small, sharp knife.
  65. He swung his massive, scaly hands at them, and they began to fall to the ground with dull thuds and small puffs of feathers.
  66. At twelve o'clock, the puffs of smoke began to occur less and less frequently, and the atmosphere quivered less with the roar.
  67. Soon shells are speeding up, and little small puffs of white smoke appear as they burst; but the planes are too high for them.
  68. Four more puffs then appeared from about the same location: the British were firing a whole battery of surface-to-air missiles at her.
  69. Jo's eyes sparkled, for it is always pleasant to be believed in, and a friend's praise is always sweeter than a dozen newspaper puffs.
  70. Fires sprang up and died down just as quickly in a random pattern across the campus, puffs of different coloured smoke filled the air.
  71. Some moments passed, during which the thick vapour came from his mouth in quick and constant puffs, which blew back again into his face.
  72. From the altitude of those black puffs, she could also deduce that the enemy planes were flying at a noticeably lower altitude than her.
  73. As she was about to overfly one of the smaller islands of the Orkneys, her keen eyes caught a pair of small puffs of smoke on the ground.
  74. As the children ran, each one took off in a different and opposite direction, causing the cloud monster to lose patches of its cloud puffs.
  75. His hopes that the man would leave upon getting his smoke vanished, as he kept standing there next to him, blowing puffs of smoke into the air.
  76. The only things I could move were my head and tail, allowing me to smack a few away yet when I breathed fire, only a few puffs of smoke emerged.
  77. Seen in advance of all the other indications, the puffs of vapour they spouted, seemed their forerunning couriers and detached flying outriders.
  78. Special puffs appeared in all the evening papers, reminding the music loving public of the treat which was in store for it on the following evening.
  79. He was next confounded to see the two people in the closest wagon take puffs upon cigars as the smoke from them drifted away on the cold morning air.
  80. These puffs of smoke flashing now here, now there, took their birth on the hills, in the batteries of the enemy, in the city, and high against the sky.
  81. The longer the children waited to run and spread the cloud monster thin, the more the cloud monster produced more cloud puffs to replace the chunks that it lost.
  82. He stands there looking at the pretty young parishioner as she assembles a plate with portions of strudels, cream puffs, and a host of fruit filled confectioneries.
  83. When she waltzed in the kitchen door that morning, she caught Jannie eating Cocoa Puffs and let her have it in her own inimitable style: My name is Janelle Cross.
  84. He’d bitch about his feet the whole time but then she’d talk bollocks about how they were going to live in a hot air balloon, raining cream puffs on the general population.
  85. Warmed by the spring sunshine he sat in the caleche looking at the new grass, the first leaves on the birches, and the first puffs of white spring clouds floating across the clear blue sky.
  86. Warmed by the spring sunshine he sat in the calèche looking at the new grass, the first leaves on the birches, and the first puffs of white spring clouds floating across the clear blue sky.
  87. To their credit, a handful of the Army of God officers assigned to the camp’s guard force kept their heads, going prone but scanning the hills until they found the telltale puffs of smoke.
  88. Dave puffs out his cheeks and looks across at Carol, who is studying the attractions stacked in a wooden leaflet holder; World of Barometers, Cobbler Honey Farm, Tractorland, Gnome From Gnome.
  89. He paused, and rose up till his head was forty feet above the ground, his stance defiant, his wings slowly waving in agitation, and he gave twin puffs of fire and black smoke from his nostrils.
  90. He paused, and rose up till his head was fifteen meters above the ground, his stance defiant, his wings slowly waving in agitation, and he gave twin puffs of fire and black smoke from his nostrils.
  91. She could also see a number of small black puffs of smoke in the sky above the port, an indication that the antiaircraft guns defending Bristol were trying their best to shoot down German intruders.
  92. Meanwhile the balloon had drifted up to the end of the hall and had ascended the platform, where it remained stationary by the side of the table, occasionally emitting puffs of gas through the safety valve.
  93. Nor did I at all object to the hint from Queequeg that perhaps it were best to strike a light, seeing that we were so wide awake; and besides he felt a strong desire to have a few quiet puffs from his Tomahawk.
  94. Richard puffs on an ebony pipe with gold inlay, its bowl glows with embers as you stand at the threshold to your family property line, the mirror finish of his sunglasses grant you surveillance over your shoulder.
  95. The denser the darkness generally, the smarter were the puffs of wind on which he had reckoned to make his way; but tonight the gulf, under its poncho of clouds, remained breathless, as if dead rather than asleep.
  96. The ballad that the lover-poet addressed to one who was just a porcelain trifle, just a thing of puffs and patches, but who was, just the same, his adored—the ballad love token pleased even that unemotional doll.
  97. There is a dark spot in the sky, not cloud cover, its edges jagged floating past the billowing white puffs drifting by, a cut through to night, the glint of starlight in its sheet semi obscured by the brightness of the day.
  98. Cosette dressed herself very hastily, combed and dressed her hair, which was a very simple matter in those days, when women did not swell out their curls and bands with cushions and puffs, and did not put crinoline in their locks.
  99. He laid his neglected rod in the bottom of the boat, and rowed in silence until his companion resumed, lighting a cigarette, and speaking with easy deliberation between puffs: She is thirty-four, and—that is not old, nowadays.
  100. After a cup of tea, a Hobnob, and a few puffs on Eddie’s joint, Danny announced his plan – he would leave via Eddie’s back door, climb over the fence, and get into his own house via the back door, for which he still had a key.

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